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Working with an authentic connection to both Spirit and the Source, a consultation with Suzy-Lee will leave you spiritually refreshed, uplifted and genuinely transformed in both knowledge and understanding. Discover your Soul Secrets and Karmic lessons.

Suzy-Lee is a Astro-Numerologist, Intuitive Medium and Spiritual Counsellor who has been studying and conducting work in Metaphysics for over 30 years.

Her depth of knowledge and acquired wisdom gained through extensive research and experience in the Metaphysical, combined with her comprehensive life experience, delivers an extraordinary and life changing consultation. Suzy-Lee’s mastery of Mediumship, Astrology and Numerology, has established her as one of the most sought after consultants in her field.

• Discover your Soul Secrets
• Karmic Lessons
• Your Life Path Number and it’s Meaning
• Discover your Destiny and it’s Gift’s
• Connect with your Intuition via your Number’s
• Your Master Number’s and their Meaning

In the area of interpersonal relationships and compatibility Suzy-Lee delivers extraordinary insight with great compassion and accuracy.

Suzy-Lee has created and mastered a Relationship Compatibility System, which, when combined with her considerable Metaphysical talents’, produces measurable results in your understanding of personal relationship, its dynamics’ and the spiritual intention of the experience. With Suzy-Lee you are presented with the opportunity to identify and examine any strengths and weaknesses, issues of misunderstanding, karmic lessons and the soul connection with a current or potential partner.

Our recommendation is; prior to seeking a consultation with Suzy-Lee make sure you have your birth dates on hand. This will enhance your experience and further enable her in providing the wisdom and answers you seek during the psychic reading.

"How amazing it has been to have Suzy-Lee read for me. She has been exceptionally accurate with knowledge of my situation, and her insights have offered me guidance, comfort and hope. In one of the hardest weeks I’ve experienced, her compassion and care helped me through. I have been fortunate indeed to go on my journey with her."

Find out how your life can really change for the better by connecting with a live psychic, Suzy-Lee is waiting for your call.

To speak with Psychic Suzy-Lee, call 1300 784 584 or outside Australia +61 3 8888 9277  and enter 00428 when prompted for agent selection.
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Average rating:  
 17 reviews
 by Mat Hendy

Always enjoy chatting to you Suzy. You're
very caring and interested in our conversations
i always learn something from what you pass on

 by Sarina

I’ve called Suzy-Lee back multiple times as she is so precise with what she says and knows. Her ability to know things untold to her is amazing . Suzy is calming yet straightforward which is a lovely combination. Thank you Suzy-Lee, I will be calling you again.

 by Mat Hendy

Thanks again Suzy i feel very relaxed and
comfortable when talking and listening to you.
Could talk all night to you if i had the money lol
Seriously though you do bring alot to the table which
means you are well educated intelligent and knowledgeable. Im very happy to say i know a fine lady like yourself. Thankyou Suzy-Lee.

 by Beck

Suzie has been a good friend and reader for me for years. I’ve been in situations you don’t normally hear about. She’s predicted things I would never have guessed, she’s managed to give off a calm energy or feeling whenever we’ve spoken and helped me see past my fears and anxieties. She’s worked very hard for me to help me to see the light and get out of the rut I’d put myself in. She’s motivated me and guided me to have a more positive mindset and to see the glass half full. She’s someone I trust fully, she has not once been wrong about anything. She’s an honest genuine person with psychic gifts that she’s good enough to share with us

 by michelle

Thank you Suzy for your insight and compassion. I wanted to say this to you but the time ran out.
I will try to stay positive about the future and the move. You have been a really big help and understood the personalities involved in a scarily accurate way.

 by Colette

Suzy-Lee is incredibly insightful and accurate. She cuts through the noise, and provides clear messages that ease confusion and uncertainty. She is a heartwarming woman with beautiful energy. Highly recommend.

 by Doreen

I cannot begin to Thank you Suzy for your clear & compassionate guidance & insight into my life right now! I really needed to be heard, to hear exactly what you had to say from both a human & soul perspective. I am very grateful you were on today as it brought me much healing & peace. I send you much gratitude & love, Doreen xox

 by Christine
Thank you

Thanks Suzy-Lee for your calm and genuine guidance. So much rang true and your personality characterisations of myself and loved ones were spot on. Really glad I called.

 by erigoni

I have had readings from Suzy for several years and she has been extremely accurate as well as showing amazing compassion ... her psychic abilities are indeed exceptional

 by Diane

Suzy-Lee is a compassionate, empathic and caring person whom delivers her readings with the utmost integrity and trust. She was a great help and comfort in times of loss, moments of confusion, uncertainty, and other stressful situations. Suzy-Lee has helped and made a positive difference to my life.

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