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Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon in Aries:

Action, Ambition & Empathic Relating


October 20th 2021: 10:57am EST

The October Full Moon is unique in that it is occurring on an axis, where the Sun in Libra creates an opposition with the moon in Aries. This is known as the Libra-Aries, or Aries-Libra, axis, and this means there is a huge scope for balance and unity- a unification of polar opposites. A Full Moon represents accumulation and completion, so you will be reaching a point of clarity in your life. Old relationships, projects & partnerships may have finally reached their peak, for better or worse, and any lingering stagnant energy will be removed for good! Optimism flows powerfully when the moon is in Aries.


Key qualities of Aries:-

● Ruled by Mars, there is a huge amount of vitality, passion and energy available. Mars likes to take action, this planet is high in life force and enthusiasm to see progress in whatever it energizes. Competition and self-assertion are powerful assets when channeled wisely, but do be careful of aggression or being too domineering. The positive aspect of this fiery and impulsive energy is that it transforms and cuts through blocks, confusion and BS like a lightning bolt! Change is on the horizon….

● Aries is known as the child of the Zodiac which makes them carefree, optimistic and innocent. They're passionate individuals and you can use this passion and genuine zest for life to see goals, dreams and aspirations realized. Aim to be the best, as Aries is quite literally ‘number 1.’


Balance Action with Receptivity

Due to this moon occurring on an axis or opposition, the typical qualities of Aries can be balanced with the strengths of it’s opposite sign, Libra. Aries is masculine, assertive, dominant, courageous and willful- Libra is magnetic, receptive, peace seeking and a lover of compromise and cooperation. While Aries seeks to be number, the best and outshine others Libra is working

towards a more harmonious and just world. This is one of the main themes showing up in your life now.

Use this wisdom to find the best possible balance in any area of life that needs it; a relationship, career, a project or collaboration, home or business life… Big currents of power and energy are coming your way, a type of vitality that helps you become so incredibly level-headed and assertive. Fearlessness is flowing through you with ease! But, you have less risk of falling into the tyranical or overly dominating, competitive and aggressive characteristics of Aries, due to the Libra influence. Always keep this balance in mind.

Also, Aries symbolizes the “self” and Libra represents the “other.” Thus, this unification and harmonization of self and others will be showing itself to you, sometimes in revelationary and enlightening ways. Previous life experiences and social interactions may come to the forefront of your consciousness, and you will see such interactions with fresh perspective. Be adaptable whilst simultaneously staying aligned to your own truth. Fertility, abundance, self-discovery, diplomacy & meditation skills, and deeper empathy can be attained.


Courage and Self-Leadership

All of Aries sign’s qualities are coming into focus: ambition, honesty, assertiveness, confidence, high self-esteem, courage, self-leadership, and a positive outlook. Tune into these as much as possible. Actively practice positive mindfulness- stay optimistic and upbeat. Organizational skills are well-developed in this sign, so you can use this to your advantage over this Full Moon. Creativity combined with innovation will also assist you greatly.

Instincts and intellect can be found and accessed in a unique way. Aries is claircognizant, they receive information from the world around and from the ‘gut feelings’- the instincts- they feel and receive. They have deeply developed senses and are very self-aware. All of these qualities can help you step into self-leadership and enhance your personal autonomy, power and self-authority.

Independence and autonomy are further balanced with the need for companionship. Do you feel balanced in this area? Do you live your life with fierce self-protection, courage and self-empowerment while knowing how to open up and be vulnerable?! Are you a lone wolf, a free-spirit with an aura of self-sovereignty and emotionally available, sensitive to others needs, and flexible? Consider writing down a list of ‘polar opposites.’ Reflect on the different but complementary qualities needed to make partnerships & relationships thrive. Then, choose a course of action to integrate and embody them.


Emotional Intensity (Channel into Conscious Action!)

Be mindful of impulsiveness, impatience, and heightened emotions. Aies is surprisingly sensitive, and impulsiveness and a fiery temper are some of their worst shadow traits! Emotional intensity can be channeled into passion projects and worthwhile, meaningful, collaborations. Relationships can equally benefit from this mindful pro-action.

Physical exercise can help to release stress and anxiety built up from intense emotions. Aries is a highly competitive person who usually excels in sports; while water signs are predominantly spiritual and empathic, air signs intellectual, and earth signs down-to-earth and practically attuned, fire signs are instinctive & physical. Developing or expanding a work out practice will increase physical strength and vitality, and increase your vitality and determination, willpower and emotional resilience. Sports, martial arts, and even more gentle movement “medicines” such as yoga will really assist you in finding inner contentment. Cool your emotions down through stress release.

Finally, spend some time in nature. Take a stroll in the evening and absorb the night time lunar energies… play frisbee or a fun activity during the day with friends or co-workers- just get your legs moving and heart pumping! Aries energy can help you to access your heart power, self-love, whilst enabling you to find the confidence and self-alignment within to forge your own path and good luck. Express your deepest emotions- anything you’ve been holding back within relationships, or beliefs and feelings you haven’t had the courage to share. Liberation is to be found here.


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Aries

Aries: “I choose self-alignment for my best possible path. I recognize my strengths, passions and inner courage and embody them for victory & success.”

Taurus: “By standing strong in my light and truth, I become a force of inspiration for others to follow. Gentleness combined with self-authority is my superpower.”

Gemini: “Logic & rationality help me access my strengths and direct them in a proactive way. Using my mind is a source of power for physical achievement!”

Cancer: “I embrace my sensitivities while not being overcome by them. Fire, fire the element and fire energy, help me develop the strength & courage needed for self-evolution.”

Leo: “Now is my time to shine! I am fully connected to my soul essence, and I am fearless yet mindful in all my endeavours. I aim for conscious and empathic relating.”

Virgo: “I use my ability to access the small details and perceive with fine-tuned awareness to create beauty and abundance in my life. Personal power amplifies within when I speak & act with courage.”

Libra: “My balanced and peace-loving disposition helps me soar! I am a source of inspiration and justice for the people in my life, and they know they can count on me to speak the truth.”

Scorpio: “My light is a natural guide and motivator- my fearlessness helps others shine and succeed! Financial prosperity and soul gifts alike expand through meditation and a clear plan of action.”

Sagittarius: “Spontaneity allows me to shine and develop both my career and personal relationships. All stagnant energy is removed from my life- I commit to letting go, healing and surrender.”

Capricorn: “Self-actualization is a direct result of following my highest joy & passions and sticking to a concrete plan. I recognize the spiritual and physical/material aspects in my life for a balanced existence.”

Aquarius: “Insecurities are a golden compass to healing and self-development. I can glow and thrive even within my self-doubts and fears. Choosing love, connection & light comes effortlessly through devotion to my path.”

Pisces: “My inner warrior spirit is free to shine and soar! I am a force of compassion, unconditional love and inspirational devotion- people see my soul and strength and want my magic.”


Many Blessings, Cecelia

New Moon in Libra:

Synchronicity & Social Charm


October 6th 2021: 7:05am EST

October is both Libra season with the Sun in this balanced and art loving sign, and with a New Moon in Libra. Libra is the sign of justice and social grace, fairness and equality, and peace and diplomacy. But Libra is also highly intellectual and observational, with key mental gifts and qualities. Further, this harmonious air sign has a strong feminine energy, being ruled by Venus, with a deep love of the Arts, music, imaginative and creative expression, and beauty…. Sensuality too! Throw all of this into the mix and you will find a positive and colourful new moon full of potential for new opportunities.

Do any of the planets from your birth chart fall in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn? All the Cardinal signs are highlighted at this time, so knowing your natal chart placements can help you find greater clarity and wisdom.


Key qualities of Libra:-

● ‘The Scales’ is Libra’s ruling glyph, a symbol of this sign’s strive towards balance, harmony and cooperation. Libra values friendships and social ties above most things- they have a harmonious disposition and make wonderful peace-keepers, diplomats, counsellors and judges of character. Balance combined with inner harmony leading to outer harmony and wholeness are strong themes of this New Moon.

● Venus brings forth your need for beauty, sensual self-expression, romance and pleasure in your life, as Venus is Libra’s planetary ruler. Find time to connect to these aspects of you including self-care and self-love. If you’re coupled up or currently have a lover and soulmate in your life, engage in romance and deeper intimacy. Also, find ways to make music, art or creativity together! If you’re single and going solo for a while, engage in self-pleasure… both of the platonically intimate and sexual variety.

● As an air sign, the qualities of intellect, logic, reason, observational and analytical skills, fine-tuned perception, and imaginative and intuitive gifts are all brought into focus, and are more easily accessible!


