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Aquarius New Moon

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New Moon in Aquarius

Astral Visions & ‘Big Picture’ Feelings

1st February 2022

February’s New Moon occurs on the 1st of the month in visionary and altruistic Aquarius. All of the Fixed signs are being brought into the forefront, so whichever planets are in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius in your natal (birth) chart. Aquarius is the sign who takes impressions and emotional triggers and clues from the external world, and transforms them into ideas, ideologies, beliefs and intellectual knowledge. Analytical, logical, and rational thought favour strongly at this time. But this doesn’t mean you can’t find inspiration in the imaginative and creative realms!

Key qualities:-

  • The realm of higher ideals and thought forms are lit up, such as logic, problem-solving, higher mental reasoning, intuitive and imaginative thinking, and your capacity to see the big picture. Idealism and visionary gifts, like tuning into the collective energy field to see where humanity is currently operating (the holistic vibrational frequency), are also amplified.
  • Humanitarian, charitable, and ecological and environmental values are brought to light. Getting involved in community projects or testing the waters are the perfect use of your time & energy! Open up to multiple possibilities linked to these themes.
  • As an air sign, Aquarius’ energy enables you to adapt, go with the flow, and find inspiration in the realms of music and art. Sparks of inspiration, creative genius, or visualisation may come to you- enlightenment is on the table… There’s a mystical and ethereal energy present too that can assist you in meditation, artistic self-expression, and any astral work (astral projection, lucid dreaming, attempting to achieve transcendental states) you may be currently engaged in.

Spiritual and Astral Activities

Spiritual, holistic, and astral activities will be a main theme this month. The powerful Aquarius energy is revving up our imaginations and our ability to see the big picture. You may feel your idealistic self seeking full expression, or projects and ideas relating to your dreams and more destined aspirations coming out of the back burner stage. Our imaginations and need for a connection to the mysterious, ethereal, and spiritual energies that permeate our universe are most prevalent during an Aquarius New Moon.

Linked to this is humanitarian and altruistic values, two key interests of the Water-Bearing Aquarius. Aquarius is often associated with the Star tarot card. The Star signifies hope, faith, spiritual perception and insight, and a connection to the magical and ethereal qualities of the cosmos. The Star is a symbol of the higher consciousness we can achieve when we transcend the physical realm, further recognizing that material and worldly affairs are only a chalice, or conduit or channel, for subtle and spiritual energies. Everything is rooted in spirit, unlimited potential, and a creative and primal life force. It’s here where all sorts of gifts are found too.

So, now would be the perfect time to give yourself or receive a Tarot reading. Charging your crystals and then doing a deep aura cleanse, meditating with them, or balancing and aligning your chakras are all perfect ways to spend this New Moon. If you’re with a partner or friends, make sure you do some sort of spiritual activity together; whether its an impromptu sound circle or giving each other Reiki, or any other type of energy healing. Massage is a great alternative option if you’re more physical. Finally, there’s no harm in practising telekinesis, telepathy, or extrasensory and psychic gifts solo or with another! Aim to evolve, transcend, and attain enlightenment, not through neglecting or dismissing your physical body and the tools in your material environment, but by utilising the divine gifts the Creator has given you.

A Craving for Community…

You won’t be able to escape the inner need for community and those kindred spirit connections you adore when in your most vibrant and creative phase. Like when at a festival, surrounded by spirited people and a variety of colourful art, music, and dance themes and scenes; Aquarius is the idealistic dreamer who’s light is switched on by everything innovative. Group activities, brotherhood, sisterhood, meaningful friendships, and unity focused social bonds are where you’ll find your inspiration. Or at least the idea and exploration of them will give you the psychological, emotional, and spiritual satisfaction you desire! You shouldn’t ignore the urges you have for deeper connection rooted in connection, because they are a core part of your personal evolution.

Society tends to separate us, dividing us into groups and distinctions based on superficial reasoning. But, there is more to life than logical thinking or physical and geographical attributes- if you’re in tune with your instincts and soul, you will know this. It’s a fundamental truth, actually. Work on strengthening your intuition so that you know who’s for you, and who’s not. Also, developing your intuitive mind will enhance your instincts and help you to create more harmonious, loving, and inspiring friendships in the future. Everything is a cycle. If things aren’t progressing the way you want them to now, stay committed to your truth and intentions, knowing that all the effort you put in mentally and internally will manifest in perfect timing.


Purpose meets passion & planning

Finally, it’s a wonderful window to plan, organise, re-align, and check over the details and intentions set (in previous months and last year). This is because introspection is called for. Although you will be feeling social, and perhaps even restless if you can’t act on your desires at this time, there is also a dreamy and introspective vibe from the 1st onwards. The New Moon is coupled with Aquarius season- the Sun is in visionary Aquarius, so putting in effort and determination behind the scenes would favour you. Try to stay sober and cleanse your mind, body, and emotions to see the fruits of your labour in Spring or Autumn.

Remember: plan, organise, re-align, and focus!

Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Aquarius:

Aries: “I am bold and courageous, which allows me to shine and attract the support I need.”

Taurus: “I manifest the most abundance when I stay connected to my heart and humanitarian and spiritual values.”

Gemini: “Creativity allows me to stay optimistic and innovative, adapting to the changes around me.”

Cancer: “I use visualisation combined with both intuition & logic to manifest my heart’s desires.”

Leo: “My light is a beacon for others… my strength is a source of motivation for when others are lost.”

Virgo: “I accept that it’s ok to not be ok, to revisit and to re-plan. Life is transient and change is inevitable!”

Libra: “Holistic living provides a doorway to my full potential. I know I must eat and live healthy to thrive.”

Scorpio: “My wealth is in my health, so I keep my vibe high and spirit clean to shine in the most brilliant of ways...”

Sagittarius: “I am inspiring and positive; staying optimistic while recognizing the darkness is the key to my happiness.”

Capricorn: “Material wealth and prosperity are roots back to source, to spirit, and to my soul.”

Aquarius: “I allow myself to dream big and follow my boldest dreams. When I shine, others are free to shine too.”

Pisces: “Showing up for myself and those without a voice provides freedom to all. My choices ripple into the great unknown!”

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