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October Horoscopes

October Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd


October is a great month to take control of your finances and make progress in your career and social standing. Go for gold, but remember to retain some humility and grace along the way. There are a lot of their personalities and people in this life who have different gifts to yours, but it doesn’t mean they don’t bring something sufficient or even extraordinary to the table. You’re the fiery and self-staring warrior who knows how to speak with confidence, inspire, and lead, so play to your strengths. If approached for a new collaboration or project, take some time to reflect and explore the energy and what is really being asked of you. Don’t rush into anything through impulsiveness and electricity. Slow down, analyse, introspect and meditate on it. Then be humble and charming when accepting your offer; new connections are on the horizon.



Be mindful and stay cautious. The universe is asking you to use discernment in all moments and new meetings or encounters now. October is Libra season, and Libra is deeply analytical and intuitive with key observation skills. Greater subtle and even spiritual perception is called for- connect to your higher mind, your intuition, and your inner instincts where gut feelings are prevalent. New people may be sincere and have a lot of beauty and abundance to add to your life, yet they may be manipulative. There is both light and darkness in the world, both pure and honest people and more deceptive people who only bring BS. Nature therapy and quiet time can really help you to connect to the source of your heart and inner soul so you know who is right for you. Listen to this advice but do not live in fear; you have a lot of joy, positivity, inspiration, and beautiful partnerships headed your way!



Can you stay centered and grounded while being aware of all the excitement around you? This is your task this month, Gemini. There will be a lot trying to distract you, but these distractions will come in the form of subtle sensations, impressions, messages, and emotions from your immediate environment. You may start to pick up on subconscious messages more, and emotional and psychological cues from the ether around you. Your mind is attuned to the realm of colour, music, sound, creativity, and intuitive and instinctive impressions linked to inspiration. There’s a lot of magic, in other words. But, as it’s a fellow air sign month (Libra season) you will be quite restless and easily influenced, hence why you need to ground and center yourself. Try to develop a daily meditation and self-care practice, as routine can be very helpful. Take care of your health too. Junk or processed food, artificial food preservatives and everything non-organic will limit and diminish your spirit, further polluting your level of perception.



Go with the flow with style and self-composure, as Libra’s energy is letting you feel charismatic and full of creativity. It’s a very colourful and fun month for you, yet you’re also feeling very chilled and down-to-earth. Intimate and personal connections will serve you well in life. There are people looking towards you for healing, empathy, and words of wisdom. Balance your professional and personal goals, projects, and inspirational endeavors with the help you give others. You’re a natural counsellor and caregiver, yet you’re also empathic and therefore tend to lack boundaries. True happiness that reflects into the final months of 2022 will only come about through inner balance and self-love. This means, sometimes prioritising yourself! When you feel grounded and energised enough to support, let your wisdom and inner soul light shine through. You're so sweet and good-natured, Cancer.



Take it easy on yourself this October, Leo. There is a lot of creative and intellectual energy surrounding you and your work life, professional services, and any projects you may be working on. Libra’s energy adds a dose of charm, colour, and bright and intuitive creativity to the way you perceive and observe things, including the way you respond to challenges. Your talents will feel energised- you genuinely want to express yourself and show off your skills. But, you’ll do so in a way that is more cool, calm, and collected, aligned to teamwork and cooperative activities. It’s the perfect month for finding the ultimate work, rest, and play balance, and then integrating the wisdom and memory of the experience on a subconscious level, for future months and years. Any lessons you acquire now will be stored in your subconscious and thus will be forever accessible by your conscious mind. Overall, it’s a very positive time for self-development and career goals.



Family, home, and domestic matters will be taking up a lot of your time, but so will social get-togethers and outings. It is a very social and upbeat time of the year for you, yet you’re equally full of duties and responsibilities. It may be hard for you to unwind at all! Your key to both good health and prosperity- an increase in flow of money and abundance- is to make some really big and significant diet choices. Go organic, eat more plant based protein (as opposed to dairy or meat), up your fruit and vegetable intake, and switch to some pure treats, like raw cacao. Seriously, your wealth is in your health this month. Sugary and processed foods, artificial alternatives, and unhealthy fats and carbs will cause a lot of stress in your mind. You worry enough as it is, you’re the most anxious and worrisome sign of the zodiac. So do yourself a favour and commit to a new health plan right at the start of October. Emotional intelligence and intimate connections improve in a major way as well.



