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July New Moon

New Moon in LEO

Creativity and Community

28th July 2022

Leo is the heart center of the Zodiac, the passionate and benevolent fire sign who speaks and acts with heart, courage, and dominance. There is a perfect blend and harmony of subconscious and conscious forces now, as both the Sun and Moon are in Leo at the time of the New Moon. This brings unity of opposing aspects of the self- everything that is dark or unconscious, subconscious, and subtle influences, and conscious thoughts and feelings. Stay optimistic and always keep in mind the perpetual balance of yin and yang energies… they are in an eternal dance!


Key qualities of Leo, the Lion: -

● Leo rules the 5th house in astrology, the house of children, creativity, play, romance, and pleasure. Combined with the qualities of the Sun, being confident, self-expressive, dominant, playful, fun-loving, kind, and generous, and self-authoritative; you can make wonderful change in your local or larger community at this time.

● The Lion, Leo´s glyph, energetically represents community, brotherhood/sisterhood, nobility, reality, family, self-leadership, and courage. You can tune into the qualities of the lion to guide and protect you this month… and use this majestic creature´s energy for advancements in business, love, family, marriage, community, and or creativity. Both Leo and the lion (spirit animal) symbolise the heart, and the Sun is the center of our solar system, so work with the heart chakra for the best self-alignment.

● Your inner child is a big theme now and wanting to come out and play. Use the high-spirited, youthful, and joyful nature of your inner child to get ahead in business, career, and romance. These three areas of life will be in the forefront of your consciousness now.


Children, Creativity, & Community

This New Moon is all about community, creative self-expression, and children. You would be best to share your talents and gifts with the younger generation in some way, children of any age group. Drama, theatre, the arts, spoken word, writing, speaking, teaching, music & the imagination, play, and self-expression are all key areas this month (the New Moon period leading into the first half of August). Share your passions, ideas, intellect, innovation, and abilities through leading, teaching, speaking, and being a way shower; lead a podcast, workshop, or course, or hold a free event if you´re blessed with the resources.

You have the capacity to inspire children and leave a lasting mark for future generations! Small or big, any act of service will both increase your self-esteem, connecting you on a deeper level to your talents, and allow you to bring joy and growth to others´ lives. Even offering artistic & educational opportunities to your own children or friends & family close to you will allow your inner light to shine. It's a give and take; Leo is extremely generous, kind-hearted, and benevolent, therefore when you give to others with pure intentions you receive, and vice versa. Light and energy are free, universal, and available in abundance…

Consider writing some blogs, creating some free videos on YouTube or Odyssey, or stepping into a self-leadership role in any way you see fit. Take an actual wander too, walking around your town or city to discover what opportunities and avenues are available to you. Community is a key theme. And if you turn your attention to Leo´s glyph, you will see just how strong and powerful the bond of brotherhood, sisterhood, and community is.

Additionally, there is such a high vibration and energy current to this lunar cycle that even if you don't help or teach children, you can benefit from the “yang '' qualities. Dominance, inner fire, boldness, brilliance, lack of shyness to take the spotlight, leading (speaking & acting) with heart, excitement, optimism, and genuine excitement at opportunities for play and artistic expression; these are all amplified. By tuning into these qualities and expressing yourself in a productive, artistic, imaginative, or creative way, you equally naturally turn away from the less desirable attributes of this Leo Moon. Leo´s shadow includes a love of drama and chaos, or an unconscious pull towards them. Try not to be a drama king or queen, demanding attention, or respect instead of naturally commanding it.


Acts of Service

Small acts of service can really increase your self-esteem now, while boosting future prosperity. As a regal, sincere, and loving-giving fire sign, Leo teaches us how to give with generosity and sincerity. There is nothing fake about the noble lion when they offer gifts, wisdom, affection, or love! Leos are extremely sincere, and this goes for their dark side too… But purely on the positive, much integrity is available to you now, so any act of charity, altruism, or giving and benevolence will create positive blessings in your own life. What goes around comes around…

Regardless of how big or small, be a blessing in others’ lives- strangers or family and close bonds. Engage in some charity, community, animal welfare or humanitarian service and acts of kindness. Perhaps there's a local shelter who needs volunteers to walk dogs or play with kittens. Maybe you could give up half a day a week to help with local environmentalism or conservation, or simply share your knowledge and talents through a few free educational videos, audio recordings, or online or in person events?! Live from your heart and experience the full beauty of life, raising the collective vibration of love and receiving the ripples of abundance that naturally return to you.


Passion & Sexual Expression

Ruled by the 5th astrological house, this Leo New Moon represents pleasure, play, romance, and children. This means your libido will be feeling strong and your sexual empowerment, or need for expression, on a whole new level. All the fire signs are known to be instinctive with very strong needs in the physical touch and intimacy department, and Leo goes a step further by being very romantic and affectionate (the most romance-loving of the fire signs).

This could go one of two ways… You could find yourself wanting a lot of primal and fiery sex, either with a partner or in a more casual bond, or you may channel this energy into Leo´s other attributes- being the father or parent. Such dominant, self-authoritative and masculine energies naturally bring out your inner father and “electric” parent, there is little subtlety or feminine magnetism when such a powerful vibrancy and yang force comes out! Regardless of where your attention is needed or how prevalent your desires are, take care of your sexual health. Accept, embrace, and make peace with your primal, animalistic, and sexual side, because this is the key to true happiness and longevity.

Sexual energy is synergistic with spiritual energy and longevity. The healthier our intimate expressions and unions are, the more able life force energy is to flow through our chakras and kundalini. The kundalini is, in fact, a perfect blend and harmonisation of spiritual, sexual, intuitive, creative, and life force energy. Sexual energy and subsequent needs & desires start at the Root, and any block or repression here will negatively affect the other chakras. This means, a lack of health, vitality, psychic gifts, spiritual perception, higher wisdom insight, evolved consciousness, creative and imaginative expression, and health and self-empowerment. Waken an embrace your self-sovereign, powerful, and sensual sexual nature to see other areas of life improve. Open your heart and let the love flow


A final word

Both the Sun and Moon are in Leo, which represents perfect unity or balance between the conscious and subconscious mind. You may find yourself in a constant dance between everything that is dark or hidden, subconscious influences like feelings, emotions, subtle insights, astral & feminine wisdom, instincts; and all that wishes to come to light- consciousness. Let the yin and yang energies flow in harmony and synergy- connect to your inner Sun and inner Moon regularly and as much as possible, getting into a personal groove. Considerable insights and wisdom will flow to you if you do.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Leo:

Aries: “Being the best only succeeds when I play nice with others.”

Taurus: “Sincerity and benevolence are my superpowers!”

Gemini: “My colourful nature is free to shine while playfulness expands in all areas.”

Cancer: “I may not be the loudest, but my imaginative and spiritual powers make their mark.”

Leo: “I am a team-player, leader, charming winner, and modest support system.”

Virgo: “My role in my family is never overlooked or under-appreciated when I act with love.”

Libra: “My social butterfly self really pays off now…”

Scorpio: “I am a guiding light and force of change in my community.”

Sagittarius: “Being an idealist allows me to inspire others.”

Capricorn: “My earthly powers help others to see the true power of strong foundations.”

Aquarius: “Speaking, leading, and acting with heart expands my vision.”

Pisces: “I am the often silent and spiritual power who brings soul into the world…”

Full Moon in Capricorn:

“Next Level” Partnerships & Projects!


13th July 2022


Welcome to July's Full Moon, the ambitious and willful Goat! Capricorn is one of the most hard-working, high-achieving, and ambitious signs of the Zodiac. They go after what they want with an earthly power and force that knows how to take charge, lead and initiate great change. Read on to discover more…


Key qualities:-

● Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn represents the inner need for law and order; divine or cosmic justice. Tough lessons can come through any Capricorn cycle or lunar phase, however this “tough-love” teacher planet makes us stronger, more discerning and wise, and with greater levels of maturity. Saturn is known as the “Lord of Karma” or “Father of Time,” so healthy & helpful restrictions, limitations, and physical challenges can push you to greater heights.

