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Cancer Full Moon

Full Moon in Cancer:

Extrasensory Perception & Heightened Emotional Intelligence


17th January 2022


If you’ve been following my blog, you will know that last month, December 2021, gave us a Full Moon in Cancer. Everything written here applies to this January’s Full Moon. Let’s expand on this. Two Full Moons consecutively in the same star sign mean that the universe & cosmos are giving us a big sign. This is where we should be turning our attention to at this time. Cancer is a deeply emotional, sensitive, artistic and caring water sign; they’re known for their motherly and nurturing qualities, and their profound instincts and imagination! You can use any feelings of solitude and needing privacy to connect to the spiritual and artistic worlds.


The main themes of this Cancer Full Moon:


Instincts verging on Psychic Powers...

This lunar cycle brings a magical and spiritual energy. The first Full Moon in Cancer was about making sense of our pasts, our need for family and a sense of belonging, and connecting to creative and imaginative gifts. All of this still applies, but now, in the first month of a new year, you are given a chance to take these to the next level. Extrasensory and psychic gifts will be highlighted; you’re starting to tune into the mysticism of the spiritual universe, supernatural gifts and divine abilities included!

Now is an excellent time to read the poetry of Rumi, or more modern day mystic poets like Grace Gabriella Puskas. Channel cosmic frequencies from the comfort of your sacred space, or your home, and see what astral visions and revelations want to come through. You may find that gifts from childhood come streaming back into consciousness.

As children, we are more sensitive to the world around us. Many children have psychic and spiritual gifts, many of us clairvoyant, clairaudient, or clairsentient (or all 3) in our youth. It’s when we grow older that the illusions and distortions of society begin to divide and separate us. This has a profound effect on our emotions and beliefs & mindsets too. Children possess an innocence, and they’re also connected to the subtle, mystical, and supernatural energies and forces of nature… Shamanic gifts are a core part of a young soul’s blueprint and vibratiory frequency- we are born with certain gifts intact.

Cancer is the sign of the natural healer, empath, and spiritual seer. An ability to know things instinctively and intuitively, free from rational or logical thought and free from self-sabotaging patterns of thinking, can lead to some of your best creations, and your greatest abundance! Tune into the subtle and subconscious realms where universal archetypes, profound imagination, psychic visions and senses, and information from the ether are rich. Career, health, finances, relationships, your love life, and long term aspirations can all get a boost and benefit from these Cancerian qualities.


Allow yourself Rest & Rejuvenation

As it’s the beginning of a whole new cycle, and because Cancer is sensitive and naturally introspective, of course, it’s essential that you start the year on a high and low note. This means, remaining positive and optimistic whilst being respectful of the need to go within and recharge your energies. Life isn’t all adventure and desire (two qualities of the fire signs, for example); it’s also rest, solitude and the wisdom that arises, and silent contemplation. Giving honour to your need for sacred space, solitude, and time for healing & rejuvenation can help you access certain gifts, either already integrated gifts that just need some extra t.l.c, or unexplored and forgotten ones.

Do you find yourself getting lost in the busyness of life? Perhaps you seek stimulation and external validation or pleasure more than your respect for the silent moments in your life?! Do you feel uncomfortable or even lost when disconnected from society, the social “norms” that teachers, peers, and older adults have imposed on you? Do you even recognize the difference between ‘conditioning’ and personal freedom and choice...? These are all things you can reflect on and heal, transcend and evolve through this January.


Time for a Deep Dive… So you can return to the Light!

Hopefully, as someone who has been following the moon cycles for a sufficient period of time now; you will already be quite “healed” and “whole.” In other words, you’ve previously been on a journey of shadow self integration, and overcoming childhood wounds & trauma that keep you stuck in a low vibration! If this is the case, you can take a deep dive to return to the light. The powerful subtle and introspective currents of Cancer should not go overlooked, but this doesn’t mean you should get stuck in darkness either. ‘Go within to go without’ (one of my favourite sayings) and then rise like a phoenix into the light…

Only spend brief moments going through old journals or engaged in activities that highlight subconscious forces and insights. We’ve not long had a New Moon in ambitious and level-healed Capricorn, so there is a lot of practical energy and motivational force there for you to work with. Stay alive and bright. The shadowy realms of the subconscious and watery depths of the sea serve a wonderful benefit, if you can channel the wisdom and insight received into your waking life reality. Be grounded and look towards the lingering energy of the Capricorn New Moon if you feel yourself slipping.


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Cancer

Aries: “I take my powerful self-leadership skills and infuse them with gentleness and empathy. True power comes from love, and love is not true love with ego.”

Taurus: “My subtle and receptive nature allows me to step into self-autonomy. It’s ok to be gentle and kind and a boss!”

Gemini: “Home serves as a constant reminder of the love and support in my life. I count my blessings and show gratitude to friends & family who always have my back.”

Cancer: “Instincts and desires expand in my life the more I connect to my subtle and intuitive gifts. Passion is good if I can stay in control of my emotions.”

Leo: “My past is not a hindrance, and I am not exempt from the laws of karma or ancestral pain. Any darkness once felt is fuel to my eternal light… I embrace change and lessons.”

Virgo: “My sensitivity and genuine caring for people helps me attract wonderful opportunities in my life. I may be modest, but my voice is legendary!”

Libra: “There can be no light without darkness and no shine without shadow. Living in self-denial or emotional repression serves no-one, least of all myself...”

Scorpio: “I accept that I may not know everything, nor is my way the only way. I am a leader and a boss but I know how to be gentle and adaptable.”

Sagittarius: “Senstiivty is not a weakness! Any distorted belief patterns are released from my life now: I can shine & succeed and loosen my need for control and dominance.”

Capricorn: “My professional success is a reflection of the love I receive from home. Family, friends, and loved ones are just as important as social status.”

Aquarius: “I may not have it all figured out, but what I do know serves as a force of inspiration in the world. My talents and soul gifts are motivational!”

Pisces: “Soulmates and friends help to show me key insights into my past. Even the hard or low times were blessings; I accept my destiny and integrate my inner Sun and my inner Moon...”

New Moon in Capricorn:

A Fresh Start


2nd January 2022


The first New Moon of 2022 is happening in the ambitious and grounded Capricorn, the only star sign ruled by Saturn. Saturn is known as Father Time, the Lord of Karma, and the tough-love teacher, so you can expect these themes to show up in your life. You’ll want to take note of the numerology of 2022 too, as numerology goes hand-in-hand with astrology. 2022 is a Universal Year 6, meaning the focus this year will be on home and family bonds, the divine feminine- or the female connections in your life, and nurturance and caring. 6 embodies a deeply feminine, motherly, and compassionate energy…

Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are the signs to look for in your birth chart. Which planets fall in these cardinal signs? Keys to growth and understanding can be found here.


Key qualities of Capricorn:-

● Organized, practical, goal-oriented and hard-working, Caps don’t mind hustling! They’re proud of their ability to work hard and be a worker bee of society. They’re jobs may be more traditional or alternative, however the one thing that stays constant is their belief in service. You would be wise to take a leaf or branch off of Capricorn’s tree this January. It’s all about professional and personal success, climbing the social ladder, and creating or attracting new opportunities.

● Saturn’s symbolism can be looked towards for insight and direction. As ‘Father Time,’ a symbol of Saturn is often a depiction of an edlerly wise looking man, with a white beard; dressed in a robe and carrying a scythe and hourglass, or other time-keeping device. Saturn is the most serious and strict planet and measures, takes command over, and oversees time. This is where the secondary name comes from: the Lord of Karma. Our karmas both personal and collective come under this planet’s influence. As the “tough-love teacher” or “cosmic teacher,” he (Saturn is a masculine planet) shows us what we need to heal and why. Wrongdoings, trauma & wounds, family and ancient/ancestral karma, individual actions and intents, and events that require healing and forgiveness come under his realm. Apply these to the first New Moon of the year being in ‘Saturn

ruled’ Capricorn, and you will see that there is significant space of healing and wholeness. It’s a complete fresh start!


Completion and Maturity

January 2nd 2022 adds up to number 9. 9 is the number of completion, coming full circle within and around; returning to Source and the self. This is an excellent way to begin the year. Vision boards, meditation, and dancing to release, or other routes to letting emotions, pain, and past wounds flow, are all powerful things to do. You can take any positive feelings of joy, freedom, and childlike innocence and embody the higher frequency of them. Capricorn may be a traditional and level-headed sign, but they’re still capable of raising their vibration. Self-mastery is on the table.

Think about your future, however. There’s little time to look back on the past or get stuck there. A Capricorn New Moon asks you to connect to your vision and climb the ladder of success. Achievements, accomplishments, and steps towards self-mastery are the way to find the happiness you seek. If you’re in a couple you may want to consider some shared venture or business project together. This will not only increase your monetary flow but it could also give you power couple status! Remember that as a Universal 6 Year 2022 is a year of teamwork and cooperation. Join forces with your lover and life partner if you have some shared skills, talents, or gifts that could blend beautifully well.


Aim for Amazement!

Make your own rules, set out your own path… There’s a universal green light telling you YES, yes to wowing and amazing others with your devotional strength and determination. Hiding in the shadows doesn’t suit a star, and are we not all stars…? We were born to shine; the cosmos didn’t magic us into creaton and this earth timeline for us to play meek or small. Like the butterfly who struggles in darkness at first, use your trials & tribulations to come out a more beautiful, vibrant, and empowered version of yourself.

