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With more than three decades of profound metaphysical expertise, Hanah emerges as a masterful guide in spiritual wisdom, delivering transformative insights as an Empath, Psychic, and Astrologer. Her exceptional intuitive abilities reveal the intricate forces that mold your destiny, deeply resonating and aligning with your spirit.

In her insightful consultations, Hanah taps into the timeless wisdom encoded in your astrological birth chart to access the Akashic records, revealing substantial karmic and dharmic insights through the North and South nodes. This nurturing approach not only deepens your grasp of your core purpose but also enriches your spiritual path, guiding you to embrace your true journey with clarity and peace.

Her empathetic readings focus on significant astrological transits, offering nurturing guidance on love, work, relationships, and life's challenges. Hanah’s advice is a soothing voice for the inner self, easing doubts and uncertainties while lighting the way forward, helping you to achieve a deeper understanding of your personal and spiritual evolution.

Through her genuine connection to Spirit and the Divine, Hanah extends wisdom and empathy, providing a heartfelt spiritual perspective that illuminates any obstacles you may face. Her insights offer significant clarity and inspire courage to embrace the challenges and joys of life’s journey.

Discover how your life can change profoundly for the better by connecting with a live psychic; Hanah is waiting for your call.

To speak with Hanah, call 1300 784 584 or outside Australia +61 3 8888 9277  enter 00454 when prompted for agent selection.
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 by Riana

Good Morning Hanah, Thank you so much for your advice and guidance...you've taught me so much about what is blocking me in a very short space of time. xx

 by Stephanie

I call Hanah regularly, she is so grounded and helpful. Her advice is so valuable and she sees so clearly, I am so grateful I found Hanah

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