New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini:

Self-Expression and the Higher Mind...


10th June 2021: 6:53 am EST


We’ve not long had a Lunar Eclipse in fiery, independent and visionary Sagittarius; well, now it’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sag’s opposite, Gemini. This Solar Eclipse will affect people with planets in the mutable signs most: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, at 15 to 25 degrees. You should look to your natal chart (birth chart) to refamiliarize yourself with your influencing planetary factors, specifically with this degree bracket. Any planets which lie in these four signs will provide key insight into what is being lit up and highlighted for you at the time of this powerful New Moon.


Key qualities to be aware of: -

● Gemini is a dual sign also known as ‘the Twins.’ Gemini is intelligent, witty, perceptive and inquisitive. This air sign loves to interact with the world through the sharing of ideas and information.

● Gemini is associated with the mind and the planet Mercury, the Messenger planet of communication. They’re colorful, bright, and self-expressive individuals and are also connected to their inner child.

● A New Moon is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts and new perspectives. When coupled with a Solar Eclipse, the focus turns towards how we interact with the world, our external realities.


Self-expression is key.

Express yourself! This month’s Moon and Solar Eclipse is all about self-expression, letting love, light, and insight flow. You may choose to do this through music, art, imaginative activities, poetry, dance, arts & crafts, or any other creative or imaginative outlet. Movement is highly favored too. Our inner child’s come to light during a Gemini New Moon. Combined with a Solar

Eclipse which brings a celestial and cosmic vibration, we will all be wanting to play and let loose. Creativity favors strongly now.

Go outside and play. Connect with lovers and friends, community ties and kindred spirits. Have fun and let life force energy flow, as this will help you in other areas. It’s important that you reconnect with nature and your innocence this month, especially if you wish to advance in business, finances or career. Balance is a key theme because this Solar Eclipse occurs on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis (more on this later).


Open up… communicate.

Linked to the above is the innate pull we will all have to express our truth and share our feelings. Emotions, beliefs, philosophies, and internal impressions all want to come out at the time of the New Moon Solar Eclipse. Gemini is one of the most communicative and expressive star signs, yet they are also one of the most emotionally blocked (imbalanced, limited…). This is due to Gemini being an air sign and predominantly mind-based or mental. Unlike emotional or instinctive signs, Gemini thinks and then thinks some more. There is a slight lack of instinct and emotional intelligence- and emotional vulnerability- however this New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse. Eclipses are potent portals to the higher self.

Find ways to express your truth. Open up to people closest to you- don’t be afraid of being vulnerable or honest and authentic. Releasing and healing is essential now, as there is great opportunity for release and self-evolution. Embody Sagittarius’ courage and fierce bravery and remember that all Eclipses bring the energy of spiritual alignment. Spirit is all-encompassing, omniscient, benevolent, and unconditionally loving.


A adjust your attitude.

A shadow trait of Gemini is that they can be very deceiving and manipulative. One of the “lower” characteristics of the dual Twins is that they like to engage in gossip. Gemini can receive a kickoff of spreading mistruths and false information! Their mind thrives from stimulation which leaves them steering towards superficiality, deception, and manipulation- ‘mind games’ in other words. You need to be careful of what you say and how you say it, and your intentions when communicating and interacting with others.

The best thing you could do is to take some time for meditation and introspection. Align yourself so your mind does not rule you. We have a higher mind and a lower mind, of course; a higher self as explored in my last blog about Sagittarius (the Lunar Eclipse on May 26th). This Eclipse season occurring over two consecutive months lights up the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. Gemini and Sagittarius are opposites, they are directly opposite each other in the Zodiac wheel. This is a call for balance. Inner harmony. Balancing internal polarities and eclectic mixes of energies for unification and wholeness.

The mind is largely in focus at this time; thus, you will be receiving guidance on what you can do to adjust your attitude and realign your mindset. Try your best to stay positive. But be mindful of the opportunity presented for shifting and significant transformation… A Solar Eclipse in Gemini presents wonderful opportunities for realizing where you have been giving into gossip, manipulation, deception, self-denial, and other lower traits associated with the mind and ego. You want to aim for something higher, something more honest, integral, and pure, therefore consider spending some time connecting to planet Jupiter and the positive qualities of Sagittarius. Refer to the previous post for clarity on this!


Expand your mind and consciousness.

And, linked to this are keyways to open your mind and expand your consciousness. One natural way of transcending the lower mind is to turn your attention to the higher mind, what expands and evolves your consciousness? Ask yourself this and then take steps towards a new way and a new path. Read more books, watch more documentaries, and learn about quantum physics, astrology and numerology, or metaphysics. Discover the consciousness expanding avenues of holistic and alternative health, herbal medicine and wisdom, and the Healing Arts, like Reiki, energy healing and shamanism. There is so much inspiration, insight and wonder available in this world. The mind is a tool.

Gemini knows more than many. Gemini sign is extremely curious and inquisitive. They love learning about a range of subjects and topics, so find ways to channel your inner curiosity and desires for self-realization into mind-expanding and consciousness-raising pursuits. Think in terms of holism, spirituality, higher philosophy and wisdom, and anything considered “alternative” or “esoteric.” By opening yourself up to the beauty, magic, and magnificence of the subtle-spiritual and energetic universe, you will organically rev up your vibe and further navigate away from the egotistical and deceptive ways of the lower mind.


Blessings, Cecelia

June Horoscopes


June is an excellent month for you, Aries. The Sun is in Gemini until the 20th, but there is also a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini (10th) and a fiery Full Moon in compatible Sagittarius (24th). You will be feeling on top of your world, in control of your life, and incredibly positive. Regardless of where you choose to direct your energy, you will have success. Try to keep to a modest and humble attitude for the best victories, however. So much cerebral (Gemini) energy can make you be even more impulsive than you usually are! And with impulsion comes impatience, aggression, and superficiality. If you can stay positive, graceful, and pure in your words, actions, and speech you will see great financial and spiritual rewards. Health and finances are looking good and coupled Aries will find many steamy and sensual moments to share with a lover or soulmate.


Quite simply, you love the optimistic and excitable energy of a Gemini sun, although you can get a bit confused sometimes. It’s Gemini season until the 20th which is making you very playful and flirty. You’re seeking fun and inspiration at this time, yet you’re still grounded and committed to your goals and personal projects. The ‘confused’ aspect comes from the fact that you are not entirely compatible. Gemini is cerebral, mental, and slightly superficial. You are emotionally intelligent, instinctive, and deep. You navigate life through a combination of psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual processes while Gemini can be detached and cut off from their feelings. The current astrological cycle (season) influences all of us… So, be mindful of the attraction and passion you feel without compromising your key qualities and strengths. This is the route to success in any aspect of life you wish to energize this June.


It’s your birthday month, Gemini! June is a great month for you and there is so much to be positive about. There is a New Moon in your own sign combined with a Solar Eclipse, on the 10th. And there is a fiery Sagittarius Full Moon on the 24th- powerful stuff! Stay committed to your passions and goals this June. Find ways to expand your services, career or talents and don’t be shy of going after what you want. New opportunities will come to you now if you learn to connect to the positive qualities of your sign, without falling into the shadow traits. As a Gemini, you have a tendency to be superficial, manipulative (consciously or unconsciously) and impulsive. Yet you’re also perceptive, mentally gifted, analytical and intuitive. Be mindful of your communication style and the way you interact with others, as this is the foundation of your success or failure.


You’re feeling quite reflective this month, Cancer. This is due to the Sun being in Gemini until the 20th. A Gemini sun can be chaotic for you- Gemini is a cerebral and extroverted air sign while you are an emotional and introverted water sign. So much air energy leaves you slightly out of sorts. However, being aware of this means you can put your focus into personal projects and self-care. You can see real advancements in your health and finances this June if you dedicate your time and energy to yourself, your personal life, and private projects and ambitions. Overall it’s a great month because the Sun then enters your own sign on the 21st. Hooray! See the 1st- 20th as a time of preparation and setting the tone- creating the foundation- for more harmonious and vibrant times ahead. Take care of your practical and real-world responsibilities so when your birthday season hits you will be feeling refreshed and inspired. Creative ventures are excellent from the 21st.


