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August Horoscopes

August Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd


Be prepared for next level opportunities in love and career! If you´re single, this is the perfect time to meet someone on your wavelength, someone as passionate and outgoing as you. Or if you feel you need a bit of yin to your yang, some peace and serenity and someone who will ground you; consider seeking someone more grounding and sensitive. “Opposites attract,” and an earthy or watery person might be just what you need. As for career, prosperity flows when you act with both integrity and self-assertion. Go after what you want with the life force and boldness everyone loves, just try not to be a bully or dictator. You're giving off a golden aura. Any advice? Look back to your past and apologise to people you may have wronged. Get real with your shadow.



You're full of positivity and sensitivity, and this is making you even more sensual and creative than usual. People have always admired your benevolent, generous, and supremely chilled ways, but now you have a dose of majesty and zest to you. What happens when you embrace both your yin and yang side? Magic! Tune into your majestic subtlety, sensuality, and personal magnetism just as much as you embrace your more fiery, upbeat, and electric side. Excitement is a catalyst towards community, connection, co-creation, and amazing collaborations. Embodying Leo´s glyph, the Lion, will help you to develop and increase the quality you lack. The Lion spirit animal is majestic, courageous, confident, charismatic, playful, and a big lover of community and family. Learn from this, as it´s Leo season!



Leo and Gemini are true soulmates, so you're lucky it's Leo season for the majority of the month. The energy, charm, spirit, playfulness, and spotlight loving ways of Leo are really benefiting you now. You feel an inner harmony and blessings surrounding you and your life, and this is helping you excel in finances, career, and intimate relationships. Aim for harmony and unity over anything overly dominant or self-serving. This means, if there is a chance for teamwork and cooperation or becoming the boss (in a way that diminishes others ‘gifts and talents), choose teamwork! By all means, get ahead on your goals and personal projects or projects, just show others that you are a team player and that you do work well with others. An increase in respect amongst peers and colleagues is an increase in personal wealth & prosperity…



It's time to shine in a subtle way, Cancer. During such a fiery and extroverted ´yang´ month, it would be no use to you to try to do what everyone else is doing. Trying to be like everyone else just to fit in will make you look superficial and fake, and even potentially oust you from the group. In both professional and friendly social circles, be yourself! Be the subtle, magnetic, feminine, low-key, and down-to-earth person that you are. You have a lot of wisdom and insight to share with others, and not needing to seek attention or the spotlight will allow you to shine at key moments- your intuition will know when to speak up. There are a few people who really admire and cherish you, and staying true to yourself shows you who is meant for you and who isn´t. This is the perfect month to integrate the lesson that there are multiple energies and frequencies in life and being sensitive is not a bad thing.



Be bold, be dominant, and let everyone know who the queen or king is! Well, maybe not everyone- shine and command respect for those you want to leave a good impression with or create strong and proper boundaries with. This applies to career and business bonds and intimate family and friend (or love) connections. For everyone else, try to be a team-player and blend into the background. The shadow tendency to Leo season is lording it over others, yet you also want to shine and be the boss of your life. Meditation can really help you find the perfect balance. For your birthday, throw a party or let others spoil and surprise you; any social gathering can lead to much inspiration and future opportunities. You never know who you will meet.



Luckily, this is a very practical time where life goes your way. There is a steady harmony and flow now which you appreciate, even if you seem to be the one working hard to support your household or family! Continue to hold your groove. Consider upping the time spent on a hobby or skill mastery. You excel in learning something to an expert level, so sit at your piano more, pick up your guitar or flute, or pour more time and energy into your art. You may be a master at business and finances; however, this doesn't mean you should neglect your artistic and feminine side. Being the sensual, soulful, and magnetic person, you were designed to be allows your talents and gifts to expand. In other words, remember there's more to life than logic, details, and intellect!



