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New Moon in Virgo

Virgo New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in Virgo

Be Your Own Boss, Think Big!

27th August 2022


This New Moon asks you to level up and boss up, to take the skills and gifts of Virgo but to remember the qualities of Aquarius too. Virgo is quite a small-minded sign- they are extremely focused on the small details. Yet we’ve just had an Aquarius Full Moon, which is still affecting us. This adds an expansive and visionary aspect to the Virgo New Moon. Be practical, work hard, and attend to your affairs, but stay focused on the big picture too. This is the message.


Key qualities of Virgo:-

● As the Virgin and Maiden, Virgo is a sign of purity and perfection. They strive for perfection in all they do, are methodological and hard-working, and believe in helpfulness and service. Virgos are some of the most helpful people of the zodiac. This month, you will find an increase in your desire to be of charitable service, engage in generous acts, and share your time, love, and resources with others. Be careful not to over-give or people-please, however! Only give or act from the heart, and in healthy moderation.

● Earth is a feminine principle while Mercury is a masculine planet, so there is a great balance of yin and yang energies available to you now. You will find yourself more practical and down-to-earth, and more level-headed, analytical, and intellectual simultaneously.

● The Moon is in Virgo while the Sun is Virgo too, which brings a unification of conscious and subconscious forces. You can harmonise and integrate your subconscious and conscious minds, find a healthy flow and balance of light and darkness. Remember that denying or repressing your darkness, aka your shadow self, leads to extremes. You may find your mind and emotions alternating back and forth between the subconscious realm of feelings, instincts, and emotions and everything received by your conscious mind. This is a good thing! Find ways to strengthen this connection.


Self-Leadership; BOSS Status

It’s time to transition to the boss level. Stepping into self-autonomy and self-leadership are key to this Virgo New Moon. You’re given a chance to take the perseverance, hard-work, determination, and steps towards success already put in, and alchemise them into a way to shine and succeed. Money and increases in income are definitely on the horizon. Peers and colleagues will be recognising you for your efforts and talents, while a promotion or raise could be on the cards. It is a very productive time and your professional life is soaring.

It’s a lunar cycle where you become your own boss. You will be thinking of innovative and inventive solutions to make more money, receive more clients, or be seen as competent and capable. Organisation, order and structure are really important to you now. You don’t want to appear like a slacker or like you just hustle to get by; you want people to see you as accomplished, or at the very least capable of getting stuff done. A Virgo New Moon is a deeply practical and grounded time.

You may also find yourself becoming a teacher, wayshower, motivational speaker, coach, or musician or entertainer now, or expanding these gifts. This is because the energy from the Aquarius Full Moon is still influencing us. Aquarius makes an excellent speaker, teacher, and writer. So any field or skill that makes the most of similar gifts & abilities will benefit from your attention. You’re seeking the spotlight, but in a way that allows you to create a strong foundation and financial flow- Virgo is still modest, at the end of the day. Aquarius energy is optimistic, upbeat, and energetic while Virgo brings the practical wisdom & magic. It’s a great combo!

Find ways to jazz up your website, business, or office space. If you already teach, lead courses, present workshops, or anything similar, consider taking your skills to the next level. Aim for self-mastery and expert level. Aquarius is highly innovative and original. They’re inventive, bright, and able to break the norms to transcend the status quo. This influence will be giving you an edge and colourful wave of creative and individualistic energy… Virgos are known for being small-minded, so it is important that you tune into the August Full Moon vibes too. Otherwise, you could find yourself becoming rigid and overly routine-focused, which doesn’t allow you to excel and shine.


Business And Spirituality Combined

It’s business as usual, with a spiritual touch! The key thing to be aware of is Virgo's opposite sign, Pisces. A main goal of astrology is to teach us how to look towards our opposite sign for healing, balance, and integration. In Virgo’s case, it is Pisces; the intuitive and spiritual dreamer who is extremely psychic, imaginative, and creative. Pisces energy can bring an imaginative and multidimensional touch to the Virgo New Moon. Instead of becoming overly concerned with status, social or public image, routine and order, we can find adaptability and flexibility within these frameworks. For example, look at your business model and see how you can apply a creative or artistic touch. Add some more colour or funkiness and soul to your website. Don’t be so dull and grey! Live as and by the rainbow, because you are a multitude of colours.

As the Virgin, Virgo is all about sacredness and purity. Thus, consider some feng shui or adding conscious items to your home or work office space. An actual altar or shrine will benefit you greatly too. Here you can do daily prayer, mantra, and intention setting rituals for self-alignment, personal growth, and prosperity. Find ways to connect to your inner priest or priestess (also, your inner shaman, witch, wizard, or healer). The one mistake you could make is assuming a Virgo New Moon is all about money, business, and practicalities. Virgo is deeply symbolic of purity and divine order- cleanliness, sacredness, and daily rituals included. Try to find a balance between the spiritual and domestic or practical aspects of life. Each can help the other.


Conscious Criticism

Finally, be aware that Virgo is very critical and cynical, of self and others. This influence is bound to show up in one way or another, so get ahead of the game by becoming conscious of your need to nit-pick and criticise. It’s perfectly ok to question and analyse, just do so in a way that doesn’t put others down. Judgement is a shadow flaw of Virgo, as is them always thinking they are right. Be mindful of your need to shame, blame, or put guilt on others. This helps no-one and creates unnecessary separation. If you’re going to form some judgments, express them in a way that can help, inspire, or uplift and unify. Ask yourself if sharing your opinions or perceptions are helpful, kind, and loving. If not, you’d be best to meditate and learn to transcend judgement and ignorance.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Virgo:

Aries: “I use my originality to serve and live from the heart.”

Taurus: “My intuition is a direct bridge to my higher self, which is a blessing to others.”

Gemini: “I embrace my colourful & quirky personality within business and work.”

Cancer: “I seek synergy and flexibility in all that I do… harmony is my happy word.”

Leo: “I must learn to be a modest boss to truly inspire and command respect.”

Virgo: “I am a power-house when I learn to play and rest as well as work hard.”

Libra: “Charm and charisma allow me to succeed and elevate.”

Scorpio: “I learn how to use my power with purity, free from manipulation.”

Sagittarius: “I embrace my serious side to get stuff done! Playing and no work is not helpful.”

Capricorn: “Loyalty and caring in the workplace is the missing ingredient to true prosperity.”

Aquarius: “Fresh perspectives flow through me when I take care of my body.”

Pisces: “I am a channel for both divine and practical wisdom and insight.”

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