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What makes Psychics tick

This blog is about what makes psychics tick.

The answer to what makes psychics tick might lie in where we sit in the universe.  Earth is our cosmic address. It is where we live and what a wondrous place it is. Life on earth can only exist because our planet lies at the perfect distance from the sun. Whether it’s a wonderful fluke of nature or due to divine design is still one of our greatest mysteries.

The sun is 150 kms away from us and provides the exact amount of heat and light for liquid water, plants and moderate climate to exist on our planet. If the sun was any further away we would freeze – if it was any closer we would boil. It is uniquely positioned. Its birth took place 4.6 billion years ago and it’s the star at the heart of the solar system. It’s from this star – our sun – that the invisible airborne energies we call radiation, frequencies and energy waves originate.

Starting only 100 kms above our planet Earth space stretches further than we can possibly imagine. Over thousands of years we’ve begun to piece together a picture of the stars and planets around us. The solar system, the Milky Way and distant galaxies all influence our energies, moods and behaviours.

We know the feeling when we are in mercury retrograde and how it has a habit of messing with our computers and other technology. We are aware of the changes in behaviour around full and new moons. We feel the surge of energy we have when summer arrives and the sun magically puts a smile on our face. Exquisite sunsets and dawns have driven artists to capture their aura so that we are stirred by their beauty. We can’t see the energy rays creating the mood in these beautiful paintings but we can sense them.

It is much the same with healing ability, psychic predications, channelling of information from the other side. We can’t see the energy that is being accessed but we can hear the authenticity of a psychic reading and feel the result of a healing. So how is it that psychics can log on to this invisible network of information? What makes psychics tick?

The energies such as Gamma, x-ray, ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation, microwaves and radio waves come to us via the sun through the electromagnetic spectrum it creates.

These energies were only discovered scientifically by a physicist around 1900 – a mere 150 years ago. We did not have a clue they existed until then. When first discovered the scientists decided they were of no use to human existence. It took several more years of study and experimentation to stumble on the fact they could actually provide the technology we take for granted today. This led to an explosion of energy-based development starting with the wireless, then the more advanced gadgets we take for granted today – such as television, computers and iPhones as well as medical equipment such as x-rays and household items like microwaves.


It demonstrates that people such as shamans, mediums, psychics and prophets were away ahead of the physicists and have been tapping into that electromagnetic field of energy since time began. They had discovered invisible, airborne energy long before science caught up. In the psychic world it has always been accepted that although we can’t see it, we know it’s there – we can feel it – we can open up to it. Gifted psychics have always been fine-tuned to its power and able to connect with it – plug into it so to speak. They can channel information through a variety of fields such as clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, distance healing to name a view of the ways in which psychics work with their clients.

In other words, long before the scientists discovered electromagnetic fields, frequencies and wave energy, psychics were working with these phenomena. It may have been unknown to the world of science until a mere one hundred and fifty years ago – but those with special intuitive gifts were well aware of it without having to give it a name.

This blog is about avoiding Psychic lines that offer free or cheap readings

How do you know if the psychic you are talking with is the real-deal? The first step in the right direction is to speak with a psychic who is working on a line with a long-standing reputation for authenticity, transparency and providing an excellent service. Reputation is earned over time and is what builds trust with clients.

All readers have their particular psychic gift. They have developed their own technique for accessing their intuitive self and passing on the information to clients. The connection that you have with a particular reader, their style, their method of reading comes down to personal preference. But there are traits all readers on Cecelia’s psychic line have in common – they are required to be personable, non-judgemental and positive in their approach. Cecelia’s psychic readers are authentic psychics who provide information after asking only a few questions to clarify they are addressing the issues most pressing for you. This also ensures that they are connecting with you. Sometimes, however, if a psychic with the best of intentions is not connecting with you, then it is ok to say that. Cecelia’s line is focussed on client service. It is a core value that answers should be precise and to the point and you – the client – are left with the feeling you have been given answers that are meaningful and helpful.

