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August Horoscopes

August Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd


During August, you are still being supported by the transit of Mars through your sign. With the Sun in Leo and Mercury joining it on August 5, the fiery, fierce energy keeps growing. Leo season feels like home for you, dear Aries. You are likely to notice increased stamina, motivation, and willpower: the first half of the month is the best time to act towards making your dreams come true. The Full Moon in Aquarius of August 3 invites you to stay flexible and open your mind. This celestial event may bring you significant insights and new, original ideas around how to move forward and get closer to your goals.


Dear Taurus, the month of August is likely to bring you unexpected surprises. Uranus, transiting your sign, is stationing retrograde on August 15. At this time, we are going to have six planets in apparent backward motion: the need for introspection and self-inquiry is intense. The influence of Uranus and the Full Moon in Aquarius may inspire you to open up to different paths and consider possibilities you never thought about before. Meanwhile, your planetary ruler Venus enters Cancer on August 7. You are likely to appreciate the company of your family and loved ones more than usual and feel drawn to spend quality time with them.


Leo season feels like a breath of fresh air for you, dear Gemini. As we leave behind the emotional intensity of Cancer season, we rediscover our playfulness and cheerfulness. Dedicate the upcoming month to what makes you feel good, spend it people who uplift and inspire you. Mercury, your planetary ruler, enters Leo on August 5: you may notice an increase in your vitality and in your desire to have fun and enjoy life. On the same day, Venus in Gemini is going to conjunct the North Node. These are good days to solve misunderstandings and have difficult conversations: this auspicious aspect supports your communication skills.


Dear Cancer, after two powerful New Moons in your sign, you finally take a break and start integrating all the feelings and emotions you experienced during July. Venus is entering Cancer on August 5: its influence is going to be highly beneficial on all your relationships and social interactions. You may meet interesting and captivating people in August! The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 invites you to consciously release what has been limiting you and holding you back. The New Moon in Leo happening on August 19 reminds you of your worth and that you have permission to put yourself, your needs, and your desires first.


Your time of the year has finally come, dear Leo, and you have already felt a shift in your spirit, mood, and overall vitality. Your creativity is going to increase even more throughout the upcoming month. Mars in Aries forms a beautiful trine to the Sun: this aspect grants you the strength, the motivation, and the determination you need to go after what you want and get it. The Full Moon in Aquarius is reminding you not to be afraid to be different: dare stand out from the majority. The New Moon happening in your sign on August 19 represents the beginning of a brand new cycle in your life. Take advantage of this energy!


Dear Virgo, August for you is going to be a month of completion and transformation. During the first two weeks, you can take advantage of the fiery energy of Mercury in Leo to conclude the projects you already started. It's going to be easy for you to solve any problem coming up with creativity and originality. Innovative solutions may come out of the blue, as the positive influence of Uranus in Taurus supports your wit, mental capacities, and learning abilities. Sun and Mercury move into Virgo on August 20 and 22: this is a great time to start new projects, your productivity is going to skyrocket, get ready to shine!


Leo season is going to have a beneficial influence on your friendships: you are likely to expand your network of contacts significantly. The Full Moon in Aquarius coming up on August 3 will offer you unexpected opportunities to interact with people very different from you. These days are great to focus on self-expression and cultivate hobbies, interests, and artistic pursuits that allow you to release the built-up tension and negative energy. Venus conjoins the North Node on August 5, another aspect supporting your communication skills and social interactions: get to know people outside your usual social circle, you may meet someone incredibly inspiring!


Your main area of focus during August is going to be your professional and public life, dear Scorpio. You may feel the need to invest more time in your career or to change something to bring it to the next level. The transit of Mars through Aries keeps supporting your determination and willpower. The last week of the upcoming month, when Sun and Mercury enter Virgo, is likely to bring you some professional rewards, and maybe even some unexpected help by a community or organization. Uranus stationing retrograde in the opposite sign of Taurus on August 15 may bring unforeseen changes in your existing relationships and even exciting new ones.


Dear Sagittarius, August for you is a month of exploration and creativity. The transits of Sun and Mercury in Leo and Mars in Aries are going to inspire you to move past your comfort zone and take risks. As Jupiter keeps moving retrograde through Capricorn, you may feel the need to reevaluate your beliefs and create a different life for yourself, which is more attuned to your inner reality: this is the best time to take concrete steps in that direction. Venus conjunct the North Node in the opposite sign of Gemini is going to have a beneficial influence on your relationships: you may solve old issues and conflicts, and have deep, healing conversations.


The month of August has the potential to be profoundly healing and transformative for you, dear Capricorn. As Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter keep traveling retrograde through your sign, you go deeper into self-inquiry, introspection, and inner work. Breakthroughs are possible, especially in the area of intimacy and sexuality, as well as in business or financial partnerships. The transit of Venus through your opposite sign, Cancer, is going to have a beneficial effect on your social interactions. It will be natural for you to be empathic, truly listen to the other person, and understand where they are coming from: this makes it easier to reach successful agreements and deals.


Dear Aquarius, the spotlight for you during August will be on relationships. The transits of Sun and Mercury through your opposite sign, Leo, are supporting your social life, while Mars in Aries increases your creativity and drive. We have a Full Moon in your sign on August 3, which represents the blossoming and maturation of a cycle of your life. You will reap the fruits of your labor and the rewards for your hard work. Uranus, your planetary ruler, is turning retrograde on August 15. This cosmic event is an invitation to let go of what is still holding you back from expressing your true self unapologetically.


August is a month where you are encouraged to cultivate discipline, improve your ability to focus, and to be present in what you are doing. It may seem weird to hear about being disciplined during Leo season, yet Leo is a fixed sign, who has the capacity of long-term concentration and endurance. The invitation for you, dear Pisces, is to train your resilience and don't give up at the first try. The transit of Venus through Cancer and the beginning of Virgo season are likely to affect the way you show up in relationships. These aspects will help you cultivate discernment and compassionately establish healthy boundaries.

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