Change and transformation are certainly a part of this month’s energy and message. Look up Spirit animals and their meaning & symbolism. Although Capricorn isn’t the most spiritual sign, the world is going through a major awakening and global shift in consciousness. Certain limiting belief patterns and self-sabotaging behaviours and mindsets in the form of a disconnection from spirit are being let go of. We’re stepping into a new era, and spiritual practices and memories that help to align us with a more holistic version of ourselves (we are mind, body & spirit) are becoming the norm. Hallelujah.

You can be grounded and away with the fairies (i.e. mystical!), logical and intuitive, level-headed and psychic, and practical and cosmic. In fact, a balance of these things are paramount to your continued growth and ability to amaze others with your uniqueness. Referring back to spirit animals, purchase a divinatory/tarot deck or see a shamanic medicine wheel practitioner who works with spirit animals. You could even put on a tribal/shamanic drumming track on YouTube and zone out, into another dimension, the ether, and time-space reality… Be open to receive subtle wisdom and clues from the astral planes, because Capricorn is a down-to-earth and ‘karmically-free’ oriented sign, after all. Sensual too.


Self-Care through Sensuality

Finally, take some time to nurture yourself through self-care. Working with the earth element through essential oils, planting new seeds, gardening, wild foraging, self-massage, and consuming more herbal medicines & remedies are ideal for a positive and productive mindset. Not only will they help with productivity on the work front, but they’ll also support your emotional and intimate relationships. Capricorn brings out the inner wild child when we’re not focusing on work and out service our communities; explore your sexuality and sensuality in the most majestic and self-accepting way possible. Then use this spark to stimulate other areas you wish to expand & grow in.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Capricorn

Aries: “I am a BOSS and I was born to succeed. The past is the past, and the future is mine.”

Taurus: “I am divinely inspired and wholly authentic. My wins define me and are relevant to my life.”

Gemini: “I commit to the best version of me. I understand that what works for me may not work for others, and vice versa. It’s totally fine!”

Cancer: “I am a powerful force of change and intuitive power. My gifts are unique because I am a creature of the sea...”

Leo: “I am my own lover, boss, and captain of the ship. Self-control leads to self-mastery, and this is where joy is born.”

Virgo: “My service is my strength, my soul is my silent guide… A combination of logic and instinct allow me to win this game called life.”

Libra: “Like the air that breezes around life-giving trees, I know that my mind needs space for creation. Meditation and silence are essential for harmony.”

Scorpio: “Divinity flows through the planet and I am no separate from the Great Mother. Connection & community are my birthrights!”

Sagittarius: “I am a boss and anyone who tells me otherwise is not aligned to my soul’s mission. I choose only loving & supportive partnerships in my life now.”

Capricorn: “My willpower and devotional commitment allows me to create an abundant life. I can achieve anything I put my mind & heart to.”

Aquarius: “Teamwork, cooperation, and the spirit of community give sense and meaning to my life. Solitude is only a path to connection...”

Pisces: “I am a God/dess incarnate here to help raise the planet’s vibration. My frequency allows others to win and find inner peace.”

January 2022 Horoscopes



The year begins with a New Moon in Capricorn on the 2nd, a 6 Universal Year (numerology). This brings the energy of care, nurturance, community and a feminine energy. You will be asked to slow down this month and get really clear on your long term plan. This is a very different vibe to 2021’s ‘5’ year, a year of adventure, a need for travel, and change. 2022 is more stable and structure loving, home and family oriented too, and this is amplified by the Sun being in Capricorn this January. Until the 19th, get serious, become grounded, focus on your ambitions, and immerse yourself in your career. Intentions for more income or better opportunities, like new clients, a promotion, and stepping into stardom or master/expert level, are where to give your attention to. Think big whilst taking practical action… Be wise too- seek to overcome any impulsiveness you may be used to.



You begin January and 2022 with a beautiful feeling of bliss, an emotional and spiritual energy birthed from devotion. Fellow earth sign Capricorn is highly harmonious with your true essence- this is having a really positive and powerful effect on your relationships, health, career, and feelings of self-worth. The more you connect emotionally, authentically, and empathically with others the more self-empowered you become; self-esteem increases and you feel aligned to your goals and path. Your soul mission is in full swing! Play to your strengths, don’t do what everyone else is doing if it doesn’t feel right for you. Channel that infamous stubbornness into determination and stead-fastedness, and remember that it’s to be emotional and sensitive. Your caring, generous and compassionate (yet strong-willed) personality will see you through the most ambiguous of times…



Use the energy of this Capricorn month to energize your foundations and career goals. If you try to focus on anything else, you may be in for a rude awakening! Love, intimate relationships, and even health may not go as you intend, so stick to your professional goals and social & public standing in the world. Money is looking great as you have ample opportunities to increase wealth flow and finances. You should know that January is a ‘7 Universal Month…’ This means that although the Universal Year (2022) is a number 6 in numerology, representing home, family, feminine energy, and care, the month adds up to number 7. Embody more light. Raise your vibration to one of sound spiritual and moral judgement- engage in more spiritual practices if it feels aligned. Generally, be conscious of the fact that number 7 relates to philosophy, spirituality, higher learning, wisdom, and esoteric knowledge. You can apply this to your career and chosen service.



Start the year on a high note, on a buzz with some excitement and bounce in your step. But, stay low until the 19th and only give your energy to the projects and relationships that serve your soul. Introspection is favoured, so work on your own career, passion projects, talents and services from the comfort of your home. Envision and dream the new you into being… It’s essential that you channel your new found zest for life into meaningful ventures- you don’t want to become a couch potato or spend any free time you have watching pointless stuff on Netflix or the t.v.! 2022 is a year of nurturing, community, and creativity; practical creativity that can lead to unity and togetherness. Seek out projects and community organizations local to you, or pre-plan something further afield with existing friendships and social ties. You can literally do anything you want to, now, as long as you stay determined, inspired, and attune to some aspect of “dream and destiny…” Escape the 3D.



Be prepared for passion, ambitious desires, new motivation and a burning instinctual need for community and connection, Leo. Capricorn’s energy is giving you a potent boost that is aligning you with your soul service. Projects and talents from youth or earlier years will come swimming back to the forefront of your consciousness; you could very well receive an email or phone call from a past client, business partner, or successful person who wants to help you go to the ‘next level.’ Don’t be shy! The chances are: you’ve already established something for yourself, you’ve just potentially been busy & distracted to see it through. Resourcefulness, ambition, hard-work, accomplishments and achievements are keywords of a Capricorn month, while the 2022 Universal ‘6’ energy is pushing you towards embracing more sensitive, empathic, and feminine aspects of yourself (regardless of your gender). Channel this into your career or vocation.



Welcome to a new year and a new you, Virgo! This is your time to make the important changes you’ve been putting off. With the support of a 6 Universal Year, you can achieve anything you want to… You’re feeling much more balanced and in tune with your true self than in last year’s ‘5’ year; 5 brough the frequency of change, travel, and adventure, but the chances are you didn’t have much of these, so it made you feel out of sorts and out of alignment. 2022 is a 6 year, meaning there is a strong emphasis on community, family and the home, and qualities such as caring, nurturance, and empathy. Your compassion is deep and advanced, although you can sometimes hide behind a cold and analytical exterior. Feel free to be as sensitive and loving as you want to be. It will lead to opportunities, new connections, and moments of bliss and abundance.



Don’t be fooled by the chilled out and down-to-earth vibes. There is a serene and easy-going energy to this first year of the month, thanks to Capricorn, but there is a lot of potential and behind the scenes work you can be doing! Career, professional aspirations, community, and your role in society take centre stage. This is an amazing month to get down and dirty with the details, each fundamental step that results in your larger vision’s manifestation. Let ideas flow. Look up innovative and creative ways to earn an income either online, as a side hustle, or even passively…. 2021 was a year of freedom and change, yet 2022 is more grounded with a nurturing and feminine energy. Extraordinary insights and artistic creations are born from feminine energy, and you can further tune into the frequency of empathy and compassion to see some of your grandest dreams realized. Let your love shine and your heart connect with others through sheer passion & joy.



There’s a magnetic charge surrounding you, and everyone is feeling it! You may be older and wiser than in youth, but a return to innocence and a sense of wonder is supercharging you with inspirational powers and forces. Connect to your inner child… remember the sensations and revelations that came in your late teens to early twenties; these were the years where your personal awakening was occuring, as the chakras symbolized from ages 14 to 21 are the sacral and solar plexus chakras. Key themes in sexuality, desires for intimacy and love, and the way you interact with others and the world could become integrated now, yet they vibrate on a higher frequency. You should be thinking about how you can step into the role of master, expert, or guide & teacher. Don’t suppress your gifts and natural abilities because the world is waiting for you! The angels are waiting for you too.



Dare to dream, Sag…? You’ve just had a birthday and experienced a potent New Moon & Solar Eclipse in your sign. It’s time to step into greatness and live your ultimate truth- forget the haters! You may not resonate with everyone, it’s true that you can rub empathic watery signs up the wrong way, through your lack of sensitivity, and appear overly zealous and frivolous to grounded earth signs. But there is a sage-like wisdom and inner philosopher in you that the world needs. Shine in your own unique way. While the Sun is in Capricorn, supercharge your vision, aspirations, and long-term game plan. If you’ve been neglecting financial flow and prosperity in the name of fun or freedom, look at ways to monetize your talents. If the other side of the coin is true, and you’ve been only focusing on business, consider letting more inspiration and creative freedom in. Strive for balance and the universe will reward you.