It’s Gemini season, a sign deeply compatible with yourself. There is so much cerebral, optimistic, and fiery energy in the air this month you don’t really know where to turn! Create a set plan and focus early on, preferably on the 1st or 2nd. There is a Gemini New Moon and Solar Eclipse on the 10th and a Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 24th. Combined with the fact May saw a Lunar Eclipse (in fire sign Sag) and you share a deep resonance with both Gemini and Sagittarius, there is immense inspiration and energy this month. Dedicate your time to health, finances, projects, and self-care. Seek to expand any area of your life that needs a ‘boost’ while making sufficient time for rest. You must continuously recharge your energy in order to continue on your path and with your goals. Artistic, creative and academic projects and pathways are excellent things to give your time to this June. Romance, children, family and domestic affairs are equally looking strong. Count your blessings because this is one of the best months of the year for you!


The Sun is travelling through Gemini until the 20th. Considering you and Gemini are both ruled by the same planet, this means positive growth and personal and professional expansion. Woo! This is a great month if you knuckle down and complete the tasks at hand. Messenger planet Mercury is influencing you all month- you should direct all your attention to work, finances and domestic affairs. Tend to the practical and things you know best, because the 21st onwards is Cancer season which will be much more relaxed and pleasurable for you. Until the 21st, use your mental abilities and sound analytical powers to see results, create waves, and improve your finances and professional foundation. If you’re currently studying or taking a course online this is an amazing cycle to take things to the next level. The same is true if you’re a freelancer or have your own business. Then the fiery and ‘aim high’ Sagittarius Full Moon on the 24th is allowing you to be more visionary and big picture thinking. Go with it.


It’s an air month Libra and you’re digging the vibes. The Sun is in Gemini until the 20th, there’s also a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on the 10th followed by a Sagittarius Full Moon on the 24th. This is clearly a month for air and fire signs! There is a lot of compatible and harmonious energy in the air which is making you feel powerful, self-aligned, and productive. Focus on creative, artistic, and educational projects and outlets at this time. You can get a lot done and feel even more inspired by the time July hits, a time to go within and connect with your inner source of strength including dreams and the imagination. See June as a precursor to the social connections and opportunities that arise soon; tie loose knots, finish projects and current cycles- both personal and professional or academic and find solace in the practical details. All the cerebral air energy is pushing you towards honoring your analytical and ‘Mercury inspired’ powers...


Lay low and express yourself as musically and artistically as you desire. The Gemini sun is highlighting your need for creation and imaginative channels and outlets. You’re feeling inspired to go within and focus on your own talents, gifts and intuitive abilities which further lead to co-creation and profound divine, spiritual or imaginative insights! If you’re an aspiring musician, writer, author or creative of any kind, this is a great month. Gemini is a cerebral and mentally gifted air sign, but in addition to key skills in analysis and logic there is also a lot of intuitive and artistic energy present. Combined with a powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 24th, and a New Moon Solar Eclipse in, you guessed it, Gemini on the 10th- visionary vibes are amplified all month. Stay cool but don’t play it safe. Dream big and reach for the stars… any groundwork you create this month sets the stage for much opportunity and heartwarmingly inspiring connections in July.


A month made for you Sag, June sees a Full Moon in your sign on the 24th and a New Moon Solar Eclipse in compatible Gemini on the 10th. Go with the flow and enjoy the ride! Be your bold, wise and bright self. Gemini’s influence is amplifying your cerebral and intuitive gifts all month until the 21st. Then, the fiery full moon arrives in Sagittarius during Cancer season, with Cancer being an imaginative and receptive water sign. Use this combo to your advantage. Visionary qualities are expanded, and you will be feeling like all is possible, despite illusions and external circumstances or perceived limitations. Realize that restrictions are an illusion of the matrix and ‘made-made’ society. Connect to the power of your mind and your own self-sovereignty because this is where victory and self-evolution lies. If you’re already at the pinnacle of your professional or personal life, practice gratitude and continue on the journey. Positive energy births good karma….


Stay strong this month Capricorn. It’s important that you keep your focus and do what you need to do practically. The fun vibes will hit next month! June is influenced by Mercury, the ‘messenger’ planet of communication (it’s Gemini season). This means, until the 21st you will be feeling slightly stressed or at least the pressure of all your responsibilities and duties. Fortunately, this pressure allows you to make considerable advancements in study and education, finances and career and build character. Cancer season is when you can really start to enjoy the fruits of your labor and there’s further a Sagittarius Full Moon on the 24th. Make the most of it as your visionary qualities are lit up. Romance is favored from the 21st onwards.


The Gemini New Moon coupled with a Solar Eclipse aligns you with your Higher Self and cerebral gifts. You’re feeling more intuitive, analytical and perspective than usual, yet more in tune with the divine and sublime too. Eclipses are a wonderful opportunity to expand talents, wisdom, and self-knowledge and to reconnect with your spiritual source of power. As the ‘water-bearer,’ you naturally have that visionary and spiritual link- you’re intuitive with some psychic abilities. And you’re imaginative, well- so is Gemini! Feel free to not worry about practical and financial concerns this month. Give your time and attention to anything that enhances your sense of self and skillset; liberation should be your key goal this June. Remember to engage in holistic movements and healthy eating as well… Aim for joy and genuine pleasure (with regards to movement and exercise), not superficial or purely physical intentions.


Let love flow and expand in your life. There is an easy energy about June you can appreciate. The birds are signing, the sun is shining, and you’re on top of your finances. Enjoy life and all it’s simple pleasures! Spend time in nature with your journal, tarot cards and crystals; read a book against a strong and mighty tree and find moments of shared humanity with fellow kindred spirits. Don’t worry about the past or the future, as the past you cannot change, and life begins in the present moment. The Gemini Sun is reminding you of what it means to be carefree and happy, truly stress-free and in tune with your inner child. Yet, you have years of maturity and timeless wisdom which are keeping you grounded and level-headed. Try not to fall into past wounds and childhood insecurities. Keep to your plan of action and hold your long-term vision in mind. This is a beautiful month with lots of chances for creative, imaginative, and psychic self-development.


General Astrology for June:

l. A Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs on the 10th- think celestial vibrations merged with highly charged imaginative and intuitive gifts. New beginnings in the way you interact with the world are in store, and an Eclipse is always symbolic of some sort of personal awakening.

2. There is a Full Moon in Sagittarius, the Archer who reaches towards the stars, on the 24th; a time for tapping into our visionary qualities and creative life force. Pay attention to dreams and subconscious messages at this time.

3. The Sun enters receptive, empathic, and creative Cancer on the 21st. The end of the month is excellent for slowing down and connecting with our true selves, emotions, and imaginative gifts.


Blessings, Cecelia


Significant Transformation, Visionary Self-Alignment

LUNAR ECLIPSE in Sagittarius

26th May 2021: 7:14 am EST


This May’s Full Moon is coupled with a Lunar Eclipse, the start of the two-month Eclipse season. The Lunar Eclipse, a rare and special celestial event, is occurring in Sagittarius the fiery Archer. Sagittarius reaches for the stars and is quite a balanced being. The Archer aspect of their nature represents their philosophical, wise, and higher learning seeking self. The Centaur aspect (the other dual meaning of their ruling glyph/symbol) shows their balanced character between primal and spiritual. The Centaur is half human and half animal, and this signifies our desire at the time of the Lunar Eclipse to connect to our sexuality and primal needs, and our Higher Selves. We are both spirit and animal and this is a key underlying theme this May.


Lunar Eclipse breakdown: -

● A Lunar Eclipse is when the moon during its Full Moon phase emanates the earth’s shadow. Planet earth is placed perfectly between the Sun and the Moon, and this further gives the impression that the moon is larger than normal.

● The Moon thus appears to be ‘super,’ hence its name “Supermoon.” It is also known as a blood moon- specifically a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse combined. The moon literally appears blood red in the sky from our view on earth. The Eclipse on May 26th is a blood moon and Supermoon.


Be bold, take risks, and dream big.

There is no greater time than now to be bold and reach for the stars. Ruled by planet Jupiter, Sagittarius is one of the most adventurous and courageous star signs. This independent fire sign is known for their optimistic, spirited and adventure-loving nature. Sagittarius dreams big and likes to home in on talents and potential pathways for success and big achievements- they’re brave and fearless when they set their minds to something. A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius makes us all feel the energy of the Jupiter ruled ‘Archer.’ Jupiter’s influence also

makes this full moon sparkle with subtle energy that steers us towards connecting to our higher minds, the higher self and philosophies and spiritual ideals that lead to consciousness expansion. And new connections and opportunities!

Take time to reflect on your long-term goals. Energize your dreams, actual dreams you’ve had through sleep and dreams & aspirations. Don’t play it small as the stars are aligning in your favor.


A date with destiny…?

