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July Horoscopes

July Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd


Lay low and try not to stir the pot until the 22nd, Aries. You´re known for being hot-headed, and people's emotions will be on high alert. Sensitivity and empathy are two things to watch out for, and they may even help you establish the relationships and connections you need to expand your business. Business and success don't need to be separated from emotional intelligence and vulnerability! The world is changing… When the Sun enters Leo, however, be bubbly, bright, and communicative in both personal and professional dealings. Show off your charming and creative side, so others know that they can turn to you for great ideas and innovation. Don´t be afraid to take the lead too, but do so with a team spirit.



You´re oozing class and sex appeal, and you´re most likely a money and luck magnet at this point in time. Cancer is a real soulmate and sweetie to you, you dig the energy of this nurturing and compassionate water sign. Creativity, dreams, spirituality, esotericism, romance, and community all favor very strongly in this point- the only thing you need to be careful of is falling into idleness or depression. Take control of your life, health, wealth, emotions, and connections; don´t be a bystander in your own life! This doesn't mean barge ahead all guns blazing, or with a sense of ego or arrogance; instead, be the magnetic and warm-hearted soul that you are. You may find resources and wealth increasing from unique talents and gifts.



Creativity, creativity; creativity! This is where you´ll find your joy and flow this month. July is a wonderful month for you with regards to innovation, creativity, and connecting to friends and peers in your local community. The worst thing you could do right now would be to stay at home and play it safe. Put yourself out there. Consciously seek colourful and inspiring connections, like with fellow artists, dreamers, lovers, and free-spirited souls… If you´re forced to be more routine-minded and work, certainly make time for play and spontaneity in your free time. Drink chamomile tea before bed to soothe an overactive mind or particularly “wavey” nervous system. Your dreams could be vivid and even verging on the nightmare scale, so soothing herbs like chamomile or passion flower will work wonders for your subconscious mind.



Research flower essences and herbal remedies to put you back in touch with your body and emotions. Because you are ruled by the Moon, the planet of emotions and the subconscious mind, your dreams and susceptibility to astral visions & insights will be heightened this month. Stay cool, sweet, down-to-earth, and spiritually or holistically minded. Try not to get lost in materialism or addictions too, as these will lower your vibe and misalign you. You can center yourself with nature and crystals, gemstones, and meditation- or anything that soothes your soul and brings a sense of inner balance and well-being. In fact, getting “super spiritual” could open you up to inspiring opportunities and connections in the future… Be true to yourself and forget about the restrictions or oppressions of society.



Expressing yourself through art, poetry, music, storytelling, or anything else creative and freeing is the perfect way to spend your spare time. By spare time I mean time away from duties, children, and work! But, you can find moments of magic in the latter, and add a midas touch through applying creativity and innovation. Think about your larger vision or legacy now, the vision for your future and higher self that may positively motivate or inspire future generations to come. Now is the ideal time to seek out writing competitions, artistic opportunities, and grants or educational opportunities that can steer you onto a more prosperous and expansive path. Stay connected to your spiritual roots while being mindful of the traps of materialistic desire; be a majestic Lion or Lioness!



When´s the last time you´ve RELAXED with a book, water colour paints or pencils, or a yoga mat and inspiration surrounding you?! You´re known for being incredibly reliable, practical, duty focused and detail-oriented, but this can leave you lacking the “colour” and spontaneity of the other essential part of being human. As human beings, we are natural mavericks, free-spirits, and earth wanderers… at least these archetypes are innate within all of us, varying by degree from person to person. It's important to unwind and let go now, simply enjoying the simple (yet powerful) pleasures of existence. Seek out a creative and multi-talented and soulful Pisces, or a free-spirited and higher truth seeking Sagittarius. Anyone creative can get your juices flowing, helping you to align with a path more balanced, integrated, and expansive.



