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What does it mean to be Clairsentient?

Cecelia’s easy guide to Clairsentience

Clairsentience means to have clear feelings, or to be able to receive intuitive signals and information just by sensing. The word comes from the French language. A clairsentient medium or clairsentient psychic will receive psychic impressions through feelings, emotions or physical sensations.

For example, clairvoyance is the ability to see with your third eye, while being an empath means feeling the emotions of others without having any specific clues to give them away. These are forms of clairsentience.

It means sensing things that no one else does, and knowing things that you couldn’t possibly know with the limited information available.

If you get a sense that a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages needs you, and you call up to hear that their grandmother died last night – this could be a sign you have clairsentient abilities. If you feel the energy in a room when you walk into it or get a strong feeling from an item in a secondhand shop, these are signs too.

Clairsentience can obviously be honed and controlled, so that people with this ability can receive clear messages and differentiate them from the other parts of their life.

If you imagine you had the ability to hear everybody’s thoughts – it would be deafening. While clairsentient people don’t hear other people’s thoughts as such, if you don’t learn to tune in and out to the feelings and senses you are getting from the world around you, it can get deafening in a way.

What can a Clairsentient Psychic do for you?

When you consult a psychic with clairsentient abilities, they will sense or feel what you are going through without having to be told. Some can sense spirits of people who have passed on, or feel physical sensations like hunger, chest pains, and indigestion. Some can predict what may be coming in your life, or see things that are lost or know if something emotional happened in a certain place.

They can feel things from people who can’t or won’t speak for themselves, and pass on messages to loved ones. These are not necessarily grand visions or prophecies of the future, but can be incredibly helpful in your personal life and to overcome any roadblocks you have to happiness. Clairsentient psychics tend to be wonderful with people, and will just ‘get’ you without you having to say too much at all.

With this understanding of human behaviour (usually honed through years of practice), they can get very quickly to the bottom of things, such as where your fear or anxiety is coming from, memories you have repressed from childhood, or what are the deep roots of a problem between a couple.

They can also sense if someone loves you, and if you should keep trying to work things out together, or if it might be time to move on from a particular relationship.

The abilities will vary from one clairsentient psychic to another, as will the different readings given by one psychic. The way they work and feel is a constantly changing and evolving practice.

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