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New Moon in Libra

Libra New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in Libra

Colourful Communication


September 25th 2022


This Libra New Moon helps you align with your creative and intellectual sides simultaneously. It’s a time of colourful communication, the Arts, acting and self-expression, creativity and education. Everything to do with the mind is brought to conscious self-awareness. Also, how you make the most of intuitive, emotional, and magnetic gifts. You can find out more by researching which planets fall in the Cardinal signs in your birth chart, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. This will tell you what areas of life you should be focusing on.


Key qualities of Libra:-

● Libra is ruled by the symbol/glyph of the Scales. This makes them a seeker of balance and harmony, in all areas of life. Libra is both intuitive and logical, imaginative and intellectual, and adaptable and committed to higher reasoning. They are lovers of fairness, equality, diplomacy and justice, whilst often stepping into a role that allows them to facilitate these things.

● Libras are charming, colourful, incredibly bright, optimistic, upbeat and positive. They are highly liked in friendship and social circles, because they are so enthusiastic about life in general. They love learning, exploring, and broadening their horizons. They are artistic, imaginative, and creative and usually use some artistic gift or passion to bring others together. Unity is a primary life goal for them.

● Finally, Libra has a deep side that is connected to Venus. As the planet of beauty, sensuality, female sexuality and the Arts, Libra loves romance and forming deep bonds. They are both magnetic and electric, chilled and fiery, and adaptable and self-expressive. There are multiple themes and energies to draw from over a Libra New Moon…


Imagination Combined With Intellect

This is a time where you will be noticing how your imagination fuels your intellectual capabilities and vice versa. As a sign of balance, Libra asks us to get in tune with our higher

mind, the bright, innovative, intuitive, analytical and imaginative mind; where there are a range of skills and abilities present. This is because Libra’s glyph is the Scales, and the Scales equally represents the balance between the left and right brain hemispheres. Many people overlook the importance of this balance, but anyone who is even slightly psychologically or self-development inclined will know how significant the left and right brain hemispheres are. If we get stuck in one (side), we become out of balance. We are unable to see multiple perspectives in life, embody all the qualities mentioned above, and engage in subtle and holistic perception.

Libras are masters of seeing all sides of a story. They have multidimensional sight, and a chameleon-like nature and bright mind. This New Moon allows you to become self-aware of the different characteristics of your left and right brain. You may be engaged in a conversation, and suddenly have a realisation related to this. You might be writing, studying, speaking on the phone or to someone in person, or meditating; a spark and flash of insight flows to you!

The left brain symbolises linear thinking, math and science, analytical thought, logic, reason, rationality, and spatial awareness. The right brain relates to the imagination, intuition, music, multidimensionality, the “free flow” of thoughts, ideas, and information, and flexibility and open-mindedness. When reading these characteristics, do you feel balanced and integrated? Do you feel in tune with both parts simultaneously, or are there things coming up for you? Listen to your instincts over this lunar cycle. Don’t be afraid to admit where you may have been out of balance either, or what you need to change and improve in your life. Even strengths of yours that have been accepted by your colleagues, peers, friends, and family members can be altered now, without shame or fear!


Colourful Communication

Self-expression is a major feature. The Arts, drama, self-expression, creativity, musical expression, acting and performing, and anything related to the entertainment fields are brought to light. You’ll be feeling much more confident and self-empowered to express yourself, and this is because Libra is highly charming. They’re charismatic and generally courageous individuals. Yes, they have a shy and introspective side, but even this lights up their creative and intellectual higher mind. Being so in tune with the psychological and analytical realms allows them to shine in a number of situations, experiences, and social events. Imagine a chameleon, an animal Libra has been referred to multiple times… you can connect to the spiritual energy of the chameleon to help overcome fears and insecurities.

In fact, this is an excellent time to address personal insecurities and low self-esteem around shining, speaking your truth, and using your voice. A New Moon is all about beginnings and fresh starts- beginning new chapters in your personal and professional life. Consider how meditation and conscious introspection can help. This includes reflection, journaling, practising mindfulness in nature, and a range of other activities and pathways that let you “go within.” Libra is incredibly social, yet they also need their down time and chill time… and this is what lets them thrive in social settings.

Explore how the theme of colourful creativity shows up in your life as well. Take some time to examine how you embody all the colours of the rainbow when communicating with others. Learning about (or jogging your memory of) the chakra system can help here. The colours of the rainbow run through our body’s main energy portals, which are also known as chakras. Each chakra has a set of qualities and characteristics, so we tend to embody a certain chakra “frequency” when speaking and interacting with others. Eat the rainbow, embody the colours of the rainbow, and attune to the vibrations of each chakra frequency to enhance your relationships. This is a great way to make the most of this New Moon.


Diplomatic and Negotiating Skills

Finally, now is the time to work on your diplomacy and negotiation skills, especially if you work in a job or community organisation that calls for these gifts. You may find yourself stepping into more of a peace-making role. Or you could be the one who instils calmness and harmony in a group setting. Before leaving your home, make a conscious reminder to align with this aspect of yourself. This is not a time for war of wills, conflict for the sake of chaos and duality, or ambiguity, or sparking matches just to see how far you can rock the boat. A Libra New Moon is a time for compromise, mutual respect and harmony, and appreciating (and respecting) everyone’s needs and viewpoints.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Libra

Aries: “I radiate a warmth that is approachable and cooperative. I embrace a new and improved version of me.”

Taurus: “My light is a beacon for others, and they know they can turn to be for a benevolent and wise perspective.”

Gemini: “My need for social interaction should never replace peace and calmness in my life. Balance is what I aim for.”

Cancer: “Being nurturing and peace-seeking is the route to my lasting joy. I should never compromise my core qualities.”

Leo: “Creativity allows me to form lasting and meaningful connections in my life. I allow self-expression to fill my life…”

Virgo: “Playing the diplomat expands my services and income opportunities. This is where I should focus my energy now.”

Libra: “I command respect and love when I act from a place of loving service. I keep my intentions pure and balance self-love with cooperation.”

Scorpio: “Demanding and commanding respect are two different things. People respond to my intentions and energy, so I stay true and authentic.”

Sagittarius: “My philosophical mind helps to bring people together in times of chaos and confusion. Unity is the name of the game.”

Capricorn: “Being so practical helps to expand abundance for everyone around me. As a team player, I am a key player with a lot to give.”

Aquarius: “Brightness and innovation help to see me through any situation now. I embrace my originality with enthusiasm and passion.”

Pisces: “Being passionate and compassionate go hand in hand. I am learning it's ok to be both electric and fiery and down-to-earth and sensitive.”

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