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    Australian Phone Psychic Readings, 24/7 Online Psychic Chat Serving Australia Wide

    Call the original Cecelia’s Phone Psychics

    Welcome to Cecelia’s Phone Psychics, the original phone Psychics in Australia. Your conversations are always 100% anonymous and confidential. We have been helping people all over the world for 38 years. We have gifted and compassionate psychics blessed with abilities to read into past and present events guiding and advising you. A phone psychic reading is private and safe, securely billed to your credit or debit card in Australian dollars by our automated system. There are no gimmicks, tricks, fake discounts to lure you in, we are authentic and credible. It is our mission to provide spiritually accurate and source-based readings that enlighten and assist you on your journey.

    My readers are chosen for their authentic abilities and their genuine desire to help you with a reading. I have Psychics, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Astrologists, Healers and Tarot Card Readers waiting to take you call. They can provide solutions to everyday issues and problems, which sometimes appear insurmountable. Able to help you most areas of life we specialise in Love and Relationship readings and are available night and day, seven days a week to help you.  We accept calls from Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Europe, in fact anywhere. Call now!

    Payment by credit card, prepaid and debit card is safe and secure as we use an automated system, unlike other phone psychic lines no one reads or writes your number down, you can trust the system that we have been using for many years – in fact we were the first to set up an automated system in Australia.

    From Australia call 1300 784 584

    15 mins – $55
    20 mins – $68
    30 mins – $99
    60 mins – $155

    From outside Australia call +61 3 8888 9277

    15 mins – $60
    20 mins – $70
    30 mins – $120
    60 mins – $160

    If you are new to Phone Psychic Readings please read my Blog, you will find many posts about the spiritual, metaphysical and the unexplained. You may find our Glossary of terms and Frequently Asked Questions helpful or just browse some of the Links we like. Please stop by our Testimonials page to read the lovely things our clients from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and the world over have to say about my phone psychics. I would love you to leave a Review after your speak to my Phone Psychics on each of their pages. If you encounter any issues at all my Customer Service team to is ready to help. Should Spirit inspire you to seek a reading we would be honoured to assist you in your quest for understanding and answers. Many blessings on your day, Cecelia

    “We invite you to experience a sense of spiritual clarity, get in touch with your
    own individual voice and the true intentions of your heart.”

    Kara is just the most amazing reader! I’m super grateful for the reading I had with her last week

    - Deb S

    “Just want to say a big thank you to Cecelia and a few other ladies I’ve spoken to on the phone. You are all beautiful people to talk to and are very accurate in what you’ve got to say. Your support and genuine care for people is outstanding, I could not ask for better people to guide and help me. Thank you!”

    - B.F.

    “I wanted to leave a testimonial for the loving and gifted Isabella. I am a reader myself and I hold myself to the strictest standards to help others. I so wanted to find the same and I did completely with Isabella. What a beautiful and gifted Soul. I need clarity and confirmation and got so much more. I found a kindred spirit in her when I needed it the most. She truly is Divinely guided and I thank the Angels for helping me to connect with her. I will be back to her for sure. Bless You Isabella!! Big Hugs”

    - Deb, Sydney

    “About 10 years ago my life fell apart as my marriage, family life and everything I knew crumpled around me. My supposed friends were suddenly busy or too far away to support me. I found Cecelia by accident one night when I was very much alone and in a very dark place. Out of desperation I rang the “hotline” and she answered. She listened to me and guided me with support and understanding.

    In the following months at critical times she had enough deep insight to provide me with the words or warnings of what was ahead of me and I was able to protect myself from the hurdles that were in my way. Since that time Cecelia has been my confidant, my friend and my counsel as my journey was long and hard but I came out of the darkness and have led a life that is my choosing and I am me again. I could not have travelled that journey successfully without Cecelia as my friend….”

    - D.F. Berry, NSW Australia

    “How amazing it has been to have Suzie-Lee read for me. She has been exceptionally accurate with knowledge of my situation, and her insights have offered me guidance, comfort and hope. In one of the hardest weeks I’ve experienced, her compassion and care helped me through. I have been fortunate indeed to go on my journey with her.”

    - I.G.

