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How to tell if a Psychic line is the real-deal or time-wasting

This blog is about avoiding Psychic lines that offer free or cheap readings

How do you know if the psychic you are talking with is the real-deal? The first step in the right direction is to speak with a psychic who is working on a line with a long-standing reputation for authenticity, transparency and providing an excellent service. Reputation is earned over time and is what builds trust with clients.

All readers have their particular psychic gift. They have developed their own technique for accessing their intuitive self and passing on the information to clients. The connection that you have with a particular reader, their style, their method of reading comes down to personal preference. But there are traits all readers on Cecelia’s psychic line have in common – they are required to be personable, non-judgemental and positive in their approach. Cecelia’s psychic readers are authentic psychics who provide information after asking only a few questions to clarify they are addressing the issues most pressing for you. This also ensures that they are connecting with you. Sometimes, however, if a psychic with the best of intentions is not connecting with you, then it is ok to say that. Cecelia’s line is focussed on client service. It is a core value that answers should be precise and to the point and you – the client – are left with the feeling you have been given answers that are meaningful and helpful.

A real-deal psychic will pass on information as they intuitively receive it rather than drawing it out and wasting your time and money. A good psychic doesn’t dawdle! Talking of money – cost is of course an issue and some psychic lines make offers that often look too good to refuse. It is well worth weighing up whether the reduced rate is delivering what you’re looking for. Here are some points to think about:

·         Consider whether the information you are being given is relevant.

·         Weigh up whether the reader is being vague or asking too many questions and not delivering information.

·         Ask yourself whether the reader is keeping you unnecessarily on the line to extend the time.

·         A reputable psychic reader will have clients waiting to speak with them and will be able to give you answers and direction in a reasonable time. Of course, it’s ok to extend if there is something in particular you wish to have further information or guidance on. But you should be given the choice.

·         Cecelia is a stickler for authenticity and transparency. For this reason she has the in-built option on her line to extend your reading beyond your allocated time or say good-bye to your reader. So there are no surprises when the clock is ticking over and so is credit card without you realising it.

A gifted psychic is someone with a desire to help their client and uses their intuitive ability to provide a service at a fair cost that does not compromise their reputation.

So all in all what appears to be a special offer doesn’t usually pay off. A ‘cheap reading’ or ‘great offer’ can actually be a costly hit to your credit card if you’re not getting the answers you want in a reasonable amount of time. Cecelia's Psychics has been operating in Australia for over 38 years and we have stayed the course because we are trustworthy, secure, confidential and not time-wasters. Who would you prefer to call?

Review by Violet – one of Cecelia’s long-standing clients:

"My mother was a psychic – a real fortune teller so to speak – so I can tell straightaway if someone is intuitively gifted or just frittering away my time. Being Scottish I am also keen on getting value for money. When I discovered Cecelia, many years back now, I knew I had found a reader who was not only a gifted psychic but also a really nice person with a genuine wish to help her clients.

Cecelia, you have helped me through many ups and downs. You always provided me with the information and possible outcomes that helped me make decisions or accept things I couldn’t change. When I prattled on too much you would say, ‘Ok I need you to stop talking now and let me tell you what I’m seeing.’ And then your spirit messages were always relevant and spot on" ~ Violet M.

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