Social Engagement, Communication Skills

A major aspect of this lunar cycle and new moon is the effect it’s having on your communication. And, your desire for social engagement and interaction. Communication skills will be brought to the forefront, and this includes social grace and charm, personal levels of confidence, and the ability to communicate mindfully, truthfully and empathically. Libra values truth and honesty just as much as they’re capable of displaying sincere levels of empathy & compassion.

Seek out opportunities to step into this self-expressive chapter, or be courageous and own up if you’ve been putting something off. Significant conversations are the key in your life right now, social bonds are the root of your success! This isn’t the time to go solo or withdraw into hermit mode (although conscious and healthy bouts of introspection for self-development are always good). Nurture and nourish the close relationships in your life whether they be business partnerships, romantic bonds, family and friendship connections, and new “potentials.”

Commit to expressing the energy of the Scales. Teamwork, harmony, compromise and understanding gained through real experience are great things to meditate on. Visualize yourself standing in gold, surrounded by people who support you and share in your mission, service or long-term plan. This is a very positive lunar cycle rich with unlimited possibilities for abundance, wealth manifestation, new connections and even educational & travel opportunities. You will find your horizons naturally being broadened through social interactions infused with mindful, on point, communication.


Synchronicity, Beauty and Romance...

… With some divine soul expression! Everything Venus ruled rises to the surface on and after this New Moon. A deep and unexplainable desire for harmony, love, romance, beauty and soul expressions fills your life; it is inescapable. Make the most of it because the Full Moon in Aries later on is a completely different story. The Libra New Moon makes you want to get in tune with yourself, your soul, and your innermost psyche- and then express its creative potential to the world. Creation is life, Source is creation and so is God, the benevolent powers of the universe, and Spirit.

Aim for beauty, balance and divinity in all you do. If you’re blessed with free time at home or an artistic or creative job, you will feel in flow with an almost effortless ability to attract and manifest these things. If you work in an office or more technical job, you can still find ways to incorporate beauty and a romantic touch into your world. Plants and gemstones, feng shui and a zen-like atmosphere are all ideal and recommended!

Pay attention to the signs and messages from the universe too. Synchronicity is highlighted at this time, a magical reality can be yours and realized regardless of your personal path, profession, or past life choices. Time is now- what reality are you creating? Keep your thoughts, emotions and beliefs in check; one potential “shadow” of this Libra moon is the potential of becoming overly judgemental or believing your viewpoints and intellect are superior. (Which leads to disconnection as opposed to magical synchronicity and divine connection.)


‘Tune into Charm’

Tune into your charm for personal and professional victory. You can increase your manifestation powers, in addition to your communication ones, by practicing visualization, mindfulness, and holistic or spiritual theories & therapies. The link Libra has to advanced imaginative, musical and artistic gifts allows them to access the realms of subtle, spiritual, and etheric/astral energy. OK, Libra may not be as clairvoyant or mystically-tuned as Scorpio or Pisces, but they are able to access the infinite. Archetypal ideas, universal concepts and important insights from the psyche are potent here.

Charm can empower your life and lead to financial prosperity. Set your sights on a bright future, because Venus is supporting you to follow your highest joy in a way that blesses you and others in your life.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Libra

Aries: “I am empowered to speak with intent and empathy for the best results. I let go of the need to dominate or overpower... teamwork is my mantra.”

Taurus: “Sensuality lifts my spirits and connects me to personal authority. I embrace my romantic and gentle side for harmonious relationships.”

Gemini: “Money expands when I communicate transparently and authentically. I strive for honesty, emotional vulnerability, and more intimate bonds.”

Cancer: “Peace fills my life when I accept that I can receive support and help from others. My caring and nurturing instincts are a gift, yet I am a social creature and life involves balance.”

Leo: “I am self-expressive, charming, elegant and modest. I know that I can stand strong in my light & truth without overpowering anyone…”

Virgo: “Purity of mind, thought and emotions open doorways to growth and self-expression. I let my artistic gifts shine for self-worth and prosperity.”

Libra: “Like a peacock, I know I am one of the best at what I do… Beauty emanates from within! Yet, I remain graceful and modest as compromise is the key to success.”

Scorpio: “I choose to live in the light whilst recognizing my dark. My shadow is a tool for the divine, but it does not rule me or steer me into darkness. I am gifted beyond belief.”

Sagittarius: “Colour, creativity and expression of the soul enable me to win in whatever I want to achieve. I am bold and independent, but know how to play fair and cooperate.”

Capricorn: “Letting go of the past is my mantra, as this leads to cleared space and fresh energy. My future is bright, abundant and blessed with peace and harmony.”

Aquarius: “When I communicate from the heart with humility and courage, I see the world change around me… the outer is a reflection of the inner, and I am a powerful co-creator!”

Pisces: “Soul defines me, I am mystical, magical and honest in all I do. Synchronicity fills my life when I live in harmony with my Spirit and flow with the rhythm of the universe…”


Many Blessings, Cecelia

October Horoscopes



Balance, harmony and teamwork… these are the three main words for you to live by, Aries. The Libra sun pushes you towards cooperative and unifying paths and projects- are you ready to lose the need to always be number 1?! IT’s ok to strive for self-mastery, to aim to be the best, and to step into self-leadership, but if your ego has been running wild lately you might want to look towards Libra. Libra is the most peace-loving and justice seeking star sign. They’re symbolized by the Scales, and this represents truth, fairness, harmony, and equality… Libra is also your opposite, so you’re naturally inclined to find balance with the main qualities of this sign. Tone the self-assertion down. Projects and passion pursuits will thrive when you surrender a bit of control and practicing humility and grace amps up your charm and attraction. Money and finances are good this month and love is given a dazzling shine! Venus energy wins.



The Sun is in Libra, the only other sign to share your planetary ruler, Venus. This signifies magic, romance, beauty and sensuality, in addition to self-expression that can increase your prosperity savings. Connect to the Venus attributes within. Write poetry, make art, create music or jam, walk in nature daily, and let your soul shine! Soul infuses the month while your need for intimacy, authentic connection, and romance blossoms. Pleasure takes priority now, but financial prosperity and wealth flow equally increase when you follow your highest joy. Try not to worry about the small things or things you cannot change. Only attune your mind and awareness to the positive… Love is highlighted all month, and when the Aries Full Moon arrives you will be feeling energized and ready to take on personal ambitions and plans once again. Burn slow but bright and strong.



You feel content and at peace in an air month, and Libra is the most peace-seeking sign. Be mindful with your words and communications this month Gemini because you may find yourself getting irritated or confused easily. Mediation, artistic and imaginative expression, nature, and music will really help to relax you while bringing some fresh perspectives. There aren’t any worries apart from what the mind (mis)perceives, so check in with yourself- are you fully present? You can't change the past and the future doesn’t exist… Return to divine simplicity whilst strengthening the bonds, opportunities and talents you already have. Stay in your current flow and only take on new projects if

they’re truly in alignment with your best interests, highest joy, etc. You need to keep a specific focus in order to see results in the coming months.



You’re digging the peaceful homely vibes! Stay close to home and find comfort in the familiarity. Although it’s an air month (Libra sun), there are a lot of peaceful and cooperative vibes in the biosphere, so you won’t be put out of sorts or centre too much. You may find people being a bit too fiery, opinionated or dominant for your liking, however; if this is the case, turn to your evolved empathic abilities. Emotional wisdom and a genuine care and compassion for others is what will get you through turbulent times. You don’t always need to speak either- there’s actually a green light for you to stay silent and connect to your clairvoyant, psychic and imaginative gifts if you wish. Despite the chaos and highly charged currents around you, you can thrive and shine in your own unique and magical way. Use introspection as a way to manifest money and abundance!



Your inner drama king or queen might come out, and this is because you’ve had a month of quiet and reflection. Or you’ve at least been guided to be more modest and introspective than usual. The Sun is now in Libra, making you return once again to the affectionate and expressive displays you adore. Art, music, glamour, play, drama, performance and stepping into your soul gifts are back in focus, and you sincerely want to be seen! Accept your need for minor theatrics and attention, as this will help others come to terms with their own shadow traits. Darkness (the human shadow, individual and collective) transforms into light when we give it space, empathy and acceptance… In social settings try to keep your words attuned to wisdom, inspiration and upliftment instead of “lower” human opinion. If ever in doubt this month, smile and make a joke.



