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October Full Moon

October Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Full Moon in Aries

Assertive Ambition


October 9th 2022


This October’s Full Moon asks us to be assertive and ambitious without falling into Aries’ shadow side, aggression. It’s important to act with courage and passion now. It’s a time for going after our goals, striving for success and greater independence, and reclaiming our sovereignty. Aries rules the head and the ego, the individual “I” consciousness. They can lack selflessness and humility, but they are fiercely courageous and seek achievement and accomplishment…


Key qualities:-

● As the Ram, Aries is headstrong, instinctive, and assertive. They have powerful physical urges and instincts and can be quite stubborn. Being a Fixed sign by nature adds to this innate stubbornness. Because their glyph is an instinctive animal, Aries energy is characterised by force, inner drive, perseverance, determination, and immense willpower. They know how to express themselves and act and speak with passion!

● Mars, the planet of war and aggression, yet action, vitality, and life force simultaneously, rules Aries. You can either slip into your shadow self or rise into your light, at any moment. How you receive Mars’ energy and influence over this Full Moon all depends on how healed and balanced you are.

● As the first sign representing the Child, Aries can be impulsive, quick to anger, immature, and prone to a temper-tantrum type of energy. There’s a lot of karmic energy associated with this sign, and this means evolving, transcending and reaching new levels of maturity and self-awareness. These ‘lower’ qualities can be transformed into higher intelligence and wisdom, intuition, and creativity and innovation.


Channeling Sexual Energy Into Creativity & Innovation

As ‘the child’ of the zodiac who also has an animal glyph- the Ram, Aries is very impulsive, impatient and child-like, when in a lower vibration. They have a lot of sexual life force and a very strong libido, and this can make them prone to karmic and toxic cycles in love, rooted in their lust. Mars at a lower vibration is extremely lusty. It can also manifest as uncontrollable rage outburst, anger, aggression, bullying/intimidating behaviors, and mental confusion. Where can all that passion and zest go? Life force needs to flow somewhere. If it’s not being channeled into higher pathways, like creativity, innovation, and the intellectual realms and modes of expression, it’s getting stuck in the Root chakra. Aries symbolises physical instincts and vitality which connects strongly to the Root chakra.

The key to this Full Moon, taking all of the above into account (this is deep astrological wisdom!), is to channel and raise your primal and instinctive energies higher. Become aware of your sexual needs, desires, and libido. Get in tune with your body first and foremost. Exercise, work out, and engage in physical movement activities that really allow trapped or blocked energy to flow. Blocks in the Root lead to blocks in the Sacral, which is where you are able to communicate and interact with the world with warmth and emotional intelligence, express yourself sensually and creatively, and tune into imaginative & artistic gifts.

Once you feel you have “activated” and “sparked” any trapped energy in your Root and thus let it flow up through your Sacral, turn your attention towards the Higher Self. Your Higher Mind. Focus on creativity, innovation, invention, originality, and imaginative and intellectual outlets. How can you create abundance and blessings for yourself through innate mental and creative gifts?! Aries is deeply ambitious. They are resourceful with bright minds, gifts in problem-solving, analysis, observation, and perception, so tune into these once you’ve released some blocks from your lower energy centers.


Assertion VS Compromise

You will need to strike a balance in your life, due to the Moon being in Aries and the Sun in Libra. Aries and Libra are opposites; Aries represents the Self and Libra the Other. This aspect is all about balance, harmonious forces and finding equilibrium. Whether you’re applying this wisdom in love, family and home life, professional situations, or your career and services to others and society; aim for balance. Examine your own needs. Give respect to your own plans, goals, aspirations, and psychological and emotional needs, then turn your attention to the needs of others involved or those around you. Be mindful and conscious of how your energy affects them. Ask yourself whether your action or plan will create positive or negative repercussions for those around you. Also, whether it’s fair, just, and balanced?

Libra is all about justice and equality, while Aries primarily aims to serve their own interests. At a lower frequency, they can be selfish, supremely self-centered, and self-entitled; yet, at a higher vibration, they use their immense personal power and authority for change. Karmic force is then therefore projected into the world in a way that can inspire and help others.

Reflect on his with Aries VS Libra energy plays out in your life, and how you can develop and integrate a harmony between the two:-

● Assertion vs compromise

● Force vs fairness and equality

● Willpower vs adaptability

● Leadership vs teamwork

● Innovation vs intuition

● Self-autonomy vs unity consciousness/community

● Direct communication vs diplomacy

● Courage and boldness vs graciousness and empathy

● Independence vs companionability

● Competition vs cooperation


Passionate Self-Expression…

Passionate self-expression, self-leadership, courage, devotion, commitment to a path or project, and a fiery inner “yang” energy that allows you to draw from masculine qualities are all called for. It’s important to not become idle or lazy, giving into excessive t.v. movie or Netflix watching, or getting absorbed in the death of destruction of video games! All things 3D may tickle your fancy, but they misalign you with your true self and higher self; they diminish your sense of destiny. If you want to create a legacy, work towards a brighter and better future in any way, or heal, evolve, and shift to higher states of consciousness and being, this is not the Full Moon to overlook the powerful action-oriented energy available.

Re-energize your vision board. Get out old plans and project ideas and spend a little time reflecting on them. Think about how your unique gifts, talents, and qualifications can create abundance and financial security.


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Aries:

Aries: “I am a leader who chooses light over darkness.”

Taurus: “I use my wise perceptiveness and amazing logic to create prosperity.”

Gemini: “I transcend negative karmas through helpful service.”

Cancer: “Intuition applied in a practical way allows for expansion in my life.”

Leo: “A wise man knows when to compromise and play fairly for success…”

Virgo: “My determination and perseverance is the key to long-lasting happiness.”

Libra: “There’s nothing wrong with taking the lead and putting my own needs first!”

Scorpio: “My powerful intuition and authenticity opens doorways to love and abundance.”

Sagittarius: “I can heal the wounds of my past through releasing aggressive tendencies.”

Capricorn: “I am a boss and self-leader who uses sensitivity and grace to get ahead.”

Aquarius: “Originality, inventiveness, and intuition all expand when I listen to my instincts.”

Pisces: “My soul shines a light for others… I help to uplift the loving vibration of mankind.”

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