Everyone knows you love to flirt, yet do you find yourself giving out mixed signals? Now is the perfect month to learn how to be fun-loving and playful while keeping healthy boundaries. Having sex appeal and a flirtatious and upbeat nature is a beautiful thing, but sometimes there needs to be some barriers so you keep friends as ´friends.´ Learn how to observe yourself without becoming lost in self-pity or self-hatred. Acceptance and self-reflection are two wonderful gifts the Cancer sign teaches us, so until the 21st turn your attention to more compassionate ways of relating to yourself and others. Compassionate self-talk is included in this. Of course, find creative outlets to keep your mind alive and energy centered. Also, seek out new muses because these could be the key to your abundance…



Get deep, oh passionate and sensual one! There's a massive universal green light to let out your spiritual, sensual, sexy, and sensitive side. You will find superficial relationships falling away if you do, while significant bonds and “truer” connections strengthen and grow. If you find yourself realising some truths, stepping into a new level of self-respect or self-worth, or anything similar; let others down with humility and grace. Be assertive but don't become superior. Spiritually and emotionally, you are off the chain and soaring like an eagle, which makes your artistic and imaginative gifts amplify too. To be honest, you´re the whole package right now and people are seeing your talents and worth- keep at it. Take some time to reflect on your past and people you may have overlooked who have pearls of wisdom and hidden secrets that could very well contribute to your self-evolution.



Learn how to tame your sex drive and libido, because all this spiritual and sensitive energy is making you both, 1. Super horny! And 2. More open to self-reflection and introspection, which would greatly benefit you at this time. Cancer season is the perfect time of the year to evaluate yourself with love and acceptance, honesty, and self-awareness, least to mention modesty and compassion. There is a gentle vibe and a pull towards deeper connections. If you´re a Sag who is quite primal or simply has some karmic elements still to heal, this could pull you out of alignment rather fast, further dropping you into your more toxic traits (like lust, arrogance, a desire to dominate, etc.) Surround yourself with people committed to personal growth and self-development and you will find magical opportunities and synchronicities from the 21st onwards.



Be a little bit more gentle and intentional with your words this month, as you might not realise how you come across to others. You radiate self-confidence and personal authority, however a lot of people are feeling more reflective and emotional at this time, at least until the Sun enters dominant Leo on the 21st. You have your own dominant qualities Capricorn! Just because you´re feminine by nature doesn't mean you´re weak or wishy-washy- femininity is not synergistic with indecisiveness or wishy-washiness. Be bold but stay mindful. Remain centered while staying subtle and humble. And go for gold without sacrificing your kindness or grace and charm! Consider the effects your personal and professional needs are having on those closest to you as well, like friends and family... Take time to make sure all is well at home before progressing with any new projects or connections.



Dream… metaphorically and literally. Surrounding yourself with the amethyst crystal, the gemstone for your third eye and centre for vision, could literally be the missing ingredient to your magic now. Get woo, spiritual, spacey, ethereal, or whatever else floats your boat! People glow when they are balanced and in tune with their spiritual and mystical self, as well as all other bodies of course. The spiritual body seems to be the missing link for a lot of people these days. But as a natural maverick and free-thinker you are quite open to the infinite and endless possibilities of the universe. So, shine in your unique and inspiring way. If you´re looking for new hobbies or outlets for expression, explore your options through nomad sites, freelancing networks, and larger international communities.



“Oh, how sweet it is to be loved by you, by you…” You're really reclaiming your sexual power and prowess, and this is something to be proud of, Pisces. As the most spiritual sign connected to the 12th house of endings and cosmic completions, you have a link to the unseen and astral realms. This makes a lot of people born into your sign stuck in states of martyrdom, repression, or self-sacrifice, brought on by past life memories (of being a nun, a monk!). You have access to past life memories and lots of magical and mystical things many humans need plant medicine or similar to access. You´re a natural shaman and seer! But, back onto your sexual power; it´s really important to connect to your cute, sexy, and sweet human self too, which is what I sense you are doing. Let yourself be loved, because this will increase your special gifts and divine abilities.


General Astrology:-

1. New Moon in Cancer, June 29th: Almost making its way into July, Cancer season´s New Moon occurs in Cancer at the end of June. This is a time of soul, depth, sensitivity, introspection, harmony, creativity, imaginative and artistic pursuits, romance, and emotional bonds… Be real with yourself and others, because superficiality and materialism don´t cut it!

2. Full Moon in Capricorn, July 13th: Hard-work, perseverance, ambition, willpower, positive ego and a desire for self-mastery, and putting practical steps in motion to achieve your goals are all key to this Capricorn Full Moon. Like the goat, climb that mountain and aim high…

3. New Moon in Leo, July 28th: At the end of the month there is a New Moon in Leo, symbolising creativity, playfulness, community, joy, fun, social bonds, self-authority, and positive masculine qualities (within and around).

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