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Full Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Full Moon in Aquarius

Illumination, Individuality, & Idealism

11th August 2022


August’s Full Moon occurs in visionary, idealistic, and highly original Aquarius. Aquarius is represented by the Star in Tarot, the original and bright-minded dreamer. The Star is a symbol of our own stardom within and of a higher consciousness. There are very strong humanitarian and altruistic themes to this Full Moon…


Key qualities of Aquarius:-

● Aquarius’ glyph (astrological symbol) is the Water-Bearer, making this sign both highly intelligent, thriving in the realm of intellect and ideas, and a master of alchemy. This means they can alchemise and transform emotions and subtle impressions from their environment into higher thought forms. Aquarius is deeply intuitive, whilst having bright and innovative minds. They’re problem-solvers, creative geniuses, and completely original thinkers.

● This is an excellent lunar cycle to fine-tune your speaking and teaching skills, because Aquarius makes amazing speakers, teachers, and self-leaders. Any field they choose to master, they can become an expert in. Wisdom and expertise are available to you now.

● This air sign’s planetary ruler is Uranus, the planet of originality, innovation, invention, and awakening. Conscious rebellion and revolution too! Expect new ideas to come streaming to you, and an increased desire to open yourself up as a channel to receive all the universe wants to send your way. Uranus helps to bring big shifts, both internally and externally, individually and collectively; specifically regarding consciousness and how we can co-create a more beautiful world together. Explore your birth/natal chart to discover what sign Uranus falls in, as this can provide more insight into where you should be focusing your energies.


Emotional Alchemy

You can really transform your emotions into gems and pearls of self-knowledge. The general theme of the month is listening to the undercurrents around you and within, the emotions, hidden feelings, and instinctive responses, and then transforming those sensations and observations into wisdom. Emotions become doors to higher truths. You can alchemise and transform, bringing into intellectual and even inventive or innovative solutions and ideas. People with emotional intelligence and empathy are great- the world certainly needs more empaths, healers, and dreamers! But sometimes staying stuck in a solely emotional frequency can become “heavy.” We may forget the importance and power of logic, higher reasoning, and problem-solving. Aquarius helps us to shift past this.

Pay attention to yours and other’s emotions this August. Respond and don’t react. Observe, listen, stay silent, and use your brilliant brain to draw rational and intuitive conclusions. Then, share your wisdom, presenting your reflections in a way that can inspire, heal, educate, or teach. An Aquarius Full Moon is concerned with enlightenment and illumination, i.e. how can we take our emotions and inner realm of feelings and bring them into conscious light?

It’s all about making the unconscious conscious, and this includes aspects from our subconscious mind. Emotions are closely linked to the subconscious. Consider doing some Moon Gazing on the night of the Full Moon. Charge your crystals outside in the moonlight, and then perhaps do a lying down meditation with the supercharged gemstones on your chakra points. Remember that a chakra is an energy wheel or energy portal in ancient Sanskrit; they are powerful centres to healing, well-being, and longevity.


Idealistic Intentions

A strong sense of idealism and humanitatism, or altruism and universal love and compassion, will light up your life. You’ll be thinking a lot about kindred spirits and community connections, group bonds and events and how you can work as part of a conscious and loving team. This signifies wanting to do good in the world, to create strong structures and lasting foundations for future generations to come.

Teamwork, harmony, cooperation, community, friendship & social circles, and altruistic endeavours are where your time and attention should go, if you wish to make the most of this Full Moon. Hopes, aspirations, and wishes for your future and the future of others will be on your mind as well. This is the perfect time to consider making money off of your talents and passions, so that you can create an abundant and happy home-life for your children. Some of aquarius’ favourite things are art and music, therefore you may find bright ideas flowing to you on how to monetize from side hobbies or passions.

Think outside the box, further realising that there is no box! The idea of the box was created by society to keep us caged- Aquarius recognises this. We live in a holographic and spherical or circular universe, from the smallest of atoms to each galaxy, life is spiralling and spherical in nature. The spiral teaches us the concept (and reality) of infinity; how everything is infinite and eternal in nature. The illusion of the box keeps us trapped and limited, on the other hand. Open your mind to universal archetypes and quantum concepts. Be prepared to take a mini journey down the rabbit hole, or see things from higher and more expansive and spiritual perspectives.


Balance Team-Work With Independence

Finally, there’s a yearning desire to both shine and take the spotlight, and play well as part of a team. Your inner idealist will want to do both. But Aquarius is a great leader, usually not conforming or following the crowd. As this energy can be quite dominant- air is a masculine element, by nature; you need to be mindful of the way you exert your influence. It’s essential to stay connected to your compriseable and cooperative roots. However this doesn’t mean you should sink into the background or not speak up and share your views. Your wisdom, experience, and perspectives are important.

Now it’s really all about finding the balance between finding harmony and unity in a group or team and taking a leadership role. This Full Moon is quite unique in the fact that it allows multiple people to be leaders, without anyone feeling overlooked. If you want success and forward movement, you will really need to learn how to listen and speak, stay silent and be vocal, and contribute in a way that allows you to shine whilst not taking over the spotlight completely. The lesson is the same for everyone. The rainbow wants full expression, all its colours want to shine!

Imagine a beautiful orchestra symphony… sometimes there is silence, other times a celebration of overlapping sounds working together to create a masterpiece. In some moments there is a crescendo and in others a diminuendo… Aim for the full spectrum of colours, vibrations, and frequencies in any social or group setting.


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Aquarius:

Aries: “My independence allows me to contribute to society in a helpful way.”

Taurus: “My benevolence and genuine good-willed nature let’s others shine with me.”

Gemini: “My curious and inquisitive mind is a link to higher concepts, ideas, and perspectives.”

Cancer: “My imaginative mind pushes people into their own inner genius.”

Leo: “My courage to shine without fear let’s others step into greatness too.”

Virgo: “My intellect and acute perception is a direct cord to team success.”

Libra: “My fun-loving and playful attitude can help others come out of their shell.”

Scorpio: “My intuition is so powerful that people around me become more intuitive!”

Sagittarius: “My philosophical mind and commitment to higher truths helps the community.”

Capricorn: “My practical wisdom adds the midas touch to any group or team effort.”

Aquarius: “My colourful and innovative nature is immersed into the group like magic…”

Pisces: “My soulful gifts and psychic powers add the missing ingredients, providing a portal to the invisible and spiritual realms.”

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