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70 by 7 belief change exercise for success

This blog is about the 70 by 7 technique

You can use the 70 by 7 technique to fulfil your present day needs and to program the mind and achieve the abundance/success/frame mindset. It is simple a repeat affirmation process.

All things in life are either growing or stagnating and dying – this includes us – human beings. Just like say a mango tree that gives off fruits throughout its life, we too need to give off ‘fruit’ in order to feel happy and alive. Most problems in life come from not going for full aliveness. We need to take continual actions in our lives to ensure we grow.

Consider the things you want to improve and write them down. Once you have done this, you need to think about the actions you need to take to fulfil your desire. Every desire has a price. It takes time and energy to create it and live it out. It often requires determination and persistence.

For instance you may desire to have more confidence, lose weight, improve your relationship with a partner, improve your career or manifest financial abundance. Only one thing separates those who are successful and those who are not. It is the ability to take action to reach your goal. We are all actors on the stage of life. Actors take actions. Make sure the actions you take are well considered and aimed at the objectives you want to achieve.

Daily commitment to achieving a goal or change in your life is to commit to small steps and exercises at the beginning. Even a few minutes a day will bring you benefits and become a regular part of your life.

The Technique 70 x 7 is a tool to help you achieve the goal or desire you would like to experience. This is an old simple and powerful technique used to alter the subconscious mind producing very surprising outcomes. This technique is very ancient, so ancient in fact that it was featured in the Bible. It will help bring about the circumstances and actions to help you reach your desired outcome.

  • Every day for seven days, write out seventy times the statement that you wish to see fulfilled. In other words write down your desired goal. It should be a strong statement – weak, half-baked statements don’t work.
  • Keep the statement short and precise. No negatives and no (Such as I will be confident or I will not be shy.)
  • Write down underneath each statement whatever the response is that comes into your mind. Each day there should be 70 statements and 70 responses. A response can be thoughts, feelings, emotions or even a blank.
  • The seventy times must be completed in one sitting and the seven days must be completed consecutively. There must be no break from the writing of the statements and responses and there must also be no day left out until the seven days are completed. If there is a break for some reason, then the seven days must be commenced again.
  • You can handwrite or use a laptop/I. Pad.
  • Keep your statements to yourself so as not to disempower what you are doing.

Examples of 70 x 7 Statements:

To Feel Wonderful:    I now feel good about myself.            I give and received love freely.

To Lose Weight:        I am now slim, fit and healthy.           I am now fit and shapely.

Relationships:             I am now in the perfect relationship.  I freely express my sexual power.

Money career:            My work fulfils and enriches me.       I am now financially independent

Success:                      I am now extremely successful at everything I do.

You can use the 70 by 7 technique today fulfilling your present day needs and to program the mind and achieve the abundance/success/frame mindset. Try it; you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Many Blessings, Cecelia

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