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All you need to know about reversed Tarot Reading

This psychic blog is about reversed Tarot Reading

Beginners to tarot reading, however, might be a bit confused about what it means when a tarot card presents in its reverse position or turns up upside down. Is this a bad thing? Should you just pretend it didn’t happen and draw again? This post will discuss the ins and outs of reading with reversed Tarot cards so that you can make a decision that’s right for you.

Even if you have never had a tarot reading before you will still probably be intrigued by what the tarot cards might have to say for you. The idea of the magic and mystery behind the cards and their ability to help you connect with yourself, your past and your future is rather amazing, right?

There are many beginner tarot readers out there who have started to wade a little into the waters of tarot reading, and there are plenty of resources online to help you with this, including books, courses, stores where you can buy cards and of course blogs. This can be a fun way to pass your own time or entertain your friends at a party or over a cup of tea.

Different tarot readers have different thoughts on reading the cards with reversals. Some are against it, worrying that it brings a real sense of negativity and depression into the reading, which should really be hopeful and positive spaces.

Other readers believe that you can still make very positive use of the lesson to be gained from reversed tarot cards. There is an extra layer of depth and meaning to be extracted from these cards, which add more to every tarot reading.

The reverse of a card enables the reader to see more light and dark in the reading, and also gives them greater ability to identify mental and emotional blocks that the listener might have in their lives.

Reversed Tarot Reading cards does take an extra level of knowledge on the part of the reader, however, so interpreting the cards in this way is not for beginners. But it can provide an incredible amount of insight to the customer.

Here are some of the things that a reversed card could be telling you:

•             You are expressing more of your energy in this area of your life internally, rather than externally, and may be keeping too much inside

•             You may have an imbalance in your energy in this area, in that you have too much or too little

•             You may have blocked energy around this area of your life

While of course beginners can dabble in tarot reading, it does take years of training to be an expert. And much of the skill in interpreting tarot comes from the experience and intuition of the reader. As a study of all of the kinds of energy in life, a good reader must get in touch with the energy of the cards and understand how this fits with each individual customer.

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