Happy birthday and welcome to a fabulous new year! It’s a 7 Universal Month (in a 6 Universal Year), and this means you should be focusing on your strengths and light side. Briefly go over any teachings & lessons relating to your shadow self, and then commit fully to a path of service and light. Introspection and contemplation are great if you can take those lessons embraced in the silence and then apply them to the real-world. Never underestimate the power of community, cooperation, and standing strong in your truth within the world at large. You weren’t born a Capricorn to sit on the sidelines and dream subtly and off the radar… Step into your power, personal authority, and courageousness and direct your true nature in inspiring ways. Look up the numerology of number 6 to dive deeper into self-discovery.



Masculine meets feminine now, and you can really start to understand the concept of “duality and oneness.” It’s your time to shine as it’s your age, Aquarius. You are the Water-Bearer, the star (seed) pouring magic and intent into the world to shape, create, and positively influence it. You’re a dreamer and a visionary for sure, although many people associate these qualities with Pisces, the sign just after you. Water is magnetizing, harmonizing, spiritual and intuitive, but you also possess the qualities of water in your glyph despite being born of air. Never forget the power you hold to transform emotion and the subtle impressions you pick up on into logic and higher reasoning. Work with the “yin and yang” symbol for inner harmony, meditate on Christ, Buddha and Krishna consciousness, and channel your inner strength into shared projects & ventures. This isn’t the time to lone wolf it or take a solitary path… planet earth needs you.



You’re a star! Do you know how powerfully you change the world just through your integrity, heart, and unconditional love alone? The answer is: in cosmic proportions. You’ve been through your tests, you’ve learned your lessons and healed your karma; you’ve even integrated your shadow self, which is quite hard for you dear one, as someone who previously found comfort and even inspiration in darkness & suffering… But the wholly self-sacrificial, people-pleasing, and semi-depressed you are no more! It’s time to take everything you’ve been silently dreaming into being and mastering behind the scenes into the spotlight. You know you’re humble and breathe grace and humility, so don’t be afraid or turbo charging your victories and talents. You’re pretty much the most egoless soul, and this means you’re allowed to step into self-authority and self-sovereignty. Show others how it’s done.


General astrology

● New Moon in Capricorn (2nd): Be serious and get down to work, however also think of your big vision and ideals. You can lay a strong foundation this month. Don’t forget that the energies of the Taurus Lunar Eclipse are still with you, and will continue to expand

and increase throughout the coming years. (You can read this article for more insight here. ~link Taurus Lunar Eclipse article.)

● Full Moon in Cancer (17th): This is the second Cancer Full Moon in a row, so a beautiful bridge between 2021 and 2022. 2022 is a 6 year in numerology, a time of family, emotional bonds, spiritual connections, caring and compassion. Feminine energy including artistic gifts and creativity are included in the main themes- and this Cancer moon hilights them! Explore your femminine, nurturing, sensitive and motherly-sisterly side. Practice self-love and self-care and then aim to reflect it out into the world. A lot of practical magic can be created with the right effort and intent…

Full Moon in Cancer:

Emotional Stability & Harmony in Relationships


19th December 2021


This month’s Full Moon falls in empathic and soft-hearted Cancer, quite a contrast to the fiery Sagittarius New Moon and Solar Eclipse earlier. Cancer may be gentle, passive, and self-sacrificing, but they have a mighty temper! Cancer is actually one of the most passive-aggressive, moody, and pessimistic star signs, so despite their wonderful qualities (and they do have some beautiful traits) you need to take note to ride the waves as smoothly as possible.


A Gemini Full Moon?


You may have ready other articles stating it’s a Full Moon in Gemini, and this wouldn’t be totally inaccurate. As the full moon is so close to Gemini, there's also a significant Gemini influence, which provides a strong cerebral and sociable energy into the mix. Adaptability is key to this lunar cycle, and you can apply an adaptable and flexible mindset to any ventures, projects, and relationships for success. Gemini is open-minded, philosophical and multi-talented, which also makes them able to see multiple perspectives. Although there is a chance of developing a mild case of “multiple personality syndrome” (sorry Twins!), you can make the most of heightened intellectual frequency through testing out your mental rapport and communication skills. Geminis pride themselves on their bright, sharp, witty, and agile minds.

Connect to your inner social butterfly and chameleon. Use the sensitive, emotional, and empathic vibration of Cancer as a foundation, as a base frequency… And then layer it with Gemini’s love of fun, play, and mental stimulation. Zest and vibrancy can be harmonized with depth and understanding at this time.


Key qualities of Cancer:-

● Cancer is ruled by the glyph of the Crab. This sweet and compassionate sign is both empathic and wise, and moody and solitude seeking. They are very private individuals and have supreme protective measures in place. Cancers are devoted, loyal to loved ones, self-sacrificial and creatively gifted. If a Cancer is not making the most of some imaginative, artistic or creative gift, it is a sure sign that they are on a downward spiral! Or not living life in alignment, honoring their truth and highest self, or simply making the most of their raw potential.

● Cancer is a nurturer and caregiver, a powerful support system for friends, family, and lovers. But they’re also hypersensitive, over-emotional, pessimistic (negative), clingy and prone to codependency. You should be aware of both of these extremes to make the most of this final Full Moon of the year… You can find true love within and around, and beautiful synergy and harmony in intimate relationships if you tap into the positive characteristics of this emotionally deep sign. Cancer’s influence is sensitive, artistic, nurturing, motherly, and emotionally caring, least to mention incredibly wise, intuitive, and imaginative with potent instincts.


Caring, Compassion, and Nurturance

Sensitive, compassionate, nurturing, and caring, a Cancer Full Moon is special enough as it is. But this moon leads into a new year, 2022. 2022 is a 6 Universal Year when looking at numerology (astrology’s sister!). This makes it incredibly powerful and significant… A 6 year in numerology represents the feminine archetype: the mother, lover, caregiver, sister, and nurturer. Cancer’s energy is actually reflected in number 6, so it is no wonder that many of us will be feeling the magic and potential of the Full Moon on the 19th.

Family will be a main theme over this lunar portal and leading into 2022, as will the caring and healing fields. Cancer is ruled by the fourth house, the astrological house of family, home, physical foundations, and roots. You’re being guided back to your roots. Spend more time with family members, blood family; your aunts and uncles, cousins, parents, siblings, grandparents and extended family where possible. If you can’t physically be with them, arrange more phone calls and webcam chats. Just make a conscious effort to reestablish family roots- you will find wonderful memories swimming to the forefront of your conscious mind when you do!

As Cancer rules the home & family, childhood memories of joy and innocence will flood your psyche. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer symbolizes the subconscious mind, so speaking to family can spark powerful instincts, wisdom, and insights into your truest joys in this lifetime. Our childhoods shape and create us. Of course, family ties also aid in feelings of belonging and security. If you’ve become too ungrounded or overly independent, or have set your own path in recent years, now is the ideal time to reconnect, reestablish, and realign with your past.

Even a glimpse of remembrance will keep you positive and optimistic about your future, and heal and release karma associated with family & childhood wounds and trauma. Focus on healing, clearing karma, and attuning to your adult self, your mature, balanced, and whole self. Wholeness here is mentioned in relation to the chakras and your kundalini, the awakening of life force and spiritual energy when all chakras are balanced and awakened.


Be Sensitive, But Grounded

Self-love is the fastest way to healing. Tuning into your sensitive, feminine, and empathic nature will help you connect to the higher vibration qualities of Cancer. A lack of empathy and compassion, mindfulness and self-awareness will instantly set you on a lower vibration, such as reacting from childhood wounds, unresolved trauma, or shadow personality traits! This is where chaos, confusion, and temper-tantrums come out…. And it’s not pretty. A Cancer on a warpath who craves only self-protection and the need to be right can cause actual chaos and destruction around them.

To connect to the ‘light’ aspects of this Cancer Full Moon, turn your attention towards the Moon. The Moon is symbolic of the subconscious realm, the Great Mother (as an archetype), instincts, intuition, and the inner world of feelings. Considerable sensitivity and empathy arise from this space, and it’s from here where the need to “be right” or “prove another wrong” disappears. It is from this space of complete honesty and vulnerability where we can become accountable for our actions, live up to self-responsibility, and embrace our darkness & follies. Someone who can’t do this is, unfortunately, destined for a lower timeline- a life course where they continuously project their unhealed wounds and destructive patterns of behavior on others. And this can affect all aspects of life, from love and family bonds, to career, finances, health, and holistic well-being.

Cancer is a really powerful sign, for this reason. Meditate on, contemplate, and reflect on the influence your subconscious mind has on you. Look back to insightful dreams, to lessons learned from failures and hardships (success and victories too!), and to any past experience that provided a valuable lesson. Honesty, transparency, vulnerability, and overcoming self-denial are key here.


Creativity and the Imagination

Cancer is the sign of “practical magic!” The creative energy here is very different to the type of creativity displayed by fire sign Sagittarius, and December’s New Moon. Cancer prefers to access artistic talents in a more subtle and even spiritual way- Sagittarius is an extroverted and fiery extrovert, however. This New Moon is all about connecting to your inner vision through the ideas and impressions you receive from the ether, astral and spiritual realms, and the subconscious planes which are a direct link to universal archetypes, and extraordinary revelations.

If you don’t consider yourself mystically attuned or psychic at all, think about what you’ve wanted to attempt but have never had the time or courage to. Practical skills, crafts, and creative fields like graphic design or website creation all come under imaginative Cancer’s realm. Have fun and let your inner child flow!


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon:

Aries: “I embrace my sensitivity for the ultimate version of me… By toning down my fiery impulsiveness, I connect with more people and on different levels.”