A Lunar Eclipse activates cosmic portals of energy and higher consciousness. The Lunar Nodes are activated during a Lunar Eclipse, the Lunar Nodes being the North and South Nodes. These relate to our destiny, unique mission or services and talent- what we’re supposed to do in this lifetime, and what we’re meant to steer away from, and our karma. Destiny is brought into the forefront of our consciousness when the North and South Nodes are active. The North Node is all about our adult self and talents, gifts and special abilities as linked to our service, career and the like. This is where we’re headed to: who we’re becoming. The South Node is what we’re steering away from. It represents our childhood self, what we fall back towards as we did in childhood and youth, such as insecurities, wounds and comforts that keep us disconnected from our mature adult body (and North Node self).

The North and South Nodes or Lunar Nodes are essentially symbolling of our past and future. Karma influences us in all areas; therefore it would be wise to look up your birth chart during this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to discover where your Lunar nodes lie. They will illuminate your destiny, strengths, and weakness, likes and dislikes, and what you should be working on mastering and embodying in the next astrological cycle.


Multiple perspectives

Keep an open mind too. There are always 2 or 3 sides to every story- ‘his,’’ ‘hers’’ and spirit’s. Source is non-judgmental. God or Spirit is all-embracing and unconditionally loving. The universe is omniscient and compassionate. But intellect and logic create a cord which links the heart, feeling and empathy with reason and rationality. This May’s Lunar Eclipse highlights the higher mind, and with this comes mental and cognitive abilities. We are more inclined to explore our philosophies and fundamental belief systems- and link them to our relationships and current (and past) life events. Stay open-minded, release judgement, and practice compassion and empathy. Unconditional love can lead to tolerance, patience, wisdom, and greater understanding and empathy.

Don’t be afraid to redefine your beliefs and perspective either. There is no shame in admitting you’ve been wrong or have something twisted. Remember that Sagittarius signifies fearlessness and courage, and that the Lunar Nodes bring the element and energy of karma into the mix. Sometimes our belief systems are faulty- they are often developed from misinformation or

manipulations and mistruths. Embrace the reality that you’re human capable of mistakes. This opens pathways to wisdom and personal power, authority and self-sovereignty...


Lay the groundwork.

Eclipses usually have a corresponding Eclipse, an “opposite.” There’s a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4th, a time of new beginnings and unexpected opportunities. You should therefore consider laying the groundwork for the next 6-month cycle. This Lunar Eclipse is all about transformation and our internal world- our feelings, beliefs, impressions, and understandings of our experiences. This is because the Moon symbolizes our inner world. The Lunar Eclipse this coming December is more expressive, it relates to our outer world (as represented by the Sun). Relationships will come powerfully into focus by the time the Sagittarius total Solar Eclipse comes. Now is the time to make sense of things, lay the foundation for what you want to manifest and accomplish- in career, relationships, finances, and personal passion projects, and set the stage and tone for the next 6 months.


Many Blessings, Cecelia

New Moon in Taurus:

Roots & Community, Choosing A Grounded Path

NEW MOON in Taurus

11th May 2021: 2:58 pm EST


This May’s New Moon is occurring in Taurus, the grounded earth sign known for its dependability and responsibility. A Taurus New Moon is all about choosing a grounded path and aligning with it. It’s time to get serious with your talents and passions! If you are already on your path and living life to your fullest potential, the stars are asking you to take your career and services to the next level. As a Fixed earth sign, Taurus is also symbolic of roots, community, and culture- our connection to the planet and how much emotional intelligence & maturity we display. This is a great moon cycle for wealth and resource manifestation, romance, and sensuality, and stepping into a role of self-leadership and career level-up.


Taurus Key Traits: -

● Reliability, dependability, and self-responsibility.

● Lovers of beauty, nature, and cooperation.

● Community, family, and friendship focused.

● Romantic, sensual and pleasure loving.

● Down-to-earth, modest, easy-going, and optimistic.

● Hard-working, ecologically conscious, and Mother Earth/environment activists!

Be Realistic~ with “Roots!”

It’s time to be realistic and be honest with your finances, health, relationships, home and family life, and everything above and in between. Taurus is deeply realistic and grounded; this sign enjoys creating strong foundations and forming close bonds and relationships. Whether it be platonic, romantic, family or business, relationships will be highlighted during this lunar transit. But it’s not a doorway to excuses, denial or escapism- reality and roots are the two key words with the Taurus New Moon.

Evaluate the connections in your life. Are you getting your needs met? What are your beliefs around love and intimacy? Have you healed from past wounds and sexual experiences? Do you have a close relationship with your family? Is there harmony and synergy in work and business partnerships?

Although Taurus is stoic and serious this sign is also playful and self-expressive. They love community and to be surrounded by kindred spirits who ‘get’ them. So, take a look around and within, at your circle and friendship or social groups. Be honest with your emotions, feelings and instinctual responses when analyzing the true essence of your friendships & relationships. Are the people around you serving your best interests? Do they have your head, heart and back?!

Plant Seeds

Now is the time to plant seeds both physical and metaphorical. Tend to your garden, watch the awe-inspiring beauty of nature growing, and work towards some level of self-sufficiency. Fruit, vegetable, and herb seeds make for a fun and satisfying project, and you’ll further be giving back to the earth and the bees, birds and insects of our earth. Think ‘Mother Earth…’ Secondly, seeds of intention can be planted, so spend sufficient time energizing your plans and goals. Long-term dreams, aspirations and ambitions can be given a super boost with the grounded and practical Taurus energies.

This New Moon sparks our manifestation powers, and our inner passions and desires for success. Success can be psychological, emotional, and spiritual too- not just physical! Aim for self-development and recognize the ‘practical magic’ earth energy associated with this sign. There’s opportunity for a new beginning, one in harmony with our planet and eco-principles. What role are you playing?

Furthermore, think about combining ritual or sacred space with your seed planting. Now is the time to get your sage out and cleanse your room, home, and even garden. Loving send healing energy around your newly planted seeds and herbs, plants, or vegetables; sage and cleanse your room and home and meditate to align your chakras. A New Moon in Taurus is not only a new beginning for planet earth and our ecosystems, but also for ourselves.

Appreciate Nature and Slow Down

It’s equally important that you slow down during this lunar cycle. Take some time to go within. Appreciate nature and count the blessings in your life. Consider phoning or emailing an old friend or relative, someone you have not connected with in a while. Taurus is a very traditional sign; therefore, family and tradition are called for. Nature will help to rejuvenate your energies and restore a sense of comfort, home, and belonging, while friends and family will assist in reminding you of the power of roots, connection, and community.

Bring things back to basics. Adopt a divinely simplistic approach to self and life. Taurus is not only practical and conservative/traditional, Taurus is equally sensual and a lover of beauty,

intimacy, and pleasure and the like. Venus, Taurus’ ruling planet, comes to light from the 11th. You may find yourself more sensual and pleasure-seeking than usual. Romantic and in need of sexual chemistry and stimulation too. Venus is the planet of love and sexuality, a Goddess of sensuality, pleasure, and feminine sexuality. Connect to your feminine nature by increasing or practicing nurturance, care, empathy, and personal magnetism.

If you’re coupled up or spending time with a lover this May, enjoy the pleasures of life. Romance and desire are amplified, and these can lead to inspiration! Just be mindful of becoming too hedonistic, as hedonism is the shadow side of this luxury-loving, pleasure-seeking sign.

Dream Big, think in terms of ‘Holism’.

The Sun is in Uranus while the Moon is in Taurus. Uranus is the changemaker planet, the revolutionary celestial entity also known as the ‘Great Awakener.’ There is much more than initially meets the eye with this New Moon, and it may seem to be overshadowed by the Eclipse coming up (Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, on the 26th), however this is not the case. During the Taurus New Moon, Neptune is in Pisces and Mars is in Cancer.

This is a beautiful combination… water and earth blend well together. If you’re a fire or earth sign you may struggle a bit this month, yet you can really benefit from the down-to-earth, introspective, and yin energy. Earth or water? You will find your natural gifts and talents amplified and more grace, bliss, and effortlessness fill your life. Neptune in Pisces expands creativity, the imagination and spirituality- and Taurus and Pisces are compatible and harmonious (so there is a great synergy here).

And, the Sun is harmonizing with Neptune the planet of instincts, psychic gifts, spirituality and dreams, and Mars with Uranus. This means immense power and energy long-term change, global and collective shifts, sparks in personal power, new ideas and innovative solutions to big problems. What does this mean practically? Well, for starters you could think about starting your own permaculture garden, hiring an allotment, or solar paneling your house.


