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Aries New Moon

Aries New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Beginning, Inspiration, and Independence


        21st March 2023       


This New Moon is one of the most exciting of the year! First of all, it’s the start of a new Lunar year, and this is always cause for excitement, as we’re presented with an opportunity to plant the seeds for the projects closest to our hearts. Many people believe that an Aries New Moon is the perfect moment for manifestation, and some engage in a wide array of rituals to make the most of this lunation.

On the other hand, this New Moon has a twin! As it’s happening at 0°48’ degrees of the ram sign, this means that there’s a second and very rare Aries New Moon in April, which will also be a potent solar eclipse.

After letting ourselves go and tune into the collective unconscious during Pisces season, now’s the time to turn to ourselves and acknowledge our deepest ambitions and think about the person we want to become.


Key qualities: -

  • The symbol for Aries is a ram, which symbolizes initiation, courage, boldness, spontaneity, and inspiration. Individuals born under this sign put everything they got into the fight or challenge of the moment, and rarely retreat or give up.
  • The modality of Aries is Cardinal, this means that Aries are self-starters who thrive when being entrepreneurial and independent. Cardinal signs are usually the ones who initiate projects, and even if they abandon them at some point, they pave the way for other people to participate. So essentially, this New Moon will have great motivational energy.
  • March’s Aries New Moon will be conjoining Mercury, the planet of communication and ideas, so our minds and words will be very sharp… and in typical Aries fashion, maybe excessively sharp.


A powerful time to manifest.

The first sign in the zodiac is Aries, which is why a New Moon in Aries is especially fertile for new beginnings. If you are looking to initiate something new in your life, this would be a great time to do it. Nevertheless, you may be feeling restless or even impatient with your life right now. You might want to be more active or take more risks — but you might also have a hard time figuring out where to start! The key is to take one small step at a time and make sure you're moving forward toward your goals rather than just spinning your wheels.

We might not usually think of Aries as an intuitive sign, but the truth is that Aries provides that gut feeling that confidently tells you which path is the one to follow.
With such confidence running through our veins right now, we can be sure that whatever project we engage ourselves in will take off very quickly!

Building the best “you”

During this cycle, we have the opportunity to reevaluate our relationship with ourselves. Taking advantage of the powerful energy of Aries, we can make important changes in our lives. As the ram learns best via experience and action, we should probably get ready to be more adventurous right now.

It's also a useful cycle for learning the advantages of being real in our expression—that is, being oneself without pretense. Being unapologetically ourselves will be the big requirement for this New Moon, and this courage will act as a catalyst for us to begin the exciting process of not only discovering new parts of ourselves but also building them from scratch.

On the day of the New Moon, we might discover how to rely on ourselves and be content with doing so. When we realize that we can be self-sufficient without blaming others for it not helping us out, it will go a long way toward discovering inner satisfaction. It's a chance to refresh ourselves with activities that break the mold and involve trying something brand-new.

Materialize your desires and give them a voice.

As we mentioned before, this New Moon is in very close contact with Mercury, the messenger planet. On an intellectual level, this will provide us with much quickness of mind for the day, and we’ll probably come up with many ideas related to our goals. Speaking our desires into existence could be the key to making the best out of this New Moon. Now we can apply this concept in various ways, but essentially, we should write down all the ideas and thoughts that come to us.

Besides the presence of Mercury during the Aries New Moon, Neptune will also be conjoining this lunation. And though this planet can bring some confusion into the mix, the truth is that we will also be extra intuitive and receive crucial spiritual information.  Pay attention to your dreams and any images that seem to pop up out of nowhere on this day. A good way to take advantage of this energy would be to translate these images into the real world by creating a vision board. This simple activity can easily set the tone for transmuting and materializing your goals faster.

The most significant effects of this Moon phase are felt by those born with personal planets and points between 0 and 5 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) and 27 and 30 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces). This Moon phase occurs at 0 degrees and 50 minutes of Aries.

In any case, this New Moon has the potential and power to bring changes to all of our lives.


Look for your rising sign on the list down below to see which kind of projects would be most beneficial for you to start now:

Aries: Self-improvement and appearance changes

Taurus: A new spiritual journey

Gemini: Involving yourself in new social groups.

Cancer: A new career path or public presence

Leo: Long-distance travel plans or higher studies

Virgo: Financial investments and overcoming fears.

Libra: A brand new relationship chapter or legal matters

Scorpio: Incorporating new and healthy habits.

Sagittarius: New creative projects and approach to romance

Capricorn: A new home or improvements to your living situation

Aquarius: New hobbies and topics of interest

Pisces: New sources of income and money-making ideas

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