● Capricorn may thrive off of intellectual and practical power, but there is an underlying sensual, subtle, and feminine vibe & energy. Use this to your advantage. Retain and develop emotional intelligence, empathy, sensitivity and nurturing & compassionate feminine qualities to get ahead in business and social bonds. Stay sincere! Intuition is amplified for everyone.

● Capricorn is hard-working, devoted, practical, efficient, responsible, and self-authoritative. They command attention and respect with grace and style, so long as they´re not abusing their power or being cold, callous, and overly tyrannical. This sign teaches that power and force can be both intellectual, mental, and physical, and subtle, magnetic, and feminine or spiritual.


A Cardinal Sign: An initiatory force…

This Full Moon is represented by an initiatory force, and this is because Capricorn is a Cardinal sign. You're able to be a natural leader now, and with amazing ideas and innovative solutions… Everything new and rooted in invention is lit up now, which signifies an ability to come up with ideas and concepts that could really benefit others. You can initiate change, evolutionary creations, and significant shifts in business, consciousness, and any other field.

Each sign represents a different season; as Capricorn marks the start of Winter and the Winter solstice, turn your attention to how you can transform darkness to light. This can literally mean bringing the unconscious to light, finding meaning and innovative solutions in the hidden and invisible realms & worlds. Or you may choose to illuminate beliefs & ideologies that have previously been repressed, or aren't too well known on a global or collective level. There's a wonderful opportunity to “set things in motion”... for future success, abundance, and achievement!

With such a strong earthly power and presence you can really make a name for yourself, attracting fame, success, material wealth, opportunities for growth & expansion, or game-changing creations and partnerships. Furthermore, a Capricorn Full Moon increases your need for structure, order, and organization, so these attributes can help you in the long run. You will equally find yourself in possession of the determination, willpower, perseverance, patience, and longevity for long-term goals.


Deal out the Karma

You may find yourself reflecting on your past and dealing out your own karma. This means getting really crystal clear on how others have treated you, and determining whether it was fair and just. Picture yourself as an angel or one of the 7 holy archangels, embodying a powerfully high frequency of universal love, compassion, and divine righteousness. Better yet, actually embody these qualities!

Then ask yourself, “did I deserve this?” “Would I ever treat anyone like this?” “Should they get away with it or be bound to the laws of karma and universal justice?!” Capricorn holds considerable karmic influence in their energy field, due to being ruled by Saturn. Please know this is not advocating a “revenge or resentment” frequency- nothing like this. Only set your intentions for justice and equality or fairness if you can transcend the pettiness and games of the ego, and align with your pure, spiritual, and higher consciousness Higher Self/mind.


Remember to maintain fitness & well-being

Because you will be using so much spiritual and mental power, it's important to keep your body healthy. Maintain fitness. Strengthen your muscles, immune system, and circulatory system- and keep your digestive and neurological systems healthy through a balanced and pure diet and lots of mindfulness exercises. Regardless of how “metaphysically-inclined” we are, our bodies are still channels. We embody, receive, and reflect frequencies, emotions, mindsets, beliefs, and a range of vibratory states, so it´s therefore essential that the mind, body, & spirit trio works in harmony and unity.

Work out and mediate; be active and engage in conscious periods of silence; and be both physical health minded and take into consideration the non-visible aspects of life and well-being. Balance can be achieved, and this internal harmony leads to happiness, supreme energy levels, and greater capacity for professional and creative or career change.


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Capricorn:

Aries: “My light can be channeled into good and service to benefit humanity.”

Taurus: “When I put my mind to something with determination, nothing can stop me!”

Gemini: “I am a beacon of light & optimism, even through the testing times…”

Cancer: “I embrace my instinctive wisdom without being overly selfless. I recognize it's ok to energize personal goals too!”

Leo: “Being humble while shining my glorious light allows my professional status to grow.”

Virgo: “It's ok to take note of the smaller details to contribute to the larger picture. Everyone has a unique role to play…”

Libra: “Depth and emotional sensitivity allow me to grow in ways I previously could not access.”

Scorpio: “To evolve I must embrace my inner yin and yang; too much or too little of either can lead to unnecessary challenges.”

Sagittarius: “My vision provides for mastery, yet I must also take note of the smaller details.”

Capricorn: “I wow others through my love of order, organization and devotion to accomplishment.”

Aquarius: “A practical mindset serves me best now… Perseverance is key to lasting change.”

Pisces: “Optimism expands when I integrate passion & inner fire. Yang compliments my natural yin nature!”


Lay low and try not to stir the pot until the 22nd, Aries. You´re known for being hot-headed, and people's emotions will be on high alert. Sensitivity and empathy are two things to watch out for, and they may even help you establish the relationships and connections you need to expand your business. Business and success don't need to be separated from emotional intelligence and vulnerability! The world is changing… When the Sun enters Leo, however, be bubbly, bright, and communicative in both personal and professional dealings. Show off your charming and creative side, so others know that they can turn to you for great ideas and innovation. Don´t be afraid to take the lead too, but do so with a team spirit.



You´re oozing class and sex appeal, and you´re most likely a money and luck magnet at this point in time. Cancer is a real soulmate and sweetie to you, you dig the energy of this nurturing and compassionate water sign. Creativity, dreams, spirituality, esotericism, romance, and community all favor very strongly in this point- the only thing you need to be careful of is falling into idleness or depression. Take control of your life, health, wealth, emotions, and connections; don´t be a bystander in your own life! This doesn't mean barge ahead all guns blazing, or with a sense of ego or arrogance; instead, be the magnetic and warm-hearted soul that you are. You may find resources and wealth increasing from unique talents and gifts.



Creativity, creativity; creativity! This is where you´ll find your joy and flow this month. July is a wonderful month for you with regards to innovation, creativity, and connecting to friends and peers in your local community. The worst thing you could do right now would be to stay at home and play it safe. Put yourself out there. Consciously seek colourful and inspiring connections, like with fellow artists, dreamers, lovers, and free-spirited souls… If you´re forced to be more routine-minded and work, certainly make time for play and spontaneity in your free time. Drink chamomile tea before bed to soothe an overactive mind or particularly “wavey” nervous system. Your dreams could be vivid and even verging on the nightmare scale, so soothing herbs like chamomile or passion flower will work wonders for your subconscious mind.



Research flower essences and herbal remedies to put you back in touch with your body and emotions. Because you are ruled by the Moon, the planet of emotions and the subconscious mind, your dreams and susceptibility to astral visions & insights will be heightened this month. Stay cool, sweet, down-to-earth, and spiritually or holistically minded. Try not to get lost in materialism or addictions too, as these will lower your vibe and misalign you. You can center yourself with nature and crystals, gemstones, and meditation- or anything that soothes your soul and brings a sense of inner balance and well-being. In fact, getting “super spiritual” could open you up to inspiring opportunities and connections in the future… Be true to yourself and forget about the restrictions or oppressions of society.



Expressing yourself through art, poetry, music, storytelling, or anything else creative and freeing is the perfect way to spend your spare time. By spare time I mean time away from duties, children, and work! But, you can find moments of magic in the latter, and add a midas touch through applying creativity and innovation. Think about your larger vision or legacy now, the vision for your future and higher self that may positively motivate or inspire future generations to come. Now is the ideal time to seek out writing competitions, artistic opportunities, and grants or educational opportunities that can steer you onto a more prosperous and expansive path. Stay connected to your spiritual roots while being mindful of the traps of materialistic desire; be a majestic Lion or Lioness!



When´s the last time you´ve RELAXED with a book, water colour paints or pencils, or a yoga mat and inspiration surrounding you?! You´re known for being incredibly reliable, practical, duty focused and detail-oriented, but this can leave you lacking the “colour” and spontaneity of the other essential part of being human. As human beings, we are natural mavericks, free-spirits, and earth wanderers… at least these archetypes are innate within all of us, varying by degree from person to person. It's important to unwind and let go now, simply enjoying the simple (yet powerful) pleasures of existence. Seek out a creative and multi-talented and soulful Pisces, or a free-spirited and higher truth seeking Sagittarius. Anyone creative can get your juices flowing, helping you to align with a path more balanced, integrated, and expansive.



