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December Horoscopes

December Horoscopes - Cecelia Pty Ltd

December Horoscopes



Time for an adventure…? Restless and travel loving Sagittarius energy amplifies your need for passion and adventure, Aries. You’re feeling spontaneous and full of life, so if you can’t physically travel right now you would benefit from channeling your energy into passion projects & new or existing ventures. Be creative, innovative and bold. These traits come naturally to you anyway, but the Sag sun will assist you in taking your inventiveness and originality to new levels. A free-spirited vibe and desires associated can be balanced with a concrete path now; Sagittarius isn’t all ‘frivolity & naughty impulsiveness!’ On this note, you might want to practice tantra solo or with your soulmate, to help raise your strong libido inner fire to higher perspectives. Philosophy, spirituality, and justice and ethics can make your beliefs and convictions stronger while putting you on the right course.



You’re feeling less security loving and more freedom seeking that at any other time of the year. This suits you Taurus! Transcending your comfort zone is one of the best ways to increase monetary flow, luck attraction, and manifestation of new opportunities and relationships, so flow with it and surrender to the fiery energy. A spark of life and vitality is sometimes all that is needed to show you what limiting or outdated beliefs & perspectives you’ve been holding onto; self-sabotaging behaviors, or at least ones that limit you, can be overcome! Don’t worry about what other people are doing at this time. Yes, be community-driven and open emotionally and intellectually, however focus on your own life, talents, and interests. You’re still feeling the buzz and catalytic transformation of November’s Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon in your own sign… stay on this vibe to elevate your frequency.



Your emotions will be a bit up in the air, or here, there and everywhere! But, you’re full of passion and courage to speak your truth and follow your highest joy, so you can use this restlessness and confusion to great advantage. Be bold and let your inner beauty shine. Unlike in more introspective or yin months, December gives you a greenlight to be as fiery and communicative as you wish. Your high energy levels and genuine zest for life will pay off now, whilst gifts will flow to you through positivity and the ability to speak and act from the heart. Let it shine, Gemini, and tune into that inner chameleon and social butterfly of yours. Don’t reject or leave out more sensitive and empathic-emotional souls either; try to be mindful of the different viewpoints, realities, and worlds everyone creates...



The first half of the month may be tricky for you. You will be thinking a lot about money, work, and finances, and your security and home-life. There may be some unforeseen expenses or you might be spending more time at the office than you would like; life looks brighter towards the Christmas period. If you aren't already aware, Christmas is a time of Christ consciousness (not just pleasure and food!). Yes, you will find diamond moments with family members and friends, and you will feel comforted by the physical blessings in your life, yet don’t forget the power of your soul & spirit this December. If you have a creative or nomadic career, or if you’re self-employed or sitting on savings, this is an excellent cycle for self-expression. Let your passionate essence free…



Are you ready for romance and excitement, Leo? Despite the responsibilities you have at home, you are given a window of opportunity this month. Liberation, self-expression, and personal freedom will be on your mind, and anything that limits you or seeks to suppress you may be met with a bit of rage! Egotistical reactions are stronger at this time of the year, yet so are harmonious intimate exchanges and joyous communication. Overall this is a very positive month. Inspirational and even religious or spiritual activities can connect you to your soul, and it’s from this space where long-lasting happiness and abundance manifest. Don’t be shy, don’t hold back, and don’t sacrifice too much of your fiery Leo spirit. It’s time to be a Lion, in all of your glory and majesty! Play fair and remember the power of Christmas spirit and unity, however.



Try to escape your normal routine and transcend comfort zones, Virgo. Look to your fiery and upbeat friends, the ones who are always positive and light even if somewhat superficial. You’re naturally introverted and receptive as opposed to extroverted and electric or masculine, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun or shouldn’t express yourself. Even if your voice shakes, you feel a bit of anxiety coming on, or notice that you’re a bit “different,” continue to speak. People are less judgemental than your social anxiety assumes! Much support is around you, so find joy and excitement in the relationships and social circles that are already tried & tested. This is a great time for money and prosperity, too… word hard, stay committed to your own path, and then reap the rewards of being a kind-hearted and responsible human.



Life is a multi-dimensional experience, and you will see this this month more so than any other. Your harmony and peace loving nature is helping you to navigate the multiple realities and personalities in your life now, and further bring balance and cooperation to confusing or ambiguous situations. You’re a bit of a master-unifier, Libra! You have a gift, so use it; let others see just how powerful your compromisable and teamwork-pro attitude is. Then, bring it back to joy and positivity…. Gratitude will flow to you and from you once you fully accept your gifts and unique way of seeing the world. You're not perfect, you can be a bit too logical and overly friendly for some of the emotional and watery people, if you weren’t already aware. But even these introverted and feminine souls can respect your sincere desire for unity and harmony. Feel free to be your true self.



