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August Horoscopes

August Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd

August Horoscopes



It’s Leo season, and this means high spirits and harmonious energy. You will be focused on the love in your life, or it’s absence! Romance, play, creativity and drama like the Arts are all top things and where your attention is going. You will find joy in the small things, like singing or dancing with friends, attending a yoga or qigong class, or being asked to draw, paint, or sing with someone. Community, friendships, and kindred spirits are on everyone’s minds. Financial flow increases with the more play and well-being activities you feed yourself with too. Abundance can come to you when you’re in sync with your heart and inner spirit, when you’re chasing natural highs and self-expression. Remember the power of your innovative mind and imagination for personal victories.



You’re loving the vibrancy of Mother Earth and the magical energies of the Sun, Taurus. When the sun is in fiery and independent Leo, you feel deeply sensual and open to romance. Creativity is expanded through appreciating nature, like listening to the birds and bees, speaking to the trees… you’re aware nature is conscious and sends out subtle vibrations, right? Get in tune with her. Soul resonance arises through organic vibrations this month. New friendships and admirers increase considerably- your light is shining! Personal, professional, romantic, platonic and inspirational relationships can all receive sparks of new energy and vitality, and you will find new connections flowing in abundance. Put yourself out there, transmute or alchemize your sensitivity and usually modest nature into something more social and expressive.



All you’ll have on your mind this month is fun and adventure, so there’s no point trying to do anything else. Practical matters will have to wait until 22nd when it’s Virgo season. The current astrological season increases spontaneity, vitality, zest, optimism, creativity, playfulness, courage, and your need for sexual expression. Expression in general. Your mind is alive and energized, you’re craving intellectual and upbeat conversation, in addition to companionship and community. Broadening and expanding your horizons is one of your primary goals. You’re seeking connection in everything you do, from every minor action to the company you keep and connections you make- and in both the daily grind and hustle and longer-term plans. Small shifts this month will lead to greater opportunities later… don’t underestimate the power of your communication skills. Curiosity combined with keen intellect and a sharp, brilliant mind is what will create prosperity and bliss for you.



You’re feeling loved up and full of light. Leo’s influence is powerful, and you share the same affinity with love, romance and kinship. You’re searching for new soulmates and kindred spirits in everything and everyone! If you’re single, you will surely meet your match; all you have to do is put yourself out there. If coupled you can expect heightened intimacy and steamy passionate encounters. Creativity, imaginative and musical self-expression, and artistic gifts are all taking center stage in your consciousness, next to romance. Use your strong sexual energies to spark higher consciousness and vice versa… Your life force is so strong that you will probably dream up amazing things, creations, and masterpieces. Access your higher self through daily self-care, meditation, healthy diet, exercise and joyful pursuits. Pleasure leads to co-creation, prosperity, and inner contentment.



It’s your month Leo, the stars shine for you… which you already know, so keep your ego in check! The duality of this month is that you will be glowing and radiating in victory- you’re confident, charming, self-expressive and totally passionate. You’re also extremely generous and warm this month which makes people gravitate towards you. Yet, there’s also an overwhelming tendency towards drama and theatrics, mainly caused by yourself. Or perpetuated when some peace and cooling down is in divine order. Consciously seek to attune to the light parts of your soul and personality, not the dark ones. Align with your multi-talented nature, let your talents and unique gifts flow. You can inspire others whilst feeling total satisfaction and happiness. Don’t hold back, be bold, and hold yourself in high esteem.



You will be having fun this month and connecting with people from your past. New friends and opportunities come into your life while old ones show their faces- embrace it all. It’s a very joyous and positive cycle with lots of laughter, high spirits, and zest. It’s essential that you take care of your health because when the sun enters your own sign on the 22nd, you will want to be in a calm and steady groove. Well-being activities such as yoga, martial arts, dance, self-care, meditation, time in nature, and spiritual healing- holistic therapies and the like- are ideal things to put your time into. Expansive and healing energy lights up the sky, which is perfect for your small detail, analytical, and often narrow-minded nature. Embrace the desire for growth and being part of a larger community.



Leo’s dominant and vibrant, if somewhat (extremely!) dramatic and egotistical energies are amping up your need for self-expression. You’ll be wanting to share your views and ideas with the rest of the world, and this is what leads to new opportunities, connections, and abundance. Financial windfalls are available when you speak your truth and do it with empathy and compassion. People are responding to vibes and energy this month, so clear your sacral and throat chakras and embody love and light! Musical, artistic, and creative expression are strong, you may find yourself organically involved in a new project based on some special skill set of yours. Don’t close yourself to anything… be open-minded. Finally, take a moment to reflect on your past and who you may need to clear some karmic cords with. Are you still holding onto wrongdoings from years ago?