Everyone knows you love to flirt, yet do you find yourself giving out mixed signals? Now is the perfect month to learn how to be fun-loving and playful while keeping healthy boundaries. Having sex appeal and a flirtatious and upbeat nature is a beautiful thing, but sometimes there needs to be some barriers so you keep friends as ´friends.´ Learn how to observe yourself without becoming lost in self-pity or self-hatred. Acceptance and self-reflection are two wonderful gifts the Cancer sign teaches us, so until the 21st turn your attention to more compassionate ways of relating to yourself and others. Compassionate self-talk is included in this. Of course, find creative outlets to keep your mind alive and energy centered. Also, seek out new muses because these could be the key to your abundance…



Get deep, oh passionate and sensual one! There's a massive universal green light to let out your spiritual, sensual, sexy, and sensitive side. You will find superficial relationships falling away if you do, while significant bonds and “truer” connections strengthen and grow. If you find yourself realising some truths, stepping into a new level of self-respect or self-worth, or anything similar; let others down with humility and grace. Be assertive but don't become superior. Spiritually and emotionally, you are off the chain and soaring like an eagle, which makes your artistic and imaginative gifts amplify too. To be honest, you´re the whole package right now and people are seeing your talents and worth- keep at it. Take some time to reflect on your past and people you may have overlooked who have pearls of wisdom and hidden secrets that could very well contribute to your self-evolution.



Learn how to tame your sex drive and libido, because all this spiritual and sensitive energy is making you both, 1. Super horny! And 2. More open to self-reflection and introspection, which would greatly benefit you at this time. Cancer season is the perfect time of the year to evaluate yourself with love and acceptance, honesty, and self-awareness, least to mention modesty and compassion. There is a gentle vibe and a pull towards deeper connections. If you´re a Sag who is quite primal or simply has some karmic elements still to heal, this could pull you out of alignment rather fast, further dropping you into your more toxic traits (like lust, arrogance, a desire to dominate, etc.) Surround yourself with people committed to personal growth and self-development and you will find magical opportunities and synchronicities from the 21st onwards.



Be a little bit more gentle and intentional with your words this month, as you might not realise how you come across to others. You radiate self-confidence and personal authority, however a lot of people are feeling more reflective and emotional at this time, at least until the Sun enters dominant Leo on the 21st. You have your own dominant qualities Capricorn! Just because you´re feminine by nature doesn't mean you´re weak or wishy-washy- femininity is not synergistic with indecisiveness or wishy-washiness. Be bold but stay mindful. Remain centered while staying subtle and humble. And go for gold without sacrificing your kindness or grace and charm! Consider the effects your personal and professional needs are having on those closest to you as well, like friends and family... Take time to make sure all is well at home before progressing with any new projects or connections.



Dream… metaphorically and literally. Surrounding yourself with the amethyst crystal, the gemstone for your third eye and centre for vision, could literally be the missing ingredient to your magic now. Get woo, spiritual, spacey, ethereal, or whatever else floats your boat! People glow when they are balanced and in tune with their spiritual and mystical self, as well as all other bodies of course. The spiritual body seems to be the missing link for a lot of people these days. But as a natural maverick and free-thinker you are quite open to the infinite and endless possibilities of the universe. So, shine in your unique and inspiring way. If you´re looking for new hobbies or outlets for expression, explore your options through nomad sites, freelancing networks, and larger international communities.



“Oh, how sweet it is to be loved by you, by you…” You're really reclaiming your sexual power and prowess, and this is something to be proud of, Pisces. As the most spiritual sign connected to the 12th house of endings and cosmic completions, you have a link to the unseen and astral realms. This makes a lot of people born into your sign stuck in states of martyrdom, repression, or self-sacrifice, brought on by past life memories (of being a nun, a monk!). You have access to past life memories and lots of magical and mystical things many humans need plant medicine or similar to access. You´re a natural shaman and seer! But, back onto your sexual power; it´s really important to connect to your cute, sexy, and sweet human self too, which is what I sense you are doing. Let yourself be loved, because this will increase your special gifts and divine abilities.


General Astrology:-

1. New Moon in Cancer, June 29th: Almost making its way into July, Cancer season´s New Moon occurs in Cancer at the end of June. This is a time of soul, depth, sensitivity, introspection, harmony, creativity, imaginative and artistic pursuits, romance, and emotional bonds… Be real with yourself and others, because superficiality and materialism don´t cut it!

2. Full Moon in Capricorn, July 13th: Hard-work, perseverance, ambition, willpower, positive ego and a desire for self-mastery, and putting practical steps in motion to achieve your goals are all key to this Capricorn Full Moon. Like the goat, climb that mountain and aim high…

3. New Moon in Leo, July 28th: At the end of the month there is a New Moon in Leo, symbolising creativity, playfulness, community, joy, fun, social bonds, self-authority, and positive masculine qualities (within and around).

New Moon in Cancer

Rest and Rejuvenation; Holistic Health

June 28th, 2022

June´s New Moon in Cancer is all about creative, imaginative, spiritual, psychic, and feminine gifts; everything Cancer the Crab represents. The Moon, Cancer´s ruler, symbolizes instincts, intuition, astral wisdom, the subconscious mind & realms, and caring and compassion. This is a very restful and introspective period, yet this “still and silent” vibe can lead to deep rest, rejuvenation, and holistic healing. Plus, spiritual growth!

Look up which planets fall in the cardinal signs (in your birth or natal chart); Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. This will give you clues of where your specific focus should go.


Key qualities of CANCER: -

● Cancer´s astrological symbol or glyph is the Crab, which signifies a need to rest and replenish your energies. Cancer is extremely sensitive, making them natural and gifted empaths. Empaths or people with a highly empathic nature tend to pick up on everyone else's feelings, needs, and inner impression, and this leaves one feeling very, very drained. Meditation, sleep, rest, and spiritual and holistic healing are therefore key themes now.

● Cancer is magnetic, passive, receptive, reflective, and introspective; they´re ruled by feelings and emotions, instincts, and subtle impressions. They´re also very dreamy and the Crab glyph helps to show you its ok to withdraw from the world and its harshness. The Moon further provides a direct link to the subconscious realms and subtle dimensions, therefore there are many things you can do instead of just being idle.

● Spiritual gifts are available, like intuition, killer instincts, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance, and everything related to the magnetic and subtle currents of life and being.


Rest, Inner Stillness & Relaxation

Silence and the introspective yin worlds are where you´ll find your solace now. We live in a dualistic world; too much yang (masculinity) and you become disconnected from your true source of power and self-esteem. Masculine qualities are great, but they can also become deeply superficial- some of the shadow traits of all fire and air signs (yang signs) include being somewhat narcissistic! Now is the time to go deep, explore your roots, clear, and heal your past, and simply rest.

Two main themes are dreaming and sleep- the places you go when you merge with the collective subconscious mind and letting go of the past. Surrender to change, and perhaps observe or learn about la Luna herself to understand the web and flow of all things. Everything is cyclic. Goddess Maeve can help you with this realisation, or simply journaling, writing, drawing, or expressing yourself through music or poetry will enable you to access your higher self. The higher self and mind are deeply connected to creative potential and artistic activities. Because Cancer is ruled by the Moon, you may find your imagination cooking up spells of magic and wonder… Allow any dazzling thoughts to flow freely, however do stay grounded; keep your feet on earth. (Literally and metaphorically!)

Finally, disconnect from anything cold, harsh or “robotic.” This includes TV and excessive technology, games, or social media. Tune into the ethereal and spiritual worlds instead. You will gain inner strength and self-empowerment from this space, while simultaneously recognizing your greater life´s purpose. Mental business and technological interference can lead to stress and anxiety, least to mention a very disoriented nervous system. Cancer may be sensitive, yet they are also a Cardinal sign representing initiating force. In other words, you can create ripples of positive movement now… you just need to turn your attention to professional, educational, financial, creative, spiritual, and well-being matters.


Clearing the Past through Dreams

Dreamwork is one of the best things you could do now. Another major theme of this New Moon is the desire we will all have towards intimacy. We´re all craving soul connection and sacred bonds. Yet, as humans we have very complex pasts, and a lot of traumas (conscious or unconscious) is stored within our cells. Memories and emotions that have yet to be healed can create significant blocks in the present. So, it's important to engage in at least some dream work and subtle, astral, and ethereal healing. These three planes are strongly linked to the spiritual body and thus the soul too.

