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July New Moon

Leo New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in LEO

Creativity and Community

28th July 2022

Leo is the heart center of the Zodiac, the passionate and benevolent fire sign who speaks and acts with heart, courage, and dominance. There is a perfect blend and harmony of subconscious and conscious forces now, as both the Sun and Moon are in Leo at the time of the New Moon. This brings unity of opposing aspects of the self- everything that is dark or unconscious, subconscious, and subtle influences, and conscious thoughts and feelings. Stay optimistic and always keep in mind the perpetual balance of yin and yang energies… they are in an eternal dance!


Key qualities of Leo, the Lion: -

● Leo rules the 5th house in astrology, the house of children, creativity, play, romance, and pleasure. Combined with the qualities of the Sun, being confident, self-expressive, dominant, playful, fun-loving, kind, and generous, and self-authoritative; you can make wonderful change in your local or larger community at this time.

● The Lion, Leo´s glyph, energetically represents community, brotherhood/sisterhood, nobility, reality, family, self-leadership, and courage. You can tune into the qualities of the lion to guide and protect you this month… and use this majestic creature´s energy for advancements in business, love, family, marriage, community, and or creativity. Both Leo and the lion (spirit animal) symbolise the heart, and the Sun is the center of our solar system, so work with the heart chakra for the best self-alignment.

● Your inner child is a big theme now and wanting to come out and play. Use the high-spirited, youthful, and joyful nature of your inner child to get ahead in business, career, and romance. These three areas of life will be in the forefront of your consciousness now.


Children, Creativity, & Community

This New Moon is all about community, creative self-expression, and children. You would be best to share your talents and gifts with the younger generation in some way, children of any age group. Drama, theatre, the arts, spoken word, writing, speaking, teaching, music & the imagination, play, and self-expression are all key areas this month (the New Moon period leading into the first half of August). Share your passions, ideas, intellect, innovation, and abilities through leading, teaching, speaking, and being a way shower; lead a podcast, workshop, or course, or hold a free event if you´re blessed with the resources.

You have the capacity to inspire children and leave a lasting mark for future generations! Small or big, any act of service will both increase your self-esteem, connecting you on a deeper level to your talents, and allow you to bring joy and growth to others´ lives. Even offering artistic & educational opportunities to your own children or friends & family close to you will allow your inner light to shine. It's a give and take; Leo is extremely generous, kind-hearted, and benevolent, therefore when you give to others with pure intentions you receive, and vice versa. Light and energy are free, universal, and available in abundance…

Consider writing some blogs, creating some free videos on YouTube or Odyssey, or stepping into a self-leadership role in any way you see fit. Take an actual wander too, walking around your town or city to discover what opportunities and avenues are available to you. Community is a key theme. And if you turn your attention to Leo´s glyph, you will see just how strong and powerful the bond of brotherhood, sisterhood, and community is.

Additionally, there is such a high vibration and energy current to this lunar cycle that even if you don't help or teach children, you can benefit from the “yang '' qualities. Dominance, inner fire, boldness, brilliance, lack of shyness to take the spotlight, leading (speaking & acting) with heart, excitement, optimism, and genuine excitement at opportunities for play and artistic expression; these are all amplified. By tuning into these qualities and expressing yourself in a productive, artistic, imaginative, or creative way, you equally naturally turn away from the less desirable attributes of this Leo Moon. Leo´s shadow includes a love of drama and chaos, or an unconscious pull towards them. Try not to be a drama king or queen, demanding attention, or respect instead of naturally commanding it.


Acts of Service

Small acts of service can really increase your self-esteem now, while boosting future prosperity. As a regal, sincere, and loving-giving fire sign, Leo teaches us how to give with generosity and sincerity. There is nothing fake about the noble lion when they offer gifts, wisdom, affection, or love! Leos are extremely sincere, and this goes for their dark side too… But purely on the positive, much integrity is available to you now, so any act of charity, altruism, or giving and benevolence will create positive blessings in your own life. What goes around comes around…

Regardless of how big or small, be a blessing in others’ lives- strangers or family and close bonds. Engage in some charity, community, animal welfare or humanitarian service and acts of kindness. Perhaps there's a local shelter who needs volunteers to walk dogs or play with kittens. Maybe you could give up half a day a week to help with local environmentalism or conservation, or simply share your knowledge and talents through a few free educational videos, audio recordings, or online or in person events?! Live from your heart and experience the full beauty of life, raising the collective vibration of love and receiving the ripples of abundance that naturally return to you.


Passion & Sexual Expression

Ruled by the 5th astrological house, this Leo New Moon represents pleasure, play, romance, and children. This means your libido will be feeling strong and your sexual empowerment, or need for expression, on a whole new level. All the fire signs are known to be instinctive with very strong needs in the physical touch and intimacy department, and Leo goes a step further by being very romantic and affectionate (the most romance-loving of the fire signs).

This could go one of two ways… You could find yourself wanting a lot of primal and fiery sex, either with a partner or in a more casual bond, or you may channel this energy into Leo´s other attributes- being the father or parent. Such dominant, self-authoritative and masculine energies naturally bring out your inner father and “electric” parent, there is little subtlety or feminine magnetism when such a powerful vibrancy and yang force comes out! Regardless of where your attention is needed or how prevalent your desires are, take care of your sexual health. Accept, embrace, and make peace with your primal, animalistic, and sexual side, because this is the key to true happiness and longevity.

Sexual energy is synergistic with spiritual energy and longevity. The healthier our intimate expressions and unions are, the more able life force energy is to flow through our chakras and kundalini. The kundalini is, in fact, a perfect blend and harmonisation of spiritual, sexual, intuitive, creative, and life force energy. Sexual energy and subsequent needs & desires start at the Root, and any block or repression here will negatively affect the other chakras. This means, a lack of health, vitality, psychic gifts, spiritual perception, higher wisdom insight, evolved consciousness, creative and imaginative expression, and health and self-empowerment. Waken an embrace your self-sovereign, powerful, and sensual sexual nature to see other areas of life improve. Open your heart and let the love flow


A final word

Both the Sun and Moon are in Leo, which represents perfect unity or balance between the conscious and subconscious mind. You may find yourself in a constant dance between everything that is dark or hidden, subconscious influences like feelings, emotions, subtle insights, astral & feminine wisdom, instincts; and all that wishes to come to light- consciousness. Let the yin and yang energies flow in harmony and synergy- connect to your inner Sun and inner Moon regularly and as much as possible, getting into a personal groove. Considerable insights and wisdom will flow to you if you do.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Leo:

Aries: “Being the best only succeeds when I play nice with others.”

Taurus: “Sincerity and benevolence are my superpowers!”

Gemini: “My colourful nature is free to shine while playfulness expands in all areas.”

Cancer: “I may not be the loudest, but my imaginative and spiritual powers make their mark.”

Leo: “I am a team-player, leader, charming winner, and modest support system.”

Virgo: “My role in my family is never overlooked or under-appreciated when I act with love.”

Libra: “My social butterfly self really pays off now…”

Scorpio: “I am a guiding light and force of change in my community.”

Sagittarius: “Being an idealist allows me to inspire others.”

Capricorn: “My earthly powers help others to see the true power of strong foundations.”

Aquarius: “Speaking, leading, and acting with heart expands my vision.”

Pisces: “I am the often silent and spiritual power who brings soul into the world…”

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