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September Horoscopes

September Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd


Virgo season is a great practical time for you, Aries. Expect to see financial rewards, new clients and income opportunities, and a general increase in well-being and personal energy levels. The surge in life force you feel is in a down-to-earth, grounded, and level-headed way. There’s not a whole lot of passion and excitement this month, but the buzz you will feel is based on the practical foundations you are creating. Don’t be afraid to go for gold. Remember to play well as part of a team, as Virgo energy rules teamwork and a shared sense of collaboration; working together towards some greater goal. Try not to rock the boat, however do put your unique touch and innovative thoughts on things. People appreciate your inventive and go-getting nature, so long as you’re not bulldozing over everyone else. Romantically and personally, your relationships and family life might take up a lot of your time too. It might be a balancing act.



If there’s one thing your down-to-earth and practical nature appreciates, it's other people who have vision and know how to work hard. Virgo season might be a time of hard work and extra pushes on the work front, but it also brings out the fellow visionaries idealists. This is because Virgo represents service, a desire to help others, society, and local communities, and be of service. You are one of the most idealistic and romantic out of all the earth signs, it won’t be a surprise if you find yourself attracting fellow romantic, artists, dreamers, healers, and heart-centred visionaries. Stay committed and aligned to your goals and dreams. But don’t forget to attend to the practical affairs and smaller details too. If you focus solely on the big picture, you may find yourself overlooking smaller details, or forgetting them altogether. Stay mindful of how each piece of the puzzle goes onto create the whole finished picture.



Both you and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet of communication. Self-expression rules this month, in addition to running lots of small errands, taking part in community and family matters, and attending domestic, work, and personal chores. It’s a busy month for you! It’s also important to take some time to relax and recharge your energies, otherwise you could find yourself in mental burnout. Being so busy and proactive can also create problems in personal relationships, which come out at later times like in other months. This is because being so “up” can lead to superficiality and a bit of gossip, insincerity, and false intentions and promises made. Stay mindful. Combine a slow and deliberate approach with your high energy levels too, and don’t be afraid to appear slow and intentional, even unintelligent. This is your own insecurity and Gemini shadow projection- others don’t see being methodological and intentional as lacking intelligence! Practice mindfulness and meditation for the best results.



Cancer and Virgo are considered real soulmates in astrology, yet they’re a case of “opposites attract.” You will find this theme playing out in your personal and professional life, Cancer. There’s a feeling of synergy, harmony, and cooperation and compromise. Yet there’s also a clear difference and clashes that need to be worked on. You would benefit the most from focusing on self-development and relationship harmony this September. Fortunately, you are so instinctive and psychic that you know how everyone else around you is feeling. Be conscious, kind, and caring, but don’t give too much of yourself away. In other words, focus on everyone else’s needs whilst engaging in self-love! This is the month you can really transcend being a people-pleaser and emotional doormat… If you have free time, focus on practical creativity, for example how you can add a dose of colour and artistic magic in your physical environments.



Be prepared for big money and career moves! You’ve just had your birthday season, and now is the time to reap the rewards of a year of hard work. Whilst the Sun is in Virgo, you will be noticing the increase in efficiency and determination to succeed. You’re filled with immense practical energy, an achievement mindset, and strong inner desires to create impeccable foundations, for yourself and for your loved ones. People are noticing you for your talents too, which is always a nice feeling. Be persistent and never underestimate the power of choosing work over play. Romance is heightened as well, so don’t think you won’t have time for love, intimacy, and fun times. Set a couple of nights aside on your days off for a lovely dinner, or fun outing. On days off, consider a walk through your local national park, nature reserve, or forest; or even a trip to the zoo (or animal sanctuary). Connecting with the natural world is the perfect way for you to unwind and keep your emotional health up to par.



Your manifestation abilities are on fire… You have some amazing gits coming to you, and your emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental health are really, really, good! It’s important to stay positive now and not give into small or self-sabotaging thinking. You may have a few creases to smooth over before you can fully enjoy yourself, and see the fruits of your labour, but these will be easy to manage. Tune into your keen eye for order, organisation, and structure to amplify personal and professional victories. Success is certainly yours this September, but you will need to attend to final details and errands first. Once you’ve accomplished everything domestic, practical, and work-related, turn your attention to the relationships in your life. Your well-being and happiness come from close bonds, soulmates, and friendships.



