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What makes Psychics tick

This blog is about what makes psychics tick.

The answer to what makes psychics tick might lie in where we sit in the universe.  Earth is our cosmic address. It is where we live and what a wondrous place it is. Life on earth can only exist because our planet lies at the perfect distance from the sun. Whether it’s a wonderful fluke of nature or due to divine design is still one of our greatest mysteries.

The sun is 150 kms away from us and provides the exact amount of heat and light for liquid water, plants and moderate climate to exist on our planet. If the sun was any further away we would freeze – if it was any closer we would boil. It is uniquely positioned. Its birth took place 4.6 billion years ago and it’s the star at the heart of the solar system. It’s from this star – our sun – that the invisible airborne energies we call radiation, frequencies and energy waves originate.

Starting only 100 kms above our planet Earth space stretches further than we can possibly imagine. Over thousands of years we’ve begun to piece together a picture of the stars and planets around us. The solar system, the Milky Way and distant galaxies all influence our energies, moods and behaviours.

We know the feeling when we are in mercury retrograde and how it has a habit of messing with our computers and other technology. We are aware of the changes in behaviour around full and new moons. We feel the surge of energy we have when summer arrives and the sun magically puts a smile on our face. Exquisite sunsets and dawns have driven artists to capture their aura so that we are stirred by their beauty. We can’t see the energy rays creating the mood in these beautiful paintings but we can sense them.

It is much the same with healing ability, psychic predications, channelling of information from the other side. We can’t see the energy that is being accessed but we can hear the authenticity of a psychic reading and feel the result of a healing. So how is it that psychics can log on to this invisible network of information? What makes psychics tick?

The energies such as Gamma, x-ray, ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation, microwaves and radio waves come to us via the sun through the electromagnetic spectrum it creates.

These energies were only discovered scientifically by a physicist around 1900 – a mere 150 years ago. We did not have a clue they existed until then. When first discovered the scientists decided they were of no use to human existence. It took several more years of study and experimentation to stumble on the fact they could actually provide the technology we take for granted today. This led to an explosion of energy-based development starting with the wireless, then the more advanced gadgets we take for granted today – such as television, computers and iPhones as well as medical equipment such as x-rays and household items like microwaves.


It demonstrates that people such as shamans, mediums, psychics and prophets were away ahead of the physicists and have been tapping into that electromagnetic field of energy since time began. They had discovered invisible, airborne energy long before science caught up. In the psychic world it has always been accepted that although we can’t see it, we know it’s there – we can feel it – we can open up to it. Gifted psychics have always been fine-tuned to its power and able to connect with it – plug into it so to speak. They can channel information through a variety of fields such as clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, distance healing to name a view of the ways in which psychics work with their clients.

In other words, long before the scientists discovered electromagnetic fields, frequencies and wave energy, psychics were working with these phenomena. It may have been unknown to the world of science until a mere one hundred and fifty years ago – but those with special intuitive gifts were well aware of it without having to give it a name.

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