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Full Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Full Moon in Capricorn:

“Next Level” Partnerships & Projects!


13th July 2022


Welcome to July's Full Moon, the ambitious and willful Goat! Capricorn is one of the most hard-working, high-achieving, and ambitious signs of the Zodiac. They go after what they want with an earthly power and force that knows how to take charge, lead and initiate great change. Read on to discover more…


Key qualities:-

● Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn represents the inner need for law and order; divine or cosmic justice. Tough lessons can come through any Capricorn cycle or lunar phase, however this “tough-love” teacher planet makes us stronger, more discerning and wise, and with greater levels of maturity. Saturn is known as the “Lord of Karma” or “Father of Time,” so healthy & helpful restrictions, limitations, and physical challenges can push you to greater heights.

● Capricorn may thrive off of intellectual and practical power, but there is an underlying sensual, subtle, and feminine vibe & energy. Use this to your advantage. Retain and develop emotional intelligence, empathy, sensitivity and nurturing & compassionate feminine qualities to get ahead in business and social bonds. Stay sincere! Intuition is amplified for everyone.

● Capricorn is hard-working, devoted, practical, efficient, responsible, and self-authoritative. They command attention and respect with grace and style, so long as they´re not abusing their power or being cold, callous, and overly tyrannical. This sign teaches that power and force can be both intellectual, mental, and physical, and subtle, magnetic, and feminine or spiritual.


A Cardinal Sign: An initiatory force…

This Full Moon is represented by an initiatory force, and this is because Capricorn is a Cardinal sign. You're able to be a natural leader now, and with amazing ideas and innovative solutions… Everything new and rooted in invention is lit up now, which signifies an ability to come up with ideas and concepts that could really benefit others. You can initiate change, evolutionary creations, and significant shifts in business, consciousness, and any other field.

Each sign represents a different season; as Capricorn marks the start of Winter and the Winter solstice, turn your attention to how you can transform darkness to light. This can literally mean bringing the unconscious to light, finding meaning and innovative solutions in the hidden and invisible realms & worlds. Or you may choose to illuminate beliefs & ideologies that have previously been repressed, or aren't too well known on a global or collective level. There's a wonderful opportunity to “set things in motion”... for future success, abundance, and achievement!

With such a strong earthly power and presence you can really make a name for yourself, attracting fame, success, material wealth, opportunities for growth & expansion, or game-changing creations and partnerships. Furthermore, a Capricorn Full Moon increases your need for structure, order, and organization, so these attributes can help you in the long run. You will equally find yourself in possession of the determination, willpower, perseverance, patience, and longevity for long-term goals.


Deal out the Karma

You may find yourself reflecting on your past and dealing out your own karma. This means getting really crystal clear on how others have treated you, and determining whether it was fair and just. Picture yourself as an angel or one of the 7 holy archangels, embodying a powerfully high frequency of universal love, compassion, and divine righteousness. Better yet, actually embody these qualities!

Then ask yourself, “did I deserve this?” “Would I ever treat anyone like this?” “Should they get away with it or be bound to the laws of karma and universal justice?!” Capricorn holds considerable karmic influence in their energy field, due to being ruled by Saturn. Please know this is not advocating a “revenge or resentment” frequency- nothing like this. Only set your intentions for justice and equality or fairness if you can transcend the pettiness and games of the ego, and align with your pure, spiritual, and higher consciousness Higher Self/mind.


Remember to maintain fitness & well-being

Because you will be using so much spiritual and mental power, it's important to keep your body healthy. Maintain fitness. Strengthen your muscles, immune system, and circulatory system- and keep your digestive and neurological systems healthy through a balanced and pure diet and lots of mindfulness exercises. Regardless of how “metaphysically-inclined” we are, our bodies are still channels. We embody, receive, and reflect frequencies, emotions, mindsets, beliefs, and a range of vibratory states, so it´s therefore essential that the mind, body, & spirit trio works in harmony and unity.

Work out and mediate; be active and engage in conscious periods of silence; and be both physical health minded and take into consideration the non-visible aspects of life and well-being. Balance can be achieved, and this internal harmony leads to happiness, supreme energy levels, and greater capacity for professional and creative or career change.


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Capricorn:

Aries: “My light can be channeled into good and service to benefit humanity.”

Taurus: “When I put my mind to something with determination, nothing can stop me!”

Gemini: “I am a beacon of light & optimism, even through the testing times…”

Cancer: “I embrace my instinctive wisdom without being overly selfless. I recognize it's ok to energize personal goals too!”

Leo: “Being humble while shining my glorious light allows my professional status to grow.”

Virgo: “It's ok to take note of the smaller details to contribute to the larger picture. Everyone has a unique role to play…”

Libra: “Depth and emotional sensitivity allow me to grow in ways I previously could not access.”

Scorpio: “To evolve I must embrace my inner yin and yang; too much or too little of either can lead to unnecessary challenges.”

Sagittarius: “My vision provides for mastery, yet I must also take note of the smaller details.”

Capricorn: “I wow others through my love of order, organization and devotion to accomplishment.”

Aquarius: “A practical mindset serves me best now… Perseverance is key to lasting change.”

Pisces: “Optimism expands when I integrate passion & inner fire. Yang compliments my natural yin nature!”

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