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Crystals have been around for millions of years, and their use has been known for their healing properties and powers. Often, crystals are used to help clear, shift, align and transform energy, not only being able to assist one in a spiritual journey but their benefits extend to physical health also.

Put simply, it’s a play of and with energy !!

Everything in our world is made up of energy and has its own frequency, humans, animals, plants, things – crystals; all have their own energy. This can result in energies bouncing off each other, mimicking one another, absorbing, replacing, soothing, and transforming. For instance, when a crystal is placed over a body part it emits energy at its own frequency level, a higher frequency and or vibration than ours hence it will raise and alter our own frequency level (energy) from low which is therefore creating emotional turmoil or physical pain and create these two to balance and synchronize, raising our frequency to a higher vibration and therefore healing this rut we might feel.

Given the play of energy crystals allow, they can help us heal. Like a sponge, they are able to absorb energy, often the negative unwanted energy stored and therefore remove it from the place it is found, this can be your body, your mind, your spirit or it can also be your room, your car, your home, depends where the crystal is. Furthermore apart from absorbing they can also emit energy into a space, spirit or body through its frequencies, in a way exchanging the bad for the good, or the low for the high. This absorption, exchange and flow that occurs allows for our energy to then re-align if it was unbalanced and not in alignment before, and now create harmony within our energy.

This is where we heal !!

When we reach a place of high frequency, high vibration, rising above the frequency of our ‘problems’, conditions, whatever it is we are experiencing which is born from a place of low frequency and therefore can not longer co-exist and we HEAL !!

Crystals can assist in every aspect of our lives, and there are thousands of different types that serve for different purposes and uses. These can be worn, placed over the body, meditated with, placed in your car, your home, slept near, and they are also mesmerizing to look at so even if used as decoration in your bedroom they can have a huge positive impact in your life whether this is your main intention or not. It can be a small crystal worn through jewelry or a big piece sitting on your desk, that will both connect with your energy frequency and emit their own.

A place to start is to think of what we would like help with to determine what crystal is ideal for us, this can vary for everyone, and having the right crystal for what we need healing with is key in its flourishing. It is important we are listening to our inner self and our intuition when we come to pick, trusting our higher self knows exactly what we need and we can then set our intention for our crystal.

If you are new to crystals and wondering where to start, I have grouped together some crystals and their meanings below:

White & clear crystals

Quartz, moonstone, selenite

– Clearing; they are extra absorbent allowing for all the extra noise causing turmoil to vanish and reach a calm state.

Red crystals

Ruby, Jasper, Garnet

– Energizing; red crystals have tons of energy and emit bursts of it for a ‘pick me up’ experience and also help in grounding.

Green crystals

Jade, Emerald, Malachite

– Physical healing; due to their balancing powers, instead of absorbing our energy like other crystals these ones redirect our energy to reach the perfect balance and therefore heal  by fixing an existing imbalance.

Indigo crystals

Kyanite, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli

– Soothing; in the midst of chaos these crystals help us feel at ease, dissolving anxious feelings and energy, bringing balance.

Pink crystals

Rose Quartz, Morganite, Rhodonite

– Loving; these crystals emit loving energy, not only subject to love in a romantic way but to add loving energy into our lives in all aspects.

I hope you can use this as an encouragement to look into the thousands of different crystals that exist and find the perfect one for you and see how their healing properties can make a difference in your energy and frequency and therefore have a positive effect in your life. Many blessings, Cecelia

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