Taurus: “I am allowed to crave solitude if I desire. It’s in silence and introspection where I find my beautiful light for social connections later.”

Gemini: “Artistic gifts come naturally to me when I slow down and connect to my inner Source. Too much logic and reason can prevent soul talents and empathy from soaring…”

Cancer: “If it’s my will, it will happen. I embrace my magical powers of manifestation and co-creativity and surrender to my higher mind.”

Leo: “My imagination is a source of inspiration and connectivity… I use it in a practical way for the best effects.”

Virgo: “Letting light into my life is the same as accepting my shadow self; both must occur to find wholeness and happiness.”

Libra: “I learn to adapt ever so slightly to encompass a broader range of human emotions and experiences. My mind serves me well, yet my soul and heart ‘instinctively know’.”

Scorpio: “I seek to transcend duality by tuning into Oneness. Sensitivity, instincts, and compassion swerve as a fool-proof way to my highest self, and to abundance.”

Sagittarius: “I can’t change the past but I can create my future. In order to shine and succeed, I become more humble, graceful, and empathic in my words & actions.”

Capricorn: “Balance and harmony manifest when I tune into my sensitivity and empathic mind, heart, and soul. I am naturally caring and generous, and this is a source of strength.”

Aquarius: “Being assertive should not come at the expense of empathy or kindness. A gentle persona is sometimes needed to communicate and connect... I realize this now.”

Pisces: “My desire for a beautiful and harmonious world is a strength, yet I recognize the importance of self-care, boundaries, and saying ‘no’ to others. People-pleasing and self-sacrifice are detrimental to both myself and others.”

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Creativity, Self-Expression, and Brilliance


4th December 2021


Welcome to a magical month and new year to come! This New Moon is special as it’s happening with a Solar Eclipse. The Sun symbolizes our conscious mind, willpower, and sense of self, of individuality, while the Moon represents emotions, feelings, and the subconscious mind. If you consider the symbolism of a Solar Eclipse, the Moon blocking out the Sun, you can understand what is occurring deeper and take sufficient steps to make the most of the energies available. Solar Eclipses are intense, yet any change made should be slow and gradual. Time is on your hands.

Be sure to check your natal chart for greater self-discovery. Any planets that lie in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces (the mutable signs) are where you will be influenced the most!


Key qualities of Sagittarius and this New Moon:-

● “Reach for the stars…” Sag is ruled by the glyph of the Archer, the half man and half animal creature who points his arrow towards the heavens. Sagittarius is also ruled by the planet of philosophy, higher learning, truth-seeking and cultural connections, Jupiter. This combo is perfect for letting your inner Queen or King shine in all its glory; cultivate humility, modesty, grace and morals & ethics.

● Creativity, artistic talents, intuitive + imaginative thought… These are all where you’ll shine and find your calling, if you haven’t already. Existing talents and skills can be taken to the next level with a powerful boost from many celestial bodies (the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter…). Embrace the boldness and passion of Sagittarius and be more assertive and expressive if you’re lacking in confidence, zest, or excitement.


Ground yourself with Nature’s Energy

Grounding and connecting to nature are two of the best ways to be the greatest version of yourself now. Walk barefoot in nature, sit next to or on a tree during meditation or reading a book, or an old journal, and incorporate herbal healing and medicine into your life. Plants, herbs, and flowers in the form of essential oils, herbal remedies, and plant-based medicine are the best route to wholeness. Not only do they bring harmony and inner balance, wellness and good health, they also allow you to slow down and feel self-empowered, worthy, blessed, etc. Self-esteem and personal power increase through nature therapy and grounding exercises.

Research and explore crystal therapy, specifically the best gemstones for your star sign. Knowing which crystals to use in harmony with astrology can be catalytic. Raise your vibration… It’s really that simple! Clarity, peace, serenity, emotional calmness, intuition, and inspiration flows to you with “divinatory” and “esoteric/metaphysical” forms of self-care and knowledge acquisition. Wisdom is Sagittarius’ middle name! This sign loves exploring various philosophies, world views and ancient perspectives.

Spirituality and esotericism might give you the direction you need to help overcome the intensity of a Solar Eclipse, too. Self-care and self-love are important at this time. Drama and ego are also some of the middle names of Sag, although they’re often completely unaware of the havoc they’re causing. Being so ‘light’ (positive) and ‘upbeat’ (superficial) can be draining to feminine, instorspective, or passive and submissive signs. A lot of people make sacrifices which are unheard and seldom, if not ever, spoken of, to let Sag shine and take the spotlight. Regardless of whether you’re the fiery bold one who needs to be the centre of attention, or you’re the passive, gentle, and selfless one who doesn't mind submitting to fiery and extroverted characters; grounding is in divine order. Take care of yourself, your mind, emotions & inner world, body, and spirit…


Embrace New Opportunities & Be Creative!

Be creative and express yourself artistically. Not much needs to be said here, but the significance of creative self-expression shouldn’t be undermined. New opportunities will literally fall in front of you if you step into self-authority and be courageous, fearless, and totally open-minded to life’s possibilities. Motivation, a new lease of life, inspiration, a sense of mission, personal power and destiny, career expansion, legacy and Higher Self alignment, manifestation, luck attraction, adaptability and surrender to change are all important themes of this New Moon. A cosmic clean up may have you shifting for good as well, moving away from old cycles & outgrown patterns, and shifting towards better and ‘higher’ things.


Be careful of Intense Reactions

As the Sun is quite literally blocked by the Moon, you are prone to reacting from feelings and emotions at this time. Rational & logical thought may be replaced with pure and raw emotions; and unless you’re a naturally emotional and feeling-based person (like most water and earth signs) you may not know how to handle this disconnection from the logical mind. Intuition or intuitive thought processes can help to bridge the gap, assisting you in finding comfort and acceptance with the intensity of the Solar Eclipse aspect.

Work on identifying your feelings, slowing down, and connecting to your heart space. The heart is the centre, it’s the bridge between the higher and lower self (chakras included) and higher and primal consciousness. When you connect to your heart, you can see things in a balanced and harmonious way, and you can embody or integrate multiple perspectives. The heart chakra, or energy portal, is the link to multidimensionality; the realization of there being multiple planes, dimensions, worlds and realities, and that life is an illusion.

Journal, express yourself through music, art, or poetry, garden and clean the house with upbeat or soul soothing music. Taking time to connect to your body and the world you’ve created- your personal possessions and creature comforts- will assist in activating your senses. It will equally energize and awaken your higher mind and capacity for logical, intuitive, and imaginative thought- 3 qualities which interact to form a perfect unity of self (or should). Extrasensory gifts if insight & perception are also birthed from this space of surrender and sensuality…

Identify your feelings, your true feelings. Don’t make sudden or brash decisions. Meditate, ponder life’s mysteries, or make love if you need to; just be mindful of the creative power and potential associated with a Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse. You don’t want to resort to the shadow side of Sag and become an egotistical nightmare!


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Sagittarius

Aries: “Like a phoenix, I rise from the ashes of past desires and failures. I am in control of my ego, my lust, and my mistakes.”

Taurus: “Creative visualization allows me to create new friendships, connections, and opportunities. Blessings shower on me when I speak with self-assertion and humility combined.”

Gemini: “I tap into my imagination and intuitive higher mind for abundance and prosperity flow. I can dream my world into being…”

Cancer: “I let go of past versions of myself that played small and weak for others. Appeasement, people-pleasing, and extreme sacrifice no longer works for me.”

Leo: “I seek only the positive experiences and gifts now. Lessons allow for growth, but I recognize repeated lessons and hardships are pointless if I don’t integrate the wisdom & message.”

Virgo: “My strength and practicality are a source of power and inspiration. I embrace my modest and responsible nature for the best connections & opportunities in life.”

Libra: “Colours, sounds, nature, music and the imagination make my life a wonderful play! I let myself play and give my soul full freedom to shine.”

Scorpio: “I express myself in my own unique, mystical, and mysterious way to succeed. My instincts, intuition and imagination are some of my greatest strengths!”

Sagittarius: “I Am consciousness expands in my mind and entire being…. I am light, love, positivity, truth and wisdom, and I let these qualities flow in abundance.”

Capricorn: “I am worthy of love and friendship- a thriving personal life, and a successful profession. Letting myself experience the gifts of both play and hard-work allows beauty into my life.”

Aquarius: “I am a dreamer, I am a visionary, and I am a gifted speaker. I use the power of my mind, imagination, and voice to guide me to brighter horizons.”

Pisces: “Like a snake who picks up on subtle vibrations, I am completely at One with the world around. Peace enters gracefully when I live up to my creative and spiritual potential.”

December Horoscopes



Time for an adventure…? Restless and travel loving Sagittarius energy amplifies your need for passion and adventure, Aries. You’re feeling spontaneous and full of life, so if you can’t physically travel right now you would benefit from channeling your energy into passion projects & new or existing ventures. Be creative, innovative and bold. These traits come naturally to you anyway, but the Sag sun will assist you in taking your inventiveness and originality to new levels. A free-spirited vibe and desires associated can be balanced with a concrete path now; Sagittarius isn’t all ‘frivolity & naughty impulsiveness!’ On this note, you might want to practice tantra solo or with your soulmate, to help raise your strong libido inner fire to higher perspectives. Philosophy, spirituality, and justice and ethics can make your beliefs and convictions stronger while putting you on the right course.