In Reiki and other shamanic and spiritual healing systems, they teach that all illness, disease, and blockages begin on a soul level. If we take this world view into consideration, it is no wonder so many people are waking up to the power of dreams. (If you want a fascinating and recently written book on the subject, I recommend ´Pisces Dream Astrology´ by Grace Gabriella Puskas…) Healing occurs through the subconscious mind as well, and it is in dream space where we have a cord to subconsciousness. Your Higher Self and spiritual guides (in addition to Source itself) works in unison with these “subtle” forces here.

Instincts, intuition, subtle perception, and the 4 clairs will be heightened. Visions and prophetic dreaming may even become more vivid and frequent, but at the very least you will be open to

symbolism and profound imagery. You can definitely gain wisdom and secret knowledge into your shadow self, past wounds, relationship needs and desires, and both strengths & weaknesses now. The subconscious mind awakened memories and trauma in need of healing, on a DNA and cellular level.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Cancer:

Aries: “I embrace my sensitive side to make life easier to swim.”

Taurus: “The waters of divinity provide me insight into my strengths. Water heals!”

Gemini: “I can both flow with the currents and tides and be assertive, retaining my individuality.”

Cancer: “The earth and sea are both my home, and learning this wisdom is key to my success.”

Leo: “Longevity increases the more I balance my inner yin and yang.”

Virgo: “Creative and artistic gifts expand the more I still & relax my mind!”

Libra: “True communication requires emotional intelligence and sensitivity, not just charm.”

Scorpio: “My intuition is a beacon of light for self and others…”

Sagittarius: “There is wisdom and growth in adversity and difference.”

Capricorn: “Wealth and fortune are great, so long as I´m nurturing the personal bonds in my life.”

Aquarius: “Individuality lets me access my higher mind, yet peace & compassion allow soul gifts to soar.”

Pisces: “Unconditional love is enough, but me-time and self-care are what's needed for true prosperity.”

Full Moon in Sagittarius:

A Higher Calling & Purpose


14th June 2022


June's Full Moon occurs in fiery and independent, yet highly companionable, Sagittarius. Sag is the Archer who shoots for the stars… yet he can often leave significant bonds and connections behind in his pursuit for stardom and fame or success! Be careful of not falling prey to the “Sag superficiality,” the tendency to give into narcissistic and frivolous traits instead of forming lasting bonds and loving partnerships.


Key qualities: -

● Positively, Sagittarius is bold, courageous, self-assured, and independent. This sign knows how to take the lead and act and speak with self-assertion. They are masculine by nature, dominant, direct, communicative, and expressive, and have many creative and artistic talents too.

● Ruled by the Archer or Centaur, Sag both reaches for the stars and is a symbol of philosophy and primality. The Centaur is half creature/animal and half human, which symbolizes an animalistic, sexual, impulsive, somewhat lusty, and philosophical individual. They do have potent instincts, however, and the gravitation towards the higher self and mind lets them shine intellectually, innovatively, and wisely.

● Jupiter is Sag´s ruling planet, providing a strong surge of luck and expansion throughout their lives. Focused, hard-working, and devoted Sagittarius’s often have the Midas touch for professional and vitality needed projects alike. They are full of passion and high spirits, and usually achieve success when they work diligently towards some goal or aspiration.


Prosperous Connections

Sagittarius ‘entire identity thrives around connections and social ties. For professionals, this means there is an amazing opportunity to expand your social circle, following, and income through new professional partnerships and contacts. Aim for the stars and don't hold back. Be bold, courageous, and confident, yet dignified and noble. As Sag is ruled by Jupiter, there is luck on your side, but being so lucky and expansive by nature can sometimes go to one's head. This is true if you´re quite “yang” or spotlight loving in nature.

Nobility, integrity, and a hierophant type energy run through a Sag´s blood and veins just as strongly as grandiose and a need for attention. At the highest vibration, Sag is the philosopher and Hierophant, the spiritual and noble being who can pass judgement on others with fairness and grace. They´re deeply wise and perceptive with a commitment to higher truths, so make the most of this energy. Find connections that add to your majestic and dignified vibe- try to stay away from people who bring you into drama, gossip, and ego antics or games. If you´ve found yourself hanging out with the wrong crowd, find a way to cut ties kindly and with grace and humility. But certainly, do cut ties!

Now is the time to turn your attention to greater heights, professional and productive partnerships, and the soul bonds and connections that energise your higher self. Always think about your reputation and the type of energy you wish to project out into the world (without giving into superficiality or notions of superiority.).

As a Full Moon is a time of completion, you may have already severed ties with toxic or lower vibrational bonds. If so, reward yourself! Celebrate by engaging in some sophisticated and higher-class activities and outings, with people who are just as charming, talented, modest, and successful as you. Set your sights high and you will only continue to attract the best.


Fertility and Project Expansion

This is such a fertile month and lunar phase, so much so that you may not even know where to start. Stay grounded, focused, and positive. The universe is sending you big and radiant beams of expansive light energy. You´ll be feeling more fertile, productive, prosperous, and positive; optimism courses through you and your mind are so determined to create a life of abundance and success, that you will most likely be picking up on genius ideas and concepts. Innovation, originality, and intelligence are amplified at this time.

Because the Sun is in Gemini, Sag´s opposite, there is even a bigger double-dose of creative energy and inspiration available. Gemini is such a high energy and vitality sign, and the air influence of the Gemini Sun amplifies the vision and enthusiasm of the Sagittarius Moon. All projects can be enhanced with some genuine passion, dedication, hard-work and instinctive and insightful forces. Fertility can relate to actual creativity, the planting of seeds in your garden or smallholding, pregnancy and physical birth, or any other project and outlet that is based on fertile, abundant, and prosperous energies. You´re able to tune into your inner visionary now for the best results!

Relationships can get a real boost from this influence too, or if you'd prefer to work behind the scenes solo this is perfectly fine as well. Also, it's a time of evaluating what has been working and what hasn't been; where you feel fulfilled, and what is possibly missing from your life. It's an emotional time, as all Full Moons are, but it's also a psychological and intellectual time, and romance is on the cards just as much as professional and educational pursuits. In all honesty, Sagittarius is such an all-rounder that you can find yourself making the most of this expansive energy in any area of life.


Logic VS Intuition

Finally, this is a time of really balancing your intuitive philosophical and “free flowing” mind with your logical, rational, and intellectual one. All aspects of self and mind wish to be integrated, and Sagittarius ‘glyph enables them to access the higher mind more frequently. This is the mind that sees things from a holistic and unified perspective, also being open to idealistic and visionary qualities.

Other keywords to reflect on: community, kindred spirits, adventure, higher learning, communication, sharing and companionship, play, spirit, and spontaneity.


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Sagittarius

Aries: “I go after what I want with passion and gusto!”

Taurus: “My life is a mirror for what's inside; beauty projects outwards.”

Gemini: “Playfulness combined with ambition allows my life to prosper.”

Cancer: “Creativity and caring are the two pillars for a strong foundation.”

Leo: “Passion and determination let me be seen as the powerful leader that I am.”

Virgo: “It's ok to think outside the box and try the new and untested.”

Libra: “I excel when aligning with partnerships and connections in alignment with my higher self.”

Scorpio: “It's ok to be sensitive, with courage and an inner fire as a core vibration.”

Sagittarius: “My intuition is a guiding light for my truth and true path.”

Capricorn: “If I want success, I need to learn how to be receptive to help and a team player.”

Aquarius: “My independence and originality allow me to shine in my own quirky way.”

Pisces: “Life is a dream, and I am the creator, captain, and ship!”

New Moon in Gemini

Self-Expression and Talent Development


May 30th, 2022


Firstly, be sure to check which planets fall in the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces in your natal chart! It's a Gemini New Moon, and here is all you need to know.


Key qualities: -

● Gemini is a sign of duality, ruled by the Twins. This literally represents logic VS intuition, masculine VS feminine (energies), yang VS yin, light VS dark or the shadow self, and the Sun VS the Moon. Evaluate how polar opposites or opposing forces play out in your life, because now is a time for balance and unification.

