Tinsley offers a powerful blend of natural psychic talents and combines it with an extraordinary capacity to provide spiritual healing and direction. She is an intelligent psychic that loves to help people through their road map of life and is most passionate about giving her clients clear insight into what is happening around them and directing her healing gifts to those who need it most. Her extensive skills help her to provide a consultation, that can only be described as masterful and has a truly long-lasting, positive effect, well after the consult has finished.


Experiencing metaphysical phenomena, as a young child, Tinsley could always sense spirits around her, but five years ago, she experienced a powerful spiritual epiphany and since then her psychic gifts have gone from strength to strength. A genuine spiritualist at heart, with a passion for all things metaphysical, she is a skilled clairaudient that works on voice vibrations, but She has also studied and practiced tarot reading.


Above all else, Tinsley prides herself on helping people from all walks of life and does so with unquestionable compassion, kindness, and mature discretion. A sincere and deeply caring psychic, that feels a strong connection to all people and nature, believing we are all connected through love and energy. She can help you realise your own potential and easily assists in recognizing your star quality, as your birthright, and will help you to utilize your allure, to not only help yourself, but to also help others.

Find out how your life can really change for the better by connecting with a live psychic, Tinsley is waiting for your call.

To speak with Psychic Tinsley, call 1300 784 584 or outside Australia +61 3 8888 9277  and enter 00447 when prompted for agent selection.
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