You’re feeling less security loving and more freedom seeking that at any other time of the year. This suits you Taurus! Transcending your comfort zone is one of the best ways to increase monetary flow, luck attraction, and manifestation of new opportunities and relationships, so flow with it and surrender to the fiery energy. A spark of life and vitality is sometimes all that is needed to show you what limiting or outdated beliefs & perspectives you’ve been holding onto; self-sabotaging behaviors, or at least ones that limit you, can be overcome! Don’t worry about what other people are doing at this time. Yes, be community-driven and open emotionally and intellectually, however focus on your own life, talents, and interests. You’re still feeling the buzz and catalytic transformation of November’s Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon in your own sign… stay on this vibe to elevate your frequency.



Your emotions will be a bit up in the air, or here, there and everywhere! But, you’re full of passion and courage to speak your truth and follow your highest joy, so you can use this restlessness and confusion to great advantage. Be bold and let your inner beauty shine. Unlike in more introspective or yin months, December gives you a greenlight to be as fiery and communicative as you wish. Your high energy levels and genuine zest for life will pay off now, whilst gifts will flow to you through positivity and the ability to speak and act from the heart. Let it shine, Gemini, and tune into that inner chameleon and social butterfly of yours. Don’t reject or leave out more sensitive and empathic-emotional souls either; try to be mindful of the different viewpoints, realities, and worlds everyone creates...



The first half of the month may be tricky for you. You will be thinking a lot about money, work, and finances, and your security and home-life. There may be some unforeseen expenses or you might be spending more time at the office than you would like; life looks brighter towards the Christmas period. If you aren't already aware, Christmas is a time of Christ consciousness (not just pleasure and food!). Yes, you will find diamond moments with family members and friends, and you will feel comforted by the physical blessings in your life, yet don’t forget the power of your soul & spirit this December. If you have a creative or nomadic career, or if you’re self-employed or sitting on savings, this is an excellent cycle for self-expression. Let your passionate essence free…



Are you ready for romance and excitement, Leo? Despite the responsibilities you have at home, you are given a window of opportunity this month. Liberation, self-expression, and personal freedom will be on your mind, and anything that limits you or seeks to suppress you may be met with a bit of rage! Egotistical reactions are stronger at this time of the year, yet so are harmonious intimate exchanges and joyous communication. Overall this is a very positive month. Inspirational and even religious or spiritual activities can connect you to your soul, and it’s from this space where long-lasting happiness and abundance manifest. Don’t be shy, don’t hold back, and don’t sacrifice too much of your fiery Leo spirit. It’s time to be a Lion, in all of your glory and majesty! Play fair and remember the power of Christmas spirit and unity, however.



Try to escape your normal routine and transcend comfort zones, Virgo. Look to your fiery and upbeat friends, the ones who are always positive and light even if somewhat superficial. You’re naturally introverted and receptive as opposed to extroverted and electric or masculine, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun or shouldn’t express yourself. Even if your voice shakes, you feel a bit of anxiety coming on, or notice that you’re a bit “different,” continue to speak. People are less judgemental than your social anxiety assumes! Much support is around you, so find joy and excitement in the relationships and social circles that are already tried & tested. This is a great time for money and prosperity, too… word hard, stay committed to your own path, and then reap the rewards of being a kind-hearted and responsible human.



Life is a multi-dimensional experience, and you will see this this month more so than any other. Your harmony and peace loving nature is helping you to navigate the multiple realities and personalities in your life now, and further bring balance and cooperation to confusing or ambiguous situations. You’re a bit of a master-unifier, Libra! You have a gift, so use it; let others see just how powerful your compromisable and teamwork-pro attitude is. Then, bring it back to joy and positivity…. Gratitude will flow to you and from you once you fully accept your gifts and unique way of seeing the world. You're not perfect, you can be a bit too logical and overly friendly for some of the emotional and watery people, if you weren’t already aware. But even these introverted and feminine souls can respect your sincere desire for unity and harmony. Feel free to be your true self.



Intimate relationships get a dose of freedom and inspiration. You’re craving kindred spirit connections and to be surrounded by joyful and creative individuals. Your personal story is unique, you’ve been on a long journey of tests & trials, tribulations and hardships, challenges and successes. Hopefully you’ve learned all your lessons because the universe wants to reward you, bless you, and shower you with gifts! 2022 is looking to be an incredible year for you, so you may as well start now. Escape your bubble and solitude and embrace your sociability. You’ve got the wow factor for sure, your magnetism and dreaminess combined with such a powerful intuition and imagination makes you irresistible, to both genders. Whether platonic or romantic, the bonds in your life are here to show you just how special you are. Let your talents and soul gifts soar!



You need to be free to shine in your fiery and unique way this month, Sag. Anything less than being true to you will lead to you potentially lashing out at your biggest fans and greatest supporters, or devolving to the lower aspect of you: your arrogant and blunt self! People love and even admire your philosophical, seer-like, and confident personality, but the same can’t be said for the self-righteous ‘know-it-all’ aspect of you that sometimes shows it’s ugly face. In saying this, December is extremely positive and rich in opportunities. You will find magic and synchronicity all around if you can stay attuned to your inner light and higher mind. Creative ventures & projects soar and thrive under the Sagittarius sun, and people who want to help take your career and calling to the next level may flow effortlessly. Be humble and graceful yet don’t water yourself down for anyone.



While some people are wanting to pack a suitcase and travel the world, you’re wanting to cosy up with your favourite people and warm clothes. Creature comforts, good food, pleasures, and luxuries are on your mind from the middle of the month. This is perfectly ok, so tell yourself that you're allowed to let go and enjoy the blessings you’ve created around you (and receive gifts from others!). Your key to happiness and inner peace that will reflect into the new year is to accept, surrender, and rest. Rest up! If you’ve got free time on your hands, consider exploring new horizons in the form of work-from-home, or anywhere in the world, opportunities. Nomadic and freelance jobs, passive income online, and creativity all favour strongly for you now. Be open to receive and stay adaptable, open-minded, and appreciative; Jupiter is showering you with opportunities...



This is a surprisingly resourceful month for you considering the high spirits and need for spontaneity. Channel any desires you have for travel and adventure into your career and wealth manifestation. If you can travel, line up some contracts and projects to keep you in flow. Nomads, self-employed people, and freelancers are favoured under this cycle. If choosing or forced to stay at home, create, channel, and tune into the cosmic energies! Artistic and creative gifts flourish while intellect and philosophy are given an upgrade. You're feeling self-autonomous, independent, and free, and these three qualities are direct routes to success and satisfaction. Balance any introverted or lone wolf tendencies with social play and interaction; you’ll be overjoyed with how much inspiration there is in the world if you stay open and positive. Don’t be a bore.



You’re at risk of giving into depression if you don’t get out of your creative or spiritual bubble. Your soul wants to wonder, travel, connect with others, and be free to explore. You should listen to this inner pull. Consider going on a retreat or even spending a few weeks in a hostel; break out of your comfort zone, and spread those angel wings! Golden opportunities are waiting for you on distant horizons… regardless of the climate or geographical location, you can find extraordinary connections and opportunities, which have your name written all over them. Destiny is here, so are you ready to take the leap? This isn’t saying you should pack all of your worldly possessions up and put everything into storage, or sell everything and become a full time nomad. I am simply saying there is so much more for you- you are not like most humans, Pisces.


General astrology

● It’s Sagittarius season combined with a New Moon in Sag on the 4th. You’re still feeling the energy of the Lunar Eclipse just gone, so now is the time to work on balancing your foundations and long-term vision with a need for travel! Be more adventurous, spontaneous, and optimistic, but don’t surrender all you've accomplished & achieved for impulsion and frivolity.

● There’s also a Solar Eclipse couple with the New Moon, which represents powerful fresh starts and personal transformation. Connect to your higher self and visionary mindset- flirt with the idea of being a global change-maker, inspiring wayshower, and completely

independent and self-sovereign starseed… If it’s part of your destiny and unique blueprint, find ways to implement this ‘higher vision’ version of yourself.

● 2022 is a 6 year in Numerology, therefore do some research on this means for you. You can work out your personal year number by adding your Life Path (all the numbers from your birthday) to number 6.

For example, if your life path is number 11 (a master number; all other numbers except 11, 22 and 33 reduce down to a single digit), 2022 will give you a personal year 8 (11+6 = 17… 1+7 = 8).

New Moon in Scorpio:

Emotional Connection & Soul Vibes!


4th November 2021


November’s New Moon is occurring in intuitive and intense Scorpio, the sign of mystery and sex appeal. Scorpio is ruled by the smallest planet in our solar system, the one who is furthest away too; which represents the energy of this lunar cycle. You will be feeling very “spacey”- whether this affects you positively or negatively will depend on how well you’re able to channel the depths of spiritual Scorpio. Pluto symbolizes rebirth, transformation, and alchemy- this planet has powers to penetrate your soul… It’s true that Scorpio can often look you in the eyes and change your world!

Be aware of any planets you have in the Fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. In addition to the information and wisdom shared below, this will give you deeper meaning & insight regarding the themes showing up for you individually.


Key qualities of Scorpio: things to know:-

● Scorpio is mysterious, emotional, intense and spiritual. Passion flows through their veins just like water flows through a river- it’s part of their core nature. As a water sign, scorpio has the power to penetrate deep into your soul and raise (or lower!) your vibration through their emotional self-mastery. Oh yes, these creatures are sensitive, but they are also self-mastered meaning that they seek self-control in most to all areas of life. A New Moon in Scorpio helps us to gain clarity and control over our emotions, feelings, and internal sensations, and then direct (channel) them in a way that is healthy & harmonious. More on this later.

