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Highly developed psychic and compelling medium, Millie has over 23 years professional experience, providing spiritual leadership and healing to those in need. Experiencing and gaining strength and knowledge from the many losses in her own life, she has become an acutely sensitive and intense empath, and skilled spiritual healer that is genuinely passionate about focusing and manifesting love, positivity, and strength in all her clients lives.

Also, a skilled and gifted medium, Millie understands that Mediumship and past loved ones is a sensitive subject. Always looking for clear and factual knowledge from the other side, she is an expert at bridging the gap between those that have passed over, with the living realm. Being completely aware of how delicate and important these messages are to her clients; she is always careful to relay all information with compassion and extreme consideration.

Instinctively masterful in her craft, Millie was awakened at 7 years of age and since then has nurtured and cultivated her gifts into extremely meaningful talents. Considerate and charming in nature, she thrives on building strong connections and authentic communication with her clients. Specialising in relationships and love, Millie thoroughly enjoys providing emotional and spiritual support to those that are in love, looking for love or experiencing loss of love in their life.


Find out how your life can profoundly change for the better, Millie is waiting for your call.

To speak with Psychic Millie, call 1300 784 584 or outside Australia +61 3 8888 9277  and enter 00466 when prompted for agent selection.

Valentina is a uniquely gifted, multi-talented Psychic with over 20 years’ experience practicing as a Medium and Spiritual Healer. Priding herself on her naturally accomplished mediumship abilities a reading from Psychic Valentina is truly an uplifting and insightful experience.

Working in conjunction with her spirit guides since she was a child, she is also a powerful remote viewer and can scan, see and remove negative blockages in one’s body to obtain complete health and well being. With her focus on guiding you through life’s obstacles and removing unwanted energy, her spiritual calling is assisting her clients to become conscious of their full potential and does so with amazing kindness and generosity.

It truly gives her great joy and satisfaction to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, while giving them hope and confirmation from loved ones during her consults. Using her impressive gift to hear, see and feel spirits, she can read others psyche effortlessly and with full confidence to provide extraordinary guidance.

Assisting in translating mixed emotions and reflecting results on possible outcomes, she can present you with pathways that you would never have conceived of without her otherworldly advice. Being highly perceptive and able to feel other’s concerns and remove unwanted barriers, Valentina will effectively free your energy fields and connect you to your inner power of love and essence of being. Find the answers you are looking for by calling a live Psychic, Valentina is waiting for your call.

To speak with Psychic Valentina, call 1300 784 584 or outside Australia +61 3 8888 9277 and enter 00481 when prompted for agent selection.
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