You’re coming out of your shell Virgo, and your friends and family love this glamorous new you! After a month of down-to-earth and chilled out vibes the Sun is now in a more expressive and extroverted position. Libra likes all things colorful, shiny, glitzy and artistic/imaginative- how are you connecting to these on a cyclic level? Whether it’s daily or weekly, make sure you have a creative and pleasure-seeking practice or routine in place. Now is not the time for monogamous regimes and boring repetition, although you can use the optimistic energy to energize any work or business projects. The universe wants to provide you with blessings, and it wishes growth and harmony for you. As the sign of ‘balance,’ make sure you make sufficient changes to balance and integrate

opposing or different forces (qualities, aspects, etc.) within yourself. Too much of the same thing will leave you uninspired…



Happy Earth Day! Another year around the sun… and oh are you wanting to shine this month... Whether your birthday falls in October or November, you can really make the most of this vital and highly charged solar cycle. Your sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, sensuality, pleasure and female sexuality. There is so much joy and positivity to be found- you will be in high spirits, and you can channel this optimistic energy into your work, career, finances or love life. Speak your truth and share your wisdom, as communication will feel smooth and effortless all month. Anything to be mindful of? As much as you will be on a pleasure-seeking streak, stay sincere and authentic; be conscious of superficial tendencies. One of the shadow sides of October is giving into superficiality and a solely “me-centered” approach. Remember your capacity for teamwork, togetherness, and harmony.



Stay the course Scorpio. You might see some bumps on your path, either from your past or surrounding your future. It’s ok to admit you haven’t got everything completely sorted and figured out, or that you have taken a few shortcuts or breezed through some challenging times. Now is the time to be fully conscious of your journey thus far, which includes the life lessons, and both wins and losses you’ve experienced to get here. Are you being honest with yourself? Have you skipped important healing steps? Take a deep seat dive but tune into the light-hearted air energy the Libra sun brings. Great balance can be found which can help you see the light, embody the light, and transform through some of the darker and heavier times of your past. When you feel clear and cleansed, focus on your talents… let your soul gifts shine.



A highly compatible month, you seem to thrive in a Libra solar cycle. Air and fire blend well together so you’re appreciating the cerebral, inspiring and mentally charged vibes. You can achieve a lot and use the imaginative and artistic energy to focus on your goals and personal ambitions! Like you, Libra craves the spotlight and desires attention and admiration, thus utilize this in a charming and socially acceptable way (no narcissistic or aggressive behavior!). Keep in mind the pull towards cooperation, consideration for others, and empathy because seeking to be the best at the expense of others won’t work for you now. You need to find balance and harmony within your unique talents, social position, or leadership role. If you can achieve this, you will find prosperity and gifts flow to you quite effortlessly... There’s little stress and worries this month.



Stay grounded while not being afraid to have fun. Practicalities will be on your mind, yet there is a light-hearted and joyous energy thanks to the current solar cycle. Financial obligations will keep you on path and aligned to your own journey and sense of mission or service. This increases your self-esteem and capacity to form strong and genuine bonds. And when you’ve achieved, prospered, and conquered- let your wild child out to play! Your sign is defined by an inner drive to go for gold and reach for the stars, yet who is beside you as you climb the magnificent & mighty mountain?! Show gratitude to the people that have helped you, the ones that really influenced your past, present and future. Social grace, charm and charisma will amplify your strengths, talents and unique gifts, whilst accessing self-authority sparks an interest in new connections & friendships.



Let it shine! This is one of the most fabulous months of the year for you, you’re loving the cerebral “mental” vibes, the intelligent, bright and intuitive air aspects & energies. You need to stand strong in your truth and share your own song- be fearless in using your voice. Listen to your intuition with what comes through, and what wants to come through- the things you can’t repress or deny. Ideas, wisdom, personal beliefs and philosophies, stories, emotions and senses will be swimming to you in abundance. People want to hear you speak up. Your bravery and courage in this field is what leads to longevity of finances and abundance flow, so this really isn’t the time to play small or weak. If you do find yourself giving into temporary self-doubt or low esteem, take some time for self-reflection; introspection and introverted activities will re-center and re-energize you...



Contemplative, introspective and not as social as you’d like to be, this is the time to home in on your soul talents and life’s mission. 2021 has been an incredible year for you- it’s allowed you to really make sense of your beliefs and the foundation you've created, and to get strong on your boundaries and ability to assert yourself. Creativity, inspiration, and artistic self-expression haven’t been lost or sacrificed either! October is another cycle of inspiration and co-creation. Both socially charming and extroverted and introverted and imaginative, Libra’s energy helps you to find harmony within. To accept yourself. Sometimes you want to be the life and soul of the party, other times you need to retreat and connect to your spiritual essence, in solitude. Integrate the wisdom and self-understanding that comes from ‘the Scales’ (Libra’s glyph), as anything you learn and embody this month will help you vastly in the future.


General astrology for October 2021

● The Sun is in Libra until October 22nd/23rd, making this a colorful and self-expressive cycle rich with imagination, creativity, and bright insights. Key words to describe Libra are friendly, sociable, balanced, peace and harmony seeking, pro-justice (+ fairness & equality), cooperative, creative, artistically gifted, intelligent and perceptive. Libra’s influence this month is both intuitive and imaginative and logical and analytical.

● The New Moon on the 6th falls in Libra… make a decision and follow through with it. New beginnings are symbolized.

● A Full Moon in Aries occurs on the 20th, which is the perfect time to take back your power and stand strong in your truth and convictions. Take charge, be assertive, and practice utmost honesty in your relationships and communications. Organize, plan, attune to your ambitions, and implement change. Stay positive and optimistic!

Many Blessings, Cecelia

Full Moon in PISCES

~ Inspiration, Creativity & Soul Growth

September 20th, 2021

This Full Moon in Pisces occurs right at the end of Virgo season, as the Sun is slowly but surely making it’s ways into Libra. This is significant when we reflect on the September New Moon in Virgo- Pisces is Virgo’s opposite! This means that balance is a major theme coming up, specifically, the energetic associations and symbolism of the Pisces moon can be balanced with the lessons learned from the Virgo moon on the 7th. Further, this Pisces Full Moon is an accumulation, a completion, of the themes from March’s New Moon in Pisces…

Creativity, inspiration, spiritual growth and healing, and deep emotions were all symbolic of the new moon in March. These themes are coming up again, but this time there is a “level-up” available, a boost and amplification.


Key qualities of Pisces: -

● Ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusions, psychic gifts and spirituality, this New Moon provides opportunities to connect to your soul and psychic gifts. Instincts will be heightened as will your imagination. You can find solace and wisdom in mysticism, the mystical & healing arts, creativity, imaginative outlets of self-expression, and the subconscious mind. Neptune also rules emotions, feelings and internal currents so all of these themes will be amplified during this Pisces moon.

● Pisces glyph, the astrological symbol, is the Fish, the two fish swimming in opposite directions representative of duality. Pisces is a dual sign, they can see multiple perspectives, truths and paths…. The negative aspect of this is indecision, procrastination (Pisces can be master procrastinators!) and a lack of dependability or grounding. Positively, being a dual and Mutable sign allows them to flow with the tides of change and go with the flow. They’re adaptable and open-minded, and this flexibility of mind and self can help you to embrace growth, self-evolution and change.


Romance, Emotional Depth, and Healing

Soul growth and evolution will be on your mind, and this is strongly connected to your understanding and awareness of past relationships. Love, romance and intimacy- and the memories you may have repressed or simply forgotten- will be coming up more powerfully than ever. Pisces are the most empathic and emotionally aware sign, they’re wonderfully wise. They have a unique ability of seeing the world from an emotional and even soulful perspective…

This influence can help you access previously gained insights and self-realizations surrounding intimate relationships, love, sex and romantic connection. And your needs and wants now. Past life memories can be accessed; a desire for a soulmate bond and completely leaving behind the toxic or karmic interactions of past relationships, will be prominent; and full consciousness of cycles that once held you down, and the steps and mindsets needed for a better, more fulfilling and divine love, will be realized. You’re very self-aware of the subtle energies and forces of previous connections at this time.

So, what will you do with it? Healing is certainly on the horizon... Be brave and wholly honest in your emotional needs, self-knowledge and the lessons you’ve learned thus far. This is a time of forward movement and evolution- no digression or succumbing to escapist tendencies or self-denial. Anything you’ve transcended and risen above from your past, like toxic displays, inharmonious and unhealthy communication, the inclination to be too sacrificing, submissive or appeasing, or being too aggressive and dominant…. Childhood trauma, projection, wounds and insecurities spilling out into your relationship, jealousy or possessiveness... Any negative, reactive and not aligned to your higher self-vibration can be overcome for good over this Full Moon.

