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Capricorn Full Moon

Capricorn Full Moon - Cecelia Pty Ltd


Ambition, Prosperity, and Flying High!

FULL MOON in Capricorn

June 24th 2021: time 2:40 pm EDT

This June’s Full Moon occurs in grounded, totally responsible, and success-oriented Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, the planet of structure and duties in the real world also known as the ‘Lord of Karma.’ But this moon isn’t just influenced by Capricorn’s ruling planet. Jupiter plays a large part and Mars, the planet of action, will and passion, has just entered Leo. There is a lot of passion and vitality available to see your goals and aspirations realized.

This lunar cycle is affecting people the most with planets in the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, at 0 to 8 degrees. (So, if you have Libra in Jupiter at 5 degrees you can look up or refamiliarize yourself with the meaning and essence of Libra in Jupiter.)


Capricorn Key qualities: -

● Hard-working, conscientious, and ambitious.

● Practical, responsible, dutiful and high-flying.

● Achievement and success focused.

● Wise, modest, and discerning.

● Sweet, generous, sensitive and kind.

● Creative and artistic in a grounded, down-to-earth, way.


Responsibility and Success

First and foremost, this Full Moon is all about responsibility and accountability, and success and achievement. Capricorn is the highest expression of material and physical success on the earth plane. People with a lot of Capricorn in their natal chart are ambitious, aspirational, motivated and determined individuals who want to achieve fame, success, recognition, prosperity, and the like. While other Full Moons may ask us to get in tune with our emotions or spiritual selves, a Full Moon in Capricorn directs us towards our place in society. Essentially, the message is to take your talents, diplomas and qualifications, experience and expert wisdom, and transform it into something that will bring you a prosperous and happy life.

No matter the motivations, “success” and “achievement” have many positive applications. You may want to chase money or fame to create a better life for your family, to live the dream life on a paradise island, to help charities and animals, or to devote your fortune to helping the planet in some way, or investing it in a business. The key lies in the power of your intentions, and how much work and effort you’re willing to put in. Please don’t get things twisted: this is the perfect time to go all in, to put your serious hat on and to channel your wisdom, passion, and knowledge into a strong foundation. Dream big and reach for the stars...


Emotions VS Ambitions

The Full Moon is also occurring with a direct opposition, the Sun in Cancer. Cancer and Capricorn are opposite each other in the zodiac, and this signifies a call for balance. Not only will you be feeling more ambitious and determined than usual, but you will be wanting greater comfort and security in personal relationships, in your emotional life. Cancer Sun brings the element of “practical magic,” Cancer is mystical, spiritual, psychic, deeply intuitive and imaginative. You can use any extrasensory or psychic-intuitive gifts and your imaginative powers to literally dream your world into being. You can channel the emotional satisfaction and fulfillment you feel in your home, family and personal life into seeing success and accomplishment in your career.

In other words, private and domestic life- including the joys and pleasures you receive on the home front- can be balanced and merged with your social and professional world. Use your emotions and powerful instincts to fuel your creative and professional fire! One of the main benefits of learning about astrology and its inherent wisdom is to find balance and harmony. With a Cancer Sun- Capricorn Moon opposition this is very attainable.


Maturity with self-reflection

Saturn is all about maturity and growing up. Yet, due to the Cancer Sun opposition you will also be feeling a pull towards your childhood and home life, past and current. This is a wonderful window to reflect and look towards your past to help expand and progress your career, and anything else that needs healing or fine-tuning. Cancer is the origin and Capricorn is the goal; family and emotions (Cancer) manifests as maturity and responsibility in other areas, like public life and social standing (Capricorn). Vice versa.

If you are not feeling like energizing and working on your work or career at this time, for whatever reason, you can make the most of the Full Moon by turning your attention to family commitments. Duties and practical wisdom linked to your family and home increase emotional maturity and intelligence. This then in itself helps to ramp up your professional drive! Emotional maturity and strength to professional maturity and responsibility... Roots to direction and motivation... Inner world, feelings, and emotions to outer world... Hopefully you get the picture.


Jupiter’s influence: Prosperity, luck & expansion

Everything just shared is given an even bigger dose of practical magic and energy with Jupiter’s touch. Jupiter is sextile the Capricorn moon which means positive and harmonious flow. Powerful currents of optimism, energy, passion, vitality and expansive luck are illuminating the qualities and characteristics of Capricorn, so you can tune into Jupiter’s magic (celestial and ethereal aura/essence/energy) for positive manifestation. Abundance, luck and prosperity can be yours if you put in sufficient time and dedication. Capricorn is still a grounded earth sign after all, thus abundance won’t just come to you in an “out of the blue '' type of way, like with Neptune ruled water sign Pisces!

Other themes of this moon include spirituality, generosity, honesty, wisdom, purity of mind and thought, purpose and idealistic and visionary tendencies.


Many Blessings, Cecelia

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