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Full Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

Full Moon in Sagittarius:

A Higher Calling & Purpose


14th June 2022


June's Full Moon occurs in fiery and independent, yet highly companionable, Sagittarius. Sag is the Archer who shoots for the stars… yet he can often leave significant bonds and connections behind in his pursuit for stardom and fame or success! Be careful of not falling prey to the “Sag superficiality,” the tendency to give into narcissistic and frivolous traits instead of forming lasting bonds and loving partnerships.


Key qualities: -

● Positively, Sagittarius is bold, courageous, self-assured, and independent. This sign knows how to take the lead and act and speak with self-assertion. They are masculine by nature, dominant, direct, communicative, and expressive, and have many creative and artistic talents too.

● Ruled by the Archer or Centaur, Sag both reaches for the stars and is a symbol of philosophy and primality. The Centaur is half creature/animal and half human, which symbolizes an animalistic, sexual, impulsive, somewhat lusty, and philosophical individual. They do have potent instincts, however, and the gravitation towards the higher self and mind lets them shine intellectually, innovatively, and wisely.

● Jupiter is Sag´s ruling planet, providing a strong surge of luck and expansion throughout their lives. Focused, hard-working, and devoted Sagittarius’s often have the Midas touch for professional and vitality needed projects alike. They are full of passion and high spirits, and usually achieve success when they work diligently towards some goal or aspiration.


Prosperous Connections

Sagittarius ‘entire identity thrives around connections and social ties. For professionals, this means there is an amazing opportunity to expand your social circle, following, and income through new professional partnerships and contacts. Aim for the stars and don't hold back. Be bold, courageous, and confident, yet dignified and noble. As Sag is ruled by Jupiter, there is luck on your side, but being so lucky and expansive by nature can sometimes go to one's head. This is true if you´re quite “yang” or spotlight loving in nature.

Nobility, integrity, and a hierophant type energy run through a Sag´s blood and veins just as strongly as grandiose and a need for attention. At the highest vibration, Sag is the philosopher and Hierophant, the spiritual and noble being who can pass judgement on others with fairness and grace. They´re deeply wise and perceptive with a commitment to higher truths, so make the most of this energy. Find connections that add to your majestic and dignified vibe- try to stay away from people who bring you into drama, gossip, and ego antics or games. If you´ve found yourself hanging out with the wrong crowd, find a way to cut ties kindly and with grace and humility. But certainly, do cut ties!

Now is the time to turn your attention to greater heights, professional and productive partnerships, and the soul bonds and connections that energise your higher self. Always think about your reputation and the type of energy you wish to project out into the world (without giving into superficiality or notions of superiority.).

As a Full Moon is a time of completion, you may have already severed ties with toxic or lower vibrational bonds. If so, reward yourself! Celebrate by engaging in some sophisticated and higher-class activities and outings, with people who are just as charming, talented, modest, and successful as you. Set your sights high and you will only continue to attract the best.


Fertility and Project Expansion

This is such a fertile month and lunar phase, so much so that you may not even know where to start. Stay grounded, focused, and positive. The universe is sending you big and radiant beams of expansive light energy. You´ll be feeling more fertile, productive, prosperous, and positive; optimism courses through you and your mind are so determined to create a life of abundance and success, that you will most likely be picking up on genius ideas and concepts. Innovation, originality, and intelligence are amplified at this time.

Because the Sun is in Gemini, Sag´s opposite, there is even a bigger double-dose of creative energy and inspiration available. Gemini is such a high energy and vitality sign, and the air influence of the Gemini Sun amplifies the vision and enthusiasm of the Sagittarius Moon. All projects can be enhanced with some genuine passion, dedication, hard-work and instinctive and insightful forces. Fertility can relate to actual creativity, the planting of seeds in your garden or smallholding, pregnancy and physical birth, or any other project and outlet that is based on fertile, abundant, and prosperous energies. You´re able to tune into your inner visionary now for the best results!

Relationships can get a real boost from this influence too, or if you'd prefer to work behind the scenes solo this is perfectly fine as well. Also, it's a time of evaluating what has been working and what hasn't been; where you feel fulfilled, and what is possibly missing from your life. It's an emotional time, as all Full Moons are, but it's also a psychological and intellectual time, and romance is on the cards just as much as professional and educational pursuits. In all honesty, Sagittarius is such an all-rounder that you can find yourself making the most of this expansive energy in any area of life.


Logic VS Intuition

Finally, this is a time of really balancing your intuitive philosophical and “free flowing” mind with your logical, rational, and intellectual one. All aspects of self and mind wish to be integrated, and Sagittarius ‘glyph enables them to access the higher mind more frequently. This is the mind that sees things from a holistic and unified perspective, also being open to idealistic and visionary qualities.

Other keywords to reflect on: community, kindred spirits, adventure, higher learning, communication, sharing and companionship, play, spirit, and spontaneity.


“Magical Mantras” for this Full Moon in Sagittarius

Aries: “I go after what I want with passion and gusto!”

Taurus: “My life is a mirror for what's inside; beauty projects outwards.”

Gemini: “Playfulness combined with ambition allows my life to prosper.”

Cancer: “Creativity and caring are the two pillars for a strong foundation.”

Leo: “Passion and determination let me be seen as the powerful leader that I am.”

Virgo: “It's ok to think outside the box and try the new and untested.”

Libra: “I excel when aligning with partnerships and connections in alignment with my higher self.”

Scorpio: “It's ok to be sensitive, with courage and an inner fire as a core vibration.”

Sagittarius: “My intuition is a guiding light for my truth and true path.”

Capricorn: “If I want success, I need to learn how to be receptive to help and a team player.”

Aquarius: “My independence and originality allow me to shine in my own quirky way.”

Pisces: “Life is a dream, and I am the creator, captain, and ship!”

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