Many Blessings, Cecelia


It’s Taurus season until the 20th and you can appreciate the grounded vibe and responsible outlook of Taurus. The Taurus New Moon (11th) energizes your desires for self-autonomy, financial freedom, and stepping into self-alignment and flow. Abundance and being comfortable in life are important to you at this time, and there is a lot of practical energy in the air that can help you realize your goals. Manifestation powers are amplified this month. Be mindful of spending habits and think long-term, in terms of self-sufficiency. If you’re currently studying, education is looking good as is career and personal projects! The Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse towards the end of the month takes things to the next level; you feel inspired and empowered while simultaneously connected to your personal authority, and visionary qualities. Stay grounded to dream big.


This is your month Taurus. The Sun is in your sign until the 20th, and there’s a New Moon in Taurus on the 11th. Good vibes all round! Stay committed to your long-term ‘vision’ though- don’t get lost in the joyful energy of your birthday season. You can find pleasure and connection in the tried and tested, the simple joy of life that you know brings you deep emotional & psychological satisfaction. Friendships, family bonds, good food and laughter… nature, music, and creative self-expression… gardening and permaculture- you know what works for you! Spend some time energizing your finances and professional goals, however. There is so much positive practical energy you would not want to waste. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 26th highlights your need for community and social connections. Celebrate and engage in creative activities that connect you with your inner child.


It’s the start of Eclipse season Gemini, and this means positive and productive energy. You’re wanting to explore all your options for your bright future, especially from the 20th onwards. A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in Sagittarius on the 26th, plus the sun is in Gemini. Lots of creative, imaginative, and cerebral energy is shining down on you… You may find yourself dreaming up genius ideas and innovative new creations. Your higher mind is extremely active, don’t expect to get much sleep! But do channel this newfound sight and awareness into ways to expand your vocation, business, or income; financial prosperity flows when you listen to that inner voice which tells you which path or idea is good and what isn’t. Until the 20th, be responsible and down-to-earth. Try to tie up any loose ends and tend to domestic and monetary affairs.


Its Taurus season, down-to-earth and modest earth sign that is very compatible with your own. You are quite enjoying the serene and laid-back energies this month, Cancer, yet you equally seek expansion. Taurus makes you evaluate your duties and the current commitments in your life in addition to your finances and professional goals. You will be analyzing whether you’re on the right path or if you have any final steps you need to take to max up your money flow. Talents and heart, the kindness and empathy you show to others, are often tied up in your abundance levels. As a deeply instinctive and compassionate sign who seeks connection through feeling and emotional bonding, you should not try to go against your own nature; be yourself, as this is where most satisfaction and prosperity lie. If there’s been some health concerns you’ve been neglecting, use the New Moon in Taurus on the 11th to make a change.


There’s a serene and majestic vibe for most of the month and this is due to down-to-earth Taurus. The sun is travelling through Taurus until the 20th, making it a time of relaxation and enjoying time with friends and family. Pleasure is on your mind, so use the free time of May to enjoy music, creativity, study or self-reflection, nature or simply catch up on your rest. You can achieve a lot while still finding solace and rejuvenation. Artistic and creative ventures or side projects are looking wonderful- the Sagittarius Full Moon is combined with a Lunar Eclipse, which signifies celestial ‘higher consciousness’ vibrations. Your visionary and genius hat will be on! One thing to be mindful of: an extra (big) dose of fire has the potential to turn you into the tyrant or dictator… be mindful of your communication style and the way you act, think, and speak. Positively, you can direct this immense life force energy and passion into better things. Stay clear of drama.


The sun is in Taurus until the 20th, a fellow earth sign who shares many similar traits to you. It’s a positive month all round, in fact May is one of the best months of the year for you. You will find yourself having more time to enjoy your own company or that of your partner or children’s. Simple pleasures like reading, gardening, watching movies, taking naps and expressing yourself artistically or creatively will magnify, and this may sound like normal daily activities but to you they are luxuries! You’re one of the most hard-working and self-critical signs around…. Honor your needs and engage in self-care. It’s the perfect time to do some meditation and spiritual healing too, there’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in visionary Sagittarius on the 26th, thus consider tuning in to your higher self and inner spirit. You may not be spiritual or significantly open-minded, however you are an instinctive earth sign, and this can help to open and increase your intuition. Seek higher things this month.


Libra, what happened? For some reason, the Taurus sun is turning you slightly pessimistic. You need to be careful of dwelling on the past or doubting yourself continuously. Mindful introspection and contemplation is great- it’s a good way to look at our past to better our future. But are you getting caught up in your karma…? Taurus is very dutiful and responsible, so when it’s taurus season (until the 20th) we feel more inclined to be honest with ourselves. Do you owe someone money, an apology, or a seriously grounded letter or gift righting your wrongs? May is all about getting real and honest with ourselves, looking at our past mistakes and bad karma to help our future. There is a lot of dependable, responsible, and grounded energy in the air, not to mention Taurus is incredibly emotionally mature. Forgive yourself and others and let it go while taking steps to honor your commitments. It’s not a time for self-denial nor is it healthy to stay stuck in suffering and self-sabotage.


You are feeling slightly out of sorts this May, but only because of how Taurus season is amplifying your passions and desires. Each astrological cycle affects everyone differently, and for you this month is all about intimacy, connection, romance, and creativity. Taurus is generally compatible; it is your opposite sign after all! Thus, you are thinking about love, sex, friendship, community, and your needs in intimacy. If boredom is kicking in and you find yourself getting frustrated or irritated, turn your attention to what is working in your life. It may sound like a record on repeat, but artistic, imaginative, and creative outlets and pathways are the best things for you. Express yourself and stay positive. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in fiery and optimistic Sagittarius will help you to find the light within and around, while revving up your talents and creative life force. Be open to what works even if you feel a bit in a rut.


The first half of the month may seem quite dull for your colorful and upbeat spirit. Yet, this is only because you always seem a little ‘extra.’ You’re outgoing and extroverted however sometimes find it hard to be content and find peace with the ‘divine simplicity’ in life. If you learn how to slow down, you will see there is so much pleasure and beauty around you… Taurus season can help you to get in touch with your roots, reconnect to your higher self, and find the spiritual vibration you may have appreciated in your youth or younger days. Spirituality is intricately linked to philosophical ideals and your beliefs around metaphysics and the universe. The chilled yet grounded and dutiful energy up until the 20th will allow you to appreciate what’s in store, if you can calm down a bit; because there’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 26th. This is a powerful time for stepping up in your community or social group and network once more. Even if you cannot get out and there are no parties or get-togethers on, energize your dreams and creative projects. ‘Vision’ is amplified.


You are feeling a bit stoic and conflicted. One part of you is deeply melancholic with an appreciation for the serene and chilled energy of the month, while the other part of you is craving excitement! Try to nip any low moods or self-pity early in the bud. There is so much potential this May, it’s Taurus season for starters and Taurus is very grounded, wise, majestic, sensual and creative. So, you can tune into any of the Taurus qualities and traits (which are naturally compatible with you) to energize and amplify your goals, career, finances, health, or home situation. A positive mindset is key this month- meditate, dance, engage in yoga, eat healthy and exercise in nature. When the sun enters Gemini on the 20th you will receive a mental and intellectual boost.


Don’t be afraid to dream big or extend your comfort zone. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is occurring in Sagittarius towards the end of the month, a fiery sign who is compatible to yours. You are feeling full of life and mentally energized. It’s important that you make time for self-healing and prayer or meditation; divination and spiritual activities can connect you to your soul, higher self and talents! Be bold like Sag the independent Archer. The sun is in Taurus until the 20th, and this brings a ‘Zen ‘and chilled out energy to all the excitement you’re sensing in the air. Allow yourself time to reflect and introspect, relax, and recharge. Inspiration flows to you as well when you’re in tune with sublimity. Maybe take some time to look at your finances, home or domestic life, and career and life’s purpose. Taurus brings an element of practical magic that can assist you in achieving your long-term aspirations.


It would seem 2021 is made for you, Pisces. Every month has some or many positive prospects and key astrological transits that are pushing you to new heights! The Taurus New Moon on the 11th enables you to combine spiritual insight and wisdom with practical magic and manifestation powers. Then, there is a Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 26th which amps up your visionary gifts, and seer-like qualities. You will find sparks of inspiration and memories into past lives coming to you. A Lunar Eclipse also helps you to transcend the ‘space-time’ complex. This essentially means ‘past life’ will be seen and understood as past versions of yourself, in this lifetime; time is nonlinear… Don’t let the past pains and wounds of an older and naiver version of you destroy your future. You have too much beauty, wisdom, and compassion least to mention imaginative, spiritual, and creative gifts to share with the world. The angels are by your side.