A real-deal psychic will pass on information as they intuitively receive it rather than drawing it out and wasting your time and money. A good psychic doesn’t dawdle! Talking of money – cost is of course an issue and some psychic lines make offers that often look too good to refuse. It is well worth weighing up whether the reduced rate is delivering what you’re looking for. Here are some points to think about:

·         Consider whether the information you are being given is relevant.

·         Weigh up whether the reader is being vague or asking too many questions and not delivering information.

·         Ask yourself whether the reader is keeping you unnecessarily on the line to extend the time.

·         A reputable psychic reader will have clients waiting to speak with them and will be able to give you answers and direction in a reasonable time. Of course, it’s ok to extend if there is something in particular you wish to have further information or guidance on. But you should be given the choice.

·         Cecelia is a stickler for authenticity and transparency. For this reason she has the in-built option on her line to extend your reading beyond your allocated time or say good-bye to your reader. So there are no surprises when the clock is ticking over and so is credit card without you realising it.

A gifted psychic is someone with a desire to help their client and uses their intuitive ability to provide a service at a fair cost that does not compromise their reputation.

So all in all what appears to be a special offer doesn’t usually pay off. A ‘cheap reading’ or ‘great offer’ can actually be a costly hit to your credit card if you’re not getting the answers you want in a reasonable amount of time. Cecelia's Psychics has been operating in Australia for over 38 years and we have stayed the course because we are trustworthy, secure, confidential and not time-wasters. Who would you prefer to call?

Review by Violet – one of Cecelia’s long-standing clients:

"My mother was a psychic – a real fortune teller so to speak – so I can tell straightaway if someone is intuitively gifted or just frittering away my time. Being Scottish I am also keen on getting value for money. When I discovered Cecelia, many years back now, I knew I had found a reader who was not only a gifted psychic but also a really nice person with a genuine wish to help her clients.

Cecelia, you have helped me through many ups and downs. You always provided me with the information and possible outcomes that helped me make decisions or accept things I couldn’t change. When I prattled on too much you would say, ‘Ok I need you to stop talking now and let me tell you what I’m seeing.’ And then your spirit messages were always relevant and spot on" ~ Violet M.

You might think that having psychic abilities is rare, but in fact – it’s more common than you think. Everyone has psychic ability of some sort, whether it’s a feeling of dread when you just “feel” something bad is going to happen; when you experience déjà vu – you just KNOW you’ve been there, done that, before; or mother’s intuition.

Children in particular are susceptible to psychic abilities; however by a certain age we tend to lose those abilities if they aren’t nurtured. Some of us have more abilities than others and as we get older, it is possible to get them back. We can ALL be a “proper psychic” as long as we take the time to learn the right training and techniques.

If you want to find out about your own psychic and psychic medium abilities, try asking yourself these questions first, to see how developed your skills are.

1.  Have you ever had a dream that feels completely real, and you wake up feeling as though you were truly there – a kind of “out of body” experience?

2.   Have you ever met someone, or visited someone’s house, and you leave feeling exhausted? As though you really need to lie down and have a sleep?

3.   Have you ever experienced an encounter with people who have passed away? It could be that you “felt them” there, had a dream about them, or saw their spirit?

4.  Do you have amazing intuition?

5.  Have you ever predicted what might happen in the future for yourself or someone around you?

6.  Have you ever recalled something – a name, a place, a person – from a previous life?

7.  Are your dreams very active and make complete sense?

8.  Are you afraid of the dark, as a child, or now – but you’re not sure why?

9.    Do you hate to be alone, particularly at night?

10.  Do you ever feel as though you are being watched?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then it’s likely you have abilities that you can draw on. Nurturing these takes time, but there are a number of ways you can start the process.

First step is to concentrate – if you can get your concentration under control, you can do anything. If you want to hear what someone else is thinking, move something with your mind, or find a place that is out of reach – you need to concentrate.

Secondly, you need to remove anything that stands in your way. If you don’t believe you have the abilities, they won’t come to you. If you want to nurture your psyche, you need to have faith in yourself. Tell yourself I AM PSYCHIC and truly mean it. Don’t let fear stand in the way.