Focus on love and intimacy, connection, on the highest vibration. Tune into the ‘Old soul’ energy of the final and most mystical & spiritual sign, Pisces, and open your higher mind to ultimate truth. It is human nature to seek harmony, wholeness and a love that is true and pure.


Creativity and the Imagination

Creative, musical, imaginative, and multi-talented, Pisces is a bit of an artistic genius! Anyone who knows someone born into this sign and living up to their full potential will tell you how extraordinary Pisces are. Divine inspiration, subconscious revelations and new levels of creativity born from psychic and instinctive gifts are all available to you. There is a magic surrounding this Full Moon, Pisces brings a feeling of magic, mystery and unlimited potential. Anything is possible.

Dream up your most special ideas and future creations… let your visionary self-shine…. Use the emotional depth, wisdom, and intelligence of Pisces to further expand your creative pursuits. Subtle energy, spiritual energy, allows you to access the realm of the infinite and eternal, which also expands your intuition and capacity for imaginative thinking. Romance can spark desires to create and engage in art and music too, so don’t close yourself off to a number of paths and possibilities. If it brings excitement or makes you feel inspired, flow with it!

An intuitive approach is called for, meaning there’s not much space for over-analysis or relying on logic & reason for success (unlike the Virgo New Moon previously this month). Channel whatever you’re feeling inside from intense emotions and desires into art, music & creativity.

This will not only aid in self-esteem and personal confidence, but it can also bring a greater sense of health and well-being, and an increase to your finances.


Spirituality, Dreams & Subconscious Insight

Here are some other key themes of this magical moon: -

● You will be feeling drawn to the occult, esoteric subjects, ancient wisdom and universal laws & teachings. Let your mind ponder the mysteries of the universe, and if you’re already well on your path, commit to self-mastery and taking things to the next level.

● Find ways to access your higher self, see the divine in self and life, and visit a healer, shaman or reiki practitioner, or attend a sound bath or sacred/sharing circle. Spirituality is strong and spiritual healing and perspective can bring much needed guidance in your life.

● Create a sacred space at home, engage in some cleansing and smudging. Get your crystals out, cleanse and charge them under the Full Moon’s light, and consult your tarot or divinatory cards. Alternatively ring up a friend who always offers wise counsel and is a secret witch, age or ascended master! 😉

● Aim for purification of mind, body & spirit- without falling into the ‘perfectionist’ traits of the Virgo sun. Access the invisible and unseen realms for self-evolution and proceeding on your journey, taking the next steps, solidifying a project or path, etc. Divine guidance comes directly from Source, the mystical worlds…

● Your subconscious mind comes alive during a Pisces moon, therefore pay close attention to your dreams and the symbolism found. Be conscious of how active your higher self is during dreamtime.


Be mindful of….

The Pisces shadow traits: being too emotional or over-sensitive, moodiness, codependency and self-sacrificial behavior. Pisces can be escapist, give into emotional manipulation, and resort to extreme submissiveness and people-pleasing. Show up for yourself, focus on your passions and talents, life path and service instead. This will naturally help you to see all the positive and light in your life! Live from your heart and soul…

Finally, if you’re still working off the practical and grounded energy of the Virgo New Moon (and it’s still Virgo season, after all) use Pisces’ ethereal and wise energy to add an extra dimension to the projects & plans begun earlier. You can still work from a concrete framework or foundation- just attune to the “soul,” “spirit,” and “multi-dimensional magic” elements the sensitive Fish brings. Combine and balance the mundane and practical with a higher consciousness.

Many Blessings, Ceclia

New Moon in VIRGO

~ Well-Being, Financial Prosperity, & Self-Responsibility

September 7th 2021


This month’s New Moon falls in practical and supremely detail focused Virgo. Virgo is the Virgin of the Zodiac, the Maiden who represents purity, a strive for perfection, and the earth element. Key words to describe the Virgo sign are hard-working, practical, dutiful, service oriented, helpful, sweet and kind, moest and responsible. So, you can expect all of these themes to come up! Don’t forget to check your chart (natal/birth) to see which planets, if any, lie in the Mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.


Virgo key qualities:-

● The ruling planet is Mercury, the “messenger” with associations to the Gods. Astral energy is strong with planet Mercury and people with a strong Mercury placement excel at communication. All aspects of self-expression, communication, and the exchange of ideas, concepts, knowledge and information will be coming into focus on the 7th.

● Purification is a main theme linked to Virgo’s ruling glyph. You will feel a strong inner pull to purify your mind, body & spirit, and to cleanse your past. Cleanse, clear, alchemize and purify! Virgo is ruled by the 6th house, the astrological house of well-being, health, and daily habits and routines. Keep this in mind.

● One of the least flexible ‘mutable signs,’ apply adaptability into your relationships and career or health goals. The way you communicate with others within close and intimate relationships, and business and professional partnerships can all get a boost. Learn to be more flexible, open-minded and expansive in your attitudes & beliefs; this is a main message of this New Moon...


Practical Action

This is arguably the most action oriented and practical New Moon of the year. There is no greater time than now to get stuff done, create and align with a plan, and apply hard work to see real results. A New Moon in Virgo doesn’t deal with the mystical or subtle-energetic aspects of life, but it does provide the energy to persevere, be immensely determined, aim for gold, and look at the physical structures in your life.

Order and organization are two qualities readily available to you. Stay committed to any previous goals and practical visions you’ve energized- find new ways to amplify current projects and ventures... Virgo is very methodological (thank Mercury) therefore your route to success is to apply logic, reason and practical wisdom- everything rooted in the ‘real world’ and physical- for prosperity, new connections, opportunities, etc. If you’re hoping for vastly imaginative and ethereal vibes, wait until the Full Moon in Pisces later this month. Virgo represents the small details.

You have bright prospects, so tune into your inner strength and stamina. If you need to slow down and adjust your focus, don’t be scared of appearing too thoughtful and deliberate. The cosmos has your back! Spontaneity and risk-taking will come to you at other times. Again, focus on duties & responsibilities in your immediate now, the life and path you’ve been working hard towards creating. Earth energy expands in your life and earth energy is stabilizing, grounding, security driven, practical, reliable and nurturing. Nurture your dreams and aspirations through seeing what resources and physical structures are available to you now.


Be Patient... Take Care of Your Health Too

In addition to patience, this Virgo moon provides an opportunity to really take care of your health and well-being. Everything to do with the 6th house comes to light, and this includes the health and well-being routines and regimes you have going on. September is the ideal month to centre and get back into the daily routines that once brought you energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of excitement. Exercise, healthy eating, passion projects, movement, self-care routines, and activities that increase self-worth and self-esteem (Self-love) are paramount leading up to, during and after this New Moon.

For business and finances, be patient, methodological and organized & orderly; then, take the time for healing and mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. There will be greater opportunities for spiritual alignment and inner harmony later when the Moon is in Pisces, thus be more concerned with your emotional, mental/psychological and physical well-being. Dance, strength, go to the gym or for walks, engage in sports, hike, swim, seek out a personal trainer, begin martial arts classes, or do yoga! Whatever makes you happy. I have said this once before on a previous Virgo moon, but do be conscious of the element of joy. Activities that genuinely interest you are much better for your holistic health than a monotonous routine that only bores you!

What lights up your soul whilst increasing blood and chi flow....? What expands passion and vitality within while strengthening your immune system? Find your highest joy and flow with it. All of your physical systems will benefit from physical movement and your higher self and inner

spirit will simultaneously soar. Try to stay clear of the boring tasks and routines that bring you down, anything that makes you feel “heavy” and low emotionally is not worth it. If it’s going to stress you out or cause anxiety, it’s counterproductive to your well-being.

A further note: due to Virgo’s strong connection with physical well-being and vitality, nutrition may be on your mind. If you’re looking for a new career path or simply want a new hobby, take an online course or masterclass in herbal medicine, nutrition, or the benefits of a plant-based diet. We’ve entered a New Age of Aquarius meaning there are big changes and shifts occurring. Virgo strengthens your inner compassion and sincere caring for others- perhaps vegan or vegetarian nutrition is the next step for you?!

Your wealth is in your health! And, you’re interconnected with Gaia, the spirit of the earth, and the collective consciousness energy field.... Individual and planetary consciousness are merging.✧


Powerful Instincts

Finally, don’t underestimate the instinctual aspect of this practical and modest earth sign. Virgo has incredibly strong instincts, they navigate life connected to their senses and with their intuitive voice intact. It may not be as strong or developed as the water signs, however the energies of this New Moon allow you to combine methodology, logic, analysis and keen observation skills with instincts, subtle perception, and inner knowing. Sensual, romantic, caring, empathic and nurturing energies are just as strong on this New Moon as a need for order and stepping up to self-responsibility.