General Astrology for May:

l. The New Moon occurs in grounded and sensual Taurus on the 11th. This is a great time for tending to practical and financial duties or responsibilities, and for connecting to artistic talents and creative outlets simultaneously. Taurus may be dependable and hard-working, but they are also sensual, romantic, and pleasure-seeking.

2. It’s the first Eclipse of this two-month Eclipse season. The Full Moon is coupled with a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius (26th), which symbolizes an innate desire to go after our goals & dreams, reach for the stars, and fine-tune our personal beliefs and philosophies. Sagittarius is both philosophical and primal, attuned to their higher self and mind and connected to bodily instincts and passions. This further means creative life force is strong and available for us to channel.


Many Blessings, Cecelia

Full Moon in Scorpio:

A New Destination, Positive Self-Talk

FULL MOON in Scorpio

26th April 2021: 11:31 pm EST

This April’s Full Moon occurs in Scorpio, the sign ruled by alchemical and transformative Pluto. Scorpio is intense, spiritual, and intuitive, but also determined, resourceful and ambitious. There is a powerful mix of practical hard-working energy and soulful subtle energy in the air… As it’s a Full Moon, there is a sense of completion and “coming full circle.” It’s important to tune in and connect to your inner Source at this time, as there is much personal power and inspiration to be found.

Scorpio Key Traits: -

● Determined, resourceful and hard-working.

● Ambitious and persevering.

● Intuitive, instinctive, and spiritually open.

● Soulful, intense, intimacy loving and deep!

● Imaginative, artistic, and musical.

● Loyal and faithful.

Meditate and Reflect.

You might be able to get away with not ‘doing the work’ on other full moons, but a Scorpio full moon is a real opportunity for spiritual alignment and soul healing. Now is the perfect time to sit in silence, prayer, and meditation, to tune in and reflect, introspect and contemplate your next move. Or the meaning of life. Scorpio is ruled by Neptune, a watery and magnetic planet also symbolic of intensity and transformation. Scorpio is one of the most intuitive signs, and this means there is considerable energy available for you.

Divine inspiration, amazing imagination, spiritual realizations, and self-empowerment can come to you through silence and reflection. You are better able to listen to your own inner guiding

light and gut feelings through meditation. Shadow work integration is also strong this month, 3 days before and after the Full Moon specifically. Sit in a sacred space with essential oils, bird feathers, crystals and any other sentimental, spiritual, or divinatory tool you feel a resonance with. This is an excellent time for spiritual healing and getting in tune with your soul through sage cleansing, ceremonial work, and dream journaling.

If you have a dream diary or journal, detach from practical duties and responsibilities, and go within. Reflect on your past, present and future. Open your third eye, your higher mind and higher self, and see how much self-awareness and personal power increases as a result. Dreams are a gateway to wisdom and true knowing… It is so important that you do take time to withdraw from the chaos and chatter of the external world and listen to your own inner voice. Life is yin and yang- silence and sound, passivity and action, feminine and masculine energy… Find balance inside to see it manifested in your outer world.

Connect to Divine Healing energies...

Go outside and be one with nature. Mediate by a tree, hug a tree, lie on the earth and grass, and play outside in the sunshine. Dance until you feel your inner wild wo/man liberated and out to play, and drum, cycle, swim, walk barefoot in nature, and drink the rain. Scorpio full moon is an amazing time to reconnect to your playful and sensual inner child. Even if you consider yourself pretty stoic or serious-minded, there is so much inspiration and productivity to be found in the simple pleasures of life!

Mother Nature is abundant too, so finding time to slow down and reconnect to Mother Earth is essentially reconnecting with yourself. And this opens doorways to self-development, financial prosperity, and talent and skill development. Scorpio is actually considered a very balanced sign. This is because this sign has a fiery and masculine ancient ruler, Mars, and a watery and feminine modern one: Pluto. Scorpio is competitive, hard-working, and determined to achieve goals and success. Scorpio is also imaginative, incredibly intuitive, artistically gifted, and empathic.

Quite simply, connecting to the subtle and ethereal energy of the natural world allows you to develop the perseverance and inner strength necessary for manifestation. It also helps to expand the vibration of appreciation and gratitude which further amplify joy and prosperity in your life.

Take Risks, Have Courage, and Be Open to the Unknown

This new cycle is all about developing inner strength and courage to manifest your best life. Take risks and do not be afraid of the unknown, or the darkness. Life involves shine and shadow, a lightness, and a darkness. How can you make peace with the world’s darkness if you have not accepted your own? You cannot.

Change only comes through self-acceptance, and a desire to be bold and daring. Your true path and purpose are determined by how willing and able you are to integrate the light and dark parts

of your soul. Like a seed that has been planted in soil, or a caterpillar who is still in its cocoon; you must first struggle through the darkness to reach the light. We are a part of nature just like all of Creation’s smaller creatures. Nature can actually teach humility while showing us there is nothing to fear: the unknown is your friend! It is the birthing ground for new potential.

Be mindful of loneliness and despair.

A Scorpio moon can bring to light hidden insecurities and depressive tendencies. There is a certain sorrow, isolation, pain, and melancholy associated with Scorpio- this is a water sign after all. Intensity and depth of feeling and emotion are heightened, therefore themes include ‘the sorrow of loss,’ and ‘the pain of loneliness.’ Desires for human connection and intimacy can lead to despair and suffering if we feel we are not getting our needs met, or if we’re stuck on the past, in a past relationship or version of ourselves, or something similar.

You can learn how to channel such spirit and passion into self-mastery, spiritual and dream work, and talent acquisition. Such depth of feeling and emotional intelligence can be alchemized into beautiful pieces of art, music, poetry, or business ideas. Stay positive. Keep your mind and heart set on the future. And, let go of fear, worry and anxiety to raise your vibration to love, trust in the universe and yourself, and passionate illumination.


Many Blessings, Cecelia


Aries, you will feel a rush of creative energy this month. It’s Pisces season, and this means massive sparks in imagination and innovation. Your creative mind is lit up, you are feeling inspired and charismatic, bold, and confident. Spring Equinox fills you with energy and life force- zest and passion! Be mindful of your sensitivities, however. Insecurities can unconsciously project outwards onto friends, lovers, and family. You should keep your emotions in check this month through a spiritual practice, like meditation, yoga, or crystal therapy. Take care of your health. March is the perfect month for spirituality and holistic healing, the Healing Arts, and the like. There is a Full Moon in Libra too (28th) and this light up your relationship sector. You are in the mood for some good loving! And romance...


This is a beautiful month for you. Pisces energies blend wonderfully with yours; you love the sweet and sensual energy of the month. You adore people with spiritual awareness and a gentle, but strong, heart- and March brings a few positive people into your orbit. There is a New Moon in spiritual, intuitive, and imaginative Pisces (13th) just before the Spring Equinox. This is a magical month! You should do your best to stay as motivated as possible. Keep your health up. Engage in a spiritual practice and express yourself creatively. There is a lot of creative, artistic, and imaginative energy available to tune into. Also, the Full Moon in relationship focused Libra on the 28th makes you crave love and romance. Seek out kindred spirits and connect with your lover or soulmate, or potential one. Your need for harmony and sweet vibes are strong all month long.


You will need to pay close attention to your feelings this month. It will either be heaven or hell (literally) depending on how well you can express yourself creatively and imaginatively. Artistic self-expression is the way! It is ok to feel, just make sure you have an outlet to channel your inner feelings and impressions into? Stay grounded, eat well, and be mindful of your beliefs too. Your subconscious mind is continually active all month which enables you to process your inner world in a unique way. But emotions can be tricky, and sometimes you do not even want to acknowledge your feelings. Be honest with yourself. The Spring Equinox in alignment with Aries season provides a fresh burst of energy and perspective you love, so you will be in your element from the month’s end. Overall, you should channel your energy into creative and passion projects, work, and health routines.


Cancer, you are in an extremely dreamy and reflective space all month. It is Pisces season and there is a New Moon in Pisces on the 13th. March is a month to let your true self shine! There is a massive YES from the universe to be sensual, sensitive, instinctive, and psychic. Let your spiritual and intuitive powers soar…. Imaginative and creative abilities will be heightened too, so if you work in a creative field or have some artistic passions you can work on, immerse yourself in them. Of course, the beautiful thing about Pisces energy is it touches your soul in all the right places. Combined with the Libra Full Moon on the 28th, you will find your need for romance and affection is strong. Connect with a soulmate or seek out new ones.


