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Psychic and Metaphysical blogs

30 November 2019
This blog is about the 70 by 7 technique You can use the 70 by 7 technique to fulfil your present day needs and to program the mind and achieve the abundance/success/frame mindset. It is simple a repeat affirmation process. All things in life are either growing or stagnating and dying – this includes us […]
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17 November 2019
This psychic blog discusses why you should get a Tarot Reading There are many people in the world who might be sceptical about the power or potential of a tarot reading, and reasonably so. Sceptical people tend to be more practical and more realistic in their day to day lives – being dubious about a […]
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15 November 2019
This psychic blog asks the question can you become Clairvoyant Have you ever been humming a song in your head and then you turn the radio on – and that song is playing? If this happens to you often, along with other little hints and signs that the universe might be trying to tell you […]
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7 November 2019
This blog is about what makes psychics tick. The answer to what makes psychics tick might lie in where we sit in the universe.  Earth is our cosmic address. It is where we live and what a wondrous place it is. Life on earth can only exist because our planet lies at the perfect distance from […]
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18 October 2019
This blog is about avoiding Psychic lines that offer free or cheap readings How do you know if the psychic you are talking with is the real-deal? The first step in the right direction is to speak with a psychic who is working on a line with a long-standing reputation for authenticity, transparency and providing […]
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19 August 2019
This psychic blog is about the benefits of crystals You may have heard people talk about the health benefits of crystals and wondered just how does this work? Like many areas of natural therapy and healing, crystals have hidden benefits that most people don’t even know about, and tend to be largely misunderstood. Let’s have […]
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30 July 2019
This psychic blog is about finding soul mates There are many different opinions on whether or not soul mates exist. This is an area where there are no hard and fast rules, and what each person believes or experiences can be quite different from the next. Your ideals may be shaped by what you have […]
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4 July 2019
This psychic blog is about PSTN feature exit of 1900 services in Australia ceasing We are advising our valued customers of some changes that are occurring within the Australian market which relate to PSTN feature exit of 190 services and also premium SMS services. Australia’s 190 lines, including 190 psychic chat, tarot and premium SMS […]
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24 February 2019
This blog is about how to prepare for a love and relationship reading If you have been considering love readings, or getting a relationship reading from a psychic expert, you might be wondering how it all works. If you haven’t tried this before, it can be normal to start feeling a bit awkward and like […]
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27 December 2018
This blog is about everything you need to know about the 7 Chakras The 7 Chakras energy centers can be used as helpful tools to living your richest life, conversely not being aware of them can have the opposite effect of harming people who are unaware of them.Here is everything you need to know. Chakras […]
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24 December 2018
This psychic blog is about Christmas time blues I would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and relaxing Christmas and at the same time send a heartfelt message to those of us who are anticipating a less than traditional holiday time with Christmas time blues I know that that most of us are likely […]
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26 November 2018
One of the greatest and most important things we can learn about and experience in this life is ourselves. We can access deep insight into the way we feel and express ourselves can help to shed more light not only on our inner life, but on the world around us as well. Integrating the external […]
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