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5 incredible ways to access deep insight and understanding for yourself

One of the greatest and most important things we can learn about and experience in this life is ourselves. We can access deep insight into the way we feel and express ourselves can help to shed more light not only on our inner life, but on the world around us as well. Integrating the external and the internal is an important step on the path to self actualisation. But how do we go about opening ourselves up to insight and personal understanding? In this fast paced modern world that’s focused on exteriors, that question becomes harder and harder to answer. These 5 incredible methods listed below help you to contact deep within yourself to understand and nurture yourself in a personal way.

Assessment of Aura

Every single person has a unique and characteristic aura that reveals something about their hidden and deeper truth and meaning in life. The aura is a subtle field of lamination around the body that can be seen and detective by certain gifted psychics. Auras can possess certain colours and ‘feelings’ that allow a perceptive reader to understand more about that person.

Undergoing an aura reading and analysis can be a useful and interesting step, allowing you to have different insights and perspectives reflected onto you from an outside source. This can really give amazing insight into one’s true nature, and deep, hidden desires, conflicts and barriers.

Spiritual Guidance

Many people believe in the concept of guardian angels and spirits, and trust in the benevolent influence of these divine guardians. Others may wish to know and understand more about their own innate spiritual destiny, by contacting and touching upon their own inner spirit. One who can contact the spirits, hear their messages and speak to them, is able to communicate between this earthly realm and the divine, in regards to matters of importance.

Seeking spiritual guidance is a great way to access deep insight and understanding about oneself, through the helpful and beneficial influence of the divine.


Few spiritual practices are as long lived and historically successful as meditation. Sitting in a quiet place, either alone, or with the presence of another’s voice guiding you, provides the opportunity to get into with yourself on a very deep, spiritual level. Used in ancient India for thousands of years, meditation is indeed a powerful practice.

With the guidance of a teacher or someone to reflect your spiritual experiences to, meditation can become an excellent tool for personal insight and development.

Archetypes and Enneagram

It can often be useful to undertake personality and archetype test to help identify and pinpoint underlying patterns and structure in your everyday behaviour. The enneagram is a test designed to help identify personality types. By recognising yourself in one of these personality types, it can help you to better understand and appreciate the certain nuances and behaviours common to you.

The archetype model is another great and useful way to understand yourself. At first you might feel shocked or resentful about your personality type – this is a good sign it’s an accurate test! A skilled spiritualist can guide you through these tests for better self-discovery.

Talking It Through

Just as it is when trying to understand anything in life, talking it over with a skilled, insightful and wise person can help to provide clarity, knowledge and insight beyond the typical experience you might have just by yourself. Talking about personal difficulties, issues, triumphs and achievements with another person and reflecting upon them can open a great deal towards self understanding and empowerment. Although the listener might not do much for us in terms of necessarily providing insight or information, the act of simply talking with someone new about ourselves can open up a great deal of understanding simply within us.

Talking to a psychic can be a great way to promote self understanding, as they are skilled and available listeners and they can also shed their own insights and wisdom into the conversation.

When it comes to self-discovery, nothing beats making a deep and thorough self exploration through various means, in order to better understand what drives us, what makes us tick, our good and bad habits, and tendencies. Using the above 5 methods can be highly useful for personal insight and self understanding.

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