● As one of the most imaginative, artistic, intuitive and instinctive signs, the Scorpio influence is a push towards a more vibrant and multi-talented you. This is the perfect time to develop your skills, gifts, and abilities, in any and all fields. Being both a musician and artist and a shaman and healer (naturally, aka the ‘natural Scorpio vibration’), you can excel in any of the following fields: caregiving, counselling, therapy, music, performance, art, spoken word, entertainment, nursing, healthcare, spiritual healing, coaching, astrology, teaching, learning, and esoteric fields and professions.

● Your desire to be of service will be amplified. Empathy, altruism and compassion are three key qualities being expanded over this new moon. But, it’s not the selfless vibe of- say, super-selfless Pisces; you will still feel ambitious and self-inclined. This means you want to serve yourself as well as others, and this includes your bank account, health, and personal glow.


Seek Emotional Mastery & Wisdom

It’s all about emotions this month and New Moon, my fellow sister or brother. OK, I chose these words for a reason… Scorpio reminds us that we’re all family, all extended family members; roots run deep and are not limited to our blood family. Soulmates, kindred spirit, and strangers that bring a feeling of synchronicity, or deja vu, can help you to find the magic in this weird game of life.

There’s an emotional (and spiritual) cord connecting us all. People spiritually-open call this interconnectedness, or the reality of oneness. You should learn to be more pragmatic and evolution-focused at this time, seeing everyone as another “you;” a reflection of you, or a mirror, in another body. We’re all brothers and sisters and we all rely on the same earth, air, water and fire for our continued survival. This New Moon is lovingly guiding you back to source, back to God, and back to the centre of your being. Spirituality, mysticism, and y/our ancient roots are themes to meditate on.

Pay attention to the instinctive feelings and subtle impressions you receive leading up to and after the New Moon. Be more attuned- tuned in- to the etheric and astral cords, the invisible and less seen realms and dimensions, as this is where you will find the answers you seek. Wisdom, self-awareness, and intuitive knowing (gut feelings!) will flow effortlessly from this space. Be aware of the emotional undertone to your relationships, exchanges and communications…. There is more to life than intellect and logic or reason.

Expanding on from this point, you can really use this spiritual/emotional vibe to your advantage by channeling it. This is also known as conscious direction, or intention. Meditate under the moon or in the sun’s rays, or simply create a comfortable space at home. Go within, detach from the dramas and stories of waking life, and embrace a subtle introspective reality. From this space, you will find that your golden compass is your heart, mind, and soul…


Stay Focused, Ambitious, and Career Driven

You can have it all! You can have a beautiful relationship, a successful career, and a thriving social life. The balance between emotional and spiritual being and hard-work, ambition, and drive is assisting you in finding this balance, and keeping it. Scorpio’s ancient ruler is Mars, so there is an organic vibration of competition and a desire to succeed. Tap into this resourceful sign’s resilience...

You can look backwards (or come full circle if you’re thinking nonlinearly) at your past, to discover the gems in your failures. Hardships, struggles, and even trauma can be a gateway to growth and higher learning now. Try not to succumb to self-denial or manipulating others, such a heightened emotional energy can make you want to manipulate others and reality itself. But, this will lead to your devolution, distorting higher truth and progress you’ve made even more.

For the best results, get out your vision board or ring up an old client or contact. You can revisit the past and see beyond the veil of illusion, to see what connections or opportunities you may have overlooked or neglected due to busyness and distractions. Abundance, a new venture, manifestation, and connections that serve your highest self are all in store when you listen to that inner voice.


Transcend Jealousy, Possessiveness, and Codependency

Known for intensity and deep yearning desires for intimacy, Scorpio energy sparks a pull towards healing and transcending jealousy. In fact, many aspects of ‘toxic’ or ‘karmic’ relationships can be healed and released, including (but not limited to) possessiveness, codependency, and feelings of resentment, envy, jealousy and a lack of trust. A New Moon is symbolic of new beginnings, a fresh new cycle, whilst Scorpio craves intimacy and soul-merging. Put the two together and you might see yourself on a path of self-discovery!

Work with the spiritually evolved frequencies in store. Journal, take time out to rest and soul-search, or go on a spiritual or holistic retreat, either self-created at home or one organized by professionals. Silence provides space for sound, self-realization, and enlightenment; positive self-talk and thoughts and feelings that reflect a trusting, loving, and pure you.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Scorpio:

Aries: “I embrace my feminine side for a balanced life… My ambition gets a healthy dose of magic through subtlety and spirituality.”

Taurus: “Emotional intensity, anxiety, and tension are a key to my soul’s best interests. Passion is beautiful when channeled correctly!”

Gemini: “My home serves as a reminder for all I have created and achieved. Instead of being emotionally aloof or detached, I commit to integration and inner balance.”

Cancer: “My imagination soars and my instincts thrive! Listening to the subtle cues and signs of the universe help to steer me onto the best paths possible.”

Leo: “Only love and empathy can get me through the trying times... Life isn’t perfect, yet claiming sovereignty over my emotions allows me to stay blissful.”

Virgo: “My pain and sadness are a tool for spiritual growth. Healing is easy, effortless, even, when I embrace my shadow and my darkness.”

Libra: “Harmony in my life comes about through emotional honesty and vulnerability. I use my advanced communication skills to speak freely and share my emotions.”

Scorpio: “Rebirth occurs naturally when I act and speak with courage. I realize old cycles and chapters no longer serve me, so I make space for the new.”

Sagittarius: “My vision amplifies with focus, hard-work, and dedication to my path. Imaginative and intuitive gifts can help expand my talents and passion!

Capricorn: “I find comfort in the sensual and subtle energies available, as I realize life is a combo of yin and yang. It’s ok to feel introspective and spiritually connected....”

Aquarius: “My higher mind opens up to infinite potential just like a cup awaiting water. I am open, receptive, self-loving and in tune with cosmic energies!”

Pisces: “I speak and act with integrity to overcome illusion. The world is full of fear, chaos, and confusion but this doesn’t mean I have to devolve or live in fear & suffering…. I shine when I live with soul.”


Blessings, Cecelia

Full Moon (LUNAR ECLIPSE) in Taurus:

Amazing Realizations and Long-Lasting Joy


+ Lunar Eclipse!

19th November 2021


Finishing off 2021 is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the earthy grounded sign of Taurus. This happens just before the final month of the year, a Sagittarius month that asks us to shoot for the stars…. The Taurus Full Moon helps you to lay the final foundations for the year to come; to ground everything learned, accomplished, and realized (spiritual/energetic or otherwise) from 2021, and lay some stabilizing roots. Think of your future! Prepare, centre, align, and accept. Full Moons symbolize completions while Lunar Eclipse signify a time of change and soul alignment.

The Sun is in esoterically-inclined, intuitive and psychic, artistically gifted and soulful Scorpio, so these themes will need to be integrated and balanced with the Taurus moon.


Key thing to note:-

Firstly, you should know that this is the first Eclipse occurring on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. There are 6 more Eclipses happening over the coming years, so you may want to take note of the dates now.

● April 2022: Solar Eclipse in Taurus

● May 2022: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

● October 2022: Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

● November 2022: Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

● May 2023: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

● October 2023: Lunar Eclipse in Taurus


This is a powerful portal and November 19th 2021 marks the start of a very significant cycle...


Future Thinking: Vision and Alignment!

A prompt, nudge, and push to make improvements in your life... All areas of life will be undergoing a MAJOR makeover. Self-development, health and well-being, finances and wealth, spirituality and self-care, love and ideal relationships, self-expression and communication- your entire will will be energized and guided in the right direction. Don’t be fearful of change. Discomfort and tension is a sign that you are healing; one massive misconception is that an illness is a negative or harmful thing. In reality, it is your body cleansing and clearing the symptoms.

For example, you have a cold and a cough…. It’s your body releasing the bad stuff that’s keeping you sick. Or you have a stomach ache: it’s your body helping you heal and get better. This is why I live by the philosophy of thanking any pain, discomfort, or dis-ease the moment it arises. This way, my body and mind are given a chance to heal and get better, surrounded by loving vibes and positive energy (instead of perpetuating the sickness by contributing ‘low vibrational' thoughts & feelings!).

This is similar to visualization or mindfulness, however it is more directly changing and altering your system. You can take charge of your health and well-being (and all the other areas outlined above) by picturing the utmost, highest, and best vision of yourself, and then taking steps to secure its manifestation. Manifestation, the law of attraction, visualization techniques, self-therapy and healing are all on the horizon for you; embrace change, let go of fear or self-doubt, and practice self-alignment and boundaries.

Work on your vision. Career, long-term goals, dreams and aspirations, and the things that will contribute to a healthy and happy life, with longevity, are all key themes.


Love & Beauty

You will be redefining your views and beliefs on love and beauty. Not only will you be making important changes in mindset, behavior, and the choices you make, but these will have lasting effects! You won’t want to ‘devolve’ or ‘digress’ ever again after this powerful Lunar Eclipse, and despite the potential for a longer learning period (this eclipse portal is lasting until 2023) you will be wholly committed to the new you. Returning to toxic or lower relationship behaviors and attitudes isn’t an option.

This Full Moon represents the ideologies and life experiences you’ve learned and integrated along your journey. Physical foundations and the roots & structures you’ve created play a major role, and regardless of your age the next 2 years will be all about the final steps you need to establish and create; and the final nuisances, imbalances, and unhealed parts of you that need smoothing over and releasing. The significance of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse cannot go overlooked.