● Gemini is an air sign who knows how to speak, think, internalise, and debate. They´re very intelligent and sharp-minded, yet often lack emotional vulnerability and honesty- with themselves and others. Work on how you can be more authentic in your emotions and expression- sharing- and bring hidden feelings into the light, which will naturally amplify your mental abilities!

● Colourful, creative, inquisitive, communicative, and adaptable, Gemini possesses a real creative spirit. Find ways to access your imagination and artistic and “higher mind” abilities.


Self-Expression and Individuality

You're really feeling the pull towards individuality and expressing your personal identity, beliefs, talents, and inner feelings. Gemini is not traditionally an emotional sign, and they're known for being aloof and emotionally detached at times, however this loving and affectionate sign actually has some pretty deep and intense feelings. Gemini is affectionate, playful, creative, intimacy loving, loyal, and very open to romance and companionship.

Expressing your personal desires and needs to those in your close orbit and on a larger scale in your community or social circles will be high on your priority list. This Gemini moon is all about your personal commitment to yourself, and this includes your psychological, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs. If you´ve been blocked or felt like you´ve been unable to express everything within- the “inside” and hidden stuff- now is the time to release. Let go of the need to be liked by everyone, or the fear of being judged. This prevents authenticity, and a lack of authenticity leads to all sorts of problems. Relationships only thrive when you're communicating freely and transparently. Finances and abundance increase and amplify from authenticity as well.

Social, communication, and interpersonal relating skills can all be improved with a transparent dedication to yourself; to speaking your truth, expressing your emotions, and being clear and open with others. Business, romantic, family, platonic, and community relationships and connections will all considerably get a level up if you commit yourself to self-development in this area. Further, creativity and your ability to engage in innovation, artistic and imaginative projects, and conscious co-creation with both the universe directly and others are linked to your sense of individuality and capacity for self-expression. Dream big and let creative channels soar. Try to cut out anything in the world that doesn't serve your best interests, like ignorance, drama, and unnecessary energies and interactions (gossip, mindless speech, lethargy, old cycle you´ve already overcome!).


Lose the Opinions… Go to Multiple Perspectives!

You´re being presented with an opportunity to lose the need for opinions and evolve and transcend to seeing multiple perspectives. There is a huge difference between opinion and perspective, and wise and intelligent people know this. Opinions stem from a need to judge, be right, or create separation, a hierarchy of superiority and inferiority where someone is better based one someone's judgement. Perspective is a combination of wisdom, intuition, discernment, and knowledge birthed from life experience and reflection. Also, higher intelligence!

As Gemini is ruled by Mercury the messenger planet, meaning communication and the way you express your ideas, views, beliefs, emotions, talents, gifts, and wisdom; this is an excellent cycle to seek self-development in these areas. You´re given a chance for a “level up” and self-evolution that allows you to move forward, ascend and become self-mastered for personal and professional victory.

There´s great courage to go after your goals and enter new ventures, projects, and enterprise, and this is thanks to an alignment between Mars and Jupiter in Aries, which happens just before the New Moon. Jupiter represents luck, abundance, good fortune, expansion, and abundance; Aries is the passionate go-getter with immense drive! Mars, of course, is the planet of action and energy himself (also ruling Aries). So, it's no wonder you will find an increase in life force and strong desire to go after your passions, with innovation, confidence, and intellectual and on point communicative abilities.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Gemini:

Aries: “I take pride in my mind and intellect and speak with integrity and boldness.”

Taurus: “I embrace my emotional and psychological desires, aiming for balance and harmony.”

Gemini: “My light shines when I connect to my truth, feelings, and authentic needs and wants.”

Cancer: “Vulnerable self-expression combined with inner strength and assertion is a recipe for success!”

Leo: “My perceived weaknesses are a direct line to the divine, my strengths, and personal growth.”

Virgo: “Authentic and honest communication allows me to be respected in my community.”

Libra: “A brilliant mind balanced with emotional openness and honesty helps me thrive.”

Scorpio: “Calmness and peace fills my life when I express myself freely and truthfully.”

Sagittarius: “I find my muse and inspirations and give respect to them; dishonesty serves no-one.”

Capricorn: “Clarity of mind and powerful communication arises from emotional intelligence!”

Aquarius: “I don't have to become co-dependent to share, connect, and be vulnerable.”

Pisces: “Soulful intentions balanced with assertive and masculine expression lets me be free…”


Prepare to get your thinking hat on, Aries. The Sun is in cerebral and intellectual Gemini until the 21st… The Twins open doorways to higher reasoning, intuition, and a near perfect blend of analytical and artistic thinking and perception. You can make significant progress in anything that requires mental power! Keep your energy high and focused, and by high, I mean eat healthy, exercise, and stay positive, for brain fuel. When it's Cancer season (21st onwards) you will find a more mellow and emotional energy, which is great for creative and spiritual/philosophical ventures. But until then, vibrate at a psychological and intellectual frequency so you can join forces with other innovative leaders and visionaries. The world is your oyster this month.



Stay grounded, but make sure you´re making the most of your intellectual gifts and abilities. You might be feeling a bit scattered and confused while the Sun is in the cerebral Twins of the zodiac, however this should not keep you unmotivated or undisciplined. Quite the contrary, push yourself a little bit harder and re-align on your passions, meaningful goals, and the things that light up your spirit. Your favourable qualities- benevolent, empathy, kindness, romance, etc.- can help to keep you on track and mentally agile, which contributes to your ever-expanding resources and personal fortune. A windfall or big bonus could come your way through sheer inner strength and positivity alone! Don´t give into boredom, frustration, or triggers… stay on top of your emotional and spiritual health.



It's your month! You´re feeling full of excitement with multiple colours, sounds, sights, and sensory gems to keep you occupied. You´re a very bright individual with a lot of friends, Gemini, however do you feel you have some deep bonds? If the answer is yes, fabulous! Nurture these. If not, take the time to get to know yourself better through your passions, talents, and interests. This way you naturally attract deeper connections who “get” you, “see” you, and help to contribute to your status and success. Whatever you do, do not succumb to isolation or loneliness, even if you feel an introspective vibe coming on. Know the difference between introspection, such as through journaling, meditation, art, self-healing, or a spiritual retreat, and introversion. The latter often leads to loneliness and being disconnected from your community.



Your main goal will be balancing your need for solitude and creativity or family and being the social butterfly that you were born to be. Many people associate ´social butterfly ‘with the air and fire signs, yet you have so many wonderful gifts that make you a colourful chameleon in your own right. For one, you're highly creative and imaginatively gifted… secondly, you have psychic, spiritual, and intuitive gifts not matched by many! Find a way to express your passions, emotions, internal desires, and ideas- if not like everyone else, at least in your own unique way. Even being heard by a few people will give you the self-esteem boost and lift up you unconsciously crave. Further, work on healing your sacral and throat chakras; these are where a lot of issues stem in life, and these two energy centres (chakras) link.



Be prepared for the new and exciting opportunities you've been praying for! All the confusion and isolation of previous years is surely leaving your life now, and you could very well feel like you´re stepping into a whole new world altogether. Life will feel like a big party or extended festival this month, so make the most of the high spirits and let your inner God/dess shine... Inspiration is all around you, but it's also within you, dear Lion. Connect to your inner lion. Don´t be afraid of being majestic, regal, sparkly, confident, or passionate. People want to see these qualities currently! If you find some low and mellow periods, work on educational and professional pathways; anything that causes less stress at a later date, through possible financial gains, is strongly advised.



Don't let your own or others' drama get you down this month. You can learn a lot from upbeat and positive Gemini. Ok, there is an aspect of superficiality to this sign, but they are playful, colourful, and excitable creatures all the same. You tend to stress, overthink, and engage in judgement and gossip or projection more than you know! Don´t worry, we all have our shadow traits, however with another Mercury ruling month (Mercury rules Gemini and your own sign, Virgo) there is a pull towards mental tension and frustration; least to mention falling into the shadow/toxic traits of Mercury. Meditate more and connect to your spiritual roots! This will increase your philosophical and expansive, big-picture thinking, side. Also, your capacity for extrasensory gifts and experiences like astral travel or projection, clairsentience, clairaudience, potent intuition, and seeing holistic perspectives.