    “I am very grateful of the readings over the years Cecelia has done for both my husband and myself. She has helped and guided us through the hardest time of our lives. Something happened last night where the reading she gave me “clicked” into a very deep part of me and is having profound change in my life. Cecelia is gifted at knowing the right thing to say at the right time and with persistence has kept reassuring my husband and I that we can transform our lives and we most definitely are. Thank you so much Cecelia for helping us in our darkest hours. You are a very gifted and beautiful soul.”

    - Kathryn

    Thank you so much for your time and energy. Your reading was spot on and identified an area I had always secretly known was my Achilles heel. Thank you so much for helping me bring it to light so that I could work on it. I am now in a happy, fulfilled relationship with a man I love. You have made the greatest difference in my life.

    - K.D., Melbourne Australia

    “How amazing it has been to have Suzie-Lee read for me. She has been exceptionally accurate with knowledge of my situation, and her insights have offered me guidance, comfort and hope. In one of the hardest weeks I’ve experienced, her compassion and care helped me through. I have been fortunate indeed to go on my journey with her.”

    - KD, Sydney

    “For the past 30 years I have been a successful Sydney based executive running my own companies with multi-million dollar turnovers. What impressed me was not so much the reading, which was extremely accurate and to the point, but the speedy and concise way she analysed my question. I have spoken with Cecilia many times since the initial call and she has become a friend to whom I can turn in a crisis or hour of need.

    What impresses me most about her is the unusual approach that she takes. She is completely unlike anybody else I have ever met in this field. Obviously she gives me the answers to my questions and tells me what is going to be the end result, but she adds another dimension. The best way to explain it, is she counsels me. Gives me reasons for the problem, supplies life changing attitudes to the dilemma and generally takes me on a spiritual path to understand better what I can do, mentally and physically, to manifest my needs and desires. She is a truly gifted person with a generous soul.”

    - KJ, Sydney

    “Hi Cecelia – oooohhhhh my god – had to give you some feedback about your wiseness and accuracy. After I talked to you last night – you said – No – he doesn’t sound good and he is not looking for a relationship – he is hiding something.”

    - LW, Melbourne

    “Thank you so much for your email reading. It’s clarification for some of the half-formed ideas that I’ve had in my head – but written in a way that I can use this practical information. I did feel like the little bumps in the road were just making sure that I’m heading on the right path for me. I also feel more empowered to do what I’m doing in a focused way. Thank you so much.”

    - R.B.

    “Cecelia opened my mind and spirit to the energies moving in my life. She identified my fears and who I was, and how I was dealing with situations and loved ones. An absolutely accurate reading of my character and the immediate challenges I was facing. I cannot speak highly enough of Cecelia’s guidance and psychic ability.”

    - R Tresize, Sydney Australia

    “I initially called up Cecelia because my life was in turmoil emotionally and I needed a little advice…divine intervention, inspiration – hope for the future. This darling lady says it how it is. She’s challenged my way of thinking and belief patterns and to look inwards towards myself – me. I’m slowly beginning to realise what a valuable gift I’m being taught in that now….and yes Cecelia is very accurate…especially in her timings – my favourite question “but when Cecelia….when??” I just wanted to say bless Cecelia – her wise words and common sense and humour have helped me immensely and she is just a gorgeous lady!! Thank you so much for helping me to understand 🙂 You help so many people Cecelia.”

    - SL, Sydney

    “I just had to write and let people know what a wonderful person you are Cecelia! You have helped me so much during this extremely difficult time of my great loss. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants a genuine and caring reader.. a very big THANK YOU!!!”

    - Sue, Adelaide

    “I am so thankful to Cecelia for helping me survive through my deeply troubled time. She was able to provide me with assistance and ideas as to how to step forward when I was in fear of moving. Her psychic perspective enabled my decisions, to be made from a clear, mindful and intelligent place, allowing me the space to process my next move with her and see how things would play out. Without her gifted guidance I would have made some rash and stupid mistakes which would have cost me and my nearest and dearest greatly on both the emotional and financial front. So many thanks to you again Cecelia, you’re a life saver.”

    - V Wilmot, Newcastle NSW, Australia