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August Full Moon

August Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

The Blue Sturgeon Supermoon

Culmination, Communication, Balance

August 31, 2023


Get ready, because the upcoming full Moon on Wednesday night, 31 August 2023, is a special time in astrology. Astrologers believe that full Moons can influence our emotions and energies. This August full Moon might bring a sense of culmination and completion, encouraging us to finish things we've started. It could also enhance our communication skills, making it a good time to express ourselves and connect with others. However, like any cosmic event, there can be positive and challenging aspects. On the positive side, this full Moon could boost our creativity and bring a sense of achievement. On the flip side, it might also amplify any tensions or conflicts we're experiencing.


Key Qualities of the Blue Sturgeon Supermoon - 31 August 2023

The "Blue Sturgeon Supermoon" carries key qualities of transformation, depth, and illumination.

● This full Moon signifies a period of culmination, where efforts and projects come to fruition, encouraging personal and emotional growth.

● Communication is highlighted, fostering open dialogue and understanding in relationships.

● The Moon's influence promotes balance, urging us to find harmony between our aspirations and responsibilities.

● While enhancing creativity and achievements, it also demands awareness of potential conflicts, reminding us to address issues constructively. As a "Supermoon," its proximity to Earth intensifies its effects, urging us to embrace change, seek insights within, and embrace the heightened energy to align our paths with purpose and clarity.


Transformation and Culmination:

The Blue Sturgeon Supermoon of 31 August 2023 holds the potent energy of transformation and culmination. It marks a time of closure and completion, urging us to wrap up ongoing projects and endeavors. Just as the sturgeon fish undergoes a significant journey, this full Moon prompts us to reflect on our personal journeys and the growth we've achieved. It's a powerful period to let go of what no longer serves us and prepare for new beginnings.


Enhanced Communication and Expression:

Under the influence of the Blue Sturgeon Supermoon, communication takes center stage. This lunar phase encourages us to express ourselves openly and honestly. It's a time when conversations can flow more smoothly, fostering deeper connections and understanding in both personal and professional relationships. Embrace this opportunity to convey your thoughts, emotions, and ideas, as effective communication can lead to positive resolutions and strengthened bonds.


Balance and Harmony:

The Blue Sturgeon Supermoon reminds us of the importance of balance and harmony in our lives. Just as the sturgeon fish maintains equilibrium in its aquatic environment, this lunar phase encourages us to find equilibrium between different aspects of our life. It's a time to assess our commitments, responsibilities, and passions, and to make necessary adjustments to create a more harmonious existence. Striving for balance not only benefits our well-being but also allows us to navigate challenges more effectively.


Amplified Creativity and Achievement:

This supermoon has the potential to amplify our creative energies and boost our sense of achievement. It's a time to tap into our creative wellsprings, whether through art, innovation, or problem-solving. The heightened lunar energy can fuel our motivation to excel and succeed in our endeavors. Use this time to set goals, acknowledge your accomplishments, and push boundaries to reach new heights of creativity and productivity.


Reflection and Resolving Conflicts:

As the Blue Sturgeon Supermoon exerts its influence, it's important to engage in introspection. Reflect on your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, and identify any underlying conflicts that may arise. While this moon encourages positive growth, it can also amplify tensions and challenges. Use this period to address conflicts with a calm and composed demeanor, seeking resolutions that benefit all parties involved. Utilise the moon's illuminating energy to find clarity and solutions.


Embracing Change and Seeking Insights:

This lunar phase delicately cradles an invitation, one that calls us to not merely accept change, but to wholeheartedly embrace it. Just as the sturgeon navigates the currents of its journey, our lives, too, ebb and flow in cycles of transformation. The radiance of this supermoon serves as a cosmic reminder that change is woven into the fabric of existence, much like the way winter gradually yields to the gentle warmth of spring.

In seeking insights, we uncover hidden truths that propel us toward growth and fulfillment. Just as the sturgeon's journey offers insights into the natural world, our own journeys yield insights into the depths of our souls. Embrace the whispers of intuition that arise during this lunar phase, for they hold the keys to unlocking the doors of a brighter tomorrow. By welcoming change and allowing insights to guide us, we navigate the tapestry of life with a sense of purpose, evolving not just for ourselves, but for the world we touch.

In this dance of embracing change and seeking insights, we find ourselves aligned with the rhythm of the universe, ready to embark on new chapters with courage and grace, much like the way the blossoms of spring emerge from the cocoon of winter. As the seasons shift and nature reveals its cycles, so too do we unearth the cycles of our own growth and transformation under the radiant influence of the Blue Sturgeon Supermoon of August, 2023.



In the luminescence of the Blue Sturgeon Supermoon on August 31, 2023, we witness a symphony of transformation, communication, and balance. Like the sturgeon's journey through changing currents, this celestial event urges us to embrace change's rhythm. It spotlights culminations, fosters connections through dialogue, and teaches equilibrium between aspirations and responsibilities. As we bask in its glow, let us heed its call to amplify creativity, address conflicts wisely, and seek insights within. Much like the transition from winter to spring, let this supermoon remind us that change is a natural part of growth, and by aligning ourselves with its energy, we illuminate our paths toward a brighter, more fulfilling future.

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