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April Horoscopes

April Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd


It’s the time to get work and energise your goals and dreams. The Sun is in your sign, Aries, which brings out your inner fire and desire to lead and succeed. Be fearless because you’re given freedom to be your courageous and warrior-like self now more than any other time of the year! This shouldn’t be mistaken with being selfish or insensitive, however. Be mindful of your inner bully or tyrant coming out, because this is a strong possibility! Yet, you can make amazing advancements in career, creativity, and personal & professional projects. Be fearless in love too as marriage or a next step in the relationship might be on the horizon. Just make sure you're acting from the heart and soul and not your ego.



Don’t be too sensitive to others’ words or impulsive actions. Everyone’s feeling more impulsive and potentially wound up at this time; there’s definitely no slow-burning energy! Positively, instincts are heightened, and strong and powerful instincts can lead to new opportunities and extraordinary revelations. Let your senses guide you without being overcome with emotion. Emotions are intense this month, but intellectual knowledge and intuitive hunches will be your guiding light, in both a divine and sublime way and a down-to-earth one. Feel the magic of self-leadership merged and balanced with listening to others… stay empathic. Channel any creative or spiritual energy into passion projects and innovation.



It’s time to get REAL creative and innovative, Gemini. Now is the season to push your mind to new heights, past old limits, and go that extra mile when you think you’re finally done. Inventive and original ideas will be soaring to you, and everyone will be seeing you as a secret mastermind even if they don’t say it. If you’re someone who has previously been quite shy or reserved, or blend into the background, taking a more self-leading role will serve you in many wonderful ways. Even if you don’t have ambitions of becoming famous, a huge success, or a star with celebrity status; you can still engage in some healthy talent development! This will provide future abundance and financial stability, whilst giving a needed boost to your health.



Be careful as your tendency to explode and lash out is amplified. You’re feeling more irritable and anxious at this time of the year than in any other season. Your best bet is to lay low and focus on yourself; engage in daily self-care, healing and spiritual rituals, and creativity, art, music, and self-expression. Anything that serves your spirit and soul are STRONGLY advised. Because Aries is ruled by Mars, the primal and warrior-like aggressor with immense energy and determination. This can conflict with your indirect, passive, and harmony-seeking nature- Aries doesn't seek harmony, they want to be the best, number 1, outshine everyone… As you have your own temper and inner darkness, a lot of people will be triggering you now. Use this month to energise your own talents and gifts.



Everyone knows you're a lion, majestic one. No-one needs to be told of your “inner star” or ability to speak, act, and take charge as a voice of authority. But how are you doing this to help others?! Aries season brings a strong karmic element and energy; Aries is the first sign, after all, and therefore holds considerable responsibility and power. Karmic influences will be playing out in your life right now, and if you aren’t sensitive to or aware of the subtle forces you may find yourself going down a downward spiral. Tap into the qualities of Aries’ opposite, Libra, the peace-make and Scales of the Zodiac. Libra is all about compromise, harmony, balance, and fairness, so keep these traits in mind when being bold or taking control of people or situations.



Being so modest has its setbacks! It means you can be overlooked, not seen as worthy or talented (even when you are). Don’t be so selfless and humble that you create a perpetual reality where you’re overlooked, in both your professional and personal life. If you’re seeking love, a new relationship, or deeper intimacy, you need to be bold instead of relying on expecting everyone to see your sweet and accommodating nature. Being respectful is one thing, yet disrespecting yourself while others play tyrants or other overly dominating characters isn’t healthy, nor wise! Be wise, stay intuitive, and trust your instincts. That’s one thing you can rely on this month. Use logic combined with instinctual self-awareness and a trust in the feelings and impressions you receive from others.