It’s an intense month but one you dig! Intensity and passion are Leo’s middle names, so when you combine and balance these with your amazing intuition, killer instincts, and natural empathic-watery-caring, you will be shining free for all to see. Find solace in the few relationships that serve a higher purpose, the ones that really get you. And, your artistic and imaginative gifts will be off the chain! People will recognize your wisdom and talents. Be bold and courageous however steer clear of excessive spotlight-seeking- choose a natural vibe instead. Seeking the spotlight and being dramatic may suit fire signs, or others so inclined, but this isn’t your style; stay true to you. Adopt this saying: ‘You do you and I’ma do me!’ This is great because everyone will be craving community and connection whilst simultaneously wanting their own independence.



Let the good times roll. While the Sun is in fiery, dominant, passionate and willful Leo you will be right in your element. Romance, health, play, creativity, spirituality, passion and adventure are all strong, and you’ll be connecting with LOTS of kindred spirits and friends. You may even be one of the lucky ones blessed to take a travel trip. Keep your mindset sovereign without being too much of a rebel. And, if you’re going to be a total freedom and justice fighting maverick, as we do have a Full Moon in Aquarius, after all; make sure you remain grounded. Give a little, take a little. Do a bit, take a bit. Wisdom, freedom, and justice are on your mind right now and you won’t tolerate BS or illusion. Remember to keep your spiritual health strong and engage in regular self-care, meditation and aura strengthening exercises.



Passion increases and amplifies in your life, and sex, love and intimacy will be on your mind. Embrace your need for fantasy and playfulness, as Leo rules fun, children, creativity, and the Arts. If you’ve got some free time and money, book yourself a festival ticket- be spontaneous too. This isn’t the time to be mega conservative with your self-imposed limits on how much fun you can have; you need joy and excitement to keep your mind, body & spirit healthy. Savings and finances are great, there’s been a few earth-sign practical months already this year, and this dutiful cycle comes round again during Virgo season (August 22nd). Energize the areas of your life you’re lacking in, like fun, play and a deep-seated need for adventure. Pick up a musical instrument or creative hobby once immersed in, but no longer give your all to. Passion and inspiration are everywhere right now… tune into the subtle vibrations of the energetic universe.



Fabulous, truly fabulous! This is a powerful month with love, laughter, and medicine in everything. You will find healing in the simplest of things. Paint, draw, dance, sing, and play musical instruments. Garden, do DIY, cook, get your home in order, and take care of final practical alignments. Go on an adventure, take a nature trek, hike or go to the beach…! There is so much to keep you occupied you won’t be sleeping much, and when you do manage to lay your mind to rest your subconscious mind will be swimming with beautiful memories. Try to balance excitement and passion with calmness and inner peace, however. Family will be on your mind because Leo is deeply community oriented. But, you don’t need to fake anything- if one meeting, get-together or phone call is enough to show your love, do it with gratitude and sincerity. Aim for simplicity to find expansive joy and wonder….



It’s another magical month for you, but this time with different energies. Leo’s fiery and highly independent, but passionate and self-expressive nature is putting you in tune with your fierce self-protectiveness and self-assertion. You won’t be tolerating any disrespect, drama, or BS this month. As a sensitive and supremely compassionate water sign, you display this self-love with a unique and admirable type of flair; you’re one of the few people who can say things EXACTLY as they are without offending people. Others want to listen to your wisdom, intuitive guidance, perspectives, beliefs, and personal feelings. They can sense they will be healed and inspired from your natural frequency. Don’t change for anything Pisces, however, do stay adaptable and open to new opportunities and connections. If the world gets too much meander into nature or take your guitar or harmonica and sit among other sensitive animals.



General astrology of August 2021

1. There’s a New Moon in Leo on the 8th, which is perfect for starting a new health or self-care cycle. Daily routines linked to health, well-being and work link to the 5th house, Leo’s astrological domain. Start new things.

2. Then, the Full Moon in Aquarius, 22nd, brings up our need for positive action! Humanitarianism, collective consciousness, world affairs, a connected and unified global society… we’re feeling altruistic and genuinely concerned about the well-being of others and our planet (and animal species). This Full moon equally highlights our analytical and intuitive minds, our ability to think and perceive with innovation, creative genius, and originality.


Many Blessings. Cecelia

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