Venus plays a major role in this November’s Full Moon. Venus, Taurus’ ruler, is the planet of love, beauty, and female sexuality. No matter your gender, you will be feeling more in tune with

your femininity- and if you’re a woman or female-inclined this influence will have you positively swimming in sensual energy and romantic vibrations! Nurturance, warmth, caring, compassion, motherly love, self-love, and a strong desire for romance & intimacy are all highlighted. Pleasing aesthetic environments are becoming a necessity in your life now, beauty and a warming nurturing energy are no longer a luxury. WE all have an inner yin and feminine essence and this philosophy will become fundamental to your understanding of both yourself, and the relationships that ground you.


Childhood Vulnerabilities?

If you're someone who has neglected a healing or spiritual journey, a path involving some form of self-mastery, shadow healing, or working on your childhood wounds and trauma; this may be a shocking time. You could find yourself surprised at how many unseen insecurities, fears, or illusions you have and have been holding on to. Childhood trauma affects us all, and ancestral and family karmas are often kept hidden in the invisible realm. It’s only when we embrace and open ourselves up to the ethereal, subtle, and spiritual energy that we realize there is a whole other world and reality awaiting us.

Meditate, get out old journals, and do what you used to do in youth and childhood. Sit on the grass, take a stroll in nature… return to ‘divine simplicity’ to refind and recentre yourself. Talking to a stranger can fill your heart with joy and remind you of your greatest passions in life, also sparking memories from the past. Taurus symbolizes tradition, roots, and family in addition to sensuality and pleasure. A stroll down memory lane could be just what your higher self ordered.


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Taurus:

Aries: “I hold my vision steady and make sure all practical alignments are in place.”

Taurus: “Beauty fills my life when I stand strong like a mighty tree. My roots ground me!”

Gemini: “I can access my earthly power to amplify my intellect, ideas, and senses.”

Cancer: “Tranquility comes through determination and practical magic, a balance between humility and self-love.”

Leo: “I find joy and success in the simplest of things; modesty is my mantra.”

Virgo: “My power comes from my emotional intelligence and ability to see the balance & compromise in any situation.”

Libra: “My positive outlook allows me to overcome any obstacles. My physical foundation is strong!”

Scorpio: “I am a force to be reckoned with when I stand strong in my truth and live by my own rules.”

Sagittarius: “I can still be a free-spirit and create strong roots. Security, practicality, and real-world duties are my compass to happiness.”

Capricorn: “Peace, prosperity, and personal power are qualities to live by. With these I attract the best opportunities into my life…”

Aquarius: “I realize that it’s ok to surrender and feel at peace; emotions should be balanced with intellect & logic.”

Pisces: “I am a beacon of hope and inspiration to the world! I lead by example, showing others that sensitivity and selflessness are rare diamonds to possess.”


Many Blessings, Cecelia



Aries, you will need to be very mindful this month. When the sun is in Scorpio your emotions will be intense, very intense! You share the same ruler (Mars is Scorpio’s ancient ruler) and this means there is a double dose of fiery warrior energy. You pick up on this more than other signs this month. Be conscious, deliberate and intentional with your words, and make sure you’ve mastered the art or responding instead of reacting. If you’re not careful, your feelings and internal currents could come exploding through like a hurricane or destructive bolt of lightning. Channel your immense inner fire into creativity, personal projects, and your finances. Some of Scorpio’s key strengths include resourcefulness and an acute business mind; combined with powerful intuition and killer instincts, a path of success and gold can be yours. Practice greater compassion for ultimate success.




You’re loving the intensity of the Scorpio sun. As a fellow Fixed sign, this month provides for a stable and grounding energy that is making you feel secure. This helps you to achieve your goals, focus, and get down to business. Personal and shared resources, finances, savings, long-term prospects, and partnerships will be the main themes of the month for you, so make sure you spend time energizing these. Another key theme is the significance you will be putting on empathy, emotional connections, and artistic and imaginative talents! As an empathic and emotional water sign, Scorpio’s vibrations allow you to shift, grow, and evolve into higher vibrational aspects of yourself. You can really master your emotions in addition to communication style and intimate relationships this November. Be fearless to attain success.,. Scorpio is a warrior with immense inner strength- tap into this.




You will be feeling nostalgic and sentimental, if not a touch moody too, as the sun journeys through watery and psychic Scorpio. Check in with your moods and feelings, allow whatever needs to come up to do so. You may be more introspective, introverted, and reflective than usual, or you may find home and family life are taking up all your time. If you have children, this is the perfect time to start listening and initiate a process of deep healing on the homefront. Communication and understanding can be mastered! Develop the gifts of empathy, emotional sensitivity, compassion and tolerance… seek to overcome any impulsive or impatient tendencies this month as well. You can use Scorpio’s mastered artistic, imaginative, and creative sensitivities to connect to your own source of inspiration. Talents and previously repressed gifts can be explored and fine-tuned.




You feel at home in a fellow water sign month, so make the most of the easy-going and adaptable energies. This is the perfect month to take your skills and talents to the next level; creative, musical, artistic and imaginative gifts will thrive, and so will healing gifts. There’s many things you can do to feel satisfaction and fulfillment in your life. Reach out to old friends and family members- offer them your sound counsel and support. Seek to connect with new members of your tribe or community, new connections that have arisen over recent months or years but have yet to form a deeper connection with. Further, abundance and prosperity flows to you effortlessly, in addition to creating beautiful opportunities in the future, when you step into your true power; embody the role of healer and caregiver. Nurture and protect yourself. By creating a sacred space at home you will find all other areas of life flourish!




You will be busy yet content all month, Leo. There is a burning passion that is allowing you to access your full potential, best talents, and soulful gifts; whilst increasing powers of manifestation for abundance. Children, friends, family, loved ones and lovers will be taking up a lot of your time, but you will appreciate the sense of self-worth and validation they provide. There’s a lot of water and earth energy present this month… Use this to connect to intuitive, instinctive, psychic and creative/artistic gifts (Water) and ground yourself (Earth). The Full Moon opens a portal to deeper instincts and your need for security and intimacy. Keep a check on your finances too as there’s a tendency to overspend, which is birthed from your supreme generosity. Connect to, pamper, and show your love for friends & family through non-material means, such as through your emotional intelligence, kindness, and spiritual and psychological support.




The first half of the month will be creatively charged. You’re feeling inspired to start a new hobby, pick up an instrument you forgot about (or use your voice more), or fine-tune skills and talents you’ve put on the back burner. This is not the time to be overly practical or focused on domestic affairs. Your spirit wants to shine and your gifts want freedom to be expressed. When the Lunar Eclipse comes (19th) you will find much more intensity and equal grounding surrounding your desires from security, stability, and strong physical foundations. The influence from fellow earth sign Taurus aligns you with your practical-minded responsible self; find ways to be of service, or simply go over your duties and commitments to make sure everything is in order. If you’re a teacher, speaker, coach, therapist, nurse or healthcare worker (or in any similar field) you will find your services are being appreciated and taken seriously. Find ways to increase your income without sacrificing your soul!




There is a dreamy and introspective vibe that is making you feel warm, appreciated, and fuzzy inside. But this doesn’t mean you’ll be in low spirits or anything short of your social & chatty self! Make the most of the ambitious and passionate energy of Scorpio, because you can use this to your advantage in love, business, and matters of both the heart and bank. Intensity of emotions may pop up; depending on how balanced you are and how much healing work you’ve engaged in, this can either be a month of glamour and gold, or a time of frustration. Shared resources may empower you whilst limiting you simultaneously, however don’t be afraid to assert yourself and prioritize your own needs. You will always be a peace-seeking, diplomatic, and fair & just soul… Balance teamwork and harmony with your own aspirations, projects, and desires for abundance.




Be open to new sensations and expand your comfort zone… The stars are aligning in your favour! New opportunities flow to you- your resourceful, magnetic, and opportunity manifesting nature is coming into full force. Friends, family and lovers alike surround you and fill your life with a sense of magic and inspiration. Even if you do decide to spend time in solitude and introspection; which may be the case with such an ethereal and watery influence, you can still experience the bliss of connection. Happiness is the key for you this month. Follow your heart, highest joys and truest passions and you will find contentment in any physical situation or environment. Also, are you accessing your psychic gifts and divine abilities? If you’ve lost touch with this aspect of yourself in recent months or years, make sure you set conscious reminders and find ways to strengthen your Third Eye. Your third eye is like a muscle in itself.




It’s the cycle before your birthday season, and you will be feeling somewhat restless yet equally zen. Go with the flow this month. Tune into the empathic, watery, and emotionally charged energies of Scorpio. Scorpio is one of the most intuitive and instinctive signs, least to mention compassionate, so there is a way to ride the waves and make peace with the lack of excitement. Consider incorporating more creativity and imaginative outlets into your daily routine. Home life is not just security, food, netflix or movies! If you feel like you no longer have the spark you once had, don’t have as much energy and zest as in your youth, or simply need more passion and music, nature, and art; now is the perfect time to re-align. Connect to your spirit and soul and the rest will follow. Use the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus to supercharge practical commitments and financial responsibilities…. Next month brings manifestation opportunities.




Stay serene as external events are out of your control. You can direct conversations, exchanges, interactions and relationships with meaningful intentions and mindful words. But, the heightened emotional intensity and depths of Scorpio season may create temporary chaos and turmoil, so be self-aware. If you’re already in a loving and soulmate relationship and have worked hard healing, balancing, and integrating many aspects of yourself, you will find this a magical and dreamy month rich with intensity. Passion, excitement, romance, creativity and a direct line to Source, the Great Spirit, and the ethereal powers of the universe are yours. Be modest but don’t be afraid of stepping into self-autonomy and asserting yourself when need be. Try to lose the Saturnian 'self-authoritative to the supreme’ persona too. It’s important that you remain easy-going and down-to-earth, and if you can do it with charisma and optimism and a vibe that says, “I’m a boss, but I’m happy to be a team-player!” then you will win.