There is one minor downside to this sensitivity. Be very mindful of the need for extreme perfectionism and the need to judge, criticize or critique others. If you do this to yourself, then so be it! It can provide healing and growth is small amounts. But critiquing everyone else will just push them away, or make you appear incredibly ignorant and intolerant. Look to Virgo's opposite sign, Pisces, if you find this taking over your conscious mind. Embrace surrender and your capacity to go with the flow, adapt to external situations and events (including setbacks- or other people’s heart-centred motivations and intentions!) and harmonious teamwork.

Blessings, Cecelia

September Horoscopes


It’s time to get practical and focus on the small details in your life. Take control and care of your finances, work duties, and all matters related to work and money. It’s Virgo season, a time of practicality and hard-work, and domestic affairs on the home-front. You’ve had a few months of play and, hopefully, passion and romance! Now is the time to get more serious with your long-term vision. Re-energize or meditate on your vision board- become more mindful of daily habits that influence your life, work, and health routines. The more you get your practical affairs in order, the more you’ll feel motivated to develop a strong self-care routine. And, passion and love will increase in your life.... You’re a very expressive and physical person, Aries. Don’t underestimate the power of your libido or platonic passions.



There’s a bounce in your step, Taurus, yet you’re feeling mellow and chilled too. When the Sun is in a fellow earth sign, you’re full of laughter and positivity. And this is because you know you must stay optimistic to finish projects, attend to practical affairs, and sort out finances and responsibilities. There’s no need to stress or fear this month- as long as you energize your emotional, psychological and even spiritual health, physical matters will work perfectly. The Full Moon in mystical Pisces can teach you the real meaning of divine timing, perfect timing and divine alignment. Always bring it back to your connection to Self if ever in doubt. The world around you is a reflection and manifestation of what occurs inside, so your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, impressions and subtle currents hold great significance at this time.



Be prepared for a restless month. You’re still on a high from Leo season and a summer of love, creativity, and play. You’ve most likely had opportunities for your wild side to come out. So, unless you’ve got a set work schedule or non-flexible commitments, this month will go one of two ways. You can either be utterly spontaneous and take a random trip somewhere, solo or with friends, or you will have to stay home and create your own fun. “Fun” can mean different things... If you’re unable to take a road trip, work on your health and daily routines and habits. Virgo is ruled by the 6th house of work, health and daily routines, thus you can get a steady groove in place if you stay disciplined. Focus, concentration, discipline, motivation and perseverance are your key words!



The sun is still shining, so get outside and enjoy it! Summer isn’t over, although you will be feeling a pull towards getting practical affairs in order, just like everyone else. Virgo is not only compatible and harmonious with your energies but also helps you to stay grounded and focused. Make sure your long-term vision, goals and dreams are still aligned to who you are. Anything you wish to manifest, achieve & accomplish can be yours, with hard work. This isn’t the time for mystical fairytale dreams or relying solely on the power of the subtle universe to work in your favor (there’s a Pisces Full Moon for this!). Now is the time to use practical magic, wisdom rooted in past experiences and qualifications and successes, to manifest your bright future.



Back to reality Leo, and to ground zero. This is a new cycle for you as you’ve just had a birthday season. The Sun is now in practical and responsible Virgo, therefore it’s time to restart, recentre, and realign. You’re still feeling the sensual, playful, and majestic energies from summer, and there’s no reason to disconnect from your wild or primal, romantic and intimacy loving side by any means. You can still allocate sufficient time for romance and love dates! Just be mindful that there is a lot of practical and efficient energy available to get stuff done. Think in terms of abundance, wealth, and professional success and achievement- who do you aspire to be, and what inspires you?! Make use of the small details but don’t play it small, dream big and aim for becoming the best version of yourself.



Happy birthday! This is a wonderful month with a down-to-earth and chilled out, yet highly practical and responsible vibe. You’re feeling motivated and mentally capable of going after your biggest and most daring goals and dreams, but you achieve it with grace and effortless style... Don’t be scared of being slightly introverted or magnetic and receptive. Your natural frequency, being a feminine earth sign, will work to your advantage all month- and the Full Moon in your opposite sign Pisces gives an extra dose of magic & inspiration. The only things that should be on your mind are the money you make, the way you can provide for your family, and the self-love you show yourself; there’s no time for stress or illusionary worries! Fears are ‘false evidence appearing real,’ time is only ever now. You can learn the meaning of being at One with the divine and the universe through spiritual Pisces, so find ways to connect to your inner spirit on the 20th.



The universe is sending you subtle messages and cues about what makes your soul sing and what puts you in alignment with your best life. Don’t ignore them! The Virgo sun helps you get in tune with your instincts, which are a powerful force if you know how to trust in your bodily wisdom and senses. Ruled by Venus, you’re one of the most balanced signs and this is because you’re masculine in nature (air) whilst also being feminine (your ruling planet). This is a feminine energy month, therefore you’d be best off connecting to the Venus influence in your life. This means music, art, sensuality, imaginative self-expression, introspection, practicing inner peace, and gentle movement and meditation activities. Once you’ve found your inner sanctum, turn your attention towards your duties, responsibilities, finances and domestic life. Aim for self-mastery.



You’re not one to shy away from a challenge, but (un)fortunately (the paradox!) life will be easy and blissful this month. Virgo is deeply compatible and considered a soulmate in astrology. This influence has you finding many moments of intimacy and authentic connections with loved ones. Imaginative, artistic, and creative inspiration comes effortlessly to you, and you’re basically a money magnet. New opportunities and connections are all around- all you have to do is take sufficient time for focus and stay motivated. Explore your desires for money, fame, success, abundance or social recognition, as these can be energized and integrated in a way that is in alignment with your soul. Don’t worry about other people’s judgements or distorted perceptions, do you! You have enough people who see you and love the being you are.



Transform your restlessness into positive energy and motivational activities straight away. Virgo’s energy provides an opening for financial abundance, professional expansion, and real progress on the work and health front. Yet, it can also make you restless and impatient. There are jewels of wisdom in the shadows, so try to see the beauty and lesson in the things that trigger you. You strongly dislike small details- you prefer to see the bigger picture and ‘vision.’ But life has many frequencies, many vibrations and energetic currents that apply in different moments. Lots of self-discovery and personal growth is available now, and the feminine energy that resides over September may help you to see where you have been too masculine, boastful, or aggressive in the past, if you should let it. Are you open to healing and change...? If you require solace, use the Pisces Full Moon as a safety net. Pisces is the dreamer and visionary who shares in your creative passions!



Get back into your steady and foolproof groove. If anyone knows how to work hard and stay focused and disciplined, it’s you. This month is all about practical and professional accomplishments for you. Regardless of what’s going on in the world around you, stay aligned and committed to your personal path and goals. You’ll find a beautiful blend of practical and duty-focused energy and visionary vibes this month. The Sun’s in earth sign Virgo while the Full Moon on the 20th occurs in water sign Pisces, and they’re opposites! This means perfect balance and harmony is in order. Seek perfection in all you do, however make sure you recognize the dualistic (yet complimentary) forces needed for real manifestation, creation, and success. Balance duty with adaptability, practicality with spirituality, effort, and determination with going with the flow, and resourcefulness with surrender.



You’re still on a high, Aquarius, and you won’t be wanting to come down any time soon. To save yourself the pain and boredom of restlessness, something you despise, learn to adapt to the earthy and grounded energies of the month. Adaptability and surrender are your keys this September. Embody a disciplined and thoughtful mindset, use your mental powers and intellectual and logical gifts to find centeredness and stability for practical goals. Financial prosperity and windfalls of abundance can come to you, effortlessly, if you know how to work hard and stay the course. Lose distractions, but don’t deny yourself simple pleasures. If you want to sing, dance, make love, play, paint, be creative, or let your inner wild wo/man shine for a bit, allow it. Self-expression will never leave your life... This month is all about recognizing when you need to focus and when it’s ok to give into freedoms.



Prepare to be wooed and spoiled! This may be rare for you, sweet soul, especially seeing as you’re always the one giving, sacrificing, and healing or helping others. While the Sun is in Virgo you will be learning the true meaning of balance, of giving and receiving. Be open to the love, gifts, kindness, compliments and affections people want to give you. You’ve most likely spent the first half of 2021 engaged in deep self-care and soul alignment- you’ve also been working on your capacity for embodying spiritual and psychic gifts, including your natural vibration of being the healer. Now is the time to be grounded and seek harmony. Let yourself experience vulnerability and sensitivity, even if it feels uncomfortable at first. Passion, intimacy, romance, friendships, work projects, spirituality, and health & fitness are all key themes for you this September... Virgo season provides an opportunity for true love within and around.