Leo, it is a magical month, although there will be a bit of confusion! Your senses are heightened during Pisces season. You feel more intuitive and even psychic than usual, and spiritual insight may come to you in surprising ways. Make the most of this energy. Do not neglect your gut feelings either- they can lead to wonderful advancements in career, health, wealth, relationships, and creativity. Imagination is strong. Health is looking good! Be careful of intense emotions, however. As a fire sign, so much watery energy can distort your level of perception; instead of seeing the beauty and harmony in situations, you may react or become explosive. Meditation or silent contemplation in nature, or with music, can help to realign you. Stay Zen-like in any situation and success will be yours.


March is a great month for you if you can be honest with yourself. Lose the anxiety and self-criticism! Your need for perfection and being an ideal person often leaves you repressing emotions and memories. It’s ok to admit your words, actions or past behaviors weren’t completely holy. There is such a thing as being imperfectly perfect… If you can practice self-honesty and let go of unnecessary self-hate and stress, you will find a blissful acceptance- transcendence even- to your month. Take a leaf out of Pisces book; stay cool, calm, chilled and relaxed. Focus on work, health, or interpersonal relationships- creativity too. If you do not currently play an instrument, draw, write, paint, or make music, find an artistic skill. It is important you channel your energy into something productive this month, as there are some intense energies floating around.


Libra, this is a wonderful month for you. It is Pisces season and there’s a New Moon in Pisces (13th). Followed by the Spring Equinox, and a Full Moon in your own sign on the 28th, this means amazing prospects in love, career, and health. Your imagination is soaring to new heights. Spiritual beliefs and philosophies are strong, and you will be examining your ideologies throughout the month. You should use the energy of the Spring Equinox to make any significant changes in your life. There is a perfect balance of introspection and looking back at your past to learn from old cycles and connecting with others. The Full Moon in Libra highlights your need for kindred spirits and soul bonds, so be open to new love or strengthening an existing one. Harmony expands in your personal and professional life…. Do not be shy to express yourself.


March amplifies your intuitive and creative abilities, Scorpio. In fact, your intuition is so fine-tuned you may very well be clairvoyant or psychic! The same is true for imaginative gifts. Focus on projects this month for success. Abundance and financial prosperity can come to you through staying determined and persevering with your goals. Even if you are still laying the groundwork, a strong foundation created this month will see victories in the months ahead. The Spring Equinox not long after the New Moon in compatible Pisces (13th) allows you to connect to your visionary side. Fresh starts are due! Be careful of the company you keep and steer clear of addictions. There is a chance for transformation and purity, re-alignment with your soul’s purpose, and healing of the past. Pisces season helps to restore your karma…


You will be feeling more sensitive this month, Sagittarius. Pisces season connects you to your imaginative and creative side, but also to your instincts. Intuition is amplified. You should focus your energy on passion projects and creativity, artistic pursuits and anything that feeds your soul. You do not have time for pettiness or the mundane this March! It is a New Moon on the 13th- in spiritual and compassionate Pisces- followed by the Spring Equinox. This means opportunities to amplify your personal vibration are strong- self-evolution too. When the Sun enters Aries on the 20th you feel vibrant and alive. Life force is amplified, and you are at one with your fiery and passionate talents. Self-leadership qualities are heightened, so find ways to be the authority of your life. Step into personal power and go after your goals and dreams.


March is a magical month. You are being asked to step into a new position of self-authority and leadership. The universe is giving you a big YES to go after your goals! Pisces season blesses you with a magnetic charm and unique sense of charisma. Your sweet, sensual, and caring qualities come to light, but so do your creative and imaginative gifts and talents. Whatever you do, do not be lazy or idle this March. There is a New Moon on the 13th that opens doorways to personal growth and self-mastery, then the Libra Full Moon (28th) aligns you with a newfound sense of self-surety. Intimate partnerships and soulmate bonds are highlighted. You know what you want in your relationships and possess the confidence to go after it. Connect with your romantic and soft, gentle, and sensual side, then channel your energy into career and passion projects.


This month is a real chance to reflect and do some much-needed soul-searching. Pisces season is always a chance to get in tune with your internal feelings and sensations, your emotions, inner needs and desires, and instinctive currents. This can be hard for you, as a cerebral and often emotionally detached air sign, but it is important that you make the most of this cycle. Your emotions serve a great purpose! Denying or rejecting them does not help you in health, career, finances, or relationships... The Spring Equinox gives you flashes of insight and inspiration, so tune into any downloads wishing to come through. The future is bright! But you need to take the small steps to realize the big picture. Visionary qualities and imagination are highlighted all month, while a Full Moon in harmony loving Libra occurs on the 28th. Consider your needs in love, romance, and relationships.


It is Pisces season! And there is a New Moon in your sign followed by the Spring Equinox. This means all eyes are on you. You are oozing sex appeal, wisdom, positive vibes, and soul. People see you as a star, so do not disappoint them. Your intuition, imagination, psychic gifts, and creative powers are all fine-tuned to the max this March. There really are no heights you cannot reach. One thing to note, however. You may tend to go to extremes this month, or at the worst fall into addictions. Try to keep your light pure and channel your energy. Personal projects, passionate endeavors, and creativity and innovation are all key areas for you. Pay attention to your dreams too as they will show you the next steps! Get your visionary powers on… You are the most spiritual and clairvoyant sign, and you can literally envision your future.

General Astrology for February:

l. A New Moon on the 13th is in sweet, mystical, and creative Pisces. Pisces represents spirit, the imagination, intuition, psychic abilities, and vision. All of these are amplified and available to be connected to! Also, your capacity for unconditional love…

2. The Full Moon occurs in Libra on the 28th. This makes you think about your needs in relationships: romantic, business, platonic and family. Mainly, love and romance, however- and close friendships. Consider lessons that still need to be integrated and how you can move forward with a focus on harmony and compromise.

3. It is Spring Equinox, a time of new beginnings and fresh energy. Connect with healing and restorative powers of nature. Use any spare time to align with creative and passion projects, and do not forget that fertility is rich during springtime.

Blessings, Cecelia

A Time of Vision, Spiritual Health, & Purity

FULL MOON in Virgo

With the Virgo-Pisces Axis Lit-Up

27th February 2021: 3:17 am EST

The Full Moon on February 27th occurs at 3:17 am in the earth sign Virgo. Although the moon transits through Virgo, it is also happening in the Virgo-Pisces axis. This signifies a time of balance, integration, and self-realization. The Virgo-Pisces axis represents the balance of physical matter and “reality-” the earthly realm, and spirit; the subconscious, subtle and spiritual energies that make up our world. And this includes vision, artistic inspiration, and the imagination. The Sun is in Pisces in direct opposition to the Moon in Virgo, this is the meaning of an axis full moon. Of course, Virgo and Pisces are directly opposite each other in the Zodiac wheel! This is a powerful month with many significant themes.

Virgo Key Traits… (with Pisces Counterparts):-

● Reliable and dependable… (Spiritual and idealistic)

● Hardworking and practical… (Visionary and psychically gifted)

● Kind, honest and sincere… (Creative, imaginative and musically talented)

● Creative, artistic and sensual… (Sensitive, emotionally mature, and empathic)

● Patient, determined and persevering… (Dreamy, philosophical, intelligent & wise)

Virgo: The Importance of Service and Purity

A virgo Full Moon ultimately symbolizes service. How do you help others or the planet in everyday life? Do you live a life of service, selflessness, and sincerity…. Or do you currently only serve your own needs and self? Virgo asks us to look at the big picture through the minor details. It’s the daily acts of kindness, helpfulness and service that shape the larger whole, the holistic vision (Pisces, Virgo’s opposite) and scope of life. Virgo is extremely hardworking and helpful- nothing is too much for this sweet and sincere earth sign. Virgo traits include being modest, down-to-earth, kind and benevolent. They are generous and nurturing with a deeply selfless side too.

So, this is what is highlighted this month. Secondly, a sense of purity called for. Virgo’s ruling glyph (astrological symbol) is the Maiden, or the Virgin, which is symbolic of purity. Are your thoughts, words, actions and emotions aligned to something pure and holy, something rooted in empathy and interconnectedness? Do they heal and inspire, help or lead to co-creation, in other words? Creation is, of course, the opposite of destruction. This Full Moon sets intentions for deep self-discovery and looking within to our own actions and mindsets. Although not a spiritual; sign, Virgo asks us to get to the root of our true selves and core natures. Purity is the key word!

Integrity, honesty, sincerity, self-acceptance, unconditional love, compassion, a universal vibration of oneness and harmony… These are all linked with purity. Purity of mind leads to purity of being, doing, and spirit- soul. Vice Versa.