You´re known for being a flirt, but if you´re single this month you might take this too far! Turning towards flights of fancy, pleasure-seeking, and all fun and games is not the way to go this June. Start your month off on the right note by getting serious with your services, finances, home life, and health. If you´re looking for love, this will only flow when you're in an independent, balanced, and harmonious state. Co-dependency is something you struggle with when you've forgotten how to slow down, take it easy, and connect to your own source of personal and emotional power. So, keep your desires in check. Don't suppress them- there's a big difference between repression or suppression and self-control; just keep in mind that self-mastery is the true root of pleasure and intimacy…



Your inner tantric god or goddess will be wanting to shine through in all of their glory! This is quite an intense time for you, and you won't be settling for less than depth, commitment, and giving your all when it comes to love, career, or self-growth. Let your romantic and sensual side show, where appropriate. If you´re blessed to be in a settled groove- you´ve already got the family, the home, the career, the health, the ideal partner, etc., for example, let yourself groove to the rhythm you´ve created. Enjoy yourself! Remember to stay balanced though, as Gemini season can pull us out of alignment and make us feel restless, scattered, or ungrounded. You may also think you need to do more and stay constantly busy, however focused intention is the key to success now.



It's time to be the big-spirited, gregarious, and fun-loving friend and soulmate you were born to be, Sag! There are no super-sensitive vibrations holding you back, and you won't be persecuted for being your colourful and freedom loving self. Obviously, don´t fall into immaturity or back into younger versions of yourself- stay woke and mature. But remember that we all have strengths and unique talents, and yours include vision, philosophical outlooks on life, and the ability to bring joy and humour to others. If there´s someone you´ve had your eye on, a true soulmate or lover with “lifelong” potential, be brave and bold. Approach them with charm, confidence, and a balanced feminine and masculine energy… step into your inner Empress or Emperor. This is a great time for creativity too.



Which way to go, Capricorn…? This is an unusual month for you, as you may not actually be in control or in the know. You usually have every part of your life mastered, from your daily routine to your life in 10 years’ time. But now is the time to let loose a little, go with the flow, and lighten up. Play! Do something out of the box that allows you to transcend the restrictions or rules you've placed on yourself. Broadening your horizons will appeal to you more now than anything concrete or suppressive. Gemini season helps to show you that success doesn't just come from lists, organisation, order, structure, and accountability, but also from adaptability, spontaneity, charm, and social charisma. Be more colourful, creative, and carefree in your personal and professional life.



If you´ve become stuck in a rut, please make sure you align with your humanitarian and adventurous side. Do you really want to be 40, or 50, and stuck in some houses share with randoms who come and go, who you don´t share a deep or authentic connection with? Many people in this life get stuck in their cycles, perpetuating the same addictions, depressions, psychological and emotional issues, and spiritual and physical blocks… you have so much talent and inner altruism, Aquarius! Sign up to Workaway or another live-work-exchange program; the world is full of opportunities for free living, where you can help others. You know this is what your soul craves, so take the leap. Only you can be the change you wish to see in the world… If you're already in alignment and flow, continue being the amazing being that you are. Don't let anyone stop you.



It's all about colour, creativity, and magic through your third eye for you this month, Pisces. But this doesn't mean you won´t be feeling the pull towards love! In fact, this may be the most flirty and fun time of the year for you, and single Fish will be seriously considering partnering up. We have many soulmates in life, so make sure you attract someone on your wavelength who is good for you. You don't want to fall back into toxic or karmic love cycles…. Key themes for you include chakra healing, creativity, artistic expression, self-healing, community, spiritual self-development, and love, intimacy, and sexual play and expression. Music can give you the release you need in times of hardship or struggle.


General Astrology for June 2022:

1. New Moon in Gemini, May 30th: Creativity, innovation, original thinking, new beginnings, increased optimism and energy, educational & professional opportunities, self-expression, and advanced/evolved communication!

2. Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 14th: Vision, inspiration, higher ideals, spiritual illumination, philosophical beliefs and perspectives, tantric pathways to love, and individual freedoms and liberties.


Hint: When the Sun enters Cancer on the 21st, shift your attention to spiritual and emotional bonds, or how you can embody more spiritual insight and emotional intelligence in daily life.

Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio:

Intuition & Self-Mastery


16th May 2022


This is the second eclipse this year in the Taurus-Scorpio season of eclipses. A Full Moon represents a time of completion while a Lunar Eclipse brings hidden feelings, emotions, and inner desires to light...


Self-Mastery and Alignment

A Full Moon in Scorpio is a very emotional yet high vibration time. We´re all given a chance to raise our frequency and align with a spiritual, cosmic, and higher consciousness. If you weren't aware, Scorpio is the sign of the shaman and self-mastery, so now is the time to connect to intuitive and psychic gifts for your best possible future reality & timeline. Pay attention to the subtle signs around you; open your mind to the infinite possibilities and psychic and clairvoyant impressions. A Scorpio moon reminds us that there is more than a physical body, reality, and realm, and so there is an opening for soul growth and the nurturing of spiritual gifts.

There's nothing wrong with choosing talent, self, and spiritual development over anything superficial or material! Many Scorpios are natural healers, oddballs and lone wolves too. With Pluto as their planetary ruler, they´re able to cut through illusions and blocks to self-awareness, higher seeing, intuition, etc. Pretty effortlessly. Their energy is transformational and powerful. They embody a type of ´rebirth´energy, which includes the power to transform and uplift others and change their lives, for the better. The eclipse energy amplifies this.

Self-mastery can include anything from psychological, mental, emotional, physical, financial, material, astral, sexual, subtle, or spirtual growth and inner harmony. A sense of completion in the holistic well-being and health realms enables you to finish any cycles already begun, and take ones not yet completed to the next level. You can quite literally align with your best self and life now! Past cycles, karmic contracts, toxic love or communication patterns, unresolved health issues, and spiritual disharmony can all be re-aligned and revised. To be self-mastered is to know thyself; to live life consciously and with some connection, at least, to the higher chakras and energy centres. This includes your third eye chakra and your intuition.


Soulful Ambitions

Not only is Scorpio ambitious and resourceful, but they possess soul… Essentially, use the high vibes of this Full Moon eclipse to connect to your god (or goddess!) given talents. Divine abilities and things like potently powerful instincts, clairvoyance, telepathy, and empathy are all increased and more readily available to be integrated. Ambition meets depth and sensitivity. In “muggle” terms, the question you should be asking yourself is this, “does it connect me to my altruistic, compassionate, or humanitarian self?”And, “does it help to benefit another´s life in any way?” The opposite of this, of course, is living and acting from the ego. This is not a time for selfishness, self centeredness, or egotistical gestures of self-entitlement! (Aries, watch out!)

Speaking of Aries… Scorpio and Aries share the same planetary ruler- Mars. Mars is Aries ́current ruler yet is equally Scorpio´s ancient one, from an older cycle of time. Mars´influence here activates passion, ambition, resourcefulness, and “go-getter” attitude. You´re given a Green light to go ahead to take action, making progress on your goals, dreams, hopes for a bright future, and aspirations. One sign that Aries clashes with is Cancer, yet Cancer is actually a sister sign to Scorpio. The lesson here is to learn how to balance your need for action and dominance with a more passive and gentle approach. Despite being fixed in nature (a Fixed sign), Scorpio is very balanced with both a healthy embodiment of fire (Mars) and water (Pluto).


Sex, Intimacy, and Romance

Finally, be very, very mindful of your sexual energies and how you´re exerting your power. Scorpio is skilled in the art of sex and seduction, however they also have a tendency to use their sexual power to gain control or dominance over others. You need to be mindful of this shadow side or folly of Scorpio´s, as it will be affecting us all!

Take some time, like an afternoon or evening, to explore your past relationships and sexual connections. Do you feel like you´ve learned from them, or are you aware of yourself repeating the same unhealthy or toxic patterns? You hold immense personal power and self-awareness to make change now. Making a date with destiny through exploring your shadow & sexuality expands, amplifies, and energises your higher self, and your ability to interact with others- platonic and romantic- on the most clear and pristine of levels.