General astrology of September 2021

1. It’s Virgo season, coupled with New Moon in Virgo (7th). The key themes to be mindful of and seek integration are: discipline, duty, responsibility, practical affairs, domestic life, friendships & family, health & fitness, daily routines, work, service, helpfulness, and feminine qualities (empathy, kindness, emotional wisdom, caring, generosity, instincts and sensitivity).

2. The Full Moon is happening in Pisces (20th), the most spiritual and evolved sign. Tap into your unlimited source of inspiration and creativity, artistic and imaginative gifts are amplified, as are musical and poetic talents. Intuition, clairvoyance, divine connection, soul resonance and alignment, and compassion are also available to you.

Blessings, Cecelia


A Deeper Awakening; Soul Service

FULL MOON in Aquarius

August 22nd 2021


This is an interesting Full Moon, and this is because July saw a Full Moon in Aquarius too. Two significant lunar cycles in the same sign mean there is an extra dose of magic, and that the associated qualities and characteristics (of the star sign) can be tuned into with great effects. You can read up on last month’s Full Moon to get a firmer understanding, or foundation, of the key themes coming up.


Key things to know:-

● Uranus, Aquarius’ planetary ruler, symbolizes innovation, new inventions, change and sudden transformation. Uranus is the planet associated with revolution, and with this comes conscious evolution. You will be thinking about personal changes you can make to contribute to a better, greener, more ecological, and more compassionate world. And, what humanity is doing on a larger scale in terms of new inventions in technology, science, healing and medicine, and other fields.

● Aquarius rules the 11th astrological house of friendships, networks, groups and organizations, and hopes and dreams. Community ties and values will be coming into full focus.

● This Full Moon occurs on the cusp of Pisces- some astrologers may even suggest this is a Full Moon in Pisces! It’s useful to be aware of this as the positive blend of Aquarius-Pisces energies is beautiful…


Pisces qualities

Expanding on everything covered from July’s Full Moon in Aquarius, this one is happening on the cusp of Pisces. Pisces is the most spiritual and mystical sign, least to mention compassionate and gifted. Pisces is gifted psychically, clairvoyantly, intuitively and sensitively- they can pick up on subtle information and hidden vibrations. They’re also incredibly talented in the realms of music, art, creativity and the imagination.

As the 12th sign, they are the most evolved people of the Zodiac and also known as the ‘old souls.’ So, this Full Moon in Aquarius-cusp Pisces brings to light all of the Pisces qualities within. You can draw on the Pisces spirit and strength to add a steamy mix of qualities into the equation. Aquarius and Pisces are right next to each other, which means the Aquarius strengths can “supercharge” the Pisces ones, and vice versa!


Let’s explore what this means for you:-

● When seeking to create stronger foundations rooted in community and collective activities, do so with compassion and empathy in mind. There is a vast capacity for empathy and compassion on the highest of levels, something angelic and selfless even. Pisces’ influence will help you find unconditional love and universal compassion and then apply it into your visions and dreams.

● When connected to your powerful analytical, perceptive and observational skills (Aquarius), combine intuition and an awareness of subtle and spiritual energy. Aquarius’ energy is highly intellectual and logical while Pisces brings the vibration of unexplainable instincts and intuitive knowledge. Pisces can see beyond the veil of illusion, they can sense and receive hidden knowledge, wisdom and information- about everything. You can use this to help in your imaginative, creative, educational, professional, or inventive endeavours.

● Pisces adds a very significant aspect of emotional intelligence, empathy, and heightened emotional wisdom. Self-awareness and the ability to know others on a deeper level, through emotional and spiritual connection, is available to you in abundance. Aquarius perceives things with a sharp and quick-witted mind. They are bright, wise, mentally gifted and deeply insightful. Pisces is equally insightful, but with an extra dimension of depth and sensitivity. Use this to your advantage.


Service and alignment with your “Mission”

Do you have a mission in life? A deeper, soul-tingling, and resonant calling that you know you can’t escape or hide from? This Full Moon guides you into your true service and path. It actually pushes you in an organic way, in a way that makes it impossible for you to deny, reject, or put off! Over the period of our lifetimes we are all given messages and signs at key times showing us who we are, what we should be doing, and what we need to let go of and release.

Release is a key theme of this moon. We heal through letting go of our past versions of ourselves, things that we’ve outgrown from. However, we don’t do this solely through looking back at our past and seeking release (we may do this on a Pisces Full Moon!). When the moon is in Aquarius on the cusp of Pisces, it’s all about looking to the future. Healing is different for everyone and hopefully, by now, you will know what works for you. Maybe you’re the type of person who needs to go for a long run or dance session to heal and release stress, then sit with some healthy and nutritious food and unwind with a comedy?!

Or, you might be someone who prefers to create a sacred space, get out your tarot cards and crystals, and put on some tibeta singing bowls and chimes or other types of sound healing music. Or you could use sex, love-making or primal passion, with your lover as a way to heal! I personally like to aim for balance, with “mind, body & spirit” in mind… Do what works for you, yet do try to incorporate a healthy and balanced mix of energies.

As long as you’ve got the mantra or self-affirmation ‘release your past to heal and create your future’ in mind, you will be fine. It would be helpful for you to explore the 11th and 12th houses in astrology better as well, as this will assist in comprehending the transition and link from and between Aquarius and Pisces. Aquarius is a visionary and dreamer… Pisces is a mystic and dreamer.


Fertility, Projects, and Romance

New romance, new light, a new career, and new projects, this Full Moon represents everything new and the positive changes you can make in your life. Traditionally a time of completion, fresh starts are available to you, additionally. Fulfillment leads to new beginnings and the completion of previous projects or cycles aids in future manifestation. You will find yourself wanting to start new projects, seek out new clients, and be open to new relationships. Like with July’s Full Moon in Aquarius, trust your gut! Listen to your instincts and make sure your higher self is up to par, so you can receive important guidance and insight into next steps.

This moon teaches the incredible importance of being in tune with our higher selves and thus our intuition on a practical level. Although Aquarius is the air sign most connected to water (it’s symbol is the ‘Water-bearer’), Aquarius is a very practical and grounded sign. They’re not wishy-washy or overly dreamy and spaced out, like some water signs when acting from their shadow personality.

Aquarius is a practical dreamer which allows you to be one too! Emotions will be running high, senses will be heightened, and instincts and inner feelings will certainly be amplified. Yet you can use the strong cerebral, analytical, and intelligent currents to not only stay clear of drama and tension, but to also achieve success. This is a very positive full moon with nothing to fear.


Blessings, Cecelia

New Moon in Leo

Boldness, Courage and Seeking the Spotlight


August 8th, 2021


This is the most fiery and dramatic New Moon of the month. We’re all feeling the need to shine and be seen, although it’s not just a need; it’s a burning desire! Leo is the sign of passion, creativity, intensity, and self-expression, but this sign also represents the ego, self-centeredness, and dominance. There are dos and don’ts for this New Moon, so read on to find out more. As a Fixed sign, check out what planets (in your natal chart) fall in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. This is your key to self-mastery this month.


Key qualities of Leo: -

● Leo rules the 5th house of creativity, children, play, drama, and the Arts. You will find yourself wanting to express yourself boldly and brilliantly- you will certainly be wanting the limelight! Drama, tantrums, temperaments, and theatrics are all common, yet so is the ability to truly shine. Show off and share your talents, artistic gifts, and unique abilities because this Leo moon calls for glitz and glamour.

● Ruled by the Sun, Leo is both the sign of the ego and the heart. Leos have humongous hearts, they’re selfless and devoted and extremely generous, kind and giving. They’re benevolent, sincere, and protective of loved ones. They’re also egotistical, overpowering, attention-seeking and bullyish. So, take this as you will… Inner strength is available for access, and how you channel it is up to you.

● Other key qualities include being loyal, passionate, unconditional loving, romantic, expressive, playful, ambitious, affectionate, determined, hard-working and self-initiating (they are natural leaders).


Imagine, Create, Express

It’s time to be bold and let your creativity out to play. Everything associated with the 5th house is lit up during this New Moon. Musical, artistic, imaginative, and creative expression are all ways to access your own intuition, personal power, and multi-talented nature. And, to connect with like-minded souls in your community or tribe! Seek out positive expressions of drama. This means no theatrics, dramatic outbursts, or egotistical displays of domination or arrogance. This is the shadow side of Leo which can come to light.

