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With over ten years’ experience as an accomplished lightworker and powerful psychic medium, Viola has always been driven to help illuminate pathways for people, through love and light energy. She became familiar with her gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and Claircognizance from a very young age, connecting with her ancestors and spirit guides while still in school. Her gifts as a medium became stronger as she healed her ancestral wounds and is now able to receive strong messages from other’s passed loved ones as well.

Also an energetic and extremely thoughtful healer, through intention and visualisation, in addition to crystals, light and sound vibration, to provide an intimate, personalised healing experience for her client. She receives positive guidance from Source, Divine Light, and the client's Higher Self, as she cleanses, purifies, and detoxes their energetic field, with a focus on clearing blockages within the energy centres.

Using traditional Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards, word cards, picture cards as well as her own handmade cards as an important tool during her readings. She quickly connects with her clients Higher Self and Spirit guides for loving guidance and healing. Specialising in spiritual growth, past life healing, romantic relationships, career and finances, physical and emotional health, Viola warmly supports her clients as they navigate life changes, unpacking truth along the way, offering divine well-being and direction.

Find out how your life can significantly change for the better by connecting with a live psychic, Viola is waiting for your call.

To speak with Psychic Viola, call 1300 784 584 or outside Australia +61 3 8888 9277  and enter 00450 when prompted for agent selection.

Marvella has found throughout her life, that people have always naturally gravitated to her for her accurate source-based guidance, which is why she has turned towards psychic consulting. She has been aware of her spiritualistic gifts and practicing professionally for over 30 years. Areas of her expertise would be in love readings and relationships. An extremely warm and maternal psychic, with a naturally charming attitude, Marvella can easily relate and tune into people, of all kinds and does so with a kind and discreet manner.

Using Tarot cards as an integral tool during her psychic consults, she is also a powerful spiritual healer and intelligent intuitive. She has an intense desire to help others navigate through life by supplying spiritual guidance and using her gifts of healing, intuiting, and reading to manifest and create positive changes, in her clients lives.

Having a strong passion for helping people in their communication style, to develop healthy boundaries within relationships, she guides her clients with the knowledge she has gained through counselling, parenting and extensive life experiences. She has travelled extensively during her life, giving her a sophisticated knowledge of diversity and varied cultures. It’s a natural progression to her, given that by profession she is an Interior designer that has always, practiced active listening. Marvella has unfailingly been able to supply psychic and spiritual knowledge, clearly and effortlessly to all those who seek her metaphysical guidance.

Find out how your life can profoundly change for the better, by connecting with a live psychic, Marvella is waiting for your call.

To speak with Psychic Marvella, call 1300 784 584 or outside Australia +61 3 8888 9277  and enter 00493 when prompted for agent selection.

Ariana offers a rare combination of Spiritual Healing, Psychic Talent, Clairvoyance and Psychic Mediumship. A psychic reading with her will enlighten your understanding of your current situation, offer spiritual solace and deliver inspired direction for your life. If you are ready to change your life, she is ready to take your call.

A qualified Reiki Practitioner gifted with strongly established connections to the Angelics’, Ascended Masters and Star Beings; a reading with Ariana is transformative in nature, offering a sense of renewed purpose, spirit and clarity.

Ariana’s work with Kuthumi, Quan Yin and Saint Germain provides a rare opportunity to simultaneously gain Spiritual Insight and Healing on very many levels.

A caring and compassionate Psychic Reader with a deep understanding of the human condition, her kind and gentle manner provides you with an immediate sense of spiritual connection and support. Find out how your life can really change for the better by connecting with a live psychic, Ariana is waiting for your call.

To speak with Psychic Ariana, call 1300 784 584 or outside Australia +61 3 8888 9277  and enter 00443 when prompted for agent selection.
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