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What are the chances that you have met your soulmate in a past life

This psychic blog is about soulmates

Did you ever look at your husband or wife and just feel that you were always meant to be together? That something in the universe put you together, or perhaps that you knew each other before? Often when we first meet our loved one we get this incredible sense of familiarity and warmth and safety, as though somehow we have been together forever.

Those of us who believe in past and future lives find it to be a comforting prospect. Knowing that there is  no ending, no death, but a new life with amazing new adventures to come can give you a lovely sense of peace. This can remove the idea of losing someone you love when they pass away; you can rest easy knowing they have gone onto something new and hopefully wonderful. And you will see them again.

And if you believe that you and your current beau were soulmates in a previous life, then you could believe that you will be together again in future one.

So what are the chances that when we die we are reborn again to another life? And do cultures believe  that our soulmates will find us there again when we are?

A very brief history of reincarnation

Many ancient and tribal cultures believed in the idea of past and future lives, including tribes such as the Sioux, Celts, Eskimos and Incas, as well as people in Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands. This belief has lessened throughout the years as Christianity, Islam and Judaism evolved into their present forms, as these religions believe in one mortal life only.

The idea of reincarnation however is still central to a number of religious beliefs today, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism. For these cultures, we are reborn again as mortals, carrying with us the knowledge and karma of our previous lives, until we have learnt all of life’s lessons and are ready for eternal life.

Is there are present day evidence for having soulmates?

Present day mediums, who talk to the spirits of the dead, argue for the existence of soulmates. We  connect with the same people in repeated lives because they are our partners on our karmic journey and will help us to find true enlightenment. They will help us remember the lessons we have already learnt in previous lives. In this way, two souls will cling to each other across lives, because they are incomplete without each other. Soulmates will recognise each other when they meet again.

Cultures who believe in reincarnation, such as Buddhism, do not believe in the concept of soulmates, although we may recognise and be attracted to people from a previous life. This belief states that if you look for the same relationship across lives, then you fail to truly appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each life. It also states that you don’t need another person to be happy; you are loved and complete as you are.

Whatever your thoughts on previous lives, you can have love and joy in every life

Whatever you believe, take comfort in the parts of this that help you, particularly in times of pain and suffering. According to many people, past and present, you have met your soulmate before and will do so again, which can be a very comforting thought.

However make sure that you look for the joy and wonder in other parts and other people in your life too. And know that you are perfect, with or without that special someone.

Many Blessings,


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