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Full Moon in Pisces

September Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Full Moon in Pisces

Spiritual Maturity & Soul Evolution


September 10th, 2022


This month’s Full Moon occurs in Pisces while the Sun is in Virgo, making it the perfect time for finding unity and balance within the duality. A Pisces Full Moon is all about spiritual completion, and a Full Moon in general represents completion. So there is a really powerful empowering and enlightening energy available. This is a time of spiritual maturity, evolution of the soul, and healing from shadow personality traits and old wounds… while you align with your shiniest, best, and whole self!


Key qualities of Pisces: -

● Pisces is the mystic dreamer and natural healer who feels, deeply and intuitively, how others feel. They are empathic, kind, sensitive, caring, instinctive, psychic, and both creatively and spiritually gifted. Pisces has many skills in the artistic, imaginative, and musical fields. They are also clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant and telepathic! Pisces are natural empaths and have both a healing presence and healing hands.

● Ruled by Neptune, Pisces symbolises dreams, illusions, psychic powers, intuition, spirituality, and coming full circle. Soul-evolution, healing, and spiritual enlightenment, in other words. Neptune allows this sweet and sensitive water sign to excel in the Arts, music, creativity, acting, performing, speaking, and anything that involves the imagination. Pisces are dreamers and visionaries who tend to live by the mantra, be the change you wish to see…

● As the Fish, Pisces has one foot in the material and physical world and the other in the spiritual realms and dimensions. Everything invisible, subtle, and hidden comes under Pisces’ influence, yet they are often destined for great success and abundance. This is because they are a symbol of unconditional love and universal compassion; they are very charitable, giving, and generous souls who are happy to help others.


Spiritual Enlightenment

A Pisces Full Moon is a true symbol of spiritual enlightenment, healing, and evolution of the soul. This is the Full Moon of the year where it’s essential to get in tune with your spirituality, authentic and conscious spirituality. There are two main themes to this. Firstly, you can explore old wounds and past painful cycles, including memories, and heal. It’s a time to release, surrender, and get real with your shadow self, which we all have. Secondly, it’s a time of looking forward to the future, not being caught up in old cycles and wounds. Once you have healed and become totally honest with yourself, you can then look towards your light side.

How willing you are to be authentic and self-honest will determine how able you are to embody your strengths. Romance, fertility, and harmonious relationships can all be yours. Abundance, financial prosperity, and mastering spiritual laws like the law of attraction and vibration too. It’s not a time to give into small or linear thinking. It’s not the time to get caught up in rigid thinking, focusing on insignificant details, or small-mindedness either. Pisces are dreamers and visionaries at heart, also being concerned with planetary well-being and healing. They’re holistic and incredibly open-minded; Pisces are, in fact, the least jaded star sign. Jupiter is their ancient (old) planetary ruler, which gives them an extra dose of magic and inspiration.

So, do some shadow work. Explore your wounds and childhood, ancestral, and family traumas. Journal, write your feelings down, engage in self-therapy, or see a hypnotherapist or reiki healer. Work on yourself. Then, and only once you feel like you’ve made significant progress, i.e. like the process of healing has truly begun, turn your attention towards your gifts, strengths, and talents. Because a Full Moon is a time of completion, it’s not the time to get “stuck.” Use your pains and wounds as fuel instead, as this will help you soar and elevate; emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Infinite Expansion and Emotional Intelligence

You will find emotional gifts like emotional intelligence, maturity, and balance are what help you find a connection with the infinite. Jupiter has briefly been mentioned. Jupiter rules expansion, higher learning and education, philosophy, spiritual ideas, and moral and ethics. It is also the planet of travel, adventure, and abundance and prosperity. Neptune, Pisces’ modern current-day ruler, represents psychic gifts and instincts, breaking free from- or transcending- illusions and physical limitations and restrictions, and all things related to spiritual sight & vision, intuition, etc. Thus, you may be able to see the link already.

Pay attention to the emotional currents in your life, and the emotional themes taking shape. We are geometric shapes and patterns of vibration… We are infinite and expansive beings, with timeless souls. It is only the human body that is finite and non-eternal, yet our souls are infinite and limitless by nature. We also have different “bodies”- the psychological, astral, emotional, spiritual, and soul bodies. Use emotional currents and forces to navigate infinite and empathic waters. Empathy is a superpower that can come handy multiple times this month. To feel empathy is to know what it’s like to be in another’s shoes; to feel and sense, even see, their thoughts, emotions, internal desires, needs, wants, and emotions. Pisces function on an emotional and spiritual frequency.

This signifies that they have the unique ability of being telepathic, a gift similar to dolphins who communicate through supersonic radar. Or snakes and elephants who sense subtle vibrations and energies through the ground. You can use your bond with Mother Earth to catapult you to new heights.


Embrace Change…

There is a positive aspect to Uranus, while Pisces is a Mutable and therefore adaptable sign. This is a time of excellent flexibility and adaptability- in your career, personal relationships, family and home life, creativity, and social connections. You will find yourself naturally accepting things now, being more open to go with the flow, and generally just adaptable. With regards to Uranus, this planet symbolises innovation, conscious revolution, and evolutionary change, so this aspect can help you come to terms with certain things from your past. While embracing your bright and colourful future. There is a natural acceptance and harmony to things in your life, so long as you swim with current and not against it.


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Pisces:

Aries: “I learn to be more sensitive and open-minded for the best possible future.”

Taurus: “The soulmate connections in my life show me hidden and unseen parts of myself.”

Gemini: “Through coming to terms with my curiosity, I open myself to new and exciting connections.”

Cancer: “My spirituality and imagination are a catalyst to financial and professional growth.”

Leo: “Being a leader means knowing how to lead with charm, empathy, and sensitivity.”

Virgo: “I can learn a lot through my spiritual, free-spirited, and creative friends!”

Libra: “My charm and genuine desire to find peace and harmony allows me to manifest abundance.”

Scorpio: “Depth is not something to be ridiculed or mocked! I let go of the people who can’t or won’t appreciate my sensitivity and intuitive powers.”

Sagittarius: “My love of travel and cultural expansion allows me to find deeper connections and soul bonds.”

Capricorn: “There is nothing wrong with being loyal and caring… Kindness is a strength.”

Aquarius: “My idealistic side seeks expression with total liberation. Anything limited or restricted is let go of with grace.”

Pisces: “Divine grace is a state of mind and being; by being my true self, I open cosmic portals to higher seeing.”

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