The best way to make sure the positive aspects of the Leo personality influence your life is to take some time for meditation and self-alignment. Transform selfishness into positive self-centeredness, the art of being centered with healthy boundaries and high self-esteem. Balancing your inner yin (coolness, calmness, peace) with yang (fire, action, dominance) is ideal. There’s a tendency to be so fiery and egocentric that we may unconsciously alienate others or create chaos.

Gentle healing activities like movement, self-expressive dance, yoga, martial arts, meditation and imaginative pathways to the self-do a number of great things. Firstly, they allow you to cool down and embody grace and charm- any healing is a step towards wholeness and harmony. Secondly, they help to ease stress, release tension, and increase positivity within. Energetic channels and pathways open so you can let energy flow, there’s considerable release and transformation involved in dance, movement, mediation, etc.


Take to the Stage

This is literally the time to take to the stage, to be brave and fearless and take your poetry book or guitar on a stage and perform. Performance, speaking, teaching, inspiring through creativity and art, and entertaining others all come under the 5th house. Leo’s energy makes us drawn to the limelight in a magnetic and electric way. There’s both an unexplainable magnetic pull and an electric buzz!

Connect with kindred spirits and people with similar interests and passions. Rekindle a project or start a new highly charged venture with someone you trust, energetically as well as physically. Shared projects favor strongly while joining forces with other inspired and inspirational people are ways to win in life, feel good about yourself, and create abundance and new opportunities for the future. Essentially, be like a lion, bold and courageous with a desire for self-preservation.


Don’t Give In...

Don’t give into lethargy and laziness either. The dual aspect of lions (Leo’s ruling glyph and spirit animal) is that they can happily spend their days lazing around in the sun. Moving for occasional play and food is great, but there’s so much more available for you. Life force, zest, vitality, optimism and a perpetual flow of energy are effortlessly accessible. Money, work, personal, health, and relationship goals and projects can all be energized, and this really is one of the most energetic months of the year. (It’s Leo season as well as a New Moon in Leo.)

Speaking of taking charge and living up to your fullest potential, are there any childhood wounds you’ve left to heal? A New Moon in Leo is the ideal time to heal yourself through action and self-expression. This isn’t like a New Moon in Cancer or Pisces, for example, where you can heal emotional and psychological wounds and pain through introspection and spirituality. Leo is bold, fiery and independent, they take action and “do.” Use your mind, body and spirit to move, let go, heal, energize, understand and release. Play with your senses! Let yourself explore your entire being, from your past to present self, and your future self.

There are many routes back to happiness and health… joy is one of the fastest. Also, consider doing laughter yoga or connecting with children. Anything that lets your inner child roam free leads to victory.


Social Grace and Charm

Finally, just so there’s no confusion as to how much drama and ego displays, we’re bound to see leading up to and after the New Moon in Leo, amp up your personal charm and social grace levels. If you’re not feeling going completely wild and dressing in colors and a free-spirited, bohemian, type of way, aim for class and sophistication. Dress classy, be savvy, and stay cultured. This will naturally align your mind to a specific vibration. We’re more likely to speak mindfully and behave accordingly when we create our physical appearance to a certain ‘standard.’

Anyway, just look at the majestic lions in their natural habitat; they glisten and glow like gold, yet they know their roar can intimidate and frighten beyond belief. To their kin, they are loving, affectionate and playful and seek to create harmony, not destroy. Strive for this.


Blessings, Cecelia

August Horoscopes



It’s Leo season, and this means high spirits and harmonious energy. You will be focused on the love in your life, or it’s absence! Romance, play, creativity and drama like the Arts are all top things and where your attention is going. You will find joy in the small things, like singing or dancing with friends, attending a yoga or qigong class, or being asked to draw, paint, or sing with someone. Community, friendships, and kindred spirits are on everyone’s minds. Financial flow increases with the more play and well-being activities you feed yourself with too. Abundance can come to you when you’re in sync with your heart and inner spirit, when you’re chasing natural highs and self-expression. Remember the power of your innovative mind and imagination for personal victories.



You’re loving the vibrancy of Mother Earth and the magical energies of the Sun, Taurus. When the sun is in fiery and independent Leo, you feel deeply sensual and open to romance. Creativity is expanded through appreciating nature, like listening to the birds and bees, speaking to the trees… you’re aware nature is conscious and sends out subtle vibrations, right? Get in tune with her. Soul resonance arises through organic vibrations this month. New friendships and admirers increase considerably- your light is shining! Personal, professional, romantic, platonic and inspirational relationships can all receive sparks of new energy and vitality, and you will find new connections flowing in abundance. Put yourself out there, transmute or alchemize your sensitivity and usually modest nature into something more social and expressive.



All you’ll have on your mind this month is fun and adventure, so there’s no point trying to do anything else. Practical matters will have to wait until 22nd when it’s Virgo season. The current astrological season increases spontaneity, vitality, zest, optimism, creativity, playfulness, courage, and your need for sexual expression. Expression in general. Your mind is alive and energized, you’re craving intellectual and upbeat conversation, in addition to companionship and community. Broadening and expanding your horizons is one of your primary goals. You’re seeking connection in everything you do, from every minor action to the company you keep and connections you make- and in both the daily grind and hustle and longer-term plans. Small shifts this month will lead to greater opportunities later… don’t underestimate the power of your communication skills. Curiosity combined with keen intellect and a sharp, brilliant mind is what will create prosperity and bliss for you.



You’re feeling loved up and full of light. Leo’s influence is powerful, and you share the same affinity with love, romance and kinship. You’re searching for new soulmates and kindred spirits in everything and everyone! If you’re single, you will surely meet your match; all you have to do is put yourself out there. If coupled you can expect heightened intimacy and steamy passionate encounters. Creativity, imaginative and musical self-expression, and artistic gifts are all taking center stage in your consciousness, next to romance. Use your strong sexual energies to spark higher consciousness and vice versa… Your life force is so strong that you will probably dream up amazing things, creations, and masterpieces. Access your higher self through daily self-care, meditation, healthy diet, exercise and joyful pursuits. Pleasure leads to co-creation, prosperity, and inner contentment.



It’s your month Leo, the stars shine for you… which you already know, so keep your ego in check! The duality of this month is that you will be glowing and radiating in victory- you’re confident, charming, self-expressive and totally passionate. You’re also extremely generous and warm this month which makes people gravitate towards you. Yet, there’s also an overwhelming tendency towards drama and theatrics, mainly caused by yourself. Or perpetuated when some peace and cooling down is in divine order. Consciously seek to attune to the light parts of your soul and personality, not the dark ones. Align with your multi-talented nature, let your talents and unique gifts flow. You can inspire others whilst feeling total satisfaction and happiness. Don’t hold back, be bold, and hold yourself in high esteem.



You will be having fun this month and connecting with people from your past. New friends and opportunities come into your life while old ones show their faces- embrace it all. It’s a very joyous and positive cycle with lots of laughter, high spirits, and zest. It’s essential that you take care of your health because when the sun enters your own sign on the 22nd, you will want to be in a calm and steady groove. Well-being activities such as yoga, martial arts, dance, self-care, meditation, time in nature, and spiritual healing- holistic therapies and the like- are ideal things to put your time into. Expansive and healing energy lights up the sky, which is perfect for your small detail, analytical, and often narrow-minded nature. Embrace the desire for growth and being part of a larger community.



Leo’s dominant and vibrant, if somewhat (extremely!) dramatic and egotistical energies are amping up your need for self-expression. You’ll be wanting to share your views and ideas with the rest of the world, and this is what leads to new opportunities, connections, and abundance. Financial windfalls are available when you speak your truth and do it with empathy and compassion. People are responding to vibes and energy this month, so clear your sacral and throat chakras and embody love and light! Musical, artistic, and creative expression are strong, you may find yourself organically involved in a new project based on some special skill set of yours. Don’t close yourself to anything… be open-minded. Finally, take a moment to reflect on your past and who you may need to clear some karmic cords with. Are you still holding onto wrongdoings from years ago?



It’s an intense month but one you dig! Intensity and passion are Leo’s middle names, so when you combine and balance these with your amazing intuition, killer instincts, and natural empathic-watery-caring, you will be shining free for all to see. Find solace in the few relationships that serve a higher purpose, the ones that really get you. And, your artistic and imaginative gifts will be off the chain! People will recognize your wisdom and talents. Be bold and courageous however steer clear of excessive spotlight-seeking- choose a natural vibe instead. Seeking the spotlight and being dramatic may suit fire signs, or others so inclined, but this isn’t your style; stay true to you. Adopt this saying: ‘You do you and I’ma do me!’ This is great because everyone will be craving community and connection whilst simultaneously wanting their own independence.