Keep motivated by keeping track of your journey. Write down everything you encounter – whether you believe it to be truly psychic or not. Keeping track will help you to remain motivated.

Something to try to help you get in a meditative state to help find your abilities: sit in a quiet, comfortable place. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths and count from 100 down to 1. When you reach number 1, start to breathe in the following colours: red, orange, yellow green, blue, indigo and violet. Once you have the images, think of your favourite peaceful destination – like the beach or a forest – and imagine yourself walking through there.

You might like to do this every time you do a reading for someone, or just on your own. And if you want a reading yourself, give my psychics a call.

Love and blessings,


This psychic blog is about the distinction between a Psychic and Psychic Medium

If you’re not seasoned in the psychic world, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed or confused about who you should talk to when you want to find out things about your past, present and future; or things about those you love.

You’ve no doubt heard the terms “psychic” versus “psychic medium” but you might not be aware that the two are very different. And it is important to realise that. One of the key things to note is that a psychic is not necessarily a medium – but a medium IS also a psychic. So what is the distinction between a Psychic and Psychic Medium and which one should you contact?


The word “psychic” comes from the Greek word psyche, which means “soul or spirit”. A psychic generally has a range of senses and perceptions, including the five physical senses: smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight. They generally receive information about people through energy, and through  that energy, they are able to see your past, present or future.

They use things called clairaudient (perceptive hearing), clairvoyant (perceptive seeing), clairsentient (perceptive sensing and feeling), and claircognizant (perceptive knowing) and they work through their intuition. Like a “sixth sense”. They tune into things like objects or places.

A psychic uses a number of different channels to be able to tell you information about your career, money, love: they might use tarot cards, crystal balls or runes to help guide them.

To put simply, a psychic reads your aura and they can do this through a number of ways:

Astrology: considering the place and time of your birth and the alignment with the planets: and how these energies affect the current trends in your life.

Aura: focuses on the colour, clarity and shape, looking for conflict Clairvoyance: sees visions of events

Divination: most common form and often includes tarot cards. Helps the psychic to understand the situation and see the future.

Dowsing: uses sticks or rods to find lost items.

Numerology: the power of numbers. Generally begins with your birth date and provides amazing insight into your life, past, present and future.

Palmistry: reading your future through the palm of your hand (the lines on your hand all mean something). Tarot: a deck of tarot cards includes 78 cards, which a tarot reader uses to get a good look into your life.

Telepathy: this allows a psychic o communicate with someone via the mind only, as though they are  reading your mind and know what you think. They can read into your past, present and future to get information they wouldn’t find elsewhere.


A medium has psychic abilities, while not all psychics have medium abilities. There are three main types of medium, psychic medium, spiritual medium and intuitive medium. Mediums use their psychic or intuitive abilities to tune into the spirit energy around the person in question; and make connected with people  who are not living in order to deliver messages to those who are. This could be from family members or friends who have passed away, from spirit guides or from the angels.

They act as a bridge between the world of the living and the spirit world.

To put simply, a medium reads messages from spirits and there are four main types:

Spiritual: delivered through speaking or writing, with support from divination tools. Connects with a number of spirits.

Physical: includes things like noise making levitation, table tipping, ectoplasm – all thanks to the spirit Healing: laying hands on someone to help heal, such as Reiki

Channeling: connects with one spirit time and time again. Messages come through writing or speaking.

So, who should you contact?

Whether you want to contact a psychic or a medium, really depends on what it is you seek. If you want to know what’s happening in your own life and the future for yourself: you are better off seeing a psychic. However if you want to contact a loved one who has passed and are looking to make sure they are “doing okay” on the other side (or reassurance there IS another side), or you want insight from someone you  might have known (or a guide), then you want to see a medium. I hope this has clarified the distinction between a Psychic and Psychic Medium for you.

Many Blessings,


This blog is about Psychic Readings

Although scientists associate these psychic readings with events withheld in the subconscious of the psychic, many people believe that the readings are messages from the spirit realm.