What you put into relationships, your health, money and career, and the universe comes back to you. Hopefully you’ve racked up some good karma, Libra. You are one of the most peace and harmony loving signs of the zodiac, least to mention being a natural diplomat, counsellor, and peace-maker. People love you for your comprisable and open-minded nature. But have you been too appeasing for your own good? Do you still find it difficult to make decisions, and stick to them? These follies of yours will come under scrutiny. Virgo season asks your higher self to come out and shine, being totally honest and authentic with yourself in the process. Everyone has shadow traits to work on, and yours lead you into martyrdom and discontent when you become a people-pleaser. Take care of yourself whilst keeping karma and righteousness in mind.



It’s time to let your weirdness shine… In a world of following the status quo and confirming, breaking the mould is appreciated by many, especially the odd balls and black sheep of society. Although Virgo season is a time of structure and practicalities, everyone appreciates the friend who thinks outside of the box and breaks down illusions. As one of the most intuitive zodiac signs, you are a master of seeing through illusions. So have no fear when it comes to speaking your truth, feeling free to be yourself emotionally, and speaking and sharing with some depth and spiritual perception. People are seeking moments of joy and magic amongst the work and daily grind, and you are the perfect person to serve them this. Consider joining forces with a fellow water sign friend to create some magic in your own time. Know when to share and help others through your wisdom and intuitive light, and when to hold back and reserve your energy for those few special connections.



Have you been overlooking important connections in your life? Virgo season is a call to modest, kindness, and a sense of purity. This means trying to transcend and heal through old wounds, including your tendency to form superficial relationships and be frivolous. You’re really starting to see how you may have made some “bad” choices in the past, choices that made you let go of significant, heart-centered, and authentic bonds and replace them with acquaintanceships that served your ego, at the time. Every Sagittarius has been frivolous, uncommitted, and a bit of a player in their youth. Some Sag’s take this energy with them into their 30s, or 40s and beyond! September is the time to evaluate the relationships in your life, and key professional, personal, and community ties and connections you may have once dismissed. The tribulations of youth don’t have to stay with you forever! Adopt the wise, discerning, and level-headed but gentle hearted nature of Virgo.



Go for gold this month Capricorn. Don’t let the haters or naysayers stop you, but also be mindful of your own tendency to be a naysayer. Virgo’s influence brings out our inner critic, which can manifest as being highly critical of yourself and others. Be hard-working, practical, and determined without becoming negative or succumbing to stress. Stress levels are what will make you think, speak, and act in self-limiting ways. Positively, there is so much wise and level-headed energy that you’re feeling on top of the world. You are filled with lightness in such a hard-working energy- it comes naturally to you. Keep one foot in the material world focusing on your finances and foundations, and another in the spiritual world. This is of course referring to your sweet, sensitive, and caring nature, which as an earth sign you excel at. Show your sweet and nurturing side to those you love, as this will improve your quality of life immensely.



You may find old wounds and past traumas coming up, no matter how big or small. This is because Virgo season is a time of purity, devotion, service, and smaller details. All of these aspects are making you digress and devolve into old patterns, or simply get stuck in the past. Not to worry though, because being conscious of this right from the start of the month will help you overcome it! Healing, self-therapy, a bit of soul-searching, and self-development activities are all what the doctor ordered. The real doctor is nature. You can trust nature, she has made a cure for everything, after all. All mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances and ailments have some natural remedy found in nature. Plants and herbs can be the source of new life force for you. Also, healing, wholeness, and emotional and psychological contentment.



As your opposite sign, Virgo is someone you can learn a lot from. OK, you can teach them a lot, but you should be focusing on how you can integrate your more practical, grounded, and financially savvy side, Pisces. Pisces are terrible when it comes to finances- it’s one of your worst traits. You can be irresponsible, impractical, and totally away with the fairies… So make sure you're paying attention to this and taking steps to heal it. As we live in a dualistic world, shift your focus to your positive strengths too. Then become a teacher and way-shower for others. You have so many inspirational qualities, therefore it’s not a time- in such a hard-working and persevering season- to let other people's doubts or misconceptions of you dull your shine. Find the balance within so that you play the role of both teacher and student. This is your key to glory this September.


General Astrology

● Full Moon in Pisces, September 10th: This is a great time for balance and inner harmony, including finding oneness within duality; because the Sun is in Virgo while the Moon is in Pisces. Pisces represents spiritual maturity and completion, intuition and psychic gifts, extrasensory and subtle perception, dreams, instincts, and imaginative and creative gifts.

● New Moon in Libra, September 25th: This New Moon symbolises the Scales, the balance and harmony of polar opposites within and around. Libra energy represents fairness, equality, intellectual gifts and higher reasoning, intuition and the imagination, the Arts, romance, finding healthy codependence/independence within relationships, and connecting to natural beauty.

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