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The benefits of crystals for health and harmony

This psychic blog is about the benefits of crystals

You may have heard people talk about the health benefits of crystals and wondered just how does this work? Like many areas of natural therapy and healing, crystals have hidden benefits that most people don’t even know about, and tend to be largely misunderstood. Let’s have a look at what crystals can do for you.

What are Crystals?

Crystals are natural rock formations that come straight from the earth. For thousands of years, cultures have relied on them for physical health and wellness, mental clarity, and even a more prosperous home environment.

Small gemstones usually quite lovely in colour, hue and detail, they are small enough to be carried in your pocket or purse, made into jewellery or placed under your pillow, to help clear your energy.

How do crystals work?

Crystals release healing energy to give you balance and help to shift blockages in your body, mind, feelings and environment. Therapists believe that crystals vibrate at the same pitch as people, so the energy given off by them helps to perfectly fight illness or negative energy.

What areas of your life can they help?

Different crystals offer different benefits, and it will also provide different effects depending on how you use them and where you place them. As well as physical and mental health, crystals can improve your career, finances, luck, and romance and so much more. They also help you make it through anger and grief, self-doubt and heartbreak.

Some examples of common crystals and their main uses include:

•             Rose quartz is perfect to improve your love life and relationships, helping to heal the pain of love as well as find new love.

•             Amethyst is a powerful stone which helps people with stress and anxiety, as well as other tough emotions like anger and rage.

•             Shungite is a wonderful protective stone that offers a shield against negative energy, toxins and pollutants in the environment.

•             Citrine can improve your business prospects and help you to save money personally, as well as grow your money-making skills and invite luck and abundance into your life.

•             Malachite is also good for inviting in abundance, as well as letting go of trauma and grief.

•             Bloodstone can remove blockages that stand in the way of personal and career success. It can also promote physical health and increase your energy.

You might like to select crystals to decorate your home. They look gorgeous in bowls or vases on corner tables and mantles, and will bring a touch of brightness and personality to your desk.

•             Red crystals are wonderful for boosting energy, drive and enthusiasm

•             Pink crystals are lovely for emotions as well as clearing your mind and balancing your body’s health.

•             Orange crystals are awesome for creative energy and inspiration

•             Green crystals can encourage abundance and prosperity

Even if you consider yourself to be a sceptical person who doesn’t have a deep spiritual side, you may find great benefits in adding crystals to your life. Not just beautiful, they are calming and comforting, and people find that holding them or wearing them can bring incredible peace. I hope you enjoyed this blog about one of my interests.

Wishing you a multitude of Blessings, Cecelia

This blog is about the magical path of crystal energy and healing

Every now and then personal growth is something we all focus on in our lives. The pathways we explore in pursuit of self-knowledge and our relationship between ourselves and the world of spiritual awakening is only defined by what resonates with us as individuals. Crystals have long been used for a variety of personal reasons – spiritual, healing (they have been proven to help restore cells and organs), creating positivity, good luck, and so on.

The history of using crystals for healing dates back many thousands of years. The Romans used talismans and amulets to enhance health and for protection during times of battle. The Ancient Egyptians were buried with a Quartz crystal placed their head’s to help guide them into the afterlife; and during life they wore crystal crowns to awaken the Third Eye. In Chinese culture, crystal tipped needles were used in acupuncture and healing sessions; while the Ancient Greeks crushed Hermatite on soldier’s bodies for protection.

Crystals in India have long been used for healing both physical and emotional turmoil; while the Ancient Japanese culture included quartz spheres which were used in a similar way to the crystal ball.

Today, they are used throughout the world and we know crystals can work magic on your health, relationships, work; basically in every aspect of your life. You just have to know how to use them properly.

The bigger the crystal, the more energy they emit and the further that energy can travel. A small crystal in jewellery will enhance your personal wellbeing; a couple of inches big and you’ll feel the benefits from a few feet away; bigger than that and your crystal will emit energy throughout the entire room.

There are 4 types of crystal: Ionic, held together by electrostatic forces; Molecular, held together by non-covalent interactions such as hydrogen bonding; Metallic, which have individual metal atoms on lattice sites; and Covalent, one big molecule. Each crystal falls into those categories, and they all have their own benefits.

Pink crystals are best if you’re looking to enhance your love life or bring more love within yourself. A Rose quartz will help you to find love or heal a broken heart; and it can also help to calm you. Garnet under the bed could help with romance and passion in the bedroom.

When you’re not feeling the best – mentally or physically – and want to bring healing into your life, orange and yellow stones can help with stomach problems, while red stones have a positive effect on blood disorders. For headaches, have an Amethyst close by; and if you’re trying to get pregnant, it can’t hurt to wear a Unikite.

Is your purse looking a bit thin? To attract money, carry a Citrine in your bag. Citrine will also help you to spend less – it brings money to you, rather than pushes it away. A Pyrite will ensure you always have money in your purse.

If you’ve lost your passion for work, placing a large Garnet on your desk will help to bring it back and Bloodstone helps you reach success by removing any obstacles.

Reduce stress in your life with Calcite, Hematite is ideal for your desk if you’re studying, while Moonstone provides calm and helps to balance hormones.

To enhance your intuition or psychic abilities, Labradorite will help you to awaken the inner spirit. It has been used for hundreds of years by healers and shamans. Also used to enhance intuition is Malachite; and Pietersite is ideal if you need to cleanse your aura and encourage calm back into your life.

To find the crystal that’s right for you, first you need to decide what your ultimate goal is. Do your research and find the varieties that give off the energy to support those goals. Then choose the crystal that best suits you, hold onto it and sense the energies. Intuition and energies will tell you if it’s the right one to take home.

Once you’ve found the crystal for you, either wear it on your body as jewellery, or place it in the right spot in your home, car, office or purse (or elsewhere) to receive the most benefits from the magical energy it produces.

Wishing you all a multitude of blessings, love and light


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