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Can you become Clairvoyant?

This psychic blog asks the question can you become Clairvoyant

Have you ever been humming a song in your head and then you turn the radio on – and that song is playing? If this happens to you often, along with other little hints and signs that the universe might be trying to tell you something, you may have wondered, ‘Am I clairvoyant?’ 'Can I become clairvoyant?"

How can you tell if you are clairvoyant?

Clairvoyance basically means ‘clear vision’, and this word is used to define the ability to receive visions that are beyond the physical world. This includes things that most other people can’t see, such as psychic visions of angels or spirits, or things from the future or the past.

Can you become clairvoyant?

Some experts believe that every person has the ability to connect with the spirit world and receive messages – we all just vary in how open we are to receive them. Following this theory, anyone with the right practice and an open and observant mind could be clairvoyant.

Whether or not you have the ability to know what to do with these messages is another story. Not everyone can receive guidance from the spirit world and know wisely what these messages mean. Again, being able to fully understand the messages is something that takes time, expertise and practice.

If you feel like you’ve always had a sixth sense about things, then perhaps focusing and honing your skills can result in true intuition. You may have, for example, seen someone who has passed away, detected an aura around a person or thing, heard a voice or sound that wasn’t there, or just known something about someone that you couldn’t possibly otherwise have known.

Even if you’ve never had anything like a psychic feeling before, if you have a true passion for the practice and are committed to an open and intuitive mind, you may be able to hone natural clairvoyant abilities.

Here are some tips that may help:

  • You need to work on any fear you have of this sense, or any other negative blockages that may be holding you back. You also need to face any fear of being different because of your abilities.
  • Lifestyle and dietary blockages can hold you back as well. You may need to work on giving up any vices or mind-altering substances such as alcohol, tobacco, medications or caffeine.
  • Write down a list of affirmations that may help you connect with your abilities, such as ‘I am clairvoyant’, ‘I believe in my psychic abilities’, and ‘I am safe’. Read or write these over and over each day.
  • Practice visualizing images, events, dreams, and fantasies every day, in as vivid colour and detail as you can.
  • Practice meditation every day. Sit somewhere quiet and let out a long breathe until you feel calm and steady, close your eyes and really focus on seeing something in your mind’s eye.
  • Practice psychic games with cards such as Memory.
  • Carry crystals to help you connect with your intuition. Amethyst and fluorite are both known for being able to help people connect with their psychic side, but there are several others that may help as well.
  • Keep a dream journal.

All of this can help you connect with your clairvoyant side, but it does take commitment and practice to get there.

Many blessings, Cecelia


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