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    January 2021 Horoscopes

    The key thing to know is that there are some major planetary transits influencing us in 2021. These are transits that affect all of us, for example, Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus. But where each one lights up our personal charts will be unique to our sun sign. As Neptune in Pisces began in 2011, we won’t explore how this affects us individually in this December Horoscope for your year ahead. But we will go into the significant Uranus in Taurus cycle which started in 2018. This is affecting us strongly in the coming year!

    By | January 1st, 2021|Astrology|

    Full Moon in Cancer

    2020’s final Full Moon falls on December 30th, whilst the Sun is in ambitious and practicality-driven Capricorn and not long after some incredibly significant transits. The Full Moon is happening in Cancer and lights up the areas of home, family, roots, and creativity. Cancer is a very sensual, sensitive, and creative sign, so let’s explore what we can expect in more detail.

    By | December 29th, 2020|Astrology|

    December Horoscopes

    Aries This month is looking sparkly and wholly positive for you in the light of the energies of the Gemini Full Moon, and Lunar Eclipse, on November 30th. Combined with the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 14th, which includes another eclipse- a solar one; this is looking to be a very powerful month! Inspiration is surrounding you and you will find deep emotional well-being from any plans you make for your future.

    By | December 1st, 2020|Astrology|