Psychic readings involve foretelling the future. These readings can be given to an individual or a group as a whole. Although scientists associate these reading with events withheld in the subconscious of the psychic, many people believe that the readings are messages from the spirit realm.

All cultures, whether African, Egyptian, Indian, and European or Chinese have a history of powerful psychics. In these cultures, the psychics were given authoritative positions in the society because they were considered intermediaries between the Gods and people.

These readings have always been mystical. In fact, those who have tried finding scientific reasons to support the readings have arrived at dead ends. However, the faith of people in this field has always remained high.

And with many people now having access to the internet, they are trying new ways to get psychic readings online from readers who can be reached through their websites. Non-believers have claimed for a long time that the readings are not divine messages or something that can be supported.

With an online psychic reading, people can get readings from someone who is thousands of miles away. This is something that cannot be supported by science or proven by anyone because it’s above scientific explanation. To date scientists have generally agreed that psychic ability cannot be measured because it is not an exact science. Most questions revolve around whether or not psychic ability really exists at all. In other words, scientists are not willing to look at what might merely be an ability to be good at guessing.

You have probably seen those online tests that measure if one is psychic. The participant is asked to guess what colour or shape is hiding under a card. If one guesses correctly enough times, the results indicate that this individual has a high probability of being psychic.

However many psychics score poorly on these tests. According to the results, these psychics do no better than anyone else does. Yet, the very same psychics, when reading for their clients, may have an uncanny ability to describe situations and events with a good degree of accuracy. Among their abilities are:

Mediumship and channelling
Psychic empathy
Psychic healing
Tarot card reading

The only thing not on the list is guessing.

Wishing you all love, serenity and a multitude of Blessings!

This blog is about why people call psychic phone lines

Jean-Paul Sartre said “We are our choices” so it goes without saying that bad decisions leads to unlucky circumstances and good decisions have good outcomes. That means that we need to make the right decisions to be able to live a happy life. Well, making decisions is very hard and many times, we don’t know what is best for us. Many people make decisions from the experience they had whereas others resolve to seek guidance and that may come in the form of a psychic reading.

Psychic lines are widely used by people who need guidance and these lines are usually answered by expert psychics who give advice and help in making better decisions. The main reason why people call these lines is to seek relationship advice. Relationships are one of the hardest things we have to deal with and maintain in our adult lives. Things get misconstrued, people’s feelings get hurt, people who have been friends forever suddenly stop talking, and partners pull away. That’s why many people seek spiritual guidance from psychic experts.

The main reason why psychic lines are gaining popularity is their accessibility. You don’t have to queue or travel for thousands of kilometres to get answers to your burning questions. You can get help from a psychic in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is call the hotline and you will be connected to an expert psychic.

Many Blessings,


This blog is about the ten types of common psychic readings

When you imagine yourself getting a psychic reading, you’re probably picturing an image from a movie you’ve seen at the cinema, or a TV show where the characters are at a fair, they see a big colourful tent with a sign that says “FIND YOUR FUTURE HERE”; and you go inside to see a gypsy woman with big loop earrings, a bandana on her head, and lots of gold jewellery – sitting at a little round table in front of a crystal ball.

Does that sound about right? Although no doubt there is a possibility at some point in your life you WILL see exactly that, it’s not the image of a real psychic and in fact, today’s psychics offer an abundance of options for being able to help you determine your future, or accept your past.

Here are 10 of the most common types of psychic readings:

  1. Clairvoyant readings are where the psychic has the ability to see images or visions that directly relate to your life, and they are able to tell you things based on those images. They basically tap into your energy and can see the future, along with your past and
  2. Crystal Balls: so while the story above might be the things of movies, they are real and crystal ball readings are where your psychic will tap into visions and images through a crystal ball – or another object (psychometry).
  3. The human aura can tell a lot about a person and a psychic who taps into the aura can discover emotional energies, memories and thoughts. Your aura can tell a psychic a lot about your personality, and can also include energies that belong to your family members and friends. If you have an aura reading, it could help you to determine the things that are blocking your own energies, causing you to fail at something, or lose your path in Clearing the aura from negativity can help you on a better path.
  4. Spirit animals are often said to be where our particular traits come from. They can symbolise your personality, skills you might have developed over the years (or abilities that are coming to you in future), emotions you might be facing at a particular time in your life, or they might be offering you guidance. A psychic can tap into your spiritual animal to help you find your true path in
  5. Numerology is using numbers to determine your path in life, reflecting the past, present and the future. It is based on birth dates, names, even determined by numbers which client’s might see a lot. Every number that is prominent in our life has an effect on our personality and our
  6. Palmistry can tell someone a lot about themselves, from details of their life in general, to their love life, career path and in particular, their
  7. Mediumship refers to the psychic’s ability to communicate with the other side. There are three main types of medium: psychic medium, spiritual medium and intuitive medium. They use their abilities to tuneinto the spirit energy around the person in question; and make connected with people who are not living in order to deliver messages to those who are. This could be from family members or friends who have  passed away, from spirit guides or from the angels. They act as a bridge between the world of the living and the spirit world.
  1. Based on your time, date and place of birth, Astrology can predict your life both present and future. It’s based on trends, rather than specifics, and relies on planetary positions, giving you insight into the best times to make drastic changes in your life for a positive
  2. Tarot is one of the most common types of readings, but people often mistake these for psychic readings. Tarot itself though uses a deck of 78 cards that can be used in various ways to determine the client’s future (or present). Rather than “seeing” the future, tarot readers are trained to use insight when choosing cards and then interpret their meaning and how this might affect the person receiving the
  3. If a psychic is reading you based on thought patterns, they are mostly likely telepathic. Telepathy allows a psychic to read your mind in order to determine your past, present and your future. It is based on two forms: telepathic communication and telepathic

If this intrigues you then we would love to hear from you.

Wishing you many Blessings,


This blog is about People’s Lifestyles and Phone Psychics

These days most people are choosing to have their psychic readings done over the phone rather than visiting the psychic in person due to busier lifestyles.

While phone psychics are more convenient than visiting the psychic in person, it is important that you understand and clearly evaluate your options before deciding on a psychic reading by phone.

Although some people believe that phone readings are not as accurate as face-to-face readings, there is no known proof that shows this is the case. Thus, it is important that you decide on which method best suits you before deciding on a psychic reading. There are several factors that may contribute to people opting for phone spiritual and intuitive readings, as opposed to face-to-face readings.

Why people opt for Phone Psychics?
- The Distance: If the distance between the psychic and the client is big, the client might opt for phone readings so as to save time and money that may be required for face-to-face readings.
- Anonymity: The client may also decide to use the telephone if they are feeling uncomfortable about disclosing certain aspects of their lives to the psychic in person as the phone provides privacy and confidentiality.
- Cost: Phone Psychics usually charge by the minute so the client is in charge of the length of the reading and generally, phone psychics are better value for money.
- Accuracy: Some people also believe that telephone readings are more accurate as compared to face to face as the client cannot influence the readings through non-verbal communication e.g. facial expressions, body language

What to do before calling a Psychic Line:
 Ensure that you are in a quiet place free from any form of distractions or noise
 Have a reliable telephone connection and enough credit on your phone or credit card
 Have a recorder or notepad and pen to record the important points for future reference

Wishing you all love, serenity and a multitude of Blessings!


This blog is about why we seek Psychic, Clairvoyant or Intuitive Readings

Modern day life and its’ demands on our lives, can be stressful, confusing and confronting on many levels. In the main we manage the daily demands well, however, there are those particular times where we are facing issues that seem overwhelming and where we are guided to seek insight and clarity from a practitioner connected to the Source or Spirit.

Some of us will seek the guidance through more orthodox means such as prayer, meditation or counselling. However there are many of us who will look to use the services of skilled Psychics, Intuitives’, Mediums or Energy Workers. Practitioners of the Metaphysical can offer a fresh perspective on the events taking place in our lives, assisting us with a deeper understanding of the circumstances and aiding us in moving forward with greater confidence and wisdom.

