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24 May 2021
LUNAR ECLIPSE in SAGITTARIUS: Significant Transformation, Visionary Self-Alignment ✧ LUNAR ECLIPSE in Sagittarius 26th May 2021: 7:14 am EST ✧   This May’s Full Moon is coupled with a Lunar Eclipse, the start of the two-month Eclipse season. The Lunar Eclipse, a rare and special celestial event, is occurring in Sagittarius the fiery Archer. Sagittarius […]
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11 May 2021
New Moon in Taurus: Roots & Community, Choosing A Grounded Path ✧ NEW MOON in Taurus 11th May 2021: 2:58 pm EST ✧   This May’s New Moon is occurring in Taurus, the grounded earth sign known for its dependability and responsibility. A Taurus New Moon is all about choosing a grounded path and aligning […]
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30 April 2021
Aries It’s Taurus season until the 20th and you can appreciate the grounded vibe and responsible outlook of Taurus. The Taurus New Moon (11th) energizes your desires for self-autonomy, financial freedom, and stepping into self-alignment and flow. Abundance and being comfortable in life are important to you at this time, and there is a lot […]
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26 April 2021
Full Moon in Scorpio: A New Destination, Positive Self-Talk ✧ FULL MOON in Scorpio 26th April 2021: 11:31 pm EST ✧ This April’s Full Moon occurs in Scorpio, the sign ruled by alchemical and transformative Pluto. Scorpio is intense, spiritual, and intuitive, but also determined, resourceful and ambitious. There is a powerful mix of practical […]
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10 March 2021
This March’s New Moon is in spiritual, empathic, and gifted Pisces! Pisces is the old soul of the Zodiac, the 12th and final sign, and a Mutable (adaptable) water sign. Pisces is known for being dreamy, romantic, impressionable, caring, kind and wholly generous. But they are also creative, musical, artistic, imaginative, and multi-talented- not to mention the most intuitive and spiritually insightful sign. There are lots of different qualities available this month for you to tune into.
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1 March 2021
Aries, you will feel a rush of creative energy this month. It’s Pisces season, and this means massive sparks in imagination and innovation. Your creative mind is lit up, you are feeling inspired and charismatic, bold, and confident. Spring Equinox fills you with energy and life force- zest and passion! Be mindful of your sensitivities, however. Insecurities can unconsciously project outwards onto friends, lovers, and family. You should keep your emotions in check this month through a spiritual practice, like meditation, yoga, or crystal therapy. Take care of your health. March is the perfect month for spirituality and holistic healing, the Healing Arts, and the like. There is a Full Moon in Libra too (28th) and this light up your relationship sector. You are in the mood for some good loving! And romance...
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26 February 2021
The Full Moon on February 27th occurs at 3:17 am in the earth sign Virgo. Although the moon transits through Virgo, it is also happening in the Virgo-Pisces axis. This signifies a time of balance, integration, and self-realization. The Virgo-Pisces axis represents the balance of physical matter and “reality-” the earthly realm, and spirit; the subconscious, subtle and spiritual energies that make up our world. And this includes vision, artistic inspiration, and the imagination. The Sun is in Pisces in direct opposition to the Moon in Virgo, this is the meaning of an axis full moon. Of course, Virgo and Pisces are directly opposite each other in the Zodiac wheel! This is a powerful month with many significant themes.
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11 February 2021
The New Moon on February 11th is happening in the air sign Aquarius. Even though Aquarius is an air sign, there are strong links to water- artistic, imgiantive, psychic and intuitive energis! Aquarius is the Water-bearer, altruistic and compassionate, sensitive and artistic, however extremely intelligent.
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2 February 2021
Aries February is a wonderful month for you fiery one! Aquarius season lasts until the 19th, and this makes you very witty, intelligent, and cerebral. You are happy when the Sun is in Aquarius because you can shine intellectually and imaginatively. You will be focused on personal and professional projects and coupled Aries will also have many romantic and exciting moments to look forward to.
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27 January 2021
This January’s Full Moon on the 28th is in the astrological constellation of Leo. The energy is all about positive growth and change, abundance, and considerable opportunities for creativity and imaginative self-expression. Leo is the heart of the Zodiac ruled by the majestic Lion. Leo is immensely creative, artistic and imaginative, authoritative and benevolent.
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1 January 2021
The key thing to know is that there are some major planetary transits influencing us in 2021. These are transits that affect all of us, for example, Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus. But where each one lights up our personal charts will be unique to our sun sign. As Neptune in Pisces began in 2011, we won’t explore how this affects us individually in this December Horoscope for your year ahead. But we will go into the significant Uranus in Taurus cycle which started in 2018. This is affecting us strongly in the coming year!
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29 December 2020
2020’s final Full Moon falls on December 30th, whilst the Sun is in ambitious and practicality-driven Capricorn and not long after some incredibly significant transits. The Full Moon is happening in Cancer and lights up the areas of home, family, roots, and creativity. Cancer is a very sensual, sensitive, and creative sign, so let’s explore what we can expect in more detail.
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