Pisces Influence: Vision, Spirit, and Emotional Intelligence

The axis element to this Full Moon means Pisces key qualities are asked to be brought to light. There is a need for spiritual illumination and visionary qualities. Creative, artistically gifted, imaginative and spiritually insightful- not to mention incredibly intuitive and “otherworldly” (mystical, ethereal, dreamy), Pisces is the old soul of the Zodiac. They are directly opposite Virgo and this means the characteristics of each should be balanced (more on this in the next section).

Spiritual health leads to health in other areas. Physical, mental and emotional health can all be achieved when we take care of, and honor, our spirit. Pisces energy is also deeply emotionally intelligent, mature and empathic. Compassion is fine-tuned and idealistic visions and perspectives are integrated; Pisces is a sign of unconditional love and supreme compassion/empathy. Further, this soulful and sensitive water sign brings the energy of limitless opportunity, infinity, and eternal nature. It reminds us that the soul is timeless, eternal, therefore there is more than the physical and material world. This realization can help us to overcome problems and handle daily setbacks or failures with ease and grace.

A Time for Balance...

Finally, the practical, dutiful and service-oriented qualities of Virgo are meant to be balanced with the spiritual and expansive attributes of Pisces. The full moon message is to find balance between daily functions, routines, practicalities and the need for order, structure and organization; and idealistic vision, spirituality and the infinite. Virgo is all about physical health while Pisces symbolizes spiritual health and harmony. Also, the microcosm and the macrocosm. Practical earth sign Virgo is the “small” and Pisces is the “big,” the expansive and holistic picture. We need Virgo’s input to provide a strong physical foundation and framework to give birth to the expansive Pisces qualities… Focus on the illumination of the minor details and daily routines in your life. They will provide insight as to your purpose, service, and soulprint or destiny.

The merging point, or shared aspects and similarities, are found in the emotionally sensitive and sensual nature of both the signs. Both Virgo and it’s opposite Pisces are deeply sensual and emotionally intelligent. They share nurturance, feminine magnetism, receptivity, caring, kindness and romantic tendencies. The overall theme for this full moon is finding balance, harmony and wholeness within- and discovering the parts of yourself forgotten. It’s a time for romance, new relationships, and strengthening existing bonds and projects. Creativity and fertility of spiritual, artistic and passion projects are underway!

Try to balance:-

● Logic, reason and rationality… with intuition and free flow of thoughts, ideas and information.

● Practical needs, duties and affairs… with spiritual insight, vision and big picture thinking.

● Personal relationships, codependency and individual consciousness… with collective mindsets, community and self-sovereignty.

● Materialism and a down-to-earth attitude/approach… with a spiritual vibration and selflessness.

● Order, structure and grounding… with expansion and change.

Anything to be mindful of?

Yes. Be careful of becoming too sensitive, emotional or negative. The shadow side of Virgo is that pessimistic thinking can take hold, including self-doubt and pity. Anxiety is one of the worst traits of modest and kind Virgo. Because it’s a Full Moon it’s a time of completion and integration. So, depending on where you are on your personal journey you will either be stepping into the light and a whole new chapter, with self-evolution and self-mastery as the main storyline, or a process of healing and integration.

Many Blessings, Cecelia

New Moon in Aquarius:

The Gifted and Altruistic “Water-Bearer”

NEW MOON in Aquarius

11th February 2021: 2:06 pm EST

The New Moon on February 11th is happening in the air sign Aquarius. Even though Aquarius is an air sign, there are strong links to water- artistic, imgiantive, psychic and intuitive energis! Aquarius is the Water-bearer, altruistic and compassionate, sensitive and artistic, however extremely intelligent. This sign is focused on social justice and collective consciousness; themes of unity, fairness, equality and conscious rebellion. Oh yes, Aquarius is the rebel of the Zodiac. So this means we are all being asked to look within at our core heart’s desires, and how we can best make change in our individual lives and on a collective level.

Key Qualities of Aquarius:-

● Altruistic and humanitarian: Aquarius is one of the most humanitarian and altruistic star signs. They are focused on the humanity that connects us all. They often work in charity or environmentalism, humanitarian aid, or volunteer placements and welfare projects. This sign is genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of the planet and humanity.

● A conscious rebel: When at their best, Aquarius is the rebel deeply concerned with social change; justice, unity, equality and human rights prevail. They’re happy to participate in peaceful protests and rallies that demonstrate working towards a higher goal, like universal rights and truths, or breaking free from oppression. Aquarius is a free spirit with a big heart.

● Intelligent and deeply perceptive: Advanced intellect, innovation, analytical skills and perception is Aquarius. This sun sign is aware, observant and cerebrally gifted- they are an air sign after all! A bright mind defines Aquarius.

● Original and positively eccentric: Eccentricity allows this sign to connect to their inner bohemian, wise wo/man, and high class hippy. ‘Peace, love and unity, man’…. On a serious note, they can use their unique and original nature for extraordinary creations in innovation, education, invention, science, technology, spirituality, holistic health, music, the arts, and imaginative fields. They’re wonderfully bizarre with many fresh perspectives and insights.

● Creative and imaginative: Creative, artistically gifted and imaginative, Aquarius has an open mind and is philosophical, intuitive, perceptive and multi-talented. This Zodiac sign

is able to merge with the divine and sublime for original creativity which sometimes verges on ‘creative genius.’

Knowing the key qualities of the sign of this February’s New Moon can allow you to tap into the qualities (and energies) available. The strengths of the star sign are lit up and amplified during a moon cycle.

It’s all about the “Big Picture”

It’s time to look at the big picture and tune into your visionary qualities this month. Aquarius energy is revolutionary, change-making, groundbreaking and expansive. Visionary qualities are amplified and brought to the centre of conscious awareness. You will be looking at your role in society and local communities, friendship and social circles, and how you contribute towards the grand scheme of things. Now is the perfect time to find ways to be of help to others. Volunteer, join a group or organization working towards something amazing, and get involved in things. Conscious action is the main theme.

Expand your horizons. Be open-minded too, perhaps connect to your philosophical and idealistic side. This can be as small or large as you wish- it will be different for everyone. Creating a vision board can help you to align on your core values, goals and dreams. And be open to new ideas and intellectual, imaginative, and innovative pathways. If your energy has become stagnant, the New Moon in Aquarius is an amazing time to re-boost your confidence and passion levels.

Finally, the theme of personal and global-collective awakening is in divine order. You may be feeling inspired to make real and significant changes in your life. Internal shifts lead to external transformation, so take note of what needs to change in your life. Finances, career, relationships, health, friendships and love can all get a powerful make-over!

Think outside the box, and be Original

Originality, open-mindedness and new ideas and concepts are brought to light. New beginnings in the way you interact with the world are in store, and this includes how you process information. Your mind is getting a ‘level-up.’ Problems can be solved with ease and you may find yourself not getting as stressed out or upset over matters that once bothered you. In love and intimate relationships- platonic, business or romantic- you will find yourself being able to let go of people and situations that you were once attached to. Unhealthy bonds and karmic or toxic connections can be released rather effortlessly this month.

Be Careful of Emotional Disconnection and Aloofness

Make sure you are honest with yourself and don’t fall into self-denial or the “shadow” aspect of the Aquarius personality. This is, of course, emotional disconnection, an inability to embrace one’s true feelings and emotions. It’s easy to fall into the other side of letting go of toxic and karmic relationships, and that is denying all feelings altogether. Open up, practice self-honesty and embody a level of vulnerability. It’s ok to feel- it makes you human. Letting go of unhealthy attachments is key to our growth and success, abundance and fertility (of new projects, creativity, etc.), but bypassing emotions or falling into escapism will have the opposite effect. Be mindful of your true needs and desires in close relationships.

Interesting thoughts...

The last time there was so much Aquarius energy was back in the 60s, when the “hippy” movement became large and prominent. Equality, community values, peace, love, unity, justice and a respect for the planet and human rights are all associated with this sign.

All of the powerful astrology and celestial energies back from December 2020, the time of the Great Conjunction, significant planetary alignments; which further happened in Aquarius (Jupiter & Saturn), are getting activated by the New Moon. This means moving into a “New Earth” and new consciousness. On a grounded level, this signifies raising our vibrations to align with a more loving, unified, and harmoniously self-sustainable reality.