In general Psychic Readings do not turn your life around with a bolt of life changing information. The Reading is more likely to offer gentle Spirit based wisdom and a renewed connection with the Source. Metaphysical practitioners offer the opportunity to re-context the prevailing circumstances and address the issues from the perspective that we are not stranded and alone in this world. Many psychics provide evidence of life beyond life, and the influence of the spiritual on how we live. Communicating information and wisdom from loved ones and guides, proof of authenticity supplied in detail that the practitioner could only have accessed through spiritual connection and means.

Psychics and Clairvoyants offer the opportunity for people to understand the ‘gift’ that lies at the heart of most of the circumstances we find ourselves in.  Bringing conscious understanding and empowering the client is the practitioner’s intention.

Exploring situations and assisting the client in choosing the best course of action is also part and parcel of good practice. However, as always, the choices outlined in any reading are entirely up to the client to implement – or not. Working with talented and intuitive practitioners will nurture and open our connection to the endless mystery of the Divine. There are many authentic Psychic Services in Australia. They may be accessed online through their websites. Most offer their services online through webcam conversation and emails or through telephone calls; while others offer face-to-face counselling services.

Clairvoyant phone readings have gained popularity in Australia. This can be attributed to convenience and anonymity of the services. You can consider this method when you want to remain anonymous, and work with the Clairvoyant, Psychic or Medium from the comfort of your home. In choosing the most suitable psychic, your intuition is your greatest tool. After doing a thorough research that involves online searches, seeking referrals and reading testimonials, use your gut feeling to choose from the prospective ones.

You can choose to stick to one psychic’s services or opt to have your readings done by different readers. Sticking to the same reader helps build a relationship with your reader providing for a more detailed and layered reading. On the other hand, different readers will add perspective to your readings and decisions.

Wishing you a week filled with Peace, Understanding, Tolerance and Compassion.



This blog is about the difference between Phone Psychics versus Fortune Tellers

Most people are not aware of the distinction that exists between Phone Psychics, Meta-Physicians and self -described ‘Fortune Tellers’. There are many differences when you peel back the layers.

Aural guidance and knowledge provided by Phone Psychic’s is based on the premise of providing inspired and source-based direction for effective living in the ‘now’ and in the immediate future. In fact, while the reputation of the ‘fortune teller’ has often been associated with scams, Psychics, as a collective, have positively impacted on many lives.

Many people rely on both Fortune Tellers and psychics for predictions about their future in regards to money, business, careers, romantic relationships and other areas. Some people entirely rely on these readings and predictions to plan their future actions. Both Phone Psychics and Fortune Tellers can offer their services through telephones. In either case, seekers should do thorough research to identify legitimate and authentic Fortune Tellers and Readers to avoid being conned.

Phone Psychics in Australia are expected to be members of the Psychic’s Association, which is a regulating body that ensures their practice is professional and legitimate. This is not always the case for Fortune Tellers as there are no professional bodies for them.

In a consultation with a Phone Psychic, expect to be asked a number of questions prior to an in-depth reading — as this assists the Reader in establishing a clear connection with your entirely unique energy field. In some cases, phone psychics can require that you send specific photos to enable them to connect with you. Phone Readings entail much more than a prediction into the immediate future, which is what Fortune Tellers do. As such psychic readings are more accurate and detailed than the average fortune prediction.

While the services of Fortune Tellers are strictly restricted to future predictions, a reputable Psychic Phone Service and website will often provide the client with access to a vast range of Meta-Physical Talent, including Mediums, Empaths, Energetic Healers, Clairvoyants, Tarot Practitioners — to list just a few.

It is important not to lose sight of the fact, when seeking a Reading that you, the client, possess free will to decide on the area of life you seek to examine, and the actions to take thereafter. Phone Psychics are often considered to have spiritually developed ‘listening skills’ that allow them to provide detail, accuracy and in-depth source-based guidance.

“Each soul in entering the material experience does so for those purposes of advancement towards that awareness of being fully conscious of the oneness with the Creative Forces.”~ Edgar Cayce

Wishing you all a week filled with Love, Light and Healing,



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