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April Horoscopes

April Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd


One of the most important events of this month might be that of a chapter ending in your relationships, this is not negative, but it will be a major change. It is also a great time to launch personal projects, as the spotlight is on you and opportunities appear more easily now. Collaborating with friends might be a major aspect of these projects. The things that you start now have the potential also to help others along the way. Prepare to experience some delays and challenges in your finances by the end of the month.



The way you work and tackle your daily tasks is changing now, as well as your habits and lifestyle. You could be feeling emotionally vulnerable, take this as an opportunity to heal. Mental health-wise, you’re having breakthroughs. In the middle of the month, you will notice your finances improving a lot of thanks to your hard work in your career. The spotlight will be on you soon, and you will feel generally invigorated. However, there could be some challenges when you try to communicate with others.



Right now, you’re especially dedicated to working and furthering your career, something that will impact your finances very positively now. This month you have a great opportunity to express yourself creatively or pour your heart out to a loved one. In general, you will attract everything you want with ease and people is inclined to agree with you. Studies are also favoured now. You might at some point try to relax, but work will be taking most of your time. Though there are new beginnings in friendships, you might feel unable to communicate your feelings and this can lead to loneliness.



The month starts with big changes at home or in your living situation, whether is moving or changing a dynamic, it will potentially be dramatic. This change is brought on by you being more focused on improving your career. This month you might withdraw and enjoy solitude as well as work on your mental health. Beware of feeling pressured to spend more money than you’re comfortable spending. Challenges will present in communication with friends.



Even though finances can be a source of worry, you’re determined to improve your mental health and not allow certain things to affect you negatively. You might find yourself letting go of a small project so that you can pursue something more expansive. Travel is highly favoured now, as well as activities that allow you to see things from a different perspective. Your social life is becoming livelier. Beware of tensions between your work and your relationship. Additionally, you could be rethinking things around your career.



This month begins with a chapter completing in your finances, this could mean ending a source of income or simply changing the way you make money. In fact, finances will be a main focus and you could become more abundant. Additionally, there will be very positive events happening in your career and public image. By the end of the month, you will want to travel or pay attention to your studies, yet work will be taking up most of your time. This area will feel more challenging now, as you also struggle with presenting your ideas.



Things at work are going very smoothly, as you’re particularly hard-working and cultivating good relationships with co-workers. You might be releasing behaviours that no longer serve you, or having the urge to change something about your appearance. Your romantic relationships could be expanding or getting more serious this month. Great opportunities for either travel or your higher education. By the end of the month, you could find challenges in your long-term finances or investments.



This month starts with some big closure in regard to your mental health, as you might e releasing thought patterns that no longer serve you. Something else that you will be focusing on is improving your physical health and your habits. You will attract opportunities in your long-term finances, and this could be related to your family being supportive. However, these financial advancements might somehow collide with your romantic life. By the end of the month, you will probably be reconsidering certain aspects of your relationship or having trouble communicating with a partner.



Exciting events might be happening in your social circle, or you might just be completing something that involved cooperating with others. Your creative projects are going very well, and you could be receiving opportunities in this area. This month begins the most favourable period for your long-term relationship or business partnerships. Nevertheless, your family might be challenging these new developments in your romantic life. You will encounter minor challenges at the workplace, mainly related to miscommunication.



There’s a lot of attention on your career now, and you might go through major changes in this area now. These changes could potentially be related to your living situation as well, which may be improving greatly soon. There is a big and emotional new beginning happening at home for you. Your health and routines enter a period of balance, and this can lead to better finances in some way. Creatively, you’re taking a step back and reconsidering the way you execute your ideas.



Starting the month, you might feel inclined to address any health issues and work towards improving this area. Chapter possibly closing in your education, or finally being able to travel. You will generally be very busy and have a lot to communicate. Additionally, your creative projects can take off more easily now. There will be a pivotal event regarding your productivity, that will allow you to be extra motivated. You might experience some setbacks at home or regarding your family relationships.



Your creative projects can be taking a lot of your time right now, but the energy supports these endeavours as you feel committed and diligent. There will be an ending in your financial area, maybe finishing a loan or a source of income. However, there is potential this month to greatly improve your finances. You will prefer to stay at home or share time with your family. Try to avoid childish behaviours, as it may strain your relationship with loved ones. By the end of the month, you might find it more difficult to communicate ideas.


General Astrology

1. Full Moon in Libra, April 6th: Realisations around balance and how much we’re giving and receiving.

2. Venus enters Gemini, April 11th: Relationships and values become more intellectual and ephemeral.

3. New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries, April 19th: A catalyst event for new beginnings related to our independence.

4. Mercury stations Retrograde in Taurus, April 21st: Miscommunication and challenges in regards to our values and material assets.

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