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An introduction to Tarot Card Readings

This blog is an introduction to Tarot Card Reading for beginners

The Tarot is a pack of 78 cards that is used as a Tool of Divination. Essentially the Tarot cards are used to create clear communication between the Reader, the higher self and Spirit. This connection is established using any number of different spreads or layouts used in Tarot Readings. The most Common tarot spreads used in readings include the Celtic Cross, Single Card, and Simple spread. To most people it would seem that the Tarot Reader is a ‘fortune teller’. However, most Tarot Card practitioners will tell you that the cards offer a connection to Spirit and the Source, providing a means to identify the energies presently at work in your life and offer a guide to the probable outcome based in the present or now.

How Do Tarot Cards Work?

  • Question readings: helps you find answers or solutions to a specific question. Although these readings do not give you a precise yes/no answers, they help you open up, stay neutral and seek within for answers.
  • Open readings: these address larger aspects of life like marriage, careers and health among others.

An experienced Tarot Reader will tell you that a well-developed intuitive process is an essential tool for the successful practice and interpretation of the cards. They may also tell you of the marked increase in intuitive and metaphysical abilities enhanced by the daily use of their craft. Just one of the many tools of divination, the use of Tarot cards provides the ‘portal’ or contact point for the Readers’ inherent Psychic and Metaphysical talents.

Becoming a skilled practitioner of Tarot is a craft that combines study and practice with intuition, compassion and a genuine connection to the Source. A Tarot Reader will assist you in the asking of appropriate questions and interpret the meanings presented by cards. The person seeking guidance shuffles the cards while concentrating on the question at hand. The person then spreads out the cards and awaits interpretation from the reader. When providing a Tarot reading over the ‘phone’ a number of factors comes in to play. While having the client focus on the question at hand, the Reader connects with their Cards and provides a spread, while simultaneously forging an intuitive connection with the client and Spirit.

Tarot cards meanings

Major Arcana represent the major aspects of our lives that we have no or limited control over. These aspects influence both our external and internal experiences and transformations.

The four suits of the minor arcana are representative of the four elements: fire, water, air and earths as follows:

  • Fire: Wands
  • Water: Cups
  • Air: Swords
  • Earth: Pentacles

The Minor Arcana represents the mundane aspect of our lives, such as our daily activities, circumstances and situations. Each suit is representative of a certain aspect of our lives as follows:

  • Cups: emotions and creativity.
  • Wands: spirituality, ambition and drive
  • Swords: mental activities, intellect and communication
  • Pentacles: environment and material possessions.

Most of us are deeply aware that there is so much more to our lives and our spiritual evolution then what meets the eye. We all at different times in our lives, seek a connection to the Divine or the Spiritual. We instinctively understand that we are Spiritual beings, that energetically we are comprised of so much more than just the physical. Throughout history, human beings have sought for connection with the Spiritual world in search of advice, guidance and solace. Tarot has earned its place as a tool of Divination and as a means for Tarot practitioners to provide probable outcomes provided by Spirit to questions asked by the client.

We have a Team of wonderfully talented Tarot and Psychic Readers so should this article inspire you to seek a Tarot consultation please feel free to visit Our Psychic’s page. You are sure to find a Reader who resonates with you.

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