Let the good times roll. While the Sun is in fiery, dominant, passionate and willful Leo you will be right in your element. Romance, health, play, creativity, spirituality, passion and adventure are all strong, and you’ll be connecting with LOTS of kindred spirits and friends. You may even be one of the lucky ones blessed to take a travel trip. Keep your mindset sovereign without being too much of a rebel. And, if you’re going to be a total freedom and justice fighting maverick, as we do have a Full Moon in Aquarius, after all; make sure you remain grounded. Give a little, take a little. Do a bit, take a bit. Wisdom, freedom, and justice are on your mind right now and you won’t tolerate BS or illusion. Remember to keep your spiritual health strong and engage in regular self-care, meditation and aura strengthening exercises.



Passion increases and amplifies in your life, and sex, love and intimacy will be on your mind. Embrace your need for fantasy and playfulness, as Leo rules fun, children, creativity, and the Arts. If you’ve got some free time and money, book yourself a festival ticket- be spontaneous too. This isn’t the time to be mega conservative with your self-imposed limits on how much fun you can have; you need joy and excitement to keep your mind, body & spirit healthy. Savings and finances are great, there’s been a few earth-sign practical months already this year, and this dutiful cycle comes round again during Virgo season (August 22nd). Energize the areas of your life you’re lacking in, like fun, play and a deep-seated need for adventure. Pick up a musical instrument or creative hobby once immersed in, but no longer give your all to. Passion and inspiration are everywhere right now… tune into the subtle vibrations of the energetic universe.



Fabulous, truly fabulous! This is a powerful month with love, laughter, and medicine in everything. You will find healing in the simplest of things. Paint, draw, dance, sing, and play musical instruments. Garden, do DIY, cook, get your home in order, and take care of final practical alignments. Go on an adventure, take a nature trek, hike or go to the beach…! There is so much to keep you occupied you won’t be sleeping much, and when you do manage to lay your mind to rest your subconscious mind will be swimming with beautiful memories. Try to balance excitement and passion with calmness and inner peace, however. Family will be on your mind because Leo is deeply community oriented. But, you don’t need to fake anything- if one meeting, get-together or phone call is enough to show your love, do it with gratitude and sincerity. Aim for simplicity to find expansive joy and wonder….



It’s another magical month for you, but this time with different energies. Leo’s fiery and highly independent, but passionate and self-expressive nature is putting you in tune with your fierce self-protectiveness and self-assertion. You won’t be tolerating any disrespect, drama, or BS this month. As a sensitive and supremely compassionate water sign, you display this self-love with a unique and admirable type of flair; you’re one of the few people who can say things EXACTLY as they are without offending people. Others want to listen to your wisdom, intuitive guidance, perspectives, beliefs, and personal feelings. They can sense they will be healed and inspired from your natural frequency. Don’t change for anything Pisces, however, do stay adaptable and open to new opportunities and connections. If the world gets too much meander into nature or take your guitar or harmonica and sit among other sensitive animals.



General astrology of August 2021

1. There’s a New Moon in Leo on the 8th, which is perfect for starting a new health or self-care cycle. Daily routines linked to health, well-being and work link to the 5th house, Leo’s astrological domain. Start new things.

2. Then, the Full Moon in Aquarius, 22nd, brings up our need for positive action! Humanitarianism, collective consciousness, world affairs, a connected and unified global society… we’re feeling altruistic and genuinely concerned about the well-being of others and our planet (and animal species). This Full moon equally highlights our analytical and intuitive minds, our ability to think and perceive with innovation, creative genius, and originality.


Many Blessings. Cecelia

Full Moon in Aquarius

Emotional Intelligence, Community & Service


24th July 2021


The Full Moon in Aquarius represents a time of personal change and transitions, and global or collective ones. There is a shift in consciousness available. Just like the ‘Water-Bearer’ who transmutes emotions (water) into higher thought forms and mental gifts (air), we are being guided towards similar abilities. This is the first of a two-month Aquarius Full Moon cycle, so be prepared for sudden changes or unexpected opportunities.


Key qualities of Aquarius: -

● Independent and self-assertive.

● Original, quirky, innovative and inventive.

● Analytical, perceptive, and bright.

● Both logical and intuitive…

● Very intelligent, but emotionally detached and aloof.

● Altruistic and a humanitarian.


Service and pathways to the Higher Self

First and foremost, this Full Moon is about service and aligning with your higher self. Aquarius is an air sign, and this brings hidden or less developed mental aspects to light. If you’re already quite confident in your cerebral powers and are on a professional or creative path that allows you to access a variety of mind associated abilities, now is the perfect time to take an extra leap. Strengthen them even further.

The higher self is also known as the higher mind, and this signifies portals to higher consciousness are available. The focus is on community and the connections you keep that strengthen your sense of mission. Projects will be taking up the majority of your time, and if they’re not you should consciously redirect your energy.

There is much inspiration available over this Full Moon… Zest, excitement and enthusiasm are part of the Aquarius personality set, so you will be feeling motivated and ready to take charge. All aspects of service, helping others (or the planet), charity and humanitarianism will be prominent. This is an excellent cycle if you work for a charity or non-profit, or on a welfare or eco project! If your intentions are pure and honest and you’re striving towards a better world for yourself and others, this is your path at this time. There’s a certain level of freedom and self-sovereignty available in finding your purpose as well. Aim for embodying “lightness,” channel and hold lighter.


Changes, internal shifts & transformation

Ruled by Uranus, the planet of change and transformation in addition to sudden shifts, you have got an opportunity to release, let go and realign. Release what is holding you back, no longer serves a purpose, and is causing more destruction or ill-health than good. This may be a relationship, job, mindset, habit, or anything that keeps you stuck in a negative cycle of existence. Align with what you do want to see in the world. Manifestation powers and the ability to magnetize abundance and bliss to you are amplified.

Uranus is known as the ‘Great Awakener’ and his effects can be catalytic. Evaluate what needs to fade away in your life. Use the gifts of analysis, fine-tuned perception, and a sharp and bright mind to determine truths and information. Remember that Aquarius’ energy is intuitive as well as logical, thus you can use a combination of mental skills for considerable results. Meditate on change and powerful transitions which lead to growth and self-evolution.


Energy healing

Healing is on the horizon! Spirituality, the Healing Arts, wisdom, and revelations relating to quantum physics, holistic well-being, alternative medicine, subtle energy and new inventions combining spirit and science; all of these falls under this Full Moon. Start or reestablish your healing practice. Wake up at a specific time to meditate, do yoga, engage in some gentle martial arts like chi kung (qigong) or aikido, and set some intentions over a glass of lemon water or herbal tea.

Cleaning out your system now whilst merging spiritual practices is the ideal way. Your physical body is one route to health, yet we are mind, body & spirit. An Aquarius Full Moon urges you to elevate your consciousness through well-being practices. Spirit connection. If you have been looking to get into a new professional pathway, think about enrolling in an online course or diploma. Any of the following fields are totally perfect now: Astrology, metaphysics, Reiki, holistic and alternative therapies, relationship counselling, hypnosis, numerology, and anything esoteric or holistic minded.

Aquarius is a revolutionary at heart, so there are many principles you can tune into for self-alignment and personal evolution. Thinking outside the box and getting your innovative,

inventive and genius hat on enables you to find better ways to do things within the relationships and structures in your life. Rigid thinking can be overcome and transcended into open-mindedness, expansiveness, and vision. Idealism is strong. Break free from old habits, intend freedom, and shift internally towards inspiration.


Be Mindful of Emotional Aloofness

Due to the nature of wishing to shift emotions and feelings into higher realms of mind and consciousness, it may be easy to fall into the shadow side of Aquarius through repression instead of transmutation. In your desire for raising up the emotional-watery energies you may unconsciously suppress or restrict your own capacity for feeling. This can be helped with artistic and imaginative expression, musical activities such as listening to, dancing to, or playing music, and movement that allows you to release and heal emotions.

Seek out conscious connections that will help to introduce you to new and exciting pathways of community. Surrounding yourself with a few close bonds that provide a shared feeling of resonance, of brotherhood or sisterhood, instantly aligns you with a level of emotional familiarity. This then provides the confidence and clarity you need for success, in whatever you put your mind to!


Many Blessings, Cecelia

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