Intimate relationships get a dose of freedom and inspiration. You’re craving kindred spirit connections and to be surrounded by joyful and creative individuals. Your personal story is unique, you’ve been on a long journey of tests & trials, tribulations and hardships, challenges and successes. Hopefully you’ve learned all your lessons because the universe wants to reward you, bless you, and shower you with gifts! 2022 is looking to be an incredible year for you, so you may as well start now. Escape your bubble and solitude and embrace your sociability. You’ve got the wow factor for sure, your magnetism and dreaminess combined with such a powerful intuition and imagination makes you irresistible, to both genders. Whether platonic or romantic, the bonds in your life are here to show you just how special you are. Let your talents and soul gifts soar!



You need to be free to shine in your fiery and unique way this month, Sag. Anything less than being true to you will lead to you potentially lashing out at your biggest fans and greatest supporters, or devolving to the lower aspect of you: your arrogant and blunt self! People love and even admire your philosophical, seer-like, and confident personality, but the same can’t be said for the self-righteous ‘know-it-all’ aspect of you that sometimes shows it’s ugly face. In saying this, December is extremely positive and rich in opportunities. You will find magic and synchronicity all around if you can stay attuned to your inner light and higher mind. Creative ventures & projects soar and thrive under the Sagittarius sun, and people who want to help take your career and calling to the next level may flow effortlessly. Be humble and graceful yet don’t water yourself down for anyone.



While some people are wanting to pack a suitcase and travel the world, you’re wanting to cosy up with your favourite people and warm clothes. Creature comforts, good food, pleasures, and luxuries are on your mind from the middle of the month. This is perfectly ok, so tell yourself that you're allowed to let go and enjoy the blessings you’ve created around you (and receive gifts from others!). Your key to happiness and inner peace that will reflect into the new year is to accept, surrender, and rest. Rest up! If you’ve got free time on your hands, consider exploring new horizons in the form of work-from-home, or anywhere in the world, opportunities. Nomadic and freelance jobs, passive income online, and creativity all favour strongly for you now. Be open to receive and stay adaptable, open-minded, and appreciative; Jupiter is showering you with opportunities...



This is a surprisingly resourceful month for you considering the high spirits and need for spontaneity. Channel any desires you have for travel and adventure into your career and wealth manifestation. If you can travel, line up some contracts and projects to keep you in flow. Nomads, self-employed people, and freelancers are favoured under this cycle. If choosing or forced to stay at home, create, channel, and tune into the cosmic energies! Artistic and creative gifts flourish while intellect and philosophy are given an upgrade. You're feeling self-autonomous, independent, and free, and these three qualities are direct routes to success and satisfaction. Balance any introverted or lone wolf tendencies with social play and interaction; you’ll be overjoyed with how much inspiration there is in the world if you stay open and positive. Don’t be a bore.



You’re at risk of giving into depression if you don’t get out of your creative or spiritual bubble. Your soul wants to wonder, travel, connect with others, and be free to explore. You should listen to this inner pull. Consider going on a retreat or even spending a few weeks in a hostel; break out of your comfort zone, and spread those angel wings! Golden opportunities are waiting for you on distant horizons… regardless of the climate or geographical location, you can find extraordinary connections and opportunities, which have your name written all over them. Destiny is here, so are you ready to take the leap? This isn’t saying you should pack all of your worldly possessions up and put everything into storage, or sell everything and become a full time nomad. I am simply saying there is so much more for you- you are not like most humans, Pisces.


General astrology

● It’s Sagittarius season combined with a New Moon in Sag on the 4th. You’re still feeling the energy of the Lunar Eclipse just gone, so now is the time to work on balancing your foundations and long-term vision with a need for travel! Be more adventurous, spontaneous, and optimistic, but don’t surrender all you've accomplished & achieved for impulsion and frivolity.

● There’s also a Solar Eclipse couple with the New Moon, which represents powerful fresh starts and personal transformation. Connect to your higher self and visionary mindset- flirt with the idea of being a global change-maker, inspiring wayshower, and completely

independent and self-sovereign starseed… If it’s part of your destiny and unique blueprint, find ways to implement this ‘higher vision’ version of yourself.

● 2022 is a 6 year in Numerology, therefore do some research on this means for you. You can work out your personal year number by adding your Life Path (all the numbers from your birthday) to number 6.

For example, if your life path is number 11 (a master number; all other numbers except 11, 22 and 33 reduce down to a single digit), 2022 will give you a personal year 8 (11+6 = 17… 1+7 = 8).

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