What goes up must come down, Libra. You may find any past karmic or superficial behaviour coming round to you. You have so many beautiful qualities, truly. Yet in a world of duality where many people are as deep, sensitive, and soulful as there are extroverts, those logically minded, and competitive; it can be easy to pick up some toxic traits without realisation. Leo may have narcissistic tendencies too, but they are the heart of the zodiac- a magnanimous, warm-hearted, and sincere sign, who is equally generous and totally loving. As an air sign, you can be superficial, so it’s important to reflect and take accountability for any past deceptive or mischievous behaviour. Right your wrongs. Take real steps to overcome and transcend toxic cycles. There's no point staying stuck in a rut or unhealthy perpetuating cycle.



Now is the time to reap the rewards of your labor, just not in the way everyone else does. You've most likely been working hard towards something behind the scenes- you like to keep to yourself. You can be very private, even not letting closest friends and family (or your lover) know what you're up to. Any effort put into career, finances, and professional advancement will come back to you now. Push yourself a little, put in extra steps and the Midas touch, as Virgo season begins on the 23rd, and this is a time of really seeing the fruits of fertility. As the Lion, Leo season asks for courage and self-leadership, while the Maiden (Virgo) helps you receive earthly abundance and real-world recognition. Finally, let your family know that you love them. Even one brief phone call, email, or visit can make the world of difference.



It's time to lose the ignorance and become the best, truest, version of yourself. It is a superficial world, and you have no doubt contributed to some major illusions in the past. I love Sagittarius’s, I myself have many Sagittarius friends, soulmates, and kindred spirits. Yet I know just how superficial they can be. In other words, they lack depth and sensitivity; the only ones who don´t are my plant-based, yoga loving, meditating, spiritual and higher self-preaching ones! Tune into your philosophical, spiritual, and divinely creative self this month, Sag. Take a leaf out of kindred spirit Pisces ‘book. This soulful and unconditionally loving sign can teach you a lot about yourself, further pushing you onto your true path. It's time to make important changes in your life, as this is the key to your soul's evolution and success.



It's a busy and somewhat chaotic month for you. The Leo vibes are increasing your clientele and workflow, which you´re more than comfortable with. But don't expect to stop or slow down any time soon. Any free time you have will be spent with family or on trips. You might find yourself at a few festivals, in a car randomly going on a last-minute road trip or camping with friends or your partner. Don´t say no to these, as they are excellent for your soul. Keep your morale high while always remembering how practical, efficient, and dependable you are. Whilst you´re having fun and letting go, there will be people (bosses, work partners, clients) in the background planning your next promotion or raise. Be mindful of self-sabotage, but don´t worry or become pessimistic.



Optimism flows into your life now. There´s an increase in colour, creativity, community and new kindred spirit connections! As the idealistic dreamer and visionary, you love all things “woo,” like crystals, reiki, spirit animals, and the power of lunar cycles… There's nothing wrong with this, actually the world needs more of it; just remember to stay practical as well. You´re most likely at an age where family can´t bail you out, and you need to plan or at least stay mindful of any finances or domestic occurrences that may come your way. You know that it ‘can be a chaotic, surprising, and dualistic world, so keep your wits about you. Speaking of wits, you will find new connections through being the funny and witty person that you are.



As the old soul who embodies and radiates unconditional love, you have the unique ability of connecting to everyone. Even signs who are considered your “enemies”- people you should have major clashes with you can find a way to relate, adapt, and find unity. This is your superpower this month. Hopefully, you´ve learned and integrated the lessons of boundaries, not being a people-pleaser, and transcending self-sacrifice; and if not, you really need to master this lesson now, before it's too late… People find you very colourful and attractive even when you don't want to seek the spotlight. Be mindful of your beauty, charisma, and inner light, how others see you as a charming and funky soul, otherwise you could unconsciously play out your shadow traits. Stay independent and self-loving, with healthy boundaries- yet shine like no other. Authentic connection is your protection.


General Astrology: -

1. August 12th, Full Moon in Aquarius: Idealism, vision, humanitarian and altruistic themes, community, creativity, educational opportunities, and self-evolution.

2. August 27th, New Moon in Virgo: Practicalities, responsibility, manifestation, magnetism, duty, and service, creating order and structure, and helpfulness within friendships.

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