Either charge full steam ahead or keep a low profile this November, Aquarius. The universe is guiding you to either go after your dreams and goals with full power, or tune into the introspective, dreamy, and imaginative vibes… Scorpio is both ambitious and passionate with strengths in resourcefulness and power to succeed, and instinctive, intuitive and artistic; so there are quite a few options to choose. Whichever path you align on, commit to it fully. It’s a time for spirituality and vision when the Lunar Eclipse hits on the 19th, and although Taurus (there’s a full moon in Taurus too!) isn’t the most compatible sign, you will appreciate the grounding and zen vibes. Be open to change, sudden visitations, and unexpected events as next month is amazing for adventure. If you’re a freelancer or work from home new clients and projects will manifest quickly.




Your whole month will be centred around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Pisces... As the most spiritual and even mystical sign, you love paying attention to the cycles of the universe. Celestial energies are accessible to you as easily as breathing, and divine inspiration, life force, and creative and imaginative visions flow to you effortlessly. Be like water, yet don’t forget the power of passion and excitement (fire), logic and higher reasoning (air), and grounding and practical wisdom (earth). In fact, there is such a potent “practical dreamer” energy to the month, you can see groundbreaking progress in your career and/or vocation. Follow your highest calling- forget everything else. There will be no space left in your energy field or auric bubble when 2022 hits, and the intuitive & instinctive Scorpio vibes are perfect for laying the final groundwork for your future. Mesmerize, magnetize, and monetize!


General astrology

● It’s Scorpio season and combined with a New Moon in powerful, intuitive, and emotionally aware Scorpio on the 4th, this is an amazing month to make important changes in your life. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation and death and rebirth. Alchemical forces come to you easily if you're willing to go within, put the work in for growth and self-development, and be open to the subtle powers of the universe…

● The Full Moon in Taurus on the 19th is coupled with a Lunar Eclipse, making this another powerful energetic portal. Eclipses bring about a higher consciousness- they’re a chance to adapt, align, and tune into Spirit; your own inner spirit and soul, and the infinite and eternal nature of the Great spirit. Taurus is a grounded and sensual earth sign who values empathy, kindness, friendships, romance, and a path of pleasure and comfort. Explore these themes in your life. Be honest with yourself, are you getting enough of each?

● By the end of the month the sun is travelling into adventurous and optimistic Sagittarius. Prepare yourself and plan for your future; be open to higher learning, travel, and broadening your horizons through new mindsets and philosophies


Blessings, Cecelia

Full Moon in Aries:

Action, Ambition & Empathic Relating


October 20th 2021: 10:57am EST

The October Full Moon is unique in that it is occurring on an axis, where the Sun in Libra creates an opposition with the moon in Aries. This is known as the Libra-Aries, or Aries-Libra, axis, and this means there is a huge scope for balance and unity- a unification of polar opposites. A Full Moon represents accumulation and completion, so you will be reaching a point of clarity in your life. Old relationships, projects & partnerships may have finally reached their peak, for better or worse, and any lingering stagnant energy will be removed for good! Optimism flows powerfully when the moon is in Aries.


Key qualities of Aries:-

● Ruled by Mars, there is a huge amount of vitality, passion and energy available. Mars likes to take action, this planet is high in life force and enthusiasm to see progress in whatever it energizes. Competition and self-assertion are powerful assets when channeled wisely, but do be careful of aggression or being too domineering. The positive aspect of this fiery and impulsive energy is that it transforms and cuts through blocks, confusion and BS like a lightning bolt! Change is on the horizon….

● Aries is known as the child of the Zodiac which makes them carefree, optimistic and innocent. They're passionate individuals and you can use this passion and genuine zest for life to see goals, dreams and aspirations realized. Aim to be the best, as Aries is quite literally ‘number 1.’


Balance Action with Receptivity

Due to this moon occurring on an axis or opposition, the typical qualities of Aries can be balanced with the strengths of it’s opposite sign, Libra. Aries is masculine, assertive, dominant, courageous and willful- Libra is magnetic, receptive, peace seeking and a lover of compromise and cooperation. While Aries seeks to be number, the best and outshine others Libra is working

towards a more harmonious and just world. This is one of the main themes showing up in your life now.

Use this wisdom to find the best possible balance in any area of life that needs it; a relationship, career, a project or collaboration, home or business life… Big currents of power and energy are coming your way, a type of vitality that helps you become so incredibly level-headed and assertive. Fearlessness is flowing through you with ease! But, you have less risk of falling into the tyranical or overly dominating, competitive and aggressive characteristics of Aries, due to the Libra influence. Always keep this balance in mind.

Also, Aries symbolizes the “self” and Libra represents the “other.” Thus, this unification and harmonization of self and others will be showing itself to you, sometimes in revelationary and enlightening ways. Previous life experiences and social interactions may come to the forefront of your consciousness, and you will see such interactions with fresh perspective. Be adaptable whilst simultaneously staying aligned to your own truth. Fertility, abundance, self-discovery, diplomacy & meditation skills, and deeper empathy can be attained.


Courage and Self-Leadership

All of Aries sign’s qualities are coming into focus: ambition, honesty, assertiveness, confidence, high self-esteem, courage, self-leadership, and a positive outlook. Tune into these as much as possible. Actively practice positive mindfulness- stay optimistic and upbeat. Organizational skills are well-developed in this sign, so you can use this to your advantage over this Full Moon. Creativity combined with innovation will also assist you greatly.

Instincts and intellect can be found and accessed in a unique way. Aries is claircognizant, they receive information from the world around and from the ‘gut feelings’- the instincts- they feel and receive. They have deeply developed senses and are very self-aware. All of these qualities can help you step into self-leadership and enhance your personal autonomy, power and self-authority.

Independence and autonomy are further balanced with the need for companionship. Do you feel balanced in this area? Do you live your life with fierce self-protection, courage and self-empowerment while knowing how to open up and be vulnerable?! Are you a lone wolf, a free-spirit with an aura of self-sovereignty and emotionally available, sensitive to others needs, and flexible? Consider writing down a list of ‘polar opposites.’ Reflect on the different but complementary qualities needed to make partnerships & relationships thrive. Then, choose a course of action to integrate and embody them.


Emotional Intensity (Channel into Conscious Action!)

Be mindful of impulsiveness, impatience, and heightened emotions. Aies is surprisingly sensitive, and impulsiveness and a fiery temper are some of their worst shadow traits! Emotional intensity can be channeled into passion projects and worthwhile, meaningful, collaborations. Relationships can equally benefit from this mindful pro-action.

Physical exercise can help to release stress and anxiety built up from intense emotions. Aries is a highly competitive person who usually excels in sports; while water signs are predominantly spiritual and empathic, air signs intellectual, and earth signs down-to-earth and practically attuned, fire signs are instinctive & physical. Developing or expanding a work out practice will increase physical strength and vitality, and increase your vitality and determination, willpower and emotional resilience. Sports, martial arts, and even more gentle movement “medicines” such as yoga will really assist you in finding inner contentment. Cool your emotions down through stress release.

Finally, spend some time in nature. Take a stroll in the evening and absorb the night time lunar energies… play frisbee or a fun activity during the day with friends or co-workers- just get your legs moving and heart pumping! Aries energy can help you to access your heart power, self-love, whilst enabling you to find the confidence and self-alignment within to forge your own path and good luck. Express your deepest emotions- anything you’ve been holding back within relationships, or beliefs and feelings you haven’t had the courage to share. Liberation is to be found here.


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Aries

Aries: “I choose self-alignment for my best possible path. I recognize my strengths, passions and inner courage and embody them for victory & success.”

Taurus: “By standing strong in my light and truth, I become a force of inspiration for others to follow. Gentleness combined with self-authority is my superpower.”

Gemini: “Logic & rationality help me access my strengths and direct them in a proactive way. Using my mind is a source of power for physical achievement!”

Cancer: “I embrace my sensitivities while not being overcome by them. Fire, fire the element and fire energy, help me develop the strength & courage needed for self-evolution.”

Leo: “Now is my time to shine! I am fully connected to my soul essence, and I am fearless yet mindful in all my endeavours. I aim for conscious and empathic relating.”

Virgo: “I use my ability to access the small details and perceive with fine-tuned awareness to create beauty and abundance in my life. Personal power amplifies within when I speak & act with courage.”

Libra: “My balanced and peace-loving disposition helps me soar! I am a source of inspiration and justice for the people in my life, and they know they can count on me to speak the truth.”

Scorpio: “My light is a natural guide and motivator- my fearlessness helps others shine and succeed! Financial prosperity and soul gifts alike expand through meditation and a clear plan of action.”

Sagittarius: “Spontaneity allows me to shine and develop both my career and personal relationships. All stagnant energy is removed from my life- I commit to letting go, healing and surrender.”

Capricorn: “Self-actualization is a direct result of following my highest joy & passions and sticking to a concrete plan. I recognize the spiritual and physical/material aspects in my life for a balanced existence.”

Aquarius: “Insecurities are a golden compass to healing and self-development. I can glow and thrive even within my self-doubts and fears. Choosing love, connection & light comes effortlessly through devotion to my path.”

Pisces: “My inner warrior spirit is free to shine and soar! I am a force of compassion, unconditional love and inspirational devotion- people see my soul and strength and want my magic.”


Many Blessings, Cecelia

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