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    1. Does Cecelia’s Psychics website have a Professional Code of Conduct?

    Whilst there is no professional Code of Conduct for telephone psychics our consultants abide by the following code:

    • To uphold the highest professional standards at all time.
    • To interact with our clients with respect and honour.
    • To maintain a professional relationship with all clients, including upholding client confidentiality.
    • To empower people to accept responsibility and understanding for their lives.
    • To direct clients to recognized organizations should they feel that a client would benefit from professional help.
    • If being asked regarding medical or health issues, they must advise that appropriate medical advice should be sought and not offer advice on medical procedures or attempt to offer a diagnosis, including the sex of an unborn baby.
    • If consulted about financial or legal issues, they must advise that appropriate professional advice should be sought.
    • They MUST NOT under any circumstances predict the death of, or an accident to, a Client or anyone personally known to the Client
    • They will not provide consultations to any member of the public who they have reason to believe is less than 18 years of age.

    If you feel that one of our readers has failed to follow this code, then please contact us.

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