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Cancer New Moon

Cancer New Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd

New Moon in Cancer

Rest and Rejuvenation; Holistic Health

June 28th, 2022

June´s New Moon in Cancer is all about creative, imaginative, spiritual, psychic, and feminine gifts; everything Cancer the Crab represents. The Moon, Cancer´s ruler, symbolizes instincts, intuition, astral wisdom, the subconscious mind & realms, and caring and compassion. This is a very restful and introspective period, yet this “still and silent” vibe can lead to deep rest, rejuvenation, and holistic healing. Plus, spiritual growth!

Look up which planets fall in the cardinal signs (in your birth or natal chart); Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. This will give you clues of where your specific focus should go.


Key qualities of CANCER: -

● Cancer´s astrological symbol or glyph is the Crab, which signifies a need to rest and replenish your energies. Cancer is extremely sensitive, making them natural and gifted empaths. Empaths or people with a highly empathic nature tend to pick up on everyone else's feelings, needs, and inner impression, and this leaves one feeling very, very drained. Meditation, sleep, rest, and spiritual and holistic healing are therefore key themes now.

● Cancer is magnetic, passive, receptive, reflective, and introspective; they´re ruled by feelings and emotions, instincts, and subtle impressions. They´re also very dreamy and the Crab glyph helps to show you its ok to withdraw from the world and its harshness. The Moon further provides a direct link to the subconscious realms and subtle dimensions, therefore there are many things you can do instead of just being idle.

● Spiritual gifts are available, like intuition, killer instincts, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance, and everything related to the magnetic and subtle currents of life and being.


Rest, Inner Stillness & Relaxation

Silence and the introspective yin worlds are where you´ll find your solace now. We live in a dualistic world; too much yang (masculinity) and you become disconnected from your true source of power and self-esteem. Masculine qualities are great, but they can also become deeply superficial- some of the shadow traits of all fire and air signs (yang signs) include being somewhat narcissistic! Now is the time to go deep, explore your roots, clear, and heal your past, and simply rest.

Two main themes are dreaming and sleep- the places you go when you merge with the collective subconscious mind and letting go of the past. Surrender to change, and perhaps observe or learn about la Luna herself to understand the web and flow of all things. Everything is cyclic. Goddess Maeve can help you with this realisation, or simply journaling, writing, drawing, or expressing yourself through music or poetry will enable you to access your higher self. The higher self and mind are deeply connected to creative potential and artistic activities. Because Cancer is ruled by the Moon, you may find your imagination cooking up spells of magic and wonder… Allow any dazzling thoughts to flow freely, however do stay grounded; keep your feet on earth. (Literally and metaphorically!)

Finally, disconnect from anything cold, harsh or “robotic.” This includes TV and excessive technology, games, or social media. Tune into the ethereal and spiritual worlds instead. You will gain inner strength and self-empowerment from this space, while simultaneously recognizing your greater life´s purpose. Mental business and technological interference can lead to stress and anxiety, least to mention a very disoriented nervous system. Cancer may be sensitive, yet they are also a Cardinal sign representing initiating force. In other words, you can create ripples of positive movement now… you just need to turn your attention to professional, educational, financial, creative, spiritual, and well-being matters.


Clearing the Past through Dreams

Dreamwork is one of the best things you could do now. Another major theme of this New Moon is the desire we will all have towards intimacy. We´re all craving soul connection and sacred bonds. Yet, as humans we have very complex pasts, and a lot of traumas (conscious or unconscious) is stored within our cells. Memories and emotions that have yet to be healed can create significant blocks in the present. So, it's important to engage in at least some dream work and subtle, astral, and ethereal healing. These three planes are strongly linked to the spiritual body and thus the soul too.

In Reiki and other shamanic and spiritual healing systems, they teach that all illness, disease, and blockages begin on a soul level. If we take this world view into consideration, it is no wonder so many people are waking up to the power of dreams. (If you want a fascinating and recently written book on the subject, I recommend ´Pisces Dream Astrology´ by Grace Gabriella Puskas…) Healing occurs through the subconscious mind as well, and it is in dream space where we have a cord to subconsciousness. Your Higher Self and spiritual guides (in addition to Source itself) works in unison with these “subtle” forces here.

Instincts, intuition, subtle perception, and the 4 clairs will be heightened. Visions and prophetic dreaming may even become more vivid and frequent, but at the very least you will be open to

symbolism and profound imagery. You can definitely gain wisdom and secret knowledge into your shadow self, past wounds, relationship needs and desires, and both strengths & weaknesses now. The subconscious mind awakened memories and trauma in need of healing, on a DNA and cellular level.


“Magical Mantras” for this New Moon in Cancer:

Aries: “I embrace my sensitive side to make life easier to swim.”

Taurus: “The waters of divinity provide me insight into my strengths. Water heals!”

Gemini: “I can both flow with the currents and tides and be assertive, retaining my individuality.”

Cancer: “The earth and sea are both my home, and learning this wisdom is key to my success.”

Leo: “Longevity increases the more I balance my inner yin and yang.”

Virgo: “Creative and artistic gifts expand the more I still & relax my mind!”

Libra: “True communication requires emotional intelligence and sensitivity, not just charm.”

Scorpio: “My intuition is a beacon of light for self and others…”

Sagittarius: “There is wisdom and growth in adversity and difference.”

Capricorn: “Wealth and fortune are great, so long as I´m nurturing the personal bonds in my life.”

Aquarius: “Individuality lets me access my higher mind, yet peace & compassion allow soul gifts to soar.”

Pisces: “Unconditional love is enough, but me-time and self-care are what's needed for true prosperity.”

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