Blessings, Cecelia


February is a wonderful month for you fiery one! Aquarius season lasts until the 19th, and this makes you very witty, intelligent, and cerebral. You are happy when the Sun is in Aquarius because you can shine intellectually and imaginatively. You will be focused on personal and professional projects and coupled Aries will also have many romantic and exciting moments to look forward to. If you are single, the 11th onwards is a great time to start a new relationship or put steps in motion. There is a New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th which symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts. Health is looking good so long as you stay positive. You need to be mindful of stress, anxiety and pessimistic thinking this month. If you can keep your optimistic spirit many new opportunities are in store.


February is an interesting month for you, Taurus. On the one hand you are feeling warm and romantic, open to new connections and love; yet, on the other you are also dealing with a few minor emotional problems. Aquarius season (until the 19th) can bring up some insecurities. But when the Sun enters Pisces on the 19th you are feeling very much in your element. Pisces is a sweet, sensual, creative, and compassionate sign and one whose energies complement yours. You are free to be yourself all month, however, in both your light (shine) and your dark (shadow)! Abundance can be yours when you play to your strengths and tap into the positive qualities associated with the season. The New Moon on the 11th is the perfect time to make significant changes and start a new romantic bond.


You are thriving and shining. Aquarius season makes you bright, happy, joyous, and full of energy. Until the 19th, you are feeling more in tune than ever- your mind is active and switched on; your imaginative and intuitive gifts are soaring, and you can solve problems with ease. It is the perfect month to get your finances in check and to

begin a new relationship if this is what you are after. Uncommitted Geminis can take their relationship to the next level! From the 19th, when the Sun enters sweet and dreamy Pisces, you will be feeling more imaginative and sensual than usual. However, you will also feel out of sorts slightly, like you are being pulled in two different directions. Pisces is a dual sign like you who is also deeply emotional. You are not emotional, you are mental. Be mindful of the power of your subconscious and what your dreams or impressions are telling you.


You will be feeling very nostalgic and homely this month, Cancer. Aquarius Season opens you to your intellectual and mental gifts, which enhances your imagination and intuition. You are a water sign but Aquarius is the “Water-Bearer,” a deeply altruistic and imaginative sign. There is also a New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th- the perfect time for making a fresh start or significant change in any area of your life. When the Sun enters dreamy and mystical Pisces on the 19th you will be shining. You are so in your element you may just feel like waking life is a dream and dream world is reality. All your qualities are heightened, and there is potential for some amazing romance, soulmate bonds, and kindred spirit connections! Overall, this is an excellent month. Just be careful of falling into mild depression or mood swings. Creativity is your saving grace.


Your mind will be on money, home-life and your personal relationships, Leo. Many areas of your life are being lit up and the New Moon in harmonious Aquarius will leave you feeling like anything is possible. Lots of positive change is on the horizon… It is important you do not get stuck in a rut this month. Try to keep your energy up and spirits high- cook, bake, journal, write, read, play music, dance, and sing. Go outside as much as possible and entertain your inner muse. Creative and artistic self-expression are key for you to stay positive, despite any minor setbacks that may arise. When the Sun enters Pisces on the 19th, you will be feeling dreamier and more imaginative than usual, or like you need a lot of rest! Respect your feelings and emotional cycles as they are important messengers.


The New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th has you thinking about the services you offer to society, Virgo. Aquarius is altruistic and humanitarian- cerebral and intellectual, yes, but also incredibly wise and perceptive with a unique sense of compassion. You are empathic and caring, so these qualities blend well. You can make significant progress in your personal and professional life if you should choose. Be mindful of how Pisces season hits you (19th onwards). Pisces is your opposite sign, an emotional, intuitive, sensitive, and spiritual water sign. There is a wonderful opportunity for balance and integrating some of the less explored parts of your personality, if you can learn to come to terms with your spiritual, imaginative, and creative self. Lose the need to control things and lighten up more. Be like water!


Aquarius season blends beautifully with your energies, Libra. You are feeling inspired, charismatic, bright, and imaginative. Many important mental qualities are enhanced when the Sun is in Aquarius, and there is also a New Moon in this cerebral and altruistic air sign on the 11th. You should be thinking about change and positive transformation at this time. Is there anything you need to let go of to make room for the new to emerge? Meditate and connect to your inner source. Pisces season begins on the 19th and this allows you to feel more empathic, sensitive, and spiritually insightful than usual. If you work in a creative field, make use of this intuitive and artistic energy. Pessimistic thinking and self-doubt can start to take over slightly, at times, but any form of creativity and artistic self-expression will help you overcome this.


There may be a bit of a lone wolf vibe going on until the 19th, Scorpio. Astrology affects us all differently. When the Sun is in Aquarius, an air sign, if there are not supportive people around you who share your passions you may find yourself wanting to spend time in solitude. Creativity and soul gifts are extremely important currently. You should channel your energy into passion projects and imaginative, academic, and intuitive self-expression. Spirituality too. Art, music, poetry and

connecting with the divine are all ways to help you feel empowered, further not falling into anxiety or depression. You already know you are intense and feel deeply, so honor your needs. Pisces season (19th onwards) amplifies your watery, emotional, sensitive, and intuitive gifts! Be amazing, shine at your best, and share your wisdom and insights with those who see you and appreciate your talents.


February is all about service and altruism for you, Sag. Aquarius season opens your mind to your visionary, humanitarian, and community-loving self. You will be extremely focused on the help and service you bring to society and humanity. You may even consider seeking alternative living arrangements like Work-exchange programs, helping animals, children, or the earth itself. Freedom is key for you. Limitations and restrictions will instantly suppress your spirit this month and make you feel trapped, so it is important you seek to broaden your horizons. Pisces season from the 19th fine-tunes your imaginative, artistic, and intuitive gifts. If there are physical setbacks or distractions keeping you from living your dreams, redirect your focus towards personal projects this month. You can make significant progress in passion projects and your unique destiny.


It is all about love and romance for you this month. Venus is still in your own sign Capricorn, and this allows you to feel the full force of this beauty loving, sensual, and pleasure-seeking planet. You are open to love and commitment more than ever before and the New Moon on the 11th energizes this. The New Moon is occurring in altruistic Aquarius. Aquarius is not the most compatible sign for you, but you can appreciate the intellectual and analytical connection. So, make sure you connect to these qualities- mental and cerebral gifts are lit up until the 19th. When the Sun enters Pisces on the 19th, you will be feeling energized, inspired, emotionally on-point and grounded in your talents. Pisces is like a muse to you, you adore the mystical, sweet, sensual, and down-to-earth yet soulful and intuitive energy this water sign brings. Be mindful of suppression and trying to control situations and outcomes. Open up and be more adaptable for success.


This is your month Aquarius! It is Aquarius season and there is a New Moon in your sign. On the 11th, the time of the New Moon, make significant changes to your health, finances, daily habits, career, and love life. Every area of life can be positively affected so meditate on change and optimistic transformation. Romance, soulful bonds, exciting friendships, new business opportunities, and an increase in finances can all be yours if you play your cards right. The key is to know that you are worthy of living your best life, do not give into pessimism or negative thinking. Pisces season from the 19th makes you feel more sensitive and in tune with your emotions than usual. This is excellent! This emotional-intuitive-spiritual energy can be harnessed for success in a work project or goal. Also, if you have any personal projects or behind the scenes commitments, get your creative spark on.


You will be surprising even yourself in the levels of creativity and imaginative insight that come flowing through you this month. Pisces, you know you are amazing, extraordinary, and deeply spiritually perceptive… So, take it to the next level! Aquarius season lights up your cerebral and intuitive gifts; you are feeling more intellectual than usual, but in an artistic and imaginative way. Empathic and selfless, you may choose to begin a new project in charity or humanitarianism too. It is important you focus your energy and not get pulled along with the currents- do not be so adaptable that you waste your days. Achievements, success, and abundance can come to you with hard work and dedication, and you know all too well the true meaning of devotional service. Be true to yourself now, there is no time for shying away from your destiny.

General Astrology for February:

l. A New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th highlights your altruistic, community-oriented, humanitarian, and imaginative side, regardless of your star sign. Because

New Moons are a time for new beginnings & fresh starts, make use of this initiating energy.

2. There is a Full Moon in detail focused and practical Virgo on the 27th. This brings to awareness the structures and physical foundations in your life, particularly domestic life. It is a great time to get your finances and practical affairs in check!

3. Chinese Year of the Ox begins on February 12th. The Ox is representative of hard-work, strength, persistence, and patience. Honesty and fairness are some of the best qualities of the Ox, and they are typically known as traditional and conscientious, methodological, and opinionated. You can tap into these qualities to create new and prosperous beginnings in your life.

Many Blessings, Cecelia

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