Also, this is the ideal time to consult one of your healing, therapist, counsellor, or spiritual friends, or an astrologer or tarot reader (psychic), if you have any. Metaphysical and subtle energies and the wisdom and knowledge that accompanies are strong. Now is not the time for ignorance, cynicism, or irrational fears and myths surrounding spirituality and people connected to the subtle, ethereal, and spiritual realms. Quite the opposite. Astrological compatibility or simply researching your and your partner´s natal/birth chart can assist you in discovering the missing pieces, parts of the puzzle that kept you in the dark and out of the light. The unconscious becomes conscious with astrology- it's like a form of “holistic psychology.”

Be fearless and confident when it comes to opening yourself up to esoteric and metaphysical energy and insights. It could be the last cord keeping you disconnected from your soul and true path…


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Scorpio:

Aries: “My power comes from connection and true feelings, not from the fake or superficial.”

Taurus: “Toxic shadow traits help to show me the way towards the light, and to vulnerable intimacy.”

Gemini: “I can´t help others if I'm denying my own shadow or talents! Holistic living is the ultimate expression of self.”

Cancer: “If I desire true love and authentic friendships, I must first work on healing myself.”

Leo: “Intimacy is an expression of the soul, not of the ego or my desire for dominance or control.”

Virgo: “Soulmates come in many forms, from animals to friends, family, and romantic partners. I don't limit my human experience.”

Libra: “Overthinking and rationality can be the catalyst to my downfall if I don't live with soul & depth.”

Scorpio: “Self-mastery is not limited to sexual expertise! I realise this to shine spiritually and sentimentally.”

Sagittarius: “A lack of empathy and sensitivity restricts my emotional and romantic experiences… I seek change, and this begins now.”

Capricorn: “I can be both sensual and ambitious in this life. Denying either creates blocks & imbalances.”

Aquarius: “What is to be will be… But I still gain self-control over my experiences and sensual impressions.”

Pisces: “Purity and unconditional love serve me well, but I must remember to engage in self-care and boundary setting too!”

New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Taurus:

Self-Worth & Sensuality


30th April 2022

Although in April, the next New Moon marks the beginning of the month of May- and it’s accompanied by a Solar Eclipse! This lights up the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses we spoke about in November last year. This New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs in Taurus, the sign of grounded responsibility, practicality, and wisdom. There are many themes coming to light now, so read on for some extraordinary insights.


Key qualities:-

● Firstly, remember that Eclipses bring a powerful spiritual vibration and transformative energy…

● Taurus is the master builder who knows how to turn physical resources and assets into things of beauty. Much creation, growth, and potential for positive change is available!

● As an earth sign, there is an innate feminine quality to this New Moon.

● You should know that there is a positive Venus placement at this time; Venus is conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, which means amazing things in the realm of love, romance, and forming lasting bonds and relationships- potentially forever. Deep love and soulmate bonds can be established and strengthened.

● Taurus’ glyph is the Bull, signifying that you can “take charge” of your goals and hopes, dreams, and aspirations for a bright and abundant future. Stay in control, however don’t fall into stubbornness or stagnation.


All Matters of Security & Self-Worth

This is a time of major transformation and personal growth, so wasting these energies would be a massive shame. A Taurus Solar Eclipse coupled with a New Moon (beginnings, fresh starts) brings the themes of self-worth, ownership, values, resources, finances, self-esteem, security, your openness or resistance to change, and your feelings about all of these things! How you feel and respond to your immediate and future environments is important. Your emotions and impressions mean something- they mean a lot, in fact; they can help determine the best course of action to take or what may be in alignment with your soul and true self. We all have a higher self, the “ultimate” or “best” version of ourselves. This Taurus moon provides a sparkling and catalytic energy to go after what you want, with determination, no apology, and self-confidence.

Mother Earth and your connection to her also comes into the picture. It’s not all about personal resources, financial property, and business or career and the money you make now (although these do feature strongly). Re-evaluate your bond to the Great Mother, the spirit of the earth and our planet as a whole. Do you engage in sporadic or cyclic activities that help to support local ecosystems, like the trees, wildlife, bees, or birds and native flowers? Now is an excellent time to get interested in this! When you give, you naturally receive. This New Moon teaches the cosmic lesson of our planet being abundant and fertile; people who live in harmony with her- earth is a feminine principle, don’t forget- are the ones who have realised the giving-receiving interplay of energy.

Giving back to nature and the earth that sustains you can amplify abundance, through the vibrations of gratitude and sincerity you project. Your thoughts ripples out into the world around… And, this enhances and sparks your own capacity for healthy & balanced material wealth, spiritual prosperity, and self-alignment. Working for Mother Earth and not against her is a win-win! On this note, considering shifting to a plant-based or healthy + balanced vegetarian diet can work wonders for your mind, body, & spirit. There’s a key message of “holistic health and well-being” here.


Emotional Mastery and Sensitivity

Although some people would like to say they are separate and not interconnected, your emotional health and self-mastery is closely linked to your ability to attract, manifest, and make money. Taurus knows this. Taurus is one of the most efficient, hard-working, practical, and responsible signs- they work hard and passionately to provide for self and others. They also have a gift for attracting resources and materials or tools that will help them shine and prosper, or at the very least provide for emotional satisfaction and lasting happiness. Do not make the mistake of thinking this New Moon has to be “this or that.”

Both emotional wisdom, intelligence, and sensitivity can be found and mastered, just as personal power and manifestation abilities can be harnessed. Once you begin to take accountability for your feelings, emotions, beliefs, and past actions, and become a more mature and evolved version of yourself; you will start to see that the two go hand in hand. Take some time for meditation or introspection- it can be one afternoon or evening only- and differentiate between what you truly value, for example what brings you real joy and lasting peace, and what has been imposed on you. Sometimes our feelings and beliefs aren’t even our own! They get passed down through the generations…

Generational wealth and separating tradition and obligation from personal sovereignty and autonomy is another major theme of this New Moon Solar Eclipse. Taurus is very stoic, conservative, and traditional- they believe in family values and respecting elders, teachers, parents, and grandparents. This is great, as long as it doesn’t get taken to extremes. Do you know what belongs to you and what doesn’t? Are you living life by your own times, in alignment with your own wants, needs, and desires?! Do you feel autonomous and self-worthy enough to follow your own path and dreams, without fear of what family or previous acquaintances will say, or if they’ll judge you? One ‘negative’ trait of Taurus’ that can be transformed into an alchemical shift in frequency is stubbornness. Use your willpower and head-strong inner quality to forge your own path. This is the only way you can escape the chains of karma and create a better world for others!


Get In Tune With Your Body

Finally, get in tune with your body. Dance, sing, make love, garden, forage in nature, and give yourself and loved ones sensual massages with essential oils and flower essences. Sensuality is amplified to the max, which can lead to powerfully increased self-esteem and personal empowerment. Your entire sense of security and self-identity is tied into how secure and comfortable you feel in your body. If you’ve been neglecting your diet, do make sure you make some healthy changes now. Research herbs for healing, ayurvedic remedies, and vegan/plant-based diets. Consider the impact of regular and conscious (mindful) fasts as part of a normal healthy lifestyle. Fasting can kick-start your system and cleanse, flush, and detox all the chemicals, metals, and preservatives that have been unconsciously consumed.

There is a tendency to indulge and seek pleasure, constantly, when the Moon is in Taurus, so make sure you listen to the messages of your body and pay attention to your intuition. A healthy body is a healthy mind and heart.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Taurus:

Aries: “I am a fierce provider and protector for those I love, and for the underdog!”

Taurus: “My sensual needs are just as important as my material and financial ones…”

Gemini: “When I am honest with myself and others, I am more trusted and respected.”

Cancer: “Emotional sensitivity must be balanced with level-headedness if I wish to progress in life.”

Leo: “Benevolent forces work through me so I can accomplish my soul mission.”

Virgo: “If I can visualise it and see it in my mind’s eye, I can achieve it! Hard-work always pays off.”

Libra: “My desire for world peace and social justice outweighs any hedonistic tendencies I may have…”

Scorpio: “I embody the wisdom of an elder or wise mentor so others can find their gifts.”

Sagittarius: “My love of freedom should never get in the way of finding true wealth & prosperity.”

Capricorn: “Easing up around others helps me to be seen as the powerful leader and provider that I am.”