You will find new work opportunities and partnerships, collaborations, and invites coming to you in abundance. Your personal magnetism and power are off the scale, you’re shining and everyone can see how talented you are. Educational and professional pathways from previous years are really paying off! Be open to new connections and clients. Say yes to life, be a “yes” person this month. But don’t be a people-pleaser. There’s a difference between having boundaries and choosing yourself first- being optimistic and open, and succumbing to your less desirable traits; the Libra shadow of appeasement and over-compromise. If you can balance your own needs and desires with teamwork and cooperation you will find yourself in the limelight, in a positive way. Inspirational, imaginative, intellectual, and intuitive qualities are available to you in mass.



It’s time to come back out of the bubble of privacy and secrecy you’ve created for yourself. There’s a beautiful aspect of harmony and love filling the air this month. People are generally more cooperative, harmonious, open-minded and heart-centered, and that’s because it’s Libra season. This will make you feel comfortable and even more expressive to be yourself, show off your talents, and present any mind-blowing works of art you’ve been securing behind the scenes. It’s a very social time- Libra is colourful, creative, innovative, charming, charismatic, and very bright. They have a chameleon-like energy, and being so fairness and equality seeking makes this influence ideal for more introverted and introspective types. People are accepting and empathic. If you’ve been searching for ways to monetise your talents, search for opportunities both online and in your social circles. Be verbal in your needs and the universe will respond.



Your optimism, creative life force and passion are attracting a lot of positive people into your orbit this month. You’re a visionary with big dreams and goals. You dislike negativity and drama, so it's really important that you surround yourself with inspiring, creative, and innovative people. Stay clear of drama, chaos, and negative cynics and naysayers. Libra season can make us both open-minded and judgmental simultaneously- judgement is a natural part of life. In social circles and events, try to keep your role positive and inspirational without slipping into your shadow trait; superficiality and shallowness. There’s a difference between optimism and a lack of depth. Embody greater empathy and sensitivity- self-awareness too, and that positively project (or reflect) this into the conversations you have. Your communication is on point! People are drawn to your spirit.



Hidden gifts and soul talents will start to bubble to the surface. Everything stored in the subconscious realm, the inner realms of emotions, feelings, beliefs, instincts, subtle impressions, and spiritual and astral wisdom, will come to light, wishing to rise to the surface and intellectual plane. This is an excellent time for bringing your dormant or unexpressed talents and abilities to light. Express yourself intellectually, creatively, and imaginatively. Work on your intuition, how you can be guided by a higher source and higher light… Intuition is largely connected to instincts, the gut feelings you receive from bodily wisdom and sensations. A healthy diet or conscious fast over the New Moon period will amplify these abilities.



You will be feeling more romantic and companionable than most, and this is because it’s a highly compatible air sign month; Libra season. The cosmic current allows you to feel incredibly confident, even for those of you who are usually more reserved and introverted. Charm, confidence, high self-esteem, charisma, inventiveness, originally, and great ideas flow through you and from you. Your intellectual and innovative powers are amplified, while imaginative and intuitive abilities expand in your life. Because your libido is sparked through intellectual and psychological connection, this will make you crave intimacy on a deeper level. Try to seek out kindred spirit and soulmate bonds now. Even if sexual intimacy isn’t on the horizon, definitely be open to authentic displays of affection, platonic intimacy, and open-heart sharing. Personal growth and soul-evolution are big themes playing out in your life now and for the rest of the year…



You’re blowing people’s minds, Pisces! Everyone is fascinated by the inspiring and courageous works of art you’re creating. You’re really putting yourself out there, and people are realising that you’re not just compassionate, kind, gentle, and empathic. Yes, you use your gifts of spiritual perception, empathy, and sensitivity to make amazing music, art, poetry, etc.- or to teach. But you’re also very bold and courageous. People see you as charismatic, colourful, and a bit of a creative genius and innovator this month, least to mention they can see you have a funky soul… Your key to continued growth and success is to be aware that you are the most humble sign. You’re so graceful, selfless, and self-sacrificing that it's perfectly ok for you to shine; it actually helps others be the greatest version of themselves. Be yourself and let the qualities of the New & Full Moons flow through you.


General Astrology:-

● Full Moon in Aries, October 9th: Key qualities to tune into include self-assertion, innovation, originality, creativity and intuition, ambition, and being bold and confident when it comes to goals and aspirations.

● New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, October 25th: This is a powerful New Moon symbolising inspiration, imagination, creativity, resourcefulness, and turning soul talents and gifts into professional advancements and achievements.

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