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Psychic and Metaphysical blogs

26 September 2015
This blog is about Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit with music What is this extraordinary energy inherently manifest in every race and culture since time immemorial? What exactly is the magic found in the notes and harmonies of music that enchants, energizes and heals us? In any given moment, music can transport you to a […]
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27 August 2015
This blog is about the History of Psychic readings Despite an intense interest in psychic phenomena and paranormal activities there is no definitive starting point. Psychic readings can be traced to centuries back whereby, people with special abilities had the power to predict the future. They also provided enlightenment and a link to people on the […]
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26 June 2015
This blog post is about what you probably did not know about Psychic Readings Although scientists associate these psychic readings with events withheld in the subconscious of the psychic, many people believe that the readings are messages from the spirit realm. Psychic readings involve foretelling the future. These readings can be given to an individual […]
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26 April 2015
This blog post is about Mystic Love Recognizing Your Soul Mate Would you know your soulmate, even if you met them face to face? They wouldn’t even necessarily need to be a lover, but even a close and dear friend. Today we will look at some of those identifying factors that will tell you that you […]
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26 April 2015
This blog is about how to use energy work for the mind, body and soul Most of us are familiar with the concept of energy work and comfortable with incorporating the assistance of practitioners from both Orthodox and Alternative modalities when managing our health. But what can it really achieve and what are your options? […]
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