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Awakening to the authentic self the truth will set you free

This blog is about awakening to your authentic self

Only a lucky few of us arrive in this world with a clear certainty or vision of what we are here to do this lifetime. To awaken the authentic self you must be dedicated to the service of truth, and truth only. It is true that the truth will set you free, and it is also true that first you must liberate truth in yourself.

In the very first year of primary school I became friends with a little girl whose name was Linda. The first time we were asked as part of class, what we might want to be when we grew up, she stood out as the only student in a class of twenty who knew exactly what she was going to do and be. And indeed all these years’ later she is an outstanding lawyer with a successful practice.

Contrary to my friends’ clarity of purpose, I had never given the question any real thought until the day of my fifth birthday. My mother happened to ask what it was I might want to do - now that I was becoming quite grownup. Stopped in my tracks by the very idea that I could be or do whatever I wanted in life, (after all it was my birthday and Mum had just said so), and as she was busy cutting up the birthday cake, I took time to consider the question, then looking up at her, declared with utter conviction and certainty, “I am going to be a fairy princess, with a magic wand and travel the world making people happy and granting their every wish.”

My mother, looking slightly befuddled and amused replied; ‘good luck with that darling, but best think of something more practical, after all have you seen any fairies looking for work around here lately?’ Her pragmatic and unromantic response to the “ Fairy Princess Job’ was quite shattering at the time, however it was just the first of many incredibly lofty, professional aspirations’, none grounded in the real world (... think Prima Ballerina, Circus Performer, Astronaut, Pilot and so on!).

I am pretty certain that it would be safe to say that I am just one of the many, who’ve never really had a hard and fast understanding of their direction and path in this life.

I still don’t know what I want to ‘be’ when I grow up! I have experienced an enormous amount of fun, laughter, painful growth, healing and learning in pursuit of my quest to realise my place in the world. Along the way I’ve met amazing people from all walks of life and circumstances, and established richly rewarding, enduring friendships. I’ve learned to be content with and celebrate the understanding that I was not meant to have one particular path, but rather several, and I remain so very grateful that each unexpected or unanticipated twist or turn has bought me closer to ‘authentic self’, - the result being that I am a great deal more joyous, compassionate and accepting of life; endlessly humbled by the courage and grace required by us to face and rejoice, and not be defeated by the circumstances of living the human experience in all its infinite nuances, demands and variations.

Recognising and awakening to the authentic self is said to be the path home for all of us. Each experience we have, that brings us closer to shattering the illusion that we are isolated or separate from Spirit is a step closer to the Divine. When philosopher’s and masters speak of their enlightenment, they speak of the light of self- knowledge and understanding, an energetic expansion so profound, that there remains no aspect of self, unacknowledged or hidden. It is an embracing of all aspects of one’s humanity with absolute consciousness and ownership. An acceptance of such entirety and self-understanding that in essence they free themselves from the illusion of the mind-body complex, and in their self-realization attain the state of being at one in mind, body and soul with the Universe.

All we have to do is to keep on improving our knowing, extending our compassion, expanding the inner light of self until we are as accepting and as forgiving of ourselves as we are of others.

For the majority of us, the skills’ of self-knowledge and compassion are slowly acquired via navigation of the ordinary demands of life and living. It is in the stumbles and falls we take, how we deal with the challenges and how we rise from those falls - that we best get to know ourselves. It is the enduring belief in the power of love and the healing it offers, no matter how dark the circumstances may be. Each hard won realisation of self is rewarded with a greater sense of connection to the whole, to the Divine and the work of Spirit.

"You do not belong to you. You belong to the universe. The significance of you may remain forever obscure to you, but you may assume you are fulfilling your significance. When you apply yourself to converting all you experience to the highest advantage to others."- R. Buckminster Fuller

Wishing you all a multitude of Blessings, Light and Love, Cathy

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