Aquarius: “Psychic instincts amplify the more I get in tune with my body. Emotions serve my mind!”

Pisces: “Like the Fool who embarks on a new journey with a sense of innocence, I remain humble to continue on my golden path.”


There’s a shift in energy as the Sun enters practical, slow-moving and stoic Taurus. Taurus is the earthy and sensual Bull who is highly responsible, dependable, and creative. It’s quite a change from the ambitious and fast-paced Aries last month! This doesn’t mean you can’t make progress on your goals, however. Try not to rush ahead or cut any corners. Take your time, explore every angle with both intuition and analysis, and make sure something is totally right for you before committing. You will find impulsive energy won’t be tolerated much this month. If you commit or say you’re going to do something, you will have to follow through! People take their responsibilities and duties seriously now… and they expect the same from you.



Taking the scenic route will be on your mind a lot this month. You crave freedom, independence, and artistic and spiritual people who remind you of the power of spirit. Community is strong now. An old lover or soulmate might pop back into your life, or you could find yourself re-exploring old love interests and flights of fancy . You find yourself with a strong desire to commit and form lasting bonds and partnerships. You’re thinking about your future! This is a good thing, there’s nothing wrong with securing your foundation or putting steps in motion that make you realize how strong and empowered you are. Don’t neglect your career or work goals, but do spend sufficient time energising your love and personal life.



You may find yourself seeing multiple possibilities, considering many different paths, and soul-searching in ways you’ve overlooked in months past. Your altruistic and humanitarian side will even be highlighted, so you may find yourself wanting to sign up to some work-exchange program and volunteer with animals or on a farm, etc. Compassion is increased. You love the grounded and helpful nature of Taurus, and the universe equally gives back to you and blesses you when you tune into your creative, playful, and kind side. Be generous of spirit now. Seek out higher things- higher learning, higher platonic and romantic connections, deeper roots, and more truth, unity, and loving vibes. You’re feeling the harmony spirit and the desire for conscious connections and collaborations now.



This is a wonderful month for you sensitive one! You're coming out of your shell and you’re feeling pretty invincible. Everyone is able to meet you on your wavelength, which is a breath of fresh air for your empathic and nurturing spirit. You feel understood, seen, and heard, and this can make your finances increase and your self-esteem soar. You come alive when people show you sensitivity, sincerity, and emotional depth and openness. Imaginative and creative gifts are looking really positive too, while family and friends may even be coming to you for advice, wisdom, and intuitive insights! Your inner witch is being seen and appreciated, Cancer. Let your psychic and caring gifts shine…



What’s more empowering than helping others?! If you’ve been absorbed in your own world and only giving your time and energy to your regular routine, you will find your benevolent and service-oriented side wanting full expression. You’re able to look past your own needs and ego, and the needs and wants of children, spouses, and those who need care from you. Don’t let this humanitarian cycle go to waste… Even though major career moves might not be on your mind, any thing you do that will increase your inner light, i.e. your compassion and charitable self, could lead to big breakthroughs and financial abundance. You’re quite magnetic now! Yet you haven’t lost your innate electricity, enthusiasm, and excitement that usually gets you through.



As an earth sign, you’re really appreciating the grounded and practical nature of this month. If you want to charge ahead with your goals, don’t let anything stop you! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get ahead financially or boss through your commitments. Do be mindful of stress associated with workaholic tendencies. Your nervous system is weak enough as it is (typical virgo shadow trait!) without added stresses in a technically chilled month. Taurus may be responsible and duty focused, but they're also very chilled and easy-going. Music, art, meditation and nature can help you a lot this month. Balancing work, rest, and play is just as important as charging ahead and going for gold and accomplishment! If you need to release some tension, don’t forget the power of making love and sexual healing.



Fellow Venus ruled sign Taurus is the star of the month, meaning that when the Sun is in Taurus its qualities are amplified. A desire to mingle will overcome you and any introspective vibes will be replaced with a burning passion for intimacy. Intimacy doesn’t have to be seen as sexual or even romantic. It can be platonic! While you're considering ways to increase your income, expand your business, and amplify your soul talents, other people will be picking up on your gifts and special abilities. Whatever field you work in or are currently seeking expansion, know that efforts will not go to waste, so long as you stay true to yourself and don’t act from excessive self-interest. In other words, keep your ego in check.



There’s nothing wrong with a bit of flirting and positive reassurance. Compliments from a sincere and genuine space can go a long way. Put some positive intentions into action; act on your feelings, and take the first steps towards new love or a new career. Taurus is a Fixed sign too, just like you, therefore a desire for a commitment will be playing on your subconscious mind. Dreams may be telling you a lot, or you could get some pretty powerful hunches and instinctive feelings regarding someone or a connection. If you’re an artist or a musician you may find your love interests and passions inspire you to create some amazing art! Consider introducing an “out there” idea into your friendship circle or someone you're dating. Conscious revolution and passion projects favour strongly now.



There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of wanderlust and free-spiritedness, but do you take this too far? If you’re someone who goes from relationship to relationship, or love fling to love fling, now is the time to reevaluate your approach to life and love. You’re someone who needs companionship, and you’re quite companionable! Creative, independent, passionate, and philosophical people are the perfect matches for your spirited and idealistic nature. You don’t like routine, boring things, or a lack of vision and movement. So, if your current connections aren’t fulfilling your deeper soul needs, consider changing things up. Change can be gradual, it doesn’t have to be sudden or drastic. Taurus’ influence allows you to both commit, or embrace the idea of commitment, and access inner romantic yearnings. Go with it!



Sensuality and creativity are what sets your soul on fire this month. Until the 20th, really work on fine-tuning and upgrading your skills and services. It doesn’t matter what field or profession you work in, talent development and motions towards enhancing confidence and self-esteem will reap just rewards. It’s a fertile time! Always work in harmony with your strengths- don’t try to swim upstream if the current is too strong, or fight and resist what isn’t meant for you (or what is). Pay attention to subtle signs and cues the universe is attempting to give you, because dreams and spirituality are amplified now. If you find yourself in a position of real authority and strength, lead with passion, power, and purpose. Keep your ego and intentions in check and stay humble, or at the very least, modest and somewhat adaptable.



You might feel like taking pleasure to a new extreme, but it’s important that you stay balanced and grounded while you do. It’s perfectly ok to seek to transcend comfort zones, experience pleasure and ecstasy, and feel the buzz and excitement of all life’s sensual pleasures. It’s actually good for you! However Taurus is both pleasure-seeking and conservative, so balance is in divine order; they’re ruled by Venus, the planet of luxury and pleasure, which in a lower vibration can manifest as hedonism… The conservative influence allows them (and you, until the 20th) to stay modest and seek out harmony as opposed to falling into extremes. Keep in mind that ‘energy goes where awareness flows,’ so you can always redirect or channel excess passions and emotions into productivity, duties, and commitments.



Heavy sits the crown? I think not! You wear your crown like an ethereal bubble of glistening diamonds and shimmering gems… Your humility, grace, and sensitivity will all be amplified this month, and people who vibe on your frequency or wavelength will be finding you very, very, attractive. Subtly, integrity, and modesty win this May. Also, your gifts and talents are in major demand, which increases not only your prosperity but your self-esteem. Know that you are worthy, humble little fish! If you’re speaking, acting, teaching, or sharing this month, remember to do so with some charm and traditional humour. Know your roots, remember the teachings of your parents and mentors, and always add a dose of practical magic & wisdom to any spiritual, creative, or “otherworldly” efforts you provide. Stay grounded to truly shine.


General Astrology for May (Two powerful Eclipses!):

1. New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Taurus, April 30th: Almost making it into the month of May, the New Moon is coupled with a SOLAR ECLIPSE on April 30th. This brings powerful change, transformation on both an individual & collective scale, and new beginnings… Themes include security, material possession, values and goals, dreams and aspirations, self-worth and self-esteem, ownership, resources, personal finances, material/physical foundations, sensuality and comfort, earthy creativity, and grounded spirituality.

2. Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, May 16th: Key themes: cutting cord and closing karmic contracts for good! + rebirth, transformation, positive alchemy, self-mastery, intuition and psychic gifts, shamanic powers and contact, personal resources, and ambition.

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