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Five signs that your relationship could need a little higher power

There are three kinds of relationships. There is the kind where the couple are happy, and the kind where the couple is miserable. And then there’s the third kind, where the couple are just sort of ‘meh’. If you  think you might be in the third category, then a relationship reading could be just the thing for you.

A relationship reading is done by a psychic, and usually  involves both partners. This kind of reading can  look at the energy between the two of you, and give some guidance about where your relationship is headed, and what you can do to bring the spark back. Here are five signs that your current love life could use a tweak from a relationship reading:

You still feel like you love or deeply care for the other person

 You kind of need to still have some feelings for your partner for this to work. There still needs to be some mutual respect and a desire between you both to have a healthy relationship, and a willingness to meet somewhere in the middle to do this. If you are in a toxic relationship, you despise your partner or feel like you have absolutely nothing left, then this sort of guidance may not be able to add anything helpful.

There is a lack of physical intimacy

 There may still be hugs and kisses (or pecks and high fives perhaps), but if you can’t remember the last time you had sex, then you could use a little help. You may find that you are going to bed at completely different times, or both of you are going together but then just getting on your phones and ignoring each other. If your sexual energies are on completely different times or planes, or what gets you excited differs from each other, a reading could really give you some insight into how to connect again.

There is a lack of romance

 If it feels like the last time you put on date clothes was the 1990s, then it might definitely be tune- up time. There may be great love and respect in your relationship, but if the surprise and excitement of romance isn’t there anymore, some help may be in order. It could just be as simple as getting some idea of what the other person wants and needs from romance, to give you a little more insight, or maybe a little more inspiration.

There is more fighting than there used to be

If the bickering and arguing has been on the increase of late then this is also a sign of concern. It also counts if the uncomfortable silences are getting longer instead (some couples never fight, just ignore each other more!) If you always have been a shouty couple who fire each other up then just fighting is not a sign of trouble, but changes to how you used to communicate with each other can be.

You don’t seem to do anything together anymore

 This doesn’t necessarily mean going on dates, it means just enjoying the same things. Did you used to binge watch shows together, or have a designated movie night, but not anymore? Do you eat at different times, or only with your kids in between you? Can you recall the last time you actually looked at your partner and had a conversation that wasn’t about household stuff? When you go out now is it always without your partner? Again, your relationship energy might just be out of balance and need some coaxing back into sync, and a good reading can certainly help with this too.

This is just the tip of the ice-berg, but may be enough to send up a few flags for you. If you want to stay together, just not in the same rut as you are, a relationship reading may give you the insight that you need.

At the very least you can start communicating with each other again (and maybe you can even count the reading as ‘date night!’). If you need to talk to someone call us about how we can help you today.

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