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Welcome to Cecelia’s Phone Psychics, 
the original phone Psychics in Australia.

We have been helping people with psychic reading all over the world for 38 years. 
We have gifted and compassionate psychic readers blessed with abilities to read into past and present events guiding and advising you. It is our mission to provide spiritually accurate and source-based psychic reading that enlighten and assist you on your journey.
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Get your Clarity, find answers during uncertain times, and make better decisions for your life.

Here at Cecelia’s Psychics, we have gifted and experienced psychic readers that can help you explore your possibilities through our psychic reading services.

Our online psychics can help you find true love and happiness, as well as offer solutions to the daily challenges of life. Enjoy a psychic reading by phone and find answers to all the persistent questions in your mind from our friendly and compassionate psychic advisor.

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Psychic Phone Readings

Psychic phone reading can be more accurate than face-to-face reading. With less distractions on the phone, our gifted psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, healers, and astrologists can connect with your aura and energy, resulting in a better psychic reading.

There are several different types of psychic readings, and almost all psychic readers can do reading about love and relationship. However, our psychics has specialised expertise in relationships. They have authentic abilities for connecting with romantic vibrations.

Our psychic reading services over the phone offers you convenience, privacy, and anonymity that allows you to be open to your psychic reader, resulting in better readings. Our talented psychics are available to answer questions about your everyday life or love and relationships over the phone and offer give insight into your life whenever you need us.


  • Our psychics are always available to help by phone reading
  • You're not limited to one psychic reader; you can choose anyone you feel comfortable with
  • Get advice and guidance from our gifted, trusted, and authentic readers
  • Choose from different types of experts, including clairvoyance and tarot card reading
  • Get clarity for your daily life, love, and relation, heal, and get future direction
  • With the privacy and level of anonymity you get from psychic reading over the phone, better results are guaranteed.

We are always here to help you find peace of mind with psychic readings.

Contact us today for the best psychic reading over the phone with our talented psychics ready to answer all your questions and offer advice. 

“It has been my privilege to help thousands of people all over the world with my abilities as a psychic medium and spiritual healer. I am blessed with the psychic ability to access divine spiritual guidance, and it gives me great joy to be able to share this gift with others.” ~ Cecelia

Our Services

psychic love readings
Psychic Love Readings

Here at Cecelia’s Psychics, we have psychic love experts that always ready to help. Our psychic readings can guide you to the right path if you want to find your twin flame or having problems in your present relationship.

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services 2
Psychic Phone Readings

Here at Cecelia’s Psychics, we offer psychic reading services over the phone to help our clients get access to trusted and gifted psychic readers throughout Australia and beyond.

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services 3
Tarot Readings

This can help in any area. It involves using cards to predict possible outcomes while evaluating influences connected to a circumstance, person, or both.

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services 4
Astrology Readings

Our psychics can get useful information about your life from your birth chart and provide insights on what you can do reach your full potential both in the present and future.

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services 5
Clairvoyance Reading

Gifted with the ability to see clear visions, our clairvoyants can help you gain greater clarity and understanding about your life and offer the best advice to move forward with positivity.

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services 6
Psychic Mediums

Whether you want to resolve unanswered questions via a medium reading, or you are looking for comfort and closure, a medium can help you get the answers that you seek.

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