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Sophisticated and naturally gifted psychic, Jada has been connected to spirit, from an incredibly early age. She fortunately was encouraged to nurture and develop her gifts from childhood, giving her the skills to not only cultivate those instinctual intelligence but to also develop and learn many other spiritual expertise. She is well versed in the mechanics of the quantum plane, the afterlife, sacred geometry, astrology, numerology, and the kabbalah tree of life journey, applying all of them to her consults to provide a thorough and unique reading, which can provide extraordinary insight and positive direction.

Being so broadly proficient in all these supernatural talents make it easy for her to tap into anyone's energy no matter where they reside. She loves to read tarot cards and receive intuitive guidance from spirit as part of that process. With a passion for helping people to understand the deep connection we all have to each other and the spirit world. Jada genuinely believes that in this space, we can find authentic healing, peace, and love.

From experience, she is completely aware of the amount of people that are seeking information about love. She thoroughly understands the manifestations of romantic relationships, spending years studying twin flames, karmic and soul mate ties. Whilst not each connection needs to have a title applied, certain connections manifest with regularity. Others are incited with insane intensity and sometimes that close tie can be confused in a narcissist/empath union. She is an expert at finding the identifiers to assist her clients and specialises in navigating the stormier waters in these connections.


Find out how your life can profoundly change for the better, by connecting to a live psychic, Jada is waiting for your call.

To speak with Psychic Jada, call 1300 784 584 or outside Australia +61 3 8888 9277  and enter 00478 when prompted for agent selection.
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Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Joan

What a connection straight away ! She was so spot on with everything and things that are about to happen she calmed my aniexty and I could of talked all day she had so much detail in this reading unbelievable ,I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring and to call her back ! Thankyou so much you were so awesome :)

 by K
Highly recommend

Jada is amazingly accurate in her readings about situations, relationships and predicting outcomes… as well mediumship. Have been very happy with every reading as she has confirmed my gut feelings and helped me to find clarity and to be at peace.

 by Ryan
Spiritual marvel

I could not be happier with my reading and interaction with jada
She makes you feel so at ease and is so in touch with what she does everything she said was relevant to my life such an awesome experience. Truly such a caring and beautiful soul I will definitely call this reader again

 by Rhianna

Spot on, the information and advice is so relevant. Exceeding my expectations will definitely be ringing this reader again. 👍

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