The Full Moon in your sign mid-month makes for a magical season. Romance, inner harmony, relationships, personal wealth acquisition, and family and friendship bonds are highlighted from the 16th. Until then, focus on projects, work, and finances received from daily income, your career and side hustle. While the sun is in Aries your warrior spirit is increased and amplified, which makes for an interesting month to say the least! This can go one of two ways… your diplomatic and peace-loving nature will be telling you to people-please and stay quiet, choosing calmness and compromise for peace sake; yet your more judgemental and self-serving side will almost want to push others aside or out the way entirely. This is a great test for you! Opportunities for self-growth and development are rich now.



It’s been said before, but mastery really is your middle name! There are so many conflicting and differing energies that you’re given real chances for self-evolution and self-mastery. If there’s not much interesting you materially, turn your focus towards spiritual, psychological, and emotional and physical self-development. Work on yourself. Take time to heal, learn from past mistakes and lessons, and clear your karma. Perhaps consider starting an online course or teaching yourself a new subject? Both educational and physical fitness advancement come under Aries’ arena. Choose how you want to spend your free time, as there is a lot of passionate and primal (creative, raw) energy that shouldn’t go to waste. If you’re open to new love, get out and mingle! Or consider looking into the network of existing friends you have online for potential matches.



Are you currently travelling? If you’re not and the answer is no, you’ll be quite restless and even upset with any mundane routine or relationship you may find yourself in. Even mature and older Sagittarius’ will find old feelings of wanderlust and a desire to explore the world, break free, and claim total independence coming back. Are family or friends holding you back, keeping you stuck in toxic cycles? Do you have the luxury of booking a plane ticket and going off your own way, or perhaps meeting a friend or soulmate you know is already in Mexico travelling, for example, and living a life of freedom and gold? Gold is a spiritual vibration. Whatever you do, don’t get stuck in a material reality now, even if finances and prosperity are on your mind (which they will likely be). If you can’t physically travel, find ways to channel aggression and impulsiveness.



Seek out the kindred spirits and diamonds in the rough, now. There is so much illusion and superificality in the world, and the chances are you’ve previously become lost or stagnant to an unhealthy or even toxic cycle. Society does this to us (try not to take it personally). Aries seeks independence, freedom, and liberation- movement and adventure too. Combined with a determined and ambitious nature, both financial prosperity and a need to transcend comfort zones are playing on your mind strongly. Act with courage and passion if you’re considering making any significant changes to your life or routine. Don’t be a rebel for rebel’s sake, but don’t play it safe either!



You could find past behaviours and thoughts coming utp to plague you, Aquarius. Immaturity, youthful notions of rebellion, and restlessness leading to impulsion and aggressive episodes or outbursts are all in store for you if you’re not careful. Positively, there is a lot of fiery, passionate, and catalytic energy to spark positive change if you’ve matured and outgrown certain cycles. This is an excellent time for innovation, aspirations, dreams, work, and goals, for example, and music and art both get a level up if you wish. You’ve just got to take the leap and move forward with a positive mindset and inner contentment, because there really is a lot going for you! Try not to let external circumstances or environments define, limit, or make (or break you). Look within for true guidance.



You’re ready to move ahead with gusto and devotion to your path once again! Chances are you’ve spent March focused on creative and spiritual activities; you may have even healed karma for good, completing a karmic cycle (or 3 or 5) of this entire lifetime. Congratulations for doing what most people can’t and taking accountability, whilst engaging in true forgiveness, healing, and compassion. Now you’re ready to step into a new and improved you, where your sensitive, soulful, and empathetic gifts can shine combined with the masculine, direct, and self-assertive energy needed to be a winner. God, the universe, the divine… they don’t want to see you lose, Pisces. Don’t let self-sacrifice or the desire to play martyr or saviour be your downfall anymore. You were born to shine.


General Astrology for April:

1. Aries New Moon, April 1st: Courage, ambition, self-leadership, taking action, relationship harmony, being bold and passionate, and going after dreams and aspirations.

2. Libra full Moon, April 16th: Relationship harmony, romance, cooperation and teamwork, creativity and artistic venture